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Index 1.My skills and competences 2.Fast sketching 3.Drawing Software 4.University Projects 4.1Ladislav Sutnar Intervention 4.2Child Playground “Ola” 4.3Hans Scharoun y Isamu Noguchi Intervention 4.4El Lloret Intervention 5.My EXPERIENCE -Graphic design, La Princesa y el Guisante. 2009 - Internship during the summer, Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft (FFG). Germany 2010 6. About me 7. Contact Me

My skills and competences 3D Mechanical CAD

3D Computer Grafic Software

Grafic Editing Programs

Fast sketching

Drawing Software

University Projects Ladislav Sutnar Intervention Child Playground “Ola” Hans Scharoun y Isamu Noguchi Intervention El Lloret Intervention

Ladislav LadislavSutnar SutnarIntervention Intervention

Child Playground “Ola”

Ladislav Sutnar Intervention Hans Scharoun y Isamu Noguchi Intervention

Ladislav Sutnar IntervenEl Lloret Intervention

Graphic designer La Princesa y el Guisante 2009 Spain

Trainee in the development and design departament FFG Flensburguer Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH 2010 Germany

In line with the wisent2-Project my activities contained the design and construction of the following components: - A board-/shelfsystem with movable floors and insulating plates. - A multifunction folding table, which is integrated in the vehicle. - A desk with several functions, which is adapted on the user-seat. - Integration of a camerasystem in a existing holding bow in the outskirt area of the vehicle. I created for each subproject several draft. Afterwards I transfer the best draft in a model with the drawing program Inventor 2009

About Me Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife city in 1988. Graduated with in Industrial Engineering Design with honors at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain in 2012.

I am very keen to apply what I have learned, and consider myself to be hardworking and show a great deal of initiative. I have previously lived and worked in multicultural environments, in posts where communication and teamwork were essential for success. What I lack in professional experience, I make up for in my extensive array of tools for production and development of innovative products

Ladislav Sutnar Contact Me (+34) 679257700


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