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Republic of Korea Overseas Deployments

[ Ascent ] 2016

 epublic of Korea R Overseas Deployments Onward to a higher altitude with wings stretched wide


From a Recipient to a Donor Nation


Footprints of ROK Overseas Deployments


ROK Overseas Deployment Status Performance of Units of Extended Deployment in 2016 and Need for Further Extension


- Choenghae Unit in Somali Waters


- Akh Unit in UAE


- Dongmyeong Unit in Lebanon


- Hanbit Unit in South Sudan


Sharing the Peace

The Story of the Republic of Korea’s Overseas Deployment

1,108 ROK service members in 13 countries are contributing to world peace and stability.

Status of Korean War Contributors When the Korean War broke out in 1950, the UN held a Security Council (UNSC) meeting and passed a resolution providing military assistance to the ROK in defense of liberal democracy and peace. Per the UNSC resolution, 60 nations supported the ROK. 16 nations, including the US, UK and Canada, sent troops. 5 nations, including Denmark and Sweden, provided medical support. 39 nations, including Switzerland, Austria and Chile, contributed materiel and funds.

There was a time when our country needed a helping hand. ▲ Passing of the second UNSC resolution recommending ‘Military Assistance for the ROK’ [1950.06.27.]

For the ROK, overseas deployment holds a special meaning. Approximately 60 years ago, the Korean War nearly destroyed our way of life. However, with the assistance of the international community, we were able to protect our homeland. Rising from the ashes of the Korean War with the help from the international community, the ROK has developed into an economic giant, a sports and cultural

▲ US vessels unloading supplies at the port of Busan

powerhouse, the host to a G20 summit, and a non-permanent member of the UNSC. The ROK remembers the helping hand of the international community, which enabled this miraculous growth, and is transforming itself from a recipient to a donor nation.

From a Recipient to a Donor Nation

We remember the help we received, and now extend our own hand to those in need. When the Philippines, a Korean War Sending State, was suffering in the aftermath of a typhoon, we engaged in active reconstruction efforts. When the reconstruction and stability of Afghanistan was in peril due to indiscriminate terror attacks by Al Qaeda and the Taliban, we were there to sow the seeds of hope with our exemplary reconstruction operations. Also, the ROK safeguarded the peace of the Gulf of Aden, the most dangerous of waters, enabling safe voyage for both ROK and foreign vessels. Our reconstruction efforts have been a beacon of hope for the fledgling state of South Sudan. The ROK contributed to the protection of global health by deploying a civil-military joint rapid relief team against the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

It is time to ready ourselves for future overseas deployments. A robust legal foundation to overseas deployment will enable our sons and daughters in uniform to become military diplomats, flying the Korean flag while passionately spreading warmth to those distressed by conflict and disaster. We will be able to respond proactively to changes in our region and the international community, painting a brighter picture for our nation with powerful strokes.



Peacekeeping of Multinational Forces + Afghanistan Haeseong/Cheongma Unit Dongeui/Dasan/Ashena Unit + Iraq Seohee/Jaema Unit Zaytun/Daiman Unit + Gulf of Aden, Somali Waters Cheonghae Unit

We have been a wind of hope for

28 nations.

Since joining the UN in 1991, the ROK deployed the

ROKG Disaster Relief Activity + Response to Ebola Outbreak ROKG Disaster Relief Team

Defense Cooperation Activity

Sangnoksu Unit to Somalia, the very first deployment for

+ Akh Unit in UAE

the ROK, as part of a UN peacekeeping mission. In the

+ Araw Contingent in the Philippines

following years, the ROK deployed a Medical Support Group to Western Sahara, an engineering unit to Angola, the Sangnoksu Unit to East Timor, and the Danbi Unit to Haiti.

UN Peacekeeping Operations

Today, the Dongmyeong Unit in Lebanon and the Hanbit Unit in South Sudan are faithfully performing their

+ Sangnoksu Unit in Somalia

missions. As part of a multinational force, the ROK

+ Western Sahara ROK Armed

deployed the Haeseong, Cheongma, Dongeui, Dasan and

Forces Medical Support Group

Ashena Units to Afghanistan. To Iraq, the ROK deployed the

+ Engineering Unit in Angola

Seohee, Jaema, Zaytun and Daiman Units. Currently, the

+ Sangnoksu Unit in East Timor

Cheonghae Unit is undertaking diverse missions in the Gulf

+ Dongmyeong Unit in Lebanon

of Aden. Additionally, the ROK deployed a disaster relief

+ Danbi Unit in Haiti

team to Sierra Leone to prevent the spread of the Ebola

+ Hanbit Unit in South Sudan

virus. For defense cooperation and defense exchange activity, the Araw Contingent was deployed to the Philippines. Currently, the Akh Unit is engaging in robust activities in the UAE. ” Accumulated total: 28 countries, 48,918 service members (as of July 2016)

Footprints of ROK Overseas Deployments

Iraq Seohee Unit Jaema Unit Zaytun Division Daiman Unit

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

2003.04. - 2004.04. 2003.04. - 2004.04. 2004.04. - 2008.12. 2004.10. - 2008.12.

Akh Unit 2011.01. - Present

ROK Overseas Deployment Regions

The Philippines Araw Contingent 2013.12. - 2014.12.



Danbi Unit 2010.02. - 2012.12.

Dongmyeong Unit 2007.07. - Present UNSC Resolution #425 [1978.03.19.] #426 [1978.03.19.] #1701 [2006.08.11.]

Western Sahara

UNSC Resolution #1996 [2011.07.08.]

1995.10. Angola Engineering Unit

1994.08. Western Sahara ROK Armed Forces Medical Support Group

Haeseong Unit 2001.12. - 2003.09. Cheongma Unit 2001.12. - 2003.12. Dongeui Unit 2002.02. - 2007.12. Dasan Unit 2003.03. - 2007.12. Ashena Unit 2010.07. - 2014.06.


Hanbit Unit March 2013 - Present

Engineering Unit 1995.10. -1996.12.

Ebola Crisis Response ROKG Disaster Relief Team 2014.12. - 2015.03.

1993.07. Somalia Sangnoksu Unit

Somalia Sangnoksu Unit 1993.07. - 1994.03.

ROK Armed Forces Medical Support Group 1994.08. - 2006.05. South Sudan

Sierra Leone


Gulf of Aden, Somali Waters

East Timor

Cheonghae Unit 2009.03. - Present

Sangnoksu Unit 1999.10. - 2003.10.

UN Security Council Resolution No.1373 [2001.09.28.] No.1838 [2008.10.07.], No.1846 [2008.12.02.] No.1851 [2008.12.16.]

2001.12. Afghanistan Haeseong/ Cheongma Unit

1999.10. East Timor Sangnoksu Unit

2003.03. Afghanistan Dasan Unit

2002.02. Afghanistan Dongeui Unit

2004.04. Iraq Zaytun Division

2003.04. Iraq Seohee/Jaema Unit

2007.07. Lebanon Dongmyeong Unit

2004.10. Iraq Daiman Unit

2010.02. Haiti Danbi Unit

2009.03. Gulf of Aden, Somali Waters Cheonghae Unit

2010.07. Afghanistan Ashena Unit

2011.01. UAE Akh Unit

2013.12. The Philippines Araw Contingent

2013.03. South Sudan Hanbit Unit

2014.12. Sierra Leone Ebola Crisis Response ROKG Disaster Relief Team





service members in


countries As of July 31st, 2016

The ROK military in the international community 1,108 ROK service members in 13 countries are contributing to world peace and stability. They are engaging in UN peacekeeping missions, multinational forces’ peacekeeping, and defense cooperation, always working hard for world peace.

UN peacekeeping - peacekeeping operations executed as part of a UN mission pursuant to UNSC resolution Peacekeeping of Multinational Forces - peacekeeping operations executed as part of a multinational forces pursuant to UNSC resolution Defense cooperation activity - education, training and disaster relief missions executed in a non-conflict area per the recipient country’s request Individual deployment - individual officers performing missions as part of UN missions, armistice observers, staff and coordination officers

ROK military personnel deployed overseas

Germany AFRICOM 1

ROK Overseas

Deployment Regions Bahrain Combined Maritime Forces Staff officer 4

India/Pakistan Armistice observer 7


US CENTCOM Coordination/staff officer 2

Akh Unit 150

Lebanon Donmyeong Unit 328 UNIFIL staff officer 4

Darfur, Sudan UN mission 2 Côte d’Ivoire UN mission 2

Western Sahara Election observer 4

South Sudan

Gulf of Aden, Somali Waters

Hanbit Unit 293 UNMISS observer and staff officer 7

Cheonghae Unit 302 Djibouti coordination officer 2


+ Unit Deployments 4 units (1,073 service members) Multinational Forces 302 (1 country) + UN PKO 621 (2 countries) + Defense cooperation 150 (1 country) + Individual Deployments 11 countries (35 service members) Multinational Forces 9 (4 countries) + UN PKO 26 (7 countries)

※ 1 ,108 service members deployed in 13 countries

13 countries

① U.S., ② Western Sahara,  ③ Côte d’Ivoire, ④ Sudan, ⑤ South Sudan, ⑥ Djibouti, ⑦ Lebanon, ⑧ Somalia, ⑨ Bahrain, ⑩ UAE, ⑪ India,

311 service members as part of multinational forces in 4 countries

Unit deployment (302)

Individual deployment (9)


Current numbers


Cheonghae Unit

Gulf of Aden, Somali Waters



Combined Maritime Forces staff officer



Coordination officers




Coordination element/staff Tampa Bay, FL

Germany (AFRICOM)

Coordination officers


Subtotal Defense cooperation 150 service members in 1 country

UN PKO 647 service members in 7 countries

Unit deployment


Unit deployments (621)

2 1 311

Akh Unit

Abu Dhabi


Dongmyeong Unit



South Sudan

Hanbit Unit




150 150

United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP)



United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS)



United Nations–African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) Individual deployments (26) United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO)





United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI)



United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)



⑫ Pakistan, ⑬ Germany


4 647 1,108



Peacekeeping of Multinational Forces Areas of deployment Gulf of Aden, Somali Waters

Gulf of Aden, Somali Waters

Initial deployment

March 13th, 2009


1 x destroyer, 320 sailors

Mission Participate in the maritime security operations of the Combined Maritime

Cheonghae Unit

Forces (CMF) and EU, support safe passage of Korean vessels, protect Korean nationals during contingency

In addition to supporting the safe navigation of

Through civil wars and a state of anarchy, political

Korean vessels, Cheonghae Unit supports ROK

Exploiting this opportunity in the early part of the 1990s,

instability has continued in Somalia since the 1990s.

military objectives and ROK national interest

pirates began operating in the Gulf of Aden, with 2008

through diverse activities and the expansion of

vessels kidnapped. The UNSC passed Resolution No.1838,

seeing a sharp increase in the number of pirates and

its area of operation around the Internationally

calling on member states to deploy vessels and aircraft to

Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC).

deployed Cheonghae Unit on March 13th, 2009, to the Gulf

+ IRTC (Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor)

Cheonghae Unit in the Gulf of Aden, Somalia

repress Somali piracy. As a member of the UN, the ROKG of Aden, to support the UN and enable safe passage for Korean vessels.

Cheonghae Unit Supporting safe passage for Korean and foreign vessels

Major Activity and Results

Cheonghae Unit has successfully repelled 31 pirate vessels on 21 occasions. Additionally, Cheonghae Unit has supported safe transit by escorting 441 Korean vessels vulnerable to piracy and communicating with 7,401 vessels to provide intelligence on pirate activity.

March 2009 - May 2016

Vessel escort Korean vessel

Successful execution of maritime security operations under the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF)

Foreign vessel



On 270 occasions, Cheonghae Unit has participated in maritime security operations under the CMF. On 4 occasions since initial deployment, ROK naval officers have successfully served as Commander to CTF-151, under the CMF, elevating the status of the ROK military.

Safe passage support Korean vessel Foreign vessel

Cooperation with anti-piracy participating nations

7,401 2,694

Cheonghae Unit has actively engaged in combined training and exchange activity with other anti-piracy participating nations, including China, France, and NATO member states. This has enabled the ROK military to enhance its operational capabilities and build partnerships against contingencies.

Maritime security operation 270 iterations



Rescue and protection of Korean nationals in danger In January 2011, Cheonghae Unit executed Operation Dawn of Gulf of Aden and successfully rescued the crew of Samho Jewelry, who had been kidnapped by pirates. With no loss of hostage’s life during the rescue, the operation highlighted operational capabilities of the ROK military. In December 2012, Cheonghae Unit successfully rescued 4 crew members of the vessel Gemini. With political instability increasing in Libya and Yemen, in 2014 and 2015 respectively, Cheonghae Unit safely evacuated Korean and foreign nationals to neighboring countries.

Piracy repression 21 iterations


â–ź Realistic training for successful anti-piracy operations

+ Civil-Government-Military joint anti-piracy exercise

+ Inspection and Search Team repression training + Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) A multinational forces conducting counterpiracy, counter-terrorism and maritime security operations in the Gulf of Aden and the waters east of Somalia + CTF-151(Combined Task Force-151) A CMF task force dedicated to counter-piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off the coast of Somalia



Defense Cooperation Areas of deployment Abu Dhabi, UAE


Akh Unit

Initial deployment

January 11th, 2011


150 service members

Mission Provide training support to UAE special operations forces, conduct combined training and exercise with UAE special operations forces, protect Korean nationals during contingency

Akh Unit strengthens defense cooperation with the

The UAE holds the ROK military and its training system in

UAE and promotes ROK national interests.

for its military, and to develop its defense organization,

high esteem. To improve the level of training and education the UAE decided to benchmark the ROK military and requested the deployment of a ROK unit in August 2010. To strengthen defense cooperation with the UAE which is a hub in the Middle East, support the peace and stability of the region, enhance national interests, and protect Korean nationals during contingency, the ROKG deployed a special operations unit to the UAE.

Akh Unit in UAE

Akh Unit (150 special operators, 8 months)

Comparison in training time and cost Parachute training Unit : number/day (training time) /won (cost)







Substantive contribution to the development of the UAE military through improved special operations capabilities Akh Unit focused on the areas where the UAE military fell short, including counterterrorism, infiltration and physical training. This has led to improved special operations capabilities of the UAE military. The UAE military regards the ROK military and its determination highly, taking the Akh Unit as an example and voluntarily holding rigorous training events.

KRW 865,000,000 KRW 50,000,000

Simulation training UAE



KRW 60,000,000

Similar training range not found in the ROK

firing exercise UAE






KRW 67,000,000 KRW 9,000,000

Counter-terrorism training UAE



KRW 245,000,000




UAE days

No domestic requirement

KRW 404,940,000

Total UAE



days (Up to 116 iterations)

days (Up to 8 iterations)

KRW 1,641,940,000

KRW 219,000,000

+ Special operations team Basic and combat model training, vehicle maneuver training, tactical training, comprehensive training

By UAE request, ROK special forces were co-located with their UAE counterparts and engaged in man-to-man training, enhancing UAE instructors and assistants. Also, for each training subject, Akh Unit implemented a ‘planning-execution-after action review’ system. This has enabled the UAE military to develop its own system for planning, executing and assessing training. Akh Unit has also transitioned the focus of defense cooperation from ‘repetitive UAE military basic training’ to ‘comprehensive tactical training.’ The UAE Ministry of Defense assesses Akh Unit to be ‘always ready for combat.’ * The UAE Special Operations Command sent two letters of appreciation for the support provided by Akh Unit. (November 2015, May 2016)

KRW 160,000,000

Vehicle and POL support, cultural tour


Contribution to the development of the UAE military through enhanced education and training courses


Improved special operations capabilities for ROK special forces Training in high temperature and dry environment of the desert, and leveraging advanced facilities and equipment of the UAE military greatly enhanced special operations capabilities of the ROK military. Of note, Akh Unit has been able to engage in the types of training which would not be feasible within the ROK due to environmental and social conditions. For high altitude and night parachuting, Akh Unit can undertake a large training volume in 6 months, where it would have taken 6 to 7 years at the ROK. Leveraging advanced UAE military facilities without cost also enables cost reduction in comparison to home station training.

+ Counter-terrorism team Special operations martial arts, operations training by type (vehicle, aircraft, building, vessel), comprehensive training

+ High altitude parachute team Basic tactics and armed parachute, tactical parachute, comprehensive training

+ Maritime special operations team Underwater and surface infiltration, vessel take-over training, comprehensive training



UN Peacekeeping Operations Areas of deployment Tyre Region, Southern Lebanon


Dongmyeong Unit

Initial deployment

July 19th, 2007


350 service members

Mission Reconnaissance and surveillance on the area of operation, coordination and support for the Lebanese military, humanitarian aid, facilitation of proROK sentiment

As an observer to the armistice agreement between

In 1978, the UN established a peacekeeping force in

Lebanon and Israel, Dongmyeong Unit contributes

armistice agreement between Lebanon and Israel. As the

to peace in the Middle East.

Lebanon under a Security Council resolution, observing the situation deteriorated due to conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon in 2006, the UN decided to expand the peacekeeping force from 2,000 to 15,000 and called on member states to participate. Accordingly, the ROKG has deployed Dongmyeong Unit, a force of 350, to southern Lebanon (Tyre) in July 2007, which continues to support peace in Lebanon to this day.

Dongmyeong Unit in Lebanon

Dongmyeong Unit Interdiction of illegal arms and armed groups through reconnaissance and surveillance operations

Major Activity and Results

Dongmyeong Unit is on alert around the clock against potential inflow of illegal arms and armed groups, conducting dismounted and mounted patrols with Lebanese units 2 to 4 times a week in areas suspected of hiding arms caches. There has been no terrorist attack in the area of responsibility since December 2011. The UN and the Lebanese government assess Dongmyeong Unit to be successfully performing its mission in a critical area. Operations Reconnaissance and surveillance of the area of operation Dismounted and mounted patrol with Lebanese units Dismounted and mounted patrol

31,622  3,494  1,518


Civil-military operations tailored to local needs

iterations iterations

Dongmyeong Unit has treated over 90,000 patients and conducted humanitarian programs by building the K-Road (3km), sewage works, schools, and a library (K-Library). Dongmyeong Unit operates Taekwondo and Hangul classes, fulfilling its role as a cultural diplomat. The locals have shown great support, voluntarily forming a supporting group for Dongmyeong Unit.

Support for the Lebanese military and partnership with UNIFIL member states Civil-military operations Medical support for the local population Veterinary care Public works (public facilities, schools, waste treatment) Support for the Lebanese military Computer, Hangul, Taekwondo, and sewing classes

90,060 21,717    284     79      5

iterations cattles

Dongmyeong unit has supported the strengthening of Lebanese military capabilities by enhancing its facilities (C2 and communication network installation). Through active partnership activities with UNIFIL member states, Dongmyeong Unit has established a close cooperation network.

works works villages

▼ Combined dismounted patrol by ROK and French soldiers

▼ Taekwondo class

▼ UN medal recipient



UN Peacekeeping Operations Areas of deployment Bor, South Sudan

South Sudan

Initial deployment

March 31st, 2013


300 service members

Mission Reconstruction support for South Sudan, humanitarian effort and

Hanbit Unit A light of hope to a fledgling state of South Sudan

facilitation of pro-ROK sentiment

Since independence from the UK in 1956, Sudan suffered a 50-year civil war, at the end of which South Sudan separated from Sudan in July 2011. The long civil war had ravaged the country, and the people suffered from disease and poverty. Help was needed. To establish peace and support reconstruction in the fledgling nation, the UN called on member states for assistance. Accordingly, the ROKG deployed Hanbit Unit, a force of 300, to Bor, South Sudan, in March 2013.

Hanbit Unit in South Sudan

Hanbit Unit Significant contribution to South Sudan reconstruction and highly regarded by the local government

Major Activity and Results

Hanbit Unit has successfully executed reconstruction missions directed by the UN, including airport expansion•maintenance and road repair, for which the South Sudanese president sent a letter of appreciation. The South Sudanese Defense Minister presented Hanbit Unit with an award of appreciation, making the ROK the first country to receive such an award among the 13 UN sending states within South Sudan. UNMISS assesses Hanbit Unit to be “a well-trained and disciplined unit, passionate and exemplary in conducting its mission.”

Reconstruction support · Bor airport aircraft parking facility expansion : 410m x 110m · Bor airport runway construction : 1.8km x 45m · Bor airport fire break area installment : 1.8km x 30m(2) · Bor airport helipad construction : 70m x 70m · Bor city waste landfill and wastewater treatment facility construction : 50m x 50m(3) · Bor-Mangela road repair : 125km · Bor-Pibor road repair (phase 1) : 24km · Bor city road (18km) repair and drainage construction · Bor city emergency disaster reconstruction (3 / drainage construction in flooded areas)

Successful civil-military operations winning absolute support from the local population

Civil-military operation · Medical support for locals: 16,500 cases · Gunshot wound treatment: 819 cases · Refugee center establishment : 500m x 500m · Hanbit farm : 150m x 100m(600 mango and guava trees planted) · Barrier wall(17km) installed to prevent river Nile flooding · Hanbit Farming Research Center: 110 students · Hanbit crop classes: 15 classes (facilitate independent farming by research center graduates) · Hanbit vocational school (civil engineering, woodwork, welding, electrics): 80 students (Graduates earn licenses and are guaranteed employment)

UN Forces construction support

Hanbit Unit has executed a wide range of civil-military operations including medical support, barrier walls along the Nile, Bor-Juba road construction, vocational and farming research institutes, elementary school and orphanage repair, Taekwondo and soccer classes. This effort led to all members of the unit receiving honorary citizenship from the state of Jonglei. The locals see Hanbit Unit as “providing substantive support” to the South Sudanese people.

Support for refugee center contributing to post-civil war stability Hanbit Unit played a critical role in the rapid stabilization of South Sudan after the civil war broke out in December 2013, by providing humanitarian assistance including refugee center maintenance, disease prevention, drinking water support and gunshot wound treatment. For this effort, Hanbit is considered exemplary.

· Nepalese police contingent (8 buildings), Pibor compound (3 buildings), Nepalese police contingent (8 buildings), Pibor compound (3 buildings), Level-II hospital (12 buildings), UN employee barracks (30 barracks) · Buffer zone clearing (1.5km x 100m), elevated guard post, protective wall (5km) · Receiving reservoir (4), road repair within the compound (4.5km) · Sidewalk repair within the compound (700m) and drainage enhancement (7km) · Bor waste disposal plant (under construction)

▼ Bor-Mangela road repair

▼ Medical support

▼ Farming Research Center



Hanbit Unit

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S ll in Al-Ain N O I S S E R P IM Coordination Ce UAE SOC

nit in Warfare U te and l ia c e p s ROK cilita rd, 2016 erve with SOC of PGC to fa of its s o t August 23 y it e UAE st day portun ve the op eam assigned by th Unit from the fir our beloved a h o t d e nor to KH nt no We are ho it) as coordinatio rative needs for A spirit of loyalty we spare , n e t h U it is t n H in U y K b m A H ( d d K UAE tivate s in A l and g and a ll trainin departure day. Mo od to our brother plish very fruitfu a e g n a r r a s m ho t until it t to acco f brother deploymen the strong ties o g the best suppor cin nd country a fering and introdu bines trainings. dless f o om c to the en he s e o g effort in pecial operations s g d to t trainin ls uccessful ff and officers, an and soldiers. s successfu h c u s g g sta NCOs plishin of accom CDR, DCDR, trainin staffs, officers, it d e r c e h C s, ed In fact, t he UAE SOC of PG of AKH Unit’s CDR t has provid ld f m e o s g li d t a r le n o w p io o p s u su nd profes ational kn ortunities we wo a r e p m o s d ia s n a u enth ing opp s erience rship exp ble goals and excit scenarios with it e d a le ’s it a e n v t U a ia ie d il h ac am rize to AKH f t p h e o u y it t d g w d n r in a g g a n h n Deali alistic very challe irection, stablishing very re works repeatedly rt area, severely d h it w s u o nd ese re in order t it comma get. Afte y in the d never for nterparts, AKH Un train realisticall o the dusty winds re fighting in to we ou et Emirati c , NCOs and soldiers poor visibility du te way as if they s le ly r p t e itten a com its offic nd interm signed thereto in a r e h t a e s ns a hot w Akh the missio h s li p m o c Un ac it l a . tlefield spiration in e r a s a real bat r d soldie , NCOs an nd energized. s r e ic f f O ated a ’s CDR, AKH Unit ays keep us motiv alw and they l-Ain n Cell in A io t a in d r o Co - UAE SOC

Guardian of the Gu lf of Aden Thank yo u. Cheonghae Unit June 1 7th (FR I) A than k-you letter fr om HA vessel IYANG SHIYO U 770

(Chine se spe cial pu rpose v essel), the 13 th esco rted

We would li escort o ke to thank the f our ship crew of ROKS Wa . Despite o ng Geon ur slow s for the d peed, low were able iligent an freeboar * to secur d profess d e a safe , We will a a n d the lack ional passage t lways be o f hrough t security grateful I wish yo h g e for your u u a safe *Freeb service. Gulf of Aden tha ards onboard, we voyage. oard: th e distan n k s to you ce from the wate r escort. rline to the upp er deck level w hen

May 20 th

(FRI) A than k-you letter fr om


the ship is

fully loa ded

an ves sel) Thank yo u for yo ur hard w Thanks t ork o able to p a perfect escort ass op As Korea safely through eration of the R n citizen the pirat O s, we we e lurking K Navy Cheongha India Oce r e Unit, o da e proud t an ur o be able ngerous waters All the c . of the G ship was to see th rew mem u e ROKS W lf bers of o your Unit ang Geon of Aden. ur ship, . in in c lu We hope the vast ding mys yo elf, alwa ys pray f Thank yo u are able to be relieved or the sa u. of your fe voyag mission e of in a healt hy condit ion.

2016 Republic of Korea Overseas Deployments

Ministry of National Defense Website

Republicofkoreaoverseasdeployments en(ministry of national defense)  
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