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CEMEX Environmental Game Development Development notes and estimates. This document will break down the development tasks for the CEMEX environmental education game, will provide risks and assumptions as well as a development estimate in days. The estimates provided cover only development time and both design and content will be estimate separately by the producer. The CEMEX games are split into 3 areas of game play.

• The planet, games to compliment education content regarding the planet and the things that we (CEMEX) and you (game playing children) can do to improve it. • Sustainable School, A version of the mySust house games which teach children about creating sustainable schools. • From plant to building, games and content to teach children about the production of concrete and the delivery and building of structures with concrete. Will incorporate the themes of social responsibility.

Global Assumptions/Risks: A lists of assumptions applicable to the development of the system as a whole, a specific list of risks and assumptions for each game follows the spec for that game.

Global Assumptions • The over all control mechanics/navigation vehicle will be in Flash or Via the Website • Game play will be conducted by individuals playing at their own machines, If game play is more class • • • • •

oriented, i.e. the game play happens in front of the whole class at a white board then game play may need to be altered. Age Range - school age 5 - 17 Developed using AS3 Online Localization for multi language support text based content will have to be xml, this will have to include all in game text, sign posts etc. All audio content will be structure in xml All games will have audio content.

Global Risk • Quality of Content provided by client • Translations, auditing of translation quality. • Who is providing the content • Method of content delivery pro formas etc will need to be created.

The Planet. Games and content to teach children about conservation and the role of CEMEX as a sustainable and socially conscious developer.

Concept • Animated globe with click able fly outs, users choose from: ◦ Wind farms, content and an interactive to educate children on the use of wind farms as sustainable forms of energy.

◦ Recycling plant, games and content to educate children on recycling and it's importance. ◦ Endangered species, games and content to teach children about conserving the environment and the impact our actions have on wildlife.

◦ Energy efficient travel. Games and content to educate users on energy efficient travel. Look and Feel A little planet esque view of the world with large hotspots on the surface users click on these to enter one of the four areas of game play.

Assumptions • The globe will be spinning, allowing users to view all sections on the surface, but for quick navigation there will be a CTA sidebar .

Risks • Rotating globe could be tricky to animate. • Interaction with rotating globe could be frustrating if not properly thought out. Interface/Wrapper development The time to develop the above described interface. Development - 3 days Testing - 1.5 days Amends - 1 day

Game 1 - Wind farm game Concept Game and content teach children about wind farms and their use in solving today's energy needs. As discussed with Kenny an interactive quiz that asks users to estimate the energy consumption of every day devices using drag and drop wind farms. However no reference to anything like this could be found and upon further thought the game play and content may be quite stunted. Further research found the following interactive that teaches people about wind farm technology and has a nice and engaging interactive wind turbine, this could be adapted to suit younger children. It could also be augmented to allow for a quiz type element.

Game Play • User asked to configure the wind turbine to produce enough energy to power x homes. User is told • • •

average wind speed and altitude of wind farm User configures the turbine and then clicks submit. The turbine is tested against the conditions specified If the turbine is incorrectly configured and animation displays the result ◦ For example if the turbine is too tall for wind speed it snaps and breaks ◦ If turbine is to low with too small blades the turbine does not produce enough power.

Assumptions Data on Wind farms will be provided / researched.

Risks Game play be abstracted enough from real physics to be accessible to all users, i.e. in depth knowledge of the workings of wind farms will not be required to achieve good results in the game. Development - 5 days Testing - 2 days Amends - 1 day

Game 2 - Recycling Plant Concept Game and content to teach users about the importance of recycling. For this game we conceived three options for game play.

Option 1 Game play: Users are operators in a recycling plant. Objects fall from the a conveyor belt and the user must use the arrow keys to position the correct hopped under the falling item. Users accuracy within a time period is measured and a score is given. Option 2 Game play: Rubbish falls from the sky and the user must use the mouse to drag the items to the correct hopper before they hit the ground. The game increases in difficulty as the amount of rubbish and it's speed increases. The user has 3 lives and a life is given each time an object hits the ground. Although the following reference does not have the exact game play as defined above it is similar and also provides a good look and feel for the game.

Option 3 user is given a pile of rubbish and must throw it into the correct bin depending on the material type. The user has a limited amount of time to get through all of the rubbish points are given for accuracy. The reference below is a game Gordon has already developed for falkirk council.

Assumptions • No real physics, i.e. no bouncing items, all items fall at constant speed, no acceleration calculations. • 5 item types, plastic, aluminium glass, organic, paper • Game is flat no isomeric perspective. Risks • Complicated Collision detection. • Large amount of test cases for testing phase. Although these game options have different game play the development functionality will be similar so the development time has been grouped. Development - 6 days Testing – 2.5 days Amends - 1 day

Game 3 - Animal matching pairs save the rare species Concept Content about preservation of animal species and the conservation of reclaimed land into sanctuary for animal species. Game is a traditional pairing game in which the user must match pairs of endangered animals.

Option 1 Game Play User is presented with a a grid of cards, the user clicks on a card and the card is flipped to reveal the animal it represents. The user flips another card and the animal on that card is shown. If the two cards match the pair is found and stays turned over. If the pairs do not match they are both flipped over again. The user can only turn over two cards at a time. The user must match all pairs with in the given time period.

Option 2 Game play: The user is presented with a shuffled grid of animals. The user must match rows of three or more animal types to do this the user can swap the position of two adjacent squares. When a row is created it disappears and the space is filled buy a random choice of new squares. The user receives points based on the number of tiles they match (3 being the minimum). e/schools/funzone.aspx

Assumptions • Players can choose difficulty level (size of grid) • Several sets of animal types, for example jungle/arctic/desert etc.. Risks • animation of flipping cards may be difficult. Option 1 development - 4 days Option 2 development - 64days Testing - 2 days Amends - 1 day

Game 4 - Driving Concrete Truck Game - Mixing truck Concept Content and game play to teach children about sustainable fuel and transport.

Option 1 Game Play Drive your concrete truck to the delivery point, avoiding obstacles in the road (pedestrians etc). Fuel must be picked up on the journey by collecting refills that are on the road. Fuel refills will increase the fuel reserves in the truck which hare depleted during travel. Points are gained for efficient fuel types picked up (bio fuel, hydrogen etc) and points are lost for fossil fuels picked up (petrol, diesel etc..). The game style is a top down parallax scrolling road. Option 2 game play: Based on the Grand Test Auto game developed by screen-media. Focus of game play is on safe and fuel efficient driving. Goal is to get to the building site within the time provided and without violating any traffic laws. If the user hits and pedestrians or moves off the road they are stopped and put back on the roading, costing them time.

Assumptions • Single Player • Option 2 based on already developed game. Risks None

Option 1 development - 10 days Option 2 development - 6 days (based on re-sue of existing screen media game) Testing - 2 days Amends - 1 day

Sust Schools Concept Teaching children about development of sustainable schools using an interactive sustainable school developer. Based on the mySust house developed by screenmedia.

Assumptions • Development estimates based on the re-use of the my sust house system ◦ functionality and logic will remain the same. • development carried out by Gordon who has knowledge of the previous mySust house development.

Risk • This may need to be re written, reuse of original content is not guaranteed. If this proved to be the case an additional 4 days development would be required.

Development 11 days + 4 days if re-skinning is not possible Testing - 2 days Amendments - 2 days

Sustainable Plant and Building processes Games and content to teach children about the innovative and sustainable methods and products CEMEX use and create.

Look and Feel Graphic similar to section 1 'the planet', graphic shows the cement plant, the building site and the cement lab. And the truck depot. Clicking on any of these areas opens content regarding • the development of concrete • The uses for concrete • Innovations in concrete • and the transportation of concrete.

Interface/Wrapper development The time to develop the above described interface. Development - 3 days Testing - 1.5 days Amends - 1 day

Game 1 Cement Mixing Game Content and game to teach children about the creation of concrete.

Game play: •

• • •

The foreman gives a recipe for a batch of concrete to be mixed. ◦ The recipe lists the amounts of the 4 ingredients of concrete. Sand, water, aggregates and secret ingredient (chemical ad mixtures) When the user is ready they click 'go' and must select the correct amounts on each of the ingredient hoppers, they have only a limited amount of time to do this before the mixing container moves down the conveyor As the container moves under each of the hoppers the user must click on the release button to release the ingredients into the container, they have to time it correctly other wise the ingredients will miss. When the container reaches the end it goes into the mixer where if the amounts are correct the concrete will pass and points will be added, if not the concrete will fail and points will be taken off.

Assumptions • Player has to have the to get the mix exactly right. • Limited number of recipes for Concrete (10) Risks None

Development - 7 days Testing - 2 days Amends - 2 days

Game 2 Cement Delivery game Content and game to teach children about conservation of resources and social responsibility. Originally the game discussed with Kenny was to be a game in which users guided a truck through obstacles to get it to the delivery point. However on further research this game type would be too time consuming and risky to develop. However a travelling sales man type game was also discussed, upon further research this game type would be less complicated to code and would also fit better with the learning goals of the section.

Game play The user plays the role of the delivery truck driver planning the route he will take to make deliveries of cement to different building sites. The object of the game is to visit each stop and get back to the depot in the shortest route possible and without visiting any stop twice.

Assumptions • Configurations of stops can be randomly generated to give increasing levels of difficulty. Risks • AI processing and computation of best paths. • Make random generated maps could be tricky Development - 7 days Testing - 3 days Amends - 2 days

Game 3 Tetris build a building game Game compliments content that teaches children about the uses of concrete in building etc.

Game Play Tetris esque game, a sky scraper is built by playing tetris. This game could take 2 forms, Option 1, the user play tetris and each time a row is completed a new floor is added to the skyscraper. Option2: The user builds the skyscraper in the tetris game, there is no speration between the tetris interface and the progress.

Assumptions Game play identical to tetris included block options and controls.

Risks Isometric view of above example would add complexity Development - 10 days Testing - 3 days Amends - 2 days

Game 4 Microbes game for antiseptic concrete Games compliments content teaching kids about the innovations surrounding concrete. Game Play Microscopic view of the walls of a special hospital wall that is anti bacterial. The user controls the antibacterial agent and must absorb those germs that are smaller than it whilst avoiding the germs that are bigger. As the user absorbs more germs it gets bigger and therefore able to absorb larger germs. The user controls the anti bacterial agent using the mouse. As shown by the example below there are a couple of options in terms o game play with this one.

Assumptions The game will be contained over 1 screen views i.e. no camera panning The bad microbes will spawn every 10 secs There will be a maximum of 20 bad microbes

Risks Developing a good AI solution Collision detection ? Development - 10 days Testing - 3 days Amends - 2 days

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