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LCEB 16-17



Position Introduction LCP is like the captain of AIESEC-UL, and he/she together with LC team leads the generation to live in the context of the year to achieve the picture for AIESEC in Université de Lomé

Competency Needed  Long term decision making  Adaptation to change  Working effectively in culturally diverse team  Impact on a big picture

Individuals should provide evidence of experience and results in:  Leading organizational growth within AIESEC  Practical application and actions aligned with The AIESEC Way, the AIESEC Values and our current Strategic Direction  Ability to represent AIESEC-UL Locally.  Extensive team management experience at local levels  Experience in communicating AIESEC direction and contribution to external bodies and different sectors of the society  Local operational and planning experience  Understanding and fair knowledge of financial management and legal affairs  Extensive knowledge on the growing external trends, internal trend of the global

Position Learning Point  Leadership development through intensive team management experience  Strategic thinking and Organizational development  Pressure and emotions management  Presentation and negotiation skills

Opportunity in the term  International conference  International Faci  Personal Network Extension – External partners, International network

Personal skills and qualities  Team Management  Partnership Development  Financial Management  Projects and Event Management  Exchange Process Management  Sales and Presentation  Planning and tracking  Coaching and Facilitating  Attentiveness to details  Effective communication  Relationship Management  Results oriented Future Career development  AIESEC International / International MC.  AIESEC Internship especially GEP / Non-AIESEC Internship  MCP, MCVP  Functional area manager in corporate or non-corporate sector(Marketing, CSR, Human Resources, Communication, etc)

Job Description 1. Governance Accountability 


LCP is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the legislative meetings and coordinating the work of AIESEC-UL LCP is the ultimate decision maker and sole person responsible for the activities and actions of the LC

2. Long Term Strategy and Direction 

LCP together with LC team are responsible for the direction of AIESEC UL. LCP is responsible for facilitating the implementation of global direction.

3. Team Management 

 

LCP is the final responsible for day-today management of the LC team. Track LC performance weekly, monthly and quarterly. Coach and support LC team members in delivering Local strategies.

4. Financial and legal sustainability     

LCP, together with LC VP Finance is responsible for the financial Control and legality of the operation for AIESEC-UL. Communication within the network Represent AIESEC-UL both internal and external network. Manage and coach LCVPs to achieve LC’s goals.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENT 1- Fill out all the application questionnaire (if you miss to answer to any single question, your application will be rejected) 2- Set up AIESEC in Université de Lomé state (AIESEC UL yesterday, AIESEC UL today, AIESEC UL tomorrow 2017-2018; AIESEC UL 2020) based on AIESEC in TOGO results since 2010. (One page) 3- Four Endorsement letters: 1 from an AIESEC Alumni 1 from a former AIESEC UL LCP 1 from one colleague in AIESEC 1 from a person who you leaded  4- A Motivation letter 5- Take this test and join the result to your application form as a separate file: / and roles-test/ 6- Your CV, Biography and Executive summary (one page for each file) 7- Personal statement which will express your engagement to start and finish loyally the term 17-18 (addressed to Electoral Assembly of AIESEC UL) 8- MINS VIDEO: 2 mins Introduction Video to introduce yourself and your motivation to be LCP of AIESEC in Université de Lomé (Please upload to

YouTube and pout the link in your application form) Your APPLICATION MUST NOT EXCEED 12 PAGES including your front page (font style: Candara; font size: 12) ELIGIBILITY

Leadership is much more than a position or a role. Having a purpose and a strong believe are fundamental to exercise great leadership. For the position of Local Committee President, we are not just looking for outstanding individuals who can perform in several areas, but we want people who share the same passion, believe and vision of AIESEC for the Gen2020.     

All applicants for LCP Position must be a full member and must be in his second year in AIESEC. All applicants must be LA Member All applicants must have attended NLDS, NTMS, or LTMS All applicants must be at least in his second year at university All Applicants must have been a Local Committee Vice President, Project Director, Organizing Committee President or member of one Project committee in AIESEC

APPLICATION PROCEDE 1-Application opens on February 15th 2017 by 12:00 AM

2-Deadline for applicant’s submission March 15th 2017 by 4.59 PM

3-Selected candidates will be announced by March 17th 2017

4-Campaign is from March 20th 2016, after applicants’ official announcement

5-Interview and English process will take place at MC Office or another place (the date will be communicated)

6-Election day and announcement March 25th 2017 (The venue will be communicated)

8- All files and Documents should be converted to pdf format and packaged in a WinRAR / WinZip File. 9- Each Candidate must submit the application package named: Full_Name_LCP_Application_AIESEC_UL_17.18 For example: AKETEY_ Holali_LCP_Application_AIESEC_UL_17.18 Don’t hesitate to contact LCP for any inquiry: +228 92432444; Email: 10- The application should be sent to: and Send four hard copy to AIESEC UL ELECTORAL COMMISSION PRESIDENT The hard copy must be submitted to the LCP at AIESEC UL Office

7- Each candidate will have 10 min to present his/her strategic action plan and the assembly will ask him/her questions during 10 min. (A projector will be available for plan presentation).

INTRODUCTION Full name Last name Date and place of birth Nationality Current address AIESEC Mail Mobile Skype Degree course and year of study

Recent Picture

Language and level (Basic- GoodExcellent- Native)

Please list your technical/software experience in the following areas below Software


Skill Level (Basic, Specific work you have had Intermediate, Expert) experience in using these applications or areas.



Excel PowerPoint others

French others


Read (written Write understanding)

Listening (conversational)

Please give details of your AIESEC Conferences you have ever attend Period

Conference Role

Please give details of your AIESEC / non AIESEC Experiences

Key Learnings




Key Learning

GENERAL QUESTIONS YOUR MOTIVATION 1. Why have you decided to run for AIESEC UNIVERSITE DE LOME EXECUTIVE BOARD position 2017/2018? What are your life plans and how will this experience contribute to them? 2. Through all your experiences in AIESEC, mention the best & the worst decision you have taken in a leadership role and explain your reasons & learning’s for the same. 3. How would you explain to your parents what AIESEC is, using your own AIESEC experience? 4. What challenges do you think you would face in your term and how would you manage them? 5- Discuss your experience in the following areas:

 Finance and Legal Management  Team Management  Training/Coaching  Exchange Management  Project Management  Stakeholder/Partnership Management  Sales  Brand Management 6- What do you consider to be your 3 biggest achievements so far?

SPECIFIC QUESTION  YOU AND AIESEC 7- How can you ensure the delivery of LEAD in every experience, and engage all the LDM elements in those experiences 8- How can you explain AIESEC2020 to: a 7 years old child; to a student in Université de Lomé; to a farmer? 9- List all MoS of AIESEC which are used to make an evaluation of a Local Committee and explain what will be your contribution in relation with the position you’re applying for to have better results. 10- What is your understanding of AIESEC LDM? According to the position you are applying for, how is it relevant to your carrier and how will you implement it in your LC? 11- How can you explain “LEAD” to a non AIESECer? How can you implement it to a project Organizing Committee which is at the Storming stage? 12- What is AIESEC’s relevance and contribution to: University of Lome; Lome as a city, and Togo as a country?  YOU AND AIESEC IN UNIVERSITE DE LOME 13-what do you think about the achievement of the LC from 2007 to 2017? Make an analysis of AIESEC UL exchange result evolution during the last 5 years? And give three (3) solutions for a good result. 14-Make a critical SWOT analysis of current state in LC (take in consideration each one of the different portfolios). Based on SWOT analysis define new ideas for each part of your analysis. 15-a) Define the culture of your LC in the term 2016-2017. Which aspects of the current culture will you retain and what aspects will you change in the coming term for better performance and results of the entity? What will be your culture as LCP of the term 17/18? b) What are your strategies, in order to involve every members of your LC in the exchange process? 16- How do you see your LC after 2017-2018 ends? What will be your main must-win battles? 17- Identify 3 Key trends of the external environment that are shaping our market (LOME) and explain briefly how those trends are influencing our Recruitment process, exchanges program, project/events at AIESEC in Lomé. 18- List all customers of AIESEC UL. What should be AIESEC UL’s strategic approach towards these customers to increase our exchange realization rate in the network? 19- In your opinion and according to the position you are applying for, what are the biggest challenges for AIESEC Université de Lomé at the moment? Which initiatives will you implement to overcome the challenges? 20- The term 16/17has handed down WIFI connection to LC. What are your strategies for a better administration of this inheritance?


21- What does leadership mean to you? 22- What skills and competences do you think a leader should have? How much do you fell yourself accountable to those skills and competences? 23- Describe your leadership style. What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying this style? 24- How do you differentiate yourself from other leaders? Who is your leadership figure? Why? 26- How could you achieve your goal in the term of seven months instead of twelve (Be specific and strategic)? 27- What are your top three most significant leadership experiences in AIESEC? How have they helped you become qualified for LCP position? 28- How will applying for LCP 2017-2018 relate to what you want to do in your future career and your personal objectives? 29- What are the three mains changes or innovations will you bring to the LC if you are LCP (Be specific and strategic)? Give strategies for each innovation and the results you would like to see in each of these areas at the end of your term. 30- What is the role of LCP within local, national and global AIESEC Network? What is your ambition as LCP for AIESEC UniversitĂŠ de LomĂŠ 2017-2018?

Application form lcp ul 17 18  

Apply for next step. Make the difference.Become the LEADER of AIESEC UL 17-18

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