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Senator Frank Whelan plants a flag at Absecon’s annual 9-11 Memorial event see the story and 22 photos at

Galloway Salute to Veterans a big Success. See story and 44 photos at



1st 10:30 AM-Computers for Seniors 6:00 PM-Teen Meet

Art At Night Thursday night events all end at 8:00 pm unless noted otherwise. October 3: Open Sketch Night, 5:00 pm October 10: Drum Circle, 6:30 pm October 17: Aromatherapy with Luanne Anton, M.S., 6:00 pm October 24: Chili Cook-Off, 5:00 pm October 31: Trick or Treat at the Noyes, 6:30 pm

3rd 10:00 AM-Introduction to Computers 10:30 AM-Thursday Preschool Storytime 11:15 AM-Introduction to Internet 12:30 PM-Introduction to Email 7:00 PM-Writing as Witness Project 5th 2:00 PM-HELP: Technology Support Group 7th 7:00 PM-Real Book Talking 8th 5:30 PM-Book Adventures: Halloween Books 6:30 PM-Loose Threads: Knit, Crochet, Fiber Arts at Galloway 9th 5:30 PM-Wednesday Lego Club See the whole list of library events at

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TOYS FOR TOTS Help the Marine Corp provide toys to less fortunate children. Please donate a new toy at a drop-off location around town. See for the list of locations. You can also bring a toy to the Magnus Mud Run on Oct 26th at the Municipal Complex at 11am. Thank you for your support.

Galloway Mayor Don Purdy shakes hands with Karen of Home Depot as Regional Manager Tim Mickiewicz looks on.

From page 1.......... Home Depot representatives explained Home Depot’s commitment to its customers and employees. Upon arriving both Mayors were presented with honorary home depot employee plaques and aprons. Deena from the Absecon Home Depot store painted each individual apron for the Mayors with their township seal or community identifier. The Mayors began their tour of the store and the Region Representative Bob Blum, explained how The Absecon Home Depot store gives back to our community by providing for local schools, community services, veterans, and much more. The donation from the Absecon Home Depot to our community was impressive. The company as a whole does a lot for the communities in which they are located. Many people are unaware that they provided food and supplies to the victims of Super Storm Sandy. When you walk into the Home Depot store in Absecon, take notice of the bulletin board to the right of the door. You will see the awards and recognition plaques for service in the community. The Mayors discovered that not only does the

Absecon Home Depot give back to our communities but they give back to their employees. During the Super Storm Sandy they were taking an audit of their employees and families. All were accounted for but one. Al Spina, one of the managers, set out into Atlantic City to find that employee and their family and get them to shelter. The Home Depot really is a family and they take care of their employees. Las week the Absecon Home Depot had an employee pass away. To help his family they are holding a pancake breakfast to raise money. The Home Depot organization helps even further by matching the money raised locally. During the tour, the Mayors were introduced to Ta’ Ja of Ta’ Ja Construction. Ta’ Ja is well known at Home Depot. He has donated a lot of money and time helping local communities rebuild and repair. Recently, he donated one thousand back packs and one hundred gift certificates to families at a back to school night. This Absecon resident is a true community giver and the Home Depot of Absecon assists him as much as possible. The Mayors learned that the Home Depot and many of their customers are people who “pay it forward”. After the learning about the Home Depot’s core values. There was a sit down discussion with Mayors Don Purdy and John Armstrong about what the Home Depot can do to help our local community.

Mayor Don Purdy of Galloway cuts the ribbon at the new Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union on Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway Township NJ

The Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union on Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway celebrated its Grand Opening September 26th 2013 with a ribbon cutting and gathering of local business people. The new branch in Galloway is a state-of-the-art 2700 square foot building. The credit union covers Atlantic and Cape May Counties with over 11,000 members. Membership is open to everyone. The new building in Galloway is very modern in design. The interior features “pods” instead of traditional teller lines making your banking experience more personal. The new branch has state-of-the-art security and technology. Seamless integration of video and software systems allow for future expansion and incorporation of future advancements.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was handled by Galloway Mayor Don Purdy. The mayor expressed enthusiastic support for the new credit union. He addressed the crowd during the ceremony and conveyed his desire for working hard toward future economic growth in Galloway. The mayor asserted that development of “partnerships” with community based businesses would lead to a stronger and more stable tax base while providing the additional benefit of enhanced community service. Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union is a not for profit financial institution with focus on its members and community service. They are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary with a goal to save the community $1 million Dollars in loan interest. Stop By the new building and see how the township and business are working together to build a better Galloway. Chuck Knutson

Chuck Knutson

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Dynamo Gymnastics held a team fundraiser pancake breakfast at the Bayview Fire Company on Route 9 in Galloway on September 21, 2013. Snow White stopped by to see the kids and a face painter help decorate the smiling faces. The Galloway Patriot stopped by to snap a few photos. See them at

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Senator Chris Connors District 9 NJ State Senator For Galloway

Dr. Nina Radcliff Board Certified Anesthesiologist, a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, and licensed to practice medicine in California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

HOW YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEM WORKS Recently I asked Senator Connors to provide an outline of how our school system is managed. Many people have asked us how Galloway residents have control over the largest portion of property tax expenses. Here is Senator Connors response. Remember to vote. It is how you control what happens. Chuck Knutson-Galloway Patriot

This communication is in regards to information request with respect to composition of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District and its board member election process. We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance in this matter. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:13-1, regional school districts are conducted and governed by the provisions of law relating to type II school districts. As is the case with all type II school districts, the boards of education of regional school districts are elected. The board of education of a regional school district has, in general, the same duties and responsibilities of the board of education of any local school district. N.J.S.A. 18A:13-8 provides that a regional school district made up of nine or fewer constituent districts is required to have a school board consisting of nine members. The members of the board are apportioned by the executive county superintendent of the county in which the constituent districts are located. The executive county superintendent apportions the membership according to the population of each constituent district, except that each constituent district is entitled to at least one member. N.J.S.A. 18A:13-9 provides that the apportionment of the membership of a board continues in effect unless reapportionment becomes necessary because of the next federal decennial census or the enlargement of the regional district by the admission of one or more local districts. N.J.S.A. 18A:13-60 also provides for a reapportionment when a constituent district withdraws from a regional district. As you are aware, Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District is a grade 9-12 limited purpose regional school district. The following are the constituent districts of the regional district, along with the 2010 population of each of those constituent districts according to the 2012 New Jersey Legislative District Data Book: Egg Harbor City (4,243); Galloway Township (37,349); Hamilton Township (26,503); and Mullica Township (6,147). It is our understanding that the membership of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District Board of Education is apportioned as follows: Egg Harbor City – 1 member; Galloway Township – 4 members; Hamilton Township – 3 members; and Mullica Township – 1 member. This is in conformance with the provisions of N.J.S.A. 18A:13-8 that membership is apportioned based on population. It is our understanding that Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District has opted to move its annual school election to November. Therefore, the members of the board of education would be elected on the date of the general election and the voters on that date would also have an opportunity to vote on any district proposals to spend above the budget cap. Pursuant to P.L.2011, c.202, which permitted districts to move the annual election to the date of the general election, if a district does move its annual school election to November, there is no vote on a budget that is within the cap. We hope this information offers a comprehensive background with respect to State law as it applies to composition of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District. If you have any further inquires on this or any other State matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. As always, we stand ready to serve the constituents of the 9th Legislative District.

STOP BEING LATE A few years back, my colleague asked me “How would you feel if I showed up 10 minutes late everyday like you do?” Instead of humbly accepting his critique or apologizing, I replied “Great, we could ride to work together.” Recently, doctors in Scotland diagnosed a man with chronic lateness as a disease. My first thought was that maybe I also have this disease. It would provide a great excuse for my past transgressions. Unfortunately, in my case as with most people, being late is typically a bad habit or an excuse, NOT a disease. In the small set of people who are diagnosed with the disease, they have an inability to properly gauge how long things take to complete. In fact, chronic lateness is believed to affect the same part of the brain as those that suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders (ADD and ADHD). Thus, it is no surprise that one of the biggest complaints of people with ADD is their chronic tardiness. Interestingly, I also found that being late can be a symptom that accompanies depression, anxiety and a lack of self-control (e.g. excessive gambling, overeating, shopping impulsively, and alcoholism). While it does not elicit much sympathy from supervisors or family members, it is something that we need more awareness of. What we do know is that being late can cause you to lose your job, miss important family events or become late to pick up your kids. It can affect you financially, socially, and be a source of embarrassment and poor self-esteem. The good news is that being late (whether it is a disease, symptom of another disease, or a bad habit), is NOT irreversible. However, simply telling someone to be on time is as effective as telling someone they need to quit smoking. Just as with smoking, people need to understand the risks and benefits. There is a cost for being late, and there are payoffs of being on time or early. Here are some tools and tips to help be on time (or even early): o Behavioral modification: set goals to start early, wear a watch, have a buddy help you, aim to get to a wedding at 6 pm even if it does not start until 7 pm. Going through various scenarios with a counselor may be helpful. Overall it can reduce a significant amount of stress and avoid creating a bad reputation. o Technical: Some people are bad planners and are not good at estimating how long things will take. I suggest keeping track of things for 1-2 weeks and writing down how long you think each task will take and how long it actually took. Then add “wiggle room.” For example if you need to take a shower before work, add a few extra minutes in case you need to do a second lather and rinse. o Learn to say no. “I would love to help, but I have a deadline.” o Plan for wait time: Some people fear downtime and have anxiety associated with doing nothing and waiting. Plan on doing pleasant, specific activities such as reading a book or calling a friend so you can have a positive association with your early arrival. With time, it will become a habit. o Walk out of the door. Every mother or wife is guilty of “one more task syndrome.” Don’t shove one more thing in before heading out. The dishes can wait!

MAGNUS MUD RUN OCT 26 at 11am Last One This Year Register Your 3 to 8 Yr Old Now

What’s Happening at Absegami • October 4th Spirit Friday • October 5th SAT • October 6th Third Annual John R. Elliot Hero Walk in Ocean City • October 9th College Admissions Night 6:30pm • October 10th Freshman Transition • October 11th Spirit Friday, Marking Period 1 Interims Posted • October 14th School Closed • October 16th PSAT Early Dismissal 11:30am • October 17th Wall of Fame 6pm • October 18th Homecoming Football vs. EHT 7pm • October 19th Homecoming Dance 7pm • October 21st-25th Red Ribbon Week • October 22nd Underclass Yearbook Photos • October 25th College Fair • October 26th ACT • October 29th Magnet Program Open House “Homeland Security and Public Safety” 6:30pm • October 30th Hallway Halloween 6pm

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Sons of Italy 6th Annual Pasta Dinner at the Smithville Community Center Sunday Oct 25 20 from 4 to 7pm Adults $15 Children under 10 only $10 BYOB Pasta & Meatballs, Bread, Dessert and Drink

Wanda L. Jones (Nee Risley)-61 of Galloway passsed away on September 27, 2013 at home surrounded by her family. Wanda was born on July 18, 1952. She grew up in Pleasantville and settled with her husband Richard (Mick) in Galloway where they began their family. Wanda’s first love was her family but some of her best times spent were on the softball field. She and Mick were both members and coaches of the Galloway Twp. Athletic Association (GTAA) for well over 15 years. She loved those girls and she loved to see them win. She was devoted and determined and even after her coaching days were over thats how she continued to live her life. She also enjoyed watching the Phillies and western movies with her beloved husband. Her grandchildren just adored her and she will be missed more than words can say. Our hearts are heavy but our minds are full of wonderful memories.Wanda was preceded in death by her parents, Earl & Dolores Risley, her sister Donna and her brother William. She is surrived by her husband Mick and her three children; Michelle Purdy (Don), Melonie Siemietkoski (Ed) and Matthew Jones. She had six grandchildren; Don Jr., Jonathan, Emily, Katelyn, Shawn and Eddie. She is also survived by her sisters; Patt Westcott (John) and Debbie Culligan along with many neices and nephews.

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