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Culture NightRider Jewelry was born from true aesthetic principles and a rebellious spirit to truly live life. NightRider Jewelry represents more than just a sculptural piece of wearable art. It is a symbol. It represents the basic human need, that boiling desire inherent in all of us that spans generations past, present, and future. That need is Freedom. Freedom to smell the burning asphalt on the open road. Freedom to feel the surge of adrenaline burst through your veins as your fist crashes through the air. Freedom to feel the prick of a needle as you permanently mark your skin with your own visual definition of freedom. It takes courage to find the freedom within and it takes power to sustain it. The minds behind NightRider Jewelry have transferred their dogma into symbols to be worn by those who are ready to dedicate themselves to the true essence of “Freedom or Death.�


We capture the true essence of a culture that resides on the fringes of normality. Not for the faint of heart or the mass follower, we create for those who seek an alternative, in short, we are the genuine article. We pay homage to the art of design and the finesse of master craftsmanship. Each step is art within itself, from concept to its final form. Every element in creating our work is meticulously scrutinized to produce a gallery of fine jewelry, artwork and apparel for those who demand something different. Participate. Jump in. The water is fine‌







A. Roses - JRROSE-SRDIBO B. Fleur De Lis Cross - JRFLDC-SSOBO C. Freedom Or Death - JRFODB-SS


D. Fleur De Lis Band - JRFDLB-SS E. Freedom Or Death Band - JRFODB-YGDI F. Renaissance Cross Band - JRRECB-RG





G. Freedom Or Death band - JRFODB-YGDI H. Celtic Knot Band - JRCEKB-SS I. Fleur De Lis Ring - JRFLDL-SRBO



J. Chain & Flames Skull - JRCHFS-YWDIMW K. Roses Band - JRROSB-SS L. Ladies Fleur De Lis - JRLFDL-SYBO


Original Artwork By:

American Made Always has been Always will be




B. A.

A. War Eagle - JPWARE-SS B. Divinity Cross - JPDIVC-SSBO

C. Fleur De Lis - JPFLDL-SS D. Royal Blood Lion - JPROBL-SS



E. H.

E. King’s key - JPKINK-SSRG F. Anglo-Saxon Warrior - JPANSW-SS

G. Fire Skull - JPFIRS-SS H. The Reckoning - JPTHER -SSRG

Freedom Inspired

“Heir To The Kingdom”

Original Artwork By:


Royal Blood Lion JTROBL-SS

Freedom Or Death Cuff JTFODC-SS


Renaissance Cross JTRENC-SS


Original Artwork By:

True American Lifestyle Jewelry


Renaissance Cross JBRENC-SS



Silver Dollar JBSILD-SS

Royal Blood Lion JBROBL-SS

signature series

There are champions of the human spirit who have redefined the landscape of their field and whose work inspires the world around them, be it fighters, tattoo artists, musicians, athletes, etc. We have set out to encapsulate their extraordinary talents through our distinct form of art, jewelry. We are driven to create jewelry that no longer sits idle in a box or rests unnoticed on a stranger’s arm. We want our work to provoke thought, motivate action, and have it become anyone’s personal inspiration or mode of self-expression.

Nick Ballantyne

Thad Ballantyne

Craftsmen NightRider is composed of George “Jawbone” Ganem, the ambassador of a world that is defined by the truth behind the rebel yell. With over 30 years of expertise in the fine jewelry business George brought in the Ballantyne brothers to sustain the NightRider world, Nick “The Inventor” and Thad “The Maker.” Nick’s fine art background enables him to bring the world that exists on the seams of mainstream America into symbolic designs and artwork that conjure up images of rock and roll legends, Sunset Strip, nightclubs, tattoos, and motorcycles. Thad’s no nonsense attitude ensures that production runs smoothly, never compromising on quality, materials, or craftsmanship.

George Ganem “Jawbone”

NightRider Jewelry, Inc. 4409 South Rural Road Tempe, Arizona 85282 800.566.8661

Jewelry Brochure - NightRider Jewelry  

Jewelry brochure created by branding and marketing agency KODA for luxury jewelry manufacturer

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