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Making the impossible, possible. The Isometric Projection utilizes a mapping system which allows an idea to be perceived visually, while unable to exist physically. Metric Projection Films render the physically impossible, visually stunning.

We Drive, You Profit We build, maintain, and operate all of our equipment. We show up anywhere, anytime, and shoot film.

State of the Art equipment allows us to shoot at high speed. Our Expert drivers and camera operators allow us to film in even the most difficult Utilizing


With gyro-stabilized, remotely controlled cameras, mounted to a 360 degree articulating armature, we are sensitive enough to shoot beautiful slow motion scenes, while expert at high speed film-making. Our system can be attached to any type of vehicle, allowing us to film on land, sea, or air.

Maserati 1000 -- cross county promo road-trip to the Tibet border GM

China 2011 product line


France 2012 corporate promo package


Circuit Cup 2011 Shanghai race

Amazing Race China 2009, 2010, 2011 Louis Vuitton Plaza 66 Shanghai 2012 Fete de la Musique Shanghai 2012 …and many more

CAMERA ARM Pan, tilt & roll axis gyro-stabilized for image stability 360° panning capability around the tracking vehicle Operating tilt angle: ±45° Weight (Camera Arm, Ninja Head, camera & counter weights): 350 kg (771.62 lbs) Fully controlled from inside the vehicle via joystick console Talkback system includes five internal and four external communication devices NINJA HEAD 3-axis gyro-stabilized for image stability Pan: 360°, with back-pan compensation Roll: +110° / 230° Tilt: +80° / -155° Wireless follow focus, HDSDI recorder Weight: 20 kg (50.00 lbs)

Gyrostabilized Camera Remote System NINJA HEAD (NH)

STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY The Ninja Head's unique iso-elastic gyrostabilized system diminishes the problem of shakes, jumps or bumps, ensuring an extremely smooth and stable picture. Operated with a wireless joystick, the Ninja Head can be mounted on a wide variety of rigs and camera cranes. • Accepts most motion picture, still and HD cameras
• Compatible with most camera packages
• Sealed for rain, mud, snow, sand, etc. • Control: Wireless Joystick • Setup time up to 30 min SPECIFICATIONS • Pan range 360 ° continuous • Roll Range +100 °;250 ° Automatic Horizon Level • Tilt Range +80 °;165 ° • Pan Speed, Roll Speed, Tilt Speed 160 °/sec • Temperature range from -30 °C up to +40 °С • Weight 20kg 

Gyrostabilized Remotely Operated CAMERA ARM The CAMERA ARM is the unique combination of a gyrostabilized remote system - the ‘NINJA HEAD’ and a remote camera crane. The CAMERA ARM is operated via joystick consoles from within a moving platform. The high speed mobile crane can be easily removed as a single unit, and mounted on any mobile platform (boat, bus, train, etc.) equipped for shooting on land, sea, or air. It is used to film moving vehicles from just about any and every angle you want. Disassembly is not required. The CAMERA ARM keeps the camera steady while going high speed, across bumpy roads or off-road.

Operational at speeds up to 120 km / hr.

Making the impossible, possible.

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