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Locally proven pasture blends KOBER EARLY ANNUAL BLEND SOW: 28KG/HA

Sprinter Annual Ryegrass Early Persian Clover Quickest feed out of the ground. Excellent recovery after grazing. Bulk of feed produced during the winter and early spring period.


Call the pasture and cropping specialists now to discuss your options for the coming season.

SF scenario – wheat Late maturing feed wheat Early planting potential Graze and grain Extremely high yield potential SF Scenario is an awnless, red feed quality grain. SF Scenario is suited to irrigation and early season planting due to its late maturity.

SF Scenario will suit mixed farming enterprises with its early season grazing potential before locking up for hay or grain production. Under irrigation this variety has the ability to be extremely high yielding. To learn more about this exciting new variety and how it will benefit your enterprise give the team at Kober a call (03) 5480 7087.

Organic fertiliser range

A blend of proprietary annual and Italian Ryegrass; together with Shaftal Persian clover Excellent value. Peak production during winter and early spring. High protein option.



OF Emmerson Italian Ryegrass ANNUAL PASTURE Indulgence DipQ Italian Ryegrass Enrich Persian Clover

High energy pasture blend, excellent for milk production. Late season feed; through to early summer with irrigation. High yielding for silage and hay.

(03) 5480 7087

Kober now has access to a range of organic fertilisers and composts. Organic fertilisers such as chicken litter are an economical source of plant nutrients and a fantastic soil conditioner. Call us today to see where organic fertilisers and composts can fit into your farming system.

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Meet the team Roger Wakefield DIRECTOR

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0429 407 550 Sam Toulmin


0427 344 446 Lance Mitchell

Our new facility during construction


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03 5480 7087 James Walshe SALES

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The new Kober headquarters In 2006, to adequately serve the rural industry, cater to all our clients’ needs whilst providing state of the art facilities, Roger and Sally Wakefield along with the team at Echuca Town and Country committed to building a new base of operations. The new HQ had to be superior to every other provider in the region. It had to be truly professional in both form and function. It had to provide for the professional display, storage and handling of a huge variety of quality products, and had to exceed clients’ expectations in every way imaginable.

Sally Wakefield ACCOUNTS

03 54807087

Kober have all your needs covered. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you and your enterprise.

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A facility of this calibre was also going to require a new image to herald the beginning of this new chapter in the business’s decorated history. The response was the new brand of ‘Kober’. Kober is derived from the name of the Polish town where the famous Rudolph Steiner agricultural seminars took place in 1924 (Koberwitz). The seminars led to the development of biodynamic

agriculture and have been described as “The first organic agriculture course”. We settled on Kober because we wanted a name that had a rich heritage in agricultural intelligence. The Steiner seminars had the goal of using group intelligence to improve farming practices, and that’s exactly what we’re about as well. Armed with our new brand, Kober began, and has now completed, a new storage, sales and administration facility at 29 Cornelia Creek Road, Echuca. The building provides more than 5 times the storage space (1560m2). The modern office space is 4 times bigger with spacious and comfortable facilities to meet with clients and conduct consultations. Our range is also set to expand as we strive to provide for all your needs in the one fantastic location. Call in today and see why Kober is leading the way!


James Walshe

We would like to introduce James Walshe who has recently joined our team in September 2013. James has been working within the dairy industry in northern Victoria since July 2002 initially with Nestle and then Fonterra. Key roles were business management, quality control, relationship management, agronomic and customer focus for suppliers of milk to the processor.

Roger Wakefield in a paddock of CB Taurus

Canola – graze & grain Fast early season grazing opportunity Early Sowing opportunity

Prior to this, James spent several years with the Department of Primary Industries in the field of Animal Health. Disease control on farm was a major focus with beef, sheep and dairy animals.

Management, James has the experience and skills to help you and your farm businesses grow.

James has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture, with a focus on dairy cow nutrition and a recently acquired Diploma in Human Resource

James’ role will be store sales, and will be happy to help assist in any of your farm needs. Call James now for animal health and nutrition advice.

James Walshe joins the Kober team

Ryecorn – Southern Green

Roger Wakefield and Bill Cochrane in a paddock of Southern Green Ryecorn

Alternative to oats, barley or as a late sowing option, fast establishing during cold conditions, quick to first grazing and will tolerate heavy grazing pressures. Ideal for limited irrigation or dryland situations. Call us today to discuss where Southern Green Ryecorn will fit in your autumn sowing program.

Hybrid vigour Suited to irrigation The introduction of European bred, grazing tolerant varieties to the Australian market offers mixed farming enterprises another autumn sowing option. The hybrid vigour of these varieties allows paddocks to be grazed during the winter before being locked up for grain production.

Calsap Calsap continues to improve plant production and farm profit by providing a premium source of plant available calcium. Soluble calcium is vital for plant root growth as well as a variety of important plant functions. Calsap applications have proven to create larger, healthier root systems that are essential to maximising plant growth.

Need Insurance?

Roger Wakefield & John Monk from Kyabram discussing the many WFI insurance policy options with Caroline Shand of WFI. Your mates at Kober can now meet all your insurance needs with WFI insurance and look forward to talking to you soon.

(03) 5480 7087


Soil moisture probes

Sam Toulmin & Roger Wakefield with a Rubicon moisture probe

Aqua Spy’s innovative soil moisture sensors, monitoring software and associated radio technology provide irrigators with real time information on plant water use. This enables growers to efficiently plan irrigation scheduling to maximise plant production and farm profitability. Leitchville Dairy Farmer Rodney Stephens has used moisture probes for the last two seasons, “Its magic! The moisture probe saves time, water and allows us to make informed decisions. I wouldn’t think of growing a crop without one now’’.

SF 714QL Lucerne – keeps on keeping on SF 714QL Lucerne continues to set the benchmark in the premium lucerne hay market. 714 is defined by its high leaf to stem ratio and dense growth habit. Kober have secured good stocks for autumn planting, but don’t miss out on this fantastic all round performer. Bamawm specialist lucerne hay producer Greg Gardiner ‘Of all the lucerne varieties I’ve grown, this one is by far the standout performer’.

Jono Fenwick inspecting a crop of Trojan Wheat

Trojan wheat High Yielding AH wheat Mid/late maturity Large grain size Trojan wheat is the latest release from Pacific Seeds LongReach breeding program. It has excellent top end yield potential on irrigation. Large grain size and good deliverables.


Anipro Pre-Lac Jarryd & Courtney Ireland use Anipro Pre-Lac every year “We can’t afford not to use it. Out of 350 cows we had less than 1% go down. It’s convenient for us. We know they are getting quality vitamins and minerals and we know that it’s there all the time without us having to do a thing”. *Anipro Pre-Lac is a palatable molasses based liquid (containing HCl) that provides anions, essential vitamins and minerals for the springing dairy cow during the transition phase. Anipro Pre-Lac is fully serviced; we bring it to your cows!

Anipro®, is part of Performance Feeds TimeWise Programs. Freecall 1800 300 593 or

Lance Mitchell & Jarryd Ireland checking the cows progress.

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Autumn News