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Cases of Good Governance in Korea


As the Fourth Industrial Revolution ushers in an array of profound changes, there is an ever-growing demand worldwide for governments to strengthen their leadership and international collaboration toward achieving nation’s technological progress and innovating public services. For its part, the Korean government has been enhancing the productivity and efficiency of its public services by applying, based upon its successful experience in building a globally recognized e-Government, cutting-edge information and communication technologies to create a brighter future and bring greater happiness to citizens. With a desire to contribute to the development of public administration worldwide by sharing Korea’s leading public administration systems and policy innovation experiences with the international community, the Korean government has published the Cases of Good Governance in Korea. This publication introduces 30 model cases of Korea’s public services across a variety of areas, including public and legal administration; industry, procurement, and statistics; land, safety, and the environment; and education, culture, and welfare. It also provides the details on challenges, breakthroughs and key success factors in the process of implementing these innovative programs, with an aim to give insights to countries wishing to devise similar programs and services. With the publication of this book, we hope to promote international cooperation for innovation and progress of public services and enhance greater communication and exchanges for shaping a better future for all.

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Cases of Good Govenance in Korea PART 1_english  

Cases of Good Govenance in Korea PART 1_english  

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