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Koby and Kylie Co.

PH. 832.350.8458 EM:

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Upcoming Features We are always working on creating new and fun products. We will be expanding our line and with that we will be adding new lines of memo pads, note pads, journals, wrapping paper and much more. Please stay tuned with all our latest updates by joining our mailing list or requesting new/updated catalogs.

Who We Are Koby and Kylie Co. is a creative design studio located in Houston, Texas specializing in unique stationery, distinctive greeting cards, note cards, social announcements, wedding invitations, special occasion invitations, boxed notes, and all things paper. We apply a modern aesthetic to the centuries-old craft of simply writing a note or sending an invitation coupled with a bit of whimsy and sometimes lots of color. If you don’t see what you like on our site, feel free to request an updated catalog. We are constantly creating new pieces and modifying old ones. Our catalog gives you the latest designs that are being crafted at our little studio. Want to be inspired by the latest in art, design, fashion, color and everything vintage? Well, visit our blog for design inspirations and much more. It’s all classically chic and created with you in mind. Our stationery line and invitations have been featured in publications like Houston Modern Luxury/Brides, Houston and Nashville Tidbits and other online publications. We feature fun, whimsical designs that are simple to enjoy by everyone. We pride ourselves in the little things and each of our stationery represents this philosophy. All of our stationery are made and printed locally and are printed on 100% FSC certified paper that is also eco-friendly. And every lined-envelope is done by hand to ensure quality and a special touch!


Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!.


We are continually striving to create new products that will capture the minds of shoppers. Our calendars will include a 2012 wall calendar, a calendar print, and a desktop single sheet calendar set.

2013 Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for

the next moment. TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||


Thank you for considering Koby and Kylie Co. We are very happy to be able to create designs that you love. For retail ordering, please contact us with the design of you choice and we will get your order processed. Orders can be placed by phone or by emailing us at: Telephone. (832) 350. 8458 Email:



GREETING CARDS Single Cards (unlined envelopes) $4.00 Single Cards (lined envelopes) $5.00 Boxed Sets of 8 (unlined envelopes) $19.00 Boxed Sets of 8 (lined envelopes) $24.00 Monogrammed Note Cards (unlined envelopes) $20.00 Monogrammed Note Cards (lined envelopes) $25.00 INVITATIONS Boxed Set of 10 (unlined envelopes) $23.00 Boxed Set of 10 (lined envelopes) $27.00 ART PRINTS 19 x 27 in $42.00 11 x 14 in $38.00 8 x 10 in $28.00 5 x 7 in $20.00 4 x 6 in $17.00 CALENDARS 2012 Desk Calendar Sheets $20.00 2012 Wall Calendar $26.00 RECIPE CARDS Package of 10 Recipe Cards $20.00 MISCELLANEOUS Notepads $9.00 Memo Books $13.00 Gift Tags (set of 10) $10.00 Postcards -Package of 10 $20.00

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

custom letterpress stationery

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

greeting cards

s ’ n o s Seareetings G Season’s Greeting Single HBK012HOL2 Box HBK012HOL2-B

Merry Christmas Gifts Single HBK012HOL3 Box HBK012HOL3-B

Merry Christmas - Twin Owls Single HBK012HOL5 Box HBK012HOL5-B

Season’s Greetings Black Tree Single HBK012HOL6 Box HBK012HOL6-B

season’s greetings

Merry Christmas Ornaments Single HBK012HOL1 Box HBK012HOL1-B

All cards are a A2 size (4.25 x 5.5 in) with blank inside, and are flat printed digitally unless otherwise noted. All cards are printed on eco-friendly cotton coverstock paper with accompanying envelopes, (lined or unlined). Most cards are available as a single or a boxed set of 8. Our cards are all printed on FSC and Green e-certified paper and are made in the USA. Our lined envelopes are all handlined with quality and time.

tis the season’ Tis the Season Holly Tree Single HBK012HOL4 Box HBK012HOL4-B


s y a d li o H

Happy Holidays Blush Pink Single HBK012HOL7 Box HBK012HOL7-B


r a e Y New Happy New Year Green Single HBK012HOL8 Box HBK012HOL7-B

s a m t s i r h C y Merr

Merry Christmas Snowman Single HBK012HOL9 Box HBK012HOL9-B

Birds Having Tea Single Box


Red Owl Sitting on a Tree

Yellow and Gray Peonies

Red Bicycle in Italy Single HBK012STG5 Box HBK012STG5-B

Thank You Birdie Single HBK012STG6 Box HBK012STG6-B

Single Box


Single Box



Fig Branch and Tree Single HBK012HOL10 Box HBK012HOL10-B

Merry Christmas Collage Single HBK012HOL11 Box HBK012HOL11-B

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Merry Christmas Typography Single HBK012HOL12 Box HBK012HOL12-B

Postcard via Airmail Single HBK012STG4 Box HBK012STG4-B

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

Our notepads (scratch-pads) are 4.25 x 6.5 inches and includes 80 tear away sheets per pad. Printed on FSC certified paper and all made and assembled in the USA. Our journals (jotters) are made with FSC certified paper and contain 40 blank sheets. They are made in the USA and measure 3.5 x 5.5 inches with custom designed covers.

| |

| |

| |

| |

notepads and journals

||||||||| | || || ||

||||||||| | || || ||

thank you! Little French Birdies Single HBK012STG7 Box HBK012STG7-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- A Single HBK012MON-A Box HBK012MON-A-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- B Single HBK012MON-B Box HBK012MON-B-B

Stay Focused Flock of Birds Notepad HBK012NOT5

Monogram Letter Stationery- C Single HBK012MON-C Box HBK012MON-C-B


Vintage Floral Notepad Stay Focused Notepad HBK012NOT4 HBK012NOT2

Thank You Notepad HBK012NOT8


Monogram Letter Stationery- E Single HBK012MON-E Box HBK012MON-E-B



|||||||||| || || ||

. ...

.. . . . . . . .. ..




Monogram Letter Stationery- D Single HBK012MON-D Box HBK012MON-D-B

Pink Bicycle Notepad HBK012NOT1




Sailor’s Anchor Notepad HBK012NOT6

Monogram Letter Stationery- F Single HBK012MON-F Box HBK012MON-F-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- G Single HBK012MON-G Box HBK012MON-G-B

Hello Notepad HBK012NOT3

Monogram Letter Stationery- J Single HBK012MON-J Box HBK012MON-J-B

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Pretty Horse Notepad HBK012NOT9

Studious Owl Notepad HBK012NOT10

Monogram Letter Stationery- H Single HBK012MON-H Box HBK012MON-H-B

Quatrefoils Notebook HBK012JOT1 Also available in these colors:

Monogram Letter Stationery- I Single HBK012MON-I Box HBK012MON-I-B

Belle Fleur Notepad HBK012NOT7

Monogram Letter Stationery- K Single HBK012MON-K Box HBK012MON-K-B

Zig Zag Notebook HBK012JOT2 Also available in these colors:

Millenium Blue Notebook HBK012JOT3 Also available in these patterns:



Houndstooth Notebook HBK012JOT4 Also available in these colors:


D E F Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

holiday collection TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Monogram Letter Stationery- L Single HBK012MON-L Box HBK012MON-L-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- M Single HBK012MON-M Box HBK012MON-M-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- N Single HBK012MON-N Box HBK012MON-N-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- O Single HBK012MON-O Box HBK012MON-O-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- P Single HBK012MON-P Box HBK012MON-P-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- Q Single HBK012MON-Q Box HBK012MON-Q-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- R Single HBK012MON-R Box HBK012MON-R-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- S Single HBK012MON-S Box HBK012MON-S-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- T Single HBK012MON-T Box HBK012MON-T-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- U Single HBK012MON-U Box HBK012MON-U-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- V Single HBK012MON-V Box HBK012MON-V-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- W Single HBK012MON-W Box HBK012MON-W-B

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

Monogram Letter Stationery- X Single HBK012MON-X Box HBK012MON-X-B

Monogram Letter Stationery- Y Single HBK012MON-Y Box HBK012MON-Y-B

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Monogram Letter Stationery- Z Single HBK012MON-Z Box HBK012MON-Z-B

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

our very own “vintwriter”



drawing a blank

a little note!


Merci on A Bike Single HBK012STG11 Box HBK012STG11-B

Just a Little Note Single HBK012STG9 Box HBK012STG9-B

Saying Hello Single HBK012STG10 Box HBK012STG10-B



Drawing a Blank Single HBK012STG8 Box HBK012STG8-B

Bon Jour: Lipstick Single HBK012STG12 Box HBK012STG12-B

Hello via the Telephone Single HBK012STG13 Box HBK012STG12-B

hello... The Little Owly-Professor Single HBK012STG14 Box HBK012STG14-B

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Hello Floral Single HBK012STG15 Box HBK012STG15-B

Yello Vintage Typewriter Single HBK012STG16 Box HBK012STG16-B

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!


One of our more popular items, our postcard selection mimicks actual postcards and are great way to send a note without the fuss of envelopes! These 4x6” cards are perfect for any occassion.

Floral Teal Notecard Single HBK012STG17 Box HBK012STG17-B

Floral Pink and Green Notecard Single HBK012STG18 Box HBK012STG18-B

Floral Magenta Notecard Single HBK012STG19 Box HBK012STG19-B JUST A LITTLE NOTE

You’re Too Sweet Postcard HBK012PST1

Vintage Little Note Postcard HBK012PST2

Pink Floral Postcard HBK012PST3




Floral Red Notecard Single HBK012STG20 Box HBK012STG20-B

Floral Orange Notecard Single HBK012STG21 Box HBK012STG21-B

Floral Green and Blue Notecard Single HBK012STG22 Box HBK012STG22-B

recipe cards

Our recipe cards are a great gift or a handy tool for all grandma’s great recipes. They measure 4x6” and are sold in a package of 10 and comes with our hand-stamped, drawstring cotton bag for safekeeping. servings notes ingredients

recipe for: prep time








prep time

Fruit Recipe Cards HBK012RCP1

Vintage Floral Recipe Cards HBK012RCP2

recipe for? notes:


Three Chefs Recipe Cards HBK012RCP3 prep time:




recipe servings

Clean Minamalist Recipe Cards HBK012RCP4

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

prep time




prep time


prep time


Chef Utensils Recipe Cards HBK012RCP5

Plain Utensils Recipe Cards HBK012RCP6

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

our newest aditions to the family....

Happy Birthday Notecard I Single HBK012STG23 Box HBK012STG23-B

Happy Birthday Notecard II Single HBK012STG24 Box HBK012STG23-B

Happy Birthday Notecard III Single HBK012STG25 Box HBK012STG25-B

Floral - Fruits Single HBK012STG35 Box HBK012STG35-B

Spring Time Birdies Single HBK012STG36 Box HBK012STG36-B

Floral Animals in the Forest Single HBK012STG37 Box HBK012STG37-B


baby! Happy Birthday Notecard III Single HBK012STG26 Box HBK012STG26-B

Happy Birthday Notecard IV Single HBK012STG27 Box HBK012STG27-B

Thank You Notecard Single HBK012STG28 Box HBK012STG28-B

Happy Birthday Notecard V Single HBK012STG29 Box HBK012STG29-B

Congratulations! Single HBK012STG30 Box HBK012STG30-B

Hello Notecard Single HBK012STG31 Box HBK012STG31-B

You are Too Sweet I Single HBK012STG32 Box HBK012STG32-B

You Are Too Sweet II Single HBK012STG33 Box HBK012STG33-B

You Are Too Sweet III Single HBK012STG34 Box HBK012STG34-B

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Flock of Birds Single HBK012STG38 Box HBK012STG38-B

Baby - Boy Single HBK012STG39 Box HBK012STG39-B

Baby - Girl Single HBK012STG40 Box HBK012STG40-B

My Lovely Cakes Happy Birthday Cupcake Little London Cupcake Assorted Variety Single HBK012STG41 Single HBK012STG42 Single HBK012STG43 Single HBK012STG44 Box HBK012STG41-B Box HBK012STG42-B Box HBK012STG43-B Box HBK012STG42-B

Cupcakes and Presents Happy Birthday Party Cupcake Happy Birthday Single HBK012STG45 Single HBK012STG46 Single HBK012STG47 Box HBK012STG45-B Box HBK012STG46-B Box HBK012STG47-B

Happy Birthday Festivities Single HBK012STG48 Box HBK012STG48-B

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

we heart gold accents....

Thank You Gold Single HBK012GLD1 Box HBK012GLD1-B

Thank You Zig Zag Gold Single HBK012GLD2 Box HBK012GLD2-B

Floral Hibiscus Single HBK012STG49 Box HBK012STG49-B

Thank You Gold Circles Congrats Gold Circles Birthday Gold Circles Single HBK012GLD3 Single HBK012GLD4 Single HBK012GLD5 Box HBK012GLD3-B Box HBK012GLD4-B Box HBK012GLD5-B

Blank - Gold Circles Single HBK012GLD6 Box HBK012GLD6-B

5 **must specify number**

Happy Birthday Kids I Birthday Number Card Happy Birthday Kids II Happy Birthday Kids III Single HBK012KID1 Single HBK012KID2 Single HBK012KID3 Single HBK012KID4 Box HBK012KID1-B Box HBK012KID2-B Box HBK012KID3-B Box HBK012KID4-B

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

be my valentine? Be My Valentine Horses Single HBK012VAL1 Box HBK012VAL1-B

I Love You Heart Happy Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Girl and Boy Single HBK012VAL2 Single HBK012VAL2 Single HBK012VAL3 Box HBK012VAL2-B Box HBK012VAL2-B Box HBK012VAL3-B

y pp a H ines t n e l a V ay D Happy Valentine’s Day Single HBK012VAL4 Box HBK012VAL4-B

Sailor’s Collection Anchor I Single HBK012KKC1 Box HBK012KKC1-B

Apple Notecard Single HBK012CIT1 Box HBK012CIT2-B

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

you’re the ice-cream

to my root beer float..

Valentine’s Tree Single HBK012VAL5 Box HBK012VAL5-B

Ice Cream to My Root Beer Single HBK012VAL5 Box HBK012VAL5-B

Sailor’s Collection Anchor II Single HBK012KKC2 Box HBK012KKC2-B

Plum Notecard Single HBK012CIT2 Box HBK012CIT2-B

Floral Valentines Single HBK012VAL6 Box HBK012VAL6-B

Sailor’s Collection Anchor III Sailor’s Collection Anchor IV Single HBK012KKC4 Single HBK012KKC3 HBK012KKC4-B Box HBK012KKC3-B Box

Pear Notecard Single HBK012CIT3 Box HBK012CIT3-B

Orange Notecard Single HBK012CIT4 Box HBK012CIT4-B

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

d ’u h


Aeyyyy Hello Floral Notecards Single HBK012VINT1 Box HBK012VINT1-B

Thank You Floral Notecards Single HBK012VINT2 Box HBK012VINT2-B

Happy Birthday Floral Notecards Single HBK012VINT3 Box HBK012VINT3-B

Aeyyyy Single Box


D’uh Single HBK012WOR2 Box HBK012WOR2-B

Dy-no-mite Single HBK012WOR3 Box HBK012WOR3-B

perfff ! zoinks Congrats Floral Notecard Single HBK012VINT4 Box HBK012VINT4-B

Merci Floral Notecard Single HBK012VINT5 Box HBK012VINT5-B

Bonjour Floral Notecard Single HBK012VINT6 Box HBK012VINT6-B

Zoinks Single HBK012WOR4 Box HBK012WOR4-B

Woof Says the Little Dog Single HBK012STG06 Box HBK012STG06-B

Hey, Hey, Hey Single HBK012WOR5 Box HBK012WOR5-B

i'd die Pink Lips and Kisses Single HBK012STG07 Box HBK012STG07-B

I’d Die Single Box


thanks a latte! Thanks a latte Single HBK012WOR8 Box HBK012WOR8-B

just sayin ' Doodling in France Single HBK012STG09 Box HBK012STG09-B

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Chicken and Other Animals Single HBK012STG010 Box HBK012STG010-B

You Rock Single HBK012WOR10 Box HBK012WOR10-B

Totally Single Box


just sayin '

you rock ! A Dog’s Life Single HBK012STG08 Box HBK012STG08-B

Perf! Single HBK012WOR6 Box HBK012WOR6-B


wooff! Vintage Floral Greeting Cards Assorted Set of 8 - (2 of each) Box HBK012VINT9-B

hey, hey, hey

Just Sayin Single HBK012WOR11 Box HBK012WOR11-B

perfff !

hey, hey, hey

you rock !

Assorted Variety Set Single HBK012WOR12-B

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

TO ORDER CONTACT (832) 350 - 8458 ||

Visit us at for updates on new designs and catalogs!

Koby and Kylie Co. Retail Catalog  

Koby and Kylie Co. is a design and thermography studio located in Houston, Texas. Our studio offers a collection of letterpress and digitall...

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