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graphic design â—Š illustration

angle of view With my passion for graphic design and illustration, I began my studies at the Cologne Design Academy. In 2012 I worked for mcgarrybowen in DĂźsseldorf. Now I continue my studies in London at Middlesex University. It‘s challenging for me to solve problems and find right design solutions with balancing form and function. In my development I always try to create diversity and see things from different angles or viewpoints.

NAKED NORDIC The fashion label nøgen opposes with his first collection of the ecotrend which is also currently spread in fashion. We take the trend of a bead on every conceivable product to submit to the new "greening". At a time when McDonald‘s puts on a green image, nøgen deals with the controversial new "green lifestyle".

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baggund (d채n.light) Size: S, M, L Black on White Unisex

mÌrkning (dän.branding) Size: S, M, L Black and Orange on White Unisex

råt kød (dän. raw meat) Size: S, M, L Black on White Unisex

Anne Heinen is a young and talented make up artist from cologne. The Corporate Design emphazises her friendly and open minded contact towards her clients as well as her professional way of work.


“Teabacco helps to eliminate nicotine!“ This teapackage is similar to a zigarette pack. But the ingredients are 100% healthier.

jasmin tea green tea


Every package contains two different flavours. Jasmin Tea and Green Tea are part of the asien designed Koi-package and marked with green or blue colour.

Szenario is a magazine which deals with Larp (liveaction roleplay). The challenge is to change the present reputation into that of a hobby which more people can identify with. The magazine was a project I made at university.

This particular edition presents „Killer-LARP“. You will find relevant items through the design of the magazine. It begins with the index, who has the look of a mug shot...

The introduction article explains the rules of this particular LARP. Illustrations underline the theme of „killing“ and present the content of the article.

This is one example site for a fashion part, which is unusual for a LARP magazine.The graphic elements from MIAMI VICE demonstrate 80s fashion.


Project: random disc What‘s the name of my band? Ask wikipedia, Special:Random The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. And how do I search for a title of my Album? Go to „Random quotations“: The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. Which picture will be on my Cover? Go to flickr and „explore the last seven days“ Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

The rules referes to the project by Annette Eichler.


MY result: 1. Singer/band: Lakhnadon (Citty in India) 2. Albumtitle: Quotation: "Turn your midlife crisis to your own advantage by making it a time for renewal of your body and mind, rather than stand by helplessly and watch them decline.“ (Jane E. Brody) The final albumtitle: watch them decline 3. Picture/cover:


conversion: In the design of package, cover and lable the reference to nature and to finiteness becomes clear. In addition, the genre ambient should be concrete. In general, silence,harmony and reflief are expressioned. Main design elements are: the flower, the paper and the typography. The form of an hexagon not only symbolise harmony and balance, but also has the function of the CD packaging. Six-sides figures are often seen in nature, culture, technology and art. The jewel case is folded with the technique of origami. The combination with origami and electic music is a mixture of old and new. If one close the jewel case the form of the flower is obvious.



Makes hair more shiny and brilliant.

Saves the red colour and make hair brighter.

Underlines the blondes tones.

Protect the water and avoid dryness.

The logos were designed for a company, who is selling hairstyling products. The extact names cannot be named. The icons were made with adobe illustrator. Form and colour fit to the effect of the particular technology. Common ground is the white plain circle with the notation, placed in the center. The outer embrassing forms are individually designed and have a 3d appearance.

Landliebe packaging (Example Strawberrymilk)

The relaunched packaging of Landliebe should support the sale of milk in cafés. New is the handy bottle form and the lable. The recognition value for this product line is the blanked out udder. „Landliebe ohne Gentechnik“ (eng.: Landliebe without genetic engeneering) is the claim, which emphasizes the position of this company.

Landliebe packaging (Example Strawberrymilk)

The postcard and the milk mat can be displayed in different cafĂŠs. The gras texture point to the production without genetic engeneering and when you place the bottle on the milk mat, the cow on the lable seems to stand on gras.

Powerbar The Olympic Games in London were the basis of this project, which was made at university. As powerbar was no official sponsor, the brand still want to present its products with the help of ambush marketing. Powerbar chose different Olympic sports, for example basketball, and made them useful for everyone on the streets of London.

Who is Gogol Bordello?

The band mixes traditional sinti and romanies music with punk and dub. They sing in english as well as in russian and they are famous for their entertaiment on stage: �Gogol Bordello‘s task is to provoke the audience (...).“ This poster wants to emphazise the athmosphere you feel, when you see Gogol Bordello live.

Gogol bordello

Who is Sublime with Rome?

The band was founded in 1988 and seperate in 1996, when the singer and songwriter Bradley James Nowell died. After 14 years the band decide to reunite with a new name ”Sublime with Rome“ and new frontsinger Rome Ramirez. Rome shouldn‘t supersede James Nowell, which is explained in the new bandname.

sublime with Rome

BEN Who‘s Ben?

Not only the music but also the appearance of the french artist reminds of the 50s and 60s. The bow tie and the distinctive glases are part of his "costume". The Design of the poster refers to an old circus poster matched to his style. The digital painted head in the center underlines his likable character and shows his identifying features.

Ben l‘oncle soul


ll’’oo l u nnccllee so

These ads promote an imaginary gold Reetone shoe in magazines. New and eye-catching is the royal theme, which becomes clear in the design. The composition is related to the present reeto-

ne series. Main motive is Pippa Middleton, with a focus on her back - a famous part of her body, which the advertising takes advantage of

hessen paul bags Hessen Paul is a traditional store placed in Hagen, Germany. Jewellery and other luxurous goods are part of the assortment. The products are now carried ins these grey bags. Have a look at their homepage:


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Dal i lis





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Dalisay Kemper – Portfolio  

Print Portfolio des KDA Abschlußsemesters Frühjahr 2013

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