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Promethean Basics 1. Hooking up your board: a. Connect your computer to the projector with the blue VGA cable. b. Plug the USB cord from the board into your computer. c. If using a laptop switch to projector mode use Fn F8 key. 2. The Pen a. Two main parts i. The nib 1. This works as both a pointer/pen and a left click mouse button ii. The button 1. This functions as a right click mouse button 3. Calibrating your board a. The board should ask to be calibrated each time it is hooked up i. Simply take the pen and click on each of the points on the screen starting in the top left corner. b. If for some reason your board needs recalibrated:

i. Right-click on the ActivManager corner of the display. ii. Select Calibrate. iii. Follow the on-screen instructions.

icon in the bottom right-hand

4. The Dashboard a. Import PowerPoint i. Import an already made project b. Import Smart Notebook i. If you used a smart notebook you can Import a file as well c. Open flipchart i. Open a flipchart you already made d. Promethean Planet i. Download new resources and flipcharts made by teachers. e. Annotate over desktop i. Allows you to write on top of your desktop image.

Promethean Basics 5. Tool Bars a. Change where the toolbar is located i. View tab then go to customize for the following menu: ii. You can then select either to dock top, bottom, left, or right. iii. You can also choose Floating so you can move it were you need it. b. Pinning the tools down. i. Pinning tools Sticks them to a Particular part of Your screen. c. Profiles i. Profiles allow you To customize each Tool bar to have What you want Where you want it ii. Presets there are 5 presets d. Customizing the toolbar i. Use the rest of The tabs to make Add and delete Items from the Toolbar.

Promethean Basics

Promethean Basics 6. Browser Functions a. Page Browser i. Shows you all pages that you have In your flipchart. b. Resource Browser i. Go here to add graphics and Pictures to you flipchart. c. Object Browser i. Shows all of the objects That are on your current page ii. Layers 1. Allows you to hide and show Items underneath. d. Notes Browser i. Adds notes to your slide as reminders e. Property Browser i. Advanced view of the functions Of the objects on the page. f. Action browser i. Adds gadgets to your page g. Voting Browser i. For use with activotes

Promethean Basics  

A quick start guide to using your Promethean Board and ActivInspire

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