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APRIL 2013

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cutnection Interview with Chase the Lady Barber

Rock & Ride One Nation Under Two Wheels

Ugly Speed

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cool sh!t

Toys for big boys.


Superman and Kia?

Guitar Museum

A true ode to axes.

Flying Bulls One team. One passion.

Thick as thieves What’s more brutal? Cage fighting or running a business?

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We chat with West Coast lady barber Chase Monroe

Nerd Herd

Games to keep an eye on, Villains that make us root for the bad guy.

Girls of the arnold Tough gals.


We check out Tooties Famous Italian Beef

Featured Ink Get inked with Papa Dame.

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Letter from the Editor

Hey there KD family, this is your friendly neighborhood editor, providing you a public service announcement of awesomeness. Just look at me as the Mr. Rodgers of everything cool. Although, I don’t wear a fancy sweater with a train running through my living room, I do sing and dance on occasion…and I have a closet full of candy, just for emergencies. Knuckle Dragger Magazine is officially a year old, and as I look back at my journey over the past twelve months, I have to say, I’m absolutely insane for starting a magazine. Scott Betten, my partner and COO of the KD Empire, has almost killed me at least 3 times during this past month. It’s been a trying time not only in my personal life, but also professional. When creativity is your value, and it gets zapped, you find yourself in a very scary place. I felt naked, and I have to use a reference from a classic Seinfeld episode “Not good naked either, bad naked”…As if I was belt sanding a wood floor with all of my morning glory hanging for the world to see, I regressed, put on a towel, and hopped on the self-evaluation train. And what did I find out? 1. I love candy more than most things 2. I have a really awesome British accent 3. People talk way too much at the gym 4. Publishing is my wife, mistress, and doctor. The wife completes me, the mistress excites me, and the doctor fixes me. It’s a trilogy of agony and elation that can only come from something that you’re truly in love with. At the moment, writing is my doctor…I’m just waiting for my visit to be over and get that freaking lollipop. In this issue there’s more fun than you can pack into a festival full of carnies screaming “Everyone’s a winner!” Yeah, it’s that good. We take a visit with the Flying Bulls, check out superman’s Kia, get inked by Papa Dame, and of course get submitted by the rough house tendencies of Thick as Thieves fight gear. As always, don’t forget to subscribe to our magazine, or Scott will come to your house and show you just how bad “bad naked” can get. He has a lawnmower, work boots, and a smile. Save yourself. Subscribe.

Rodney Burrell, Editor-in-Chief

Picture of the Month So, you wanna get your little guy or girl in the mood to pound everything in sight? Well nothing says armbar like an MMA toddler bed.

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Toys for Big Boys Personal Jetpack

What’s the key to being the coolest kid on the block? Err, a personal jet pack, duh. A fledgling company called Martin Jetpack has created the world’s first personal jet pack. For only 100k (Roughly the same amount of plastic surgery on Sly Stallone) you can be the proud owner of one of today’s modern marvels. Unfortunately, it can’t be flown in residential areas; meaning that you will not be able to beat traffic simply by flying over it. However, you may be able to impress your girlfriend, or potential girlfriend with your story of being a real live superhero. Put on a Batman outfit and fire this bitch up, cause things are about to get sexy up in here. Visit for more info on the jet pack, and your validation for living up to this point.

8 KnuckleDragger Magazine

Arsenal DoubleBarrel Handgun

It was bound to happen. I’ve seen a polar bear ride a tricycle, and now a double-barrel pistol. My life, as I know it, is officially complete. Arsenal Firearms, a weapons manufacturer out of Italy has created the world’s first fully functioning double-barrel pistol called the “Twenty Eleven”. The idea for the semi-automatic hand-held rocket launcher was originally the brain child of Swiss armorer Vivian Mueller, who created a long slide double-barrel Sig P210 about ten years ago.

It was a hot collectors piece that reportedly fired very well. Now the crew at Arsenal has created an industry-ready version modeled from The Colt 1911-A1. 16 capacity mag with .45 caliber bullets. It only took the R&D team sixmonths to manufacture a gun that has the stopping power to take down a Bull with a single shot. Accuracy is not an issue, with 16 rounds hitting a target the size of an orange from 15-yards. All bullets connect with a watermelon at 25 yards. Great news for Gallagher… Now he doesn’t have to use that pesky sledgehammer. The entire payload of the of the Twenty Eleven (18 shots) can be delivered in about 3 seconds and is adorned with a litany of custom parts that include

a single slide, single frame, single spur double hammer, single grip safety, single body double mainspring housing and single double cavity magazine floor plate, long and double magazine latch, special barrel bushings and hold open lever and side lever safety with long s ha f t s … T r y s a y i n g t h a t f i v e times. The Twenty Eleven can be ordered with independent triggers or one permanently affixed trigger. No matter what configuration you choose, two rounds will always discharge when the gun is fired. With a price tag hovering around 4,500, I would only recommend this for collectors, or someone who needs to take down a bull at close range.

KnuckleDragger Magazine 9

RIDES Size Matters (Kind Of)


the Fiat Abarth might look like the late night of the Smart Car and Mini Cooper, but make no mistake; the Abarth makes a strong argument for “Smaller is Better”. Fiat, an Italian auto manufacturer, has been producing vehicles since 1889, but hasn’t been in the US Market since 1984. They made a triumphant return in 2010-2011 with the introduction of the Fiat 500. Sales have been inspiring of the little car that could, with heavy-hitting marketing partnerships with the likes of J-Lo and Gucci. The sexy-time superbowl commercials haven’t hurt either. Italian supermodel, yes please.

10 KnuckleDragger Magazine

KnuckleDragger Magazine 11

The Abarth, named after famed race car maker, Carlo Abarth, is the “Italian Job” edition of the 500, and boasts a 1.4 Liter, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine that produces 160 hp (almost 30 hp more than the 500’s turbo model) and 170 ft lbs of torque. Performance cues include, racing suspension, a braking system that takes you from 60-0 in 2.1 seconds, aluminum racing wheels, heavy duty 5-speed manual transmission, sport mode and racing seats. Added bonus, you get a scorpion on your car. Now you can take that tiger sticker out of your rear window and become a functioning member of normal society. The Fiat Abarth, it makes you normal again.

Rise of the Lykan

Nope, this ride doesn’t come with any sexy vampires. Although, you might have a better chance of landing a Kate Beckinsale(ish) type woman with this ride. Oh yeah, you need 3.4 million dollars first. The Lykan is the brainchild of the world’s first Arabian motor company, W Motors (That’s original). Only seven Lykans are being produced, so you have a better chance of hooking up with Pamela Lee and not getting herpes versus even seeing what is being called a “hypercar”. No narcissistic oil sheik or bratty heir should be without diamond encrusted headlights, goldstitched interior, and a 24-7 concierge service. And if that’s not enough, a special commissioned watch was created for each owner. The motor is a flat six that produces 750 hp and an ass-clenching top speed of 245 mph. 12 KnuckleDragger Magazine

If Superman couldn’t fly, he would drive a Kia?

The folks at KIA and DC have decided to create a car worthy of a superhero, or at least someone who has way too much money and an unhealthy obsession with men in tights. Perhaps Shaq might be interested in adding the Superman Kia Optima Hybrid to his collection. It’s a cool thought, but I just couldn’t see anyone driving a Superman car around and be completely serious. I think Superman has been overdone, but there are eight other cars being developed that will include Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. The eighth car will be a combination of all the characters. Other than the superheroes, it’s still a Kia Optima. Fail.

LaTerrible Name Choice.

Ferrari, one of the most recognized brands synomomous with wealth, performance, and luxury have created a limited edition vehicle that will only be produced 499 times. 6.3 Liter V-12 959 horsepower engine that rockets 0-60 in under 3 seconds. All-in-all, a modern marvel; time and space slow down to observe the sheer genius that is…LaFerrari? Huh?

A room full of sexy Italians and all they could come up with for a name was LaFerrari? I’m thoroughly disappointed, and insulted that some board room could even pass this as a consumer product. In some ways, it speaks to the always cocky nature that Ferrari has always possessed. They simply think the name Ferrari should demand so much reverence that putting a “La” in front of the name makes it an instant masterpiece. Wrong.

Ferrari’s bull-headedness is the reason Lamborghini is in the car making business. If Enzo Ferrari would have taken constructive criticism, Lamborghini would still be making tractors. Yes, the design and performance of LaFerrari is inspiring, but the name cheapens all of the hard work that went into the R&D. For the first time in my automotive career, Ferrari has lost several cool points. KnuckleDragger Magazine 13

axe, man

For Six Strings and More, the

National Guitar Museum is Our Hero

BY: Stef Schwalb

14 KnuckleDragger Magazine

Whether you’re strumming ve riffs,

the air, on vid eo or som e rea l-li me nt to gui tar s are an aw eso me ins tru sed uce and beh old . The gui tar ’s pow er to infe cpro duc e per sua sive sou nds and am aze us. tiou s gro ove s nev er cea ses to new gui tar s Eac h yea r, ove r thr ee mil lion tha t’s som e are sol d in the Sta tes alo ne – mo re tha n ser iou s wo od, ma n, and tha t’s Sor ry, all oth er ins tru me nts com bin ed. nev er tire of flu te fan s. Gu itar ent hus ias ts ts to flau nt, tan tali zin g tale s, his tor ica l fac mu sica l new inn ova tion s, and con sta nt ne can get exp lor atio n. And now , eve ryo p fro m the the ir gee k on wit h a litt le hel M). Na tion al Gu itar Mu seu m (NG

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F i r s t s t e p , s u b s c r i b e . Or w o m e n w o n ’ t l i k e y o u .

KnuckleDragger Magazine 15

Founded to promote and preserve the legacy of this extraordinary sonic inducer, NGM is the world’s first institution committed to the sharing of its history, evolution, and cultural impact. In 2011, the museum launched a Touring Exhibition – “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked the World” – with previews outside New York City. A national rollout followed in Orlando, Florida, and now this traveling axe-fest continues to be booked at sites throughout the country. It spends at least a three-month residency at each venue within a chosen city. Once the tour concludes, one of these venues will be selected to serve as the NGM’s permanent digs. Pretty rad gig, we say. So what’s the 411? “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World” features numerous displays and interactives (video as well as hands-on); more than 70 guitars (acoustic, electric, historical, unusual, antique); interactive kiosks, computer displays, and sound stations; listening environments for every musical genre (classical, jazz, blues, country, folk, and rock); plus the science of sound and music, which explores the physics of the instrument from its construction to the way it creates what one ultimately hears (love or hate it). There are plenty of action-packed photos, graphics, projections, and illustrations, including “The History and Art of Guitar Design,” by noted illustrator Gerard Huerta; “Guitars And Personality,” with photos by Neil Zlozower; and “Vintage 16 KnuckleDragger Magazine

Steel: X-rays of Historic Instruments,” by Professor John Thomas. To date, more than a half million people have experienced this exhibition – and it’s been a serious crowd-pleaser that’s been slaying plenty of six-string aficionados. The National Guitar Museum’s executive director, HP Newquist, an award-winning author, documentary director, broadcast producer, and the former Editor-in-Chief of GUITAR Magazine, has culled together an impressive list of industry luminaries for the advisory board. Among the members are legendary guitarists/Gods Ritchie Blackmore, Liona Boyd, Steve Howe, Pat Kirkley, Steve Vai, Johnny Winter, and Joe Bonamassa.

Within the next two years, “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World” will be appearing at the following venues: •

The Springfield Museum / Springfield, MA (Open Now Through April 21, 2013);

The Museum Of Idaho / Idaho Falls, ID – Yellowstone (June 13 – November 30, 2013);

The Fleet Center / San Diego, CA (December 2013 – March 2014);

Liberty Science Center / Liberty State Park, NJ (October, 2014 – January, 2015);

Imagination Station / Toledo, OH (February 2015 - May 2015);

Discovery Place / Charlotte, NC (May 31, 2015 - September 2015).

In addition to the exhibition, attendees will also enjoy events that take place at each venue – ranging from giveaways of selected guitars, guest tickets, and local media promotions. Exclusive parties with guitar celebrities add to the excitement, and local guitar-themed concerts have become an ongoing element in every city as well. For more information including exhibition hours, head to We say let’s grab some grub and get going. Ready to rock a road trip anyone? KnuckleDragger Magazine 17

The Flying Bulls.

Legends of the skies. Four words that summarize what the Flying Bulls are all about.

One Team. One Passion

Not just the fleet,

but – above all – the crew. Passionate pilots and technicians who, with much dedication and diligence, seek out historical machines and give them wings. And they have been doing so for more than two decades, for the history of the Flying Bulls dates back to the 1980s. At the time, Sigi Angerer may have been flying modern jets as a Tyrolean Airways pilot, but his real passion was historical airplanes.

A North American T-28B would become the first piece in his future collection. More and more airplanes were gradually added – such as a Grumman G-44 Wigeon and the legendary Chance Vought F4U-4 – which he kept in Innsbruck. The fire had been ignited and was beginning to spread, as other enthusiasts also decided to join Angerer. Together, they gradually increased the size of the historical fleet, meaning that they soon had to find a solution to the resulting lack of space. At the end of the ‘90s, they finally decided to relocate to Salzburg and build a new hangar there. This represented the birth of 20 KnuckleDragger Magazine

Hangar-7, which took shape in the minds of the flight pioneers back then and paved the way for a new dimension to their passion. The time had also come to bring what had previously been a loose combination of pilots, technicians and their machines together under o n e r o o f . This eve n t ual l y l e d t o The Flying Bulls company being established in 1999. The Flying Bulls combine excellent knowledge of the restoration and maintenance of legendary airplanes with unusual flight aesthetics of the pilots. They prove time and again at various air shows that they are true artists in their métier.


A dream come true When a family starts to grow, it needs a new home. This was also the case for the Flying Bulls at the turn of the millennium, when their fleet simply became too big for their previous home. So two buildings were created at the same time. Hangar-7 had only just opened, a new landmark had been created for Salzburg, and the stylish glass dome was glittering on the skyline– but it wasn’t long before the builders moved back in again. The objective now was to complete the project that had been started. With a building which would blend in seamlessly and complement the existing design. Which would stand directly across from Ha nga r- 7 . And which would form the home of the historical Flying Bulls aircraft. All in the shape of a modern aircraft hangar. The result? Hangar-8.

KnuckleDragger Magazine 21

After all, historical aircraft need a lot of love – and even more servicing and maintenance. That’s why, over all the years, it was not just the fleet of the Flying Bulls that grew, but also the number of people looking after it. Specialists from all over the world, who service the airplanes and give them new wings. A cold, dark garage would not have done justice to this special crew. The most highly qualified technicians should be offered working conditions that reflect their expertise. With regard to its technical equipment and facilities, Hangar-8 is right up there with the world’s best, featuring exclusive solutions such as underfloor heating. And, of course, the building has a great deal to offer in terms of architecture. Hangar-8 stylishly blends into the surroundings of its “big brother” Hangar-7. A gigantic network of steel and 1,650 glass panes ensure the unique characteristics of this exclusive building at Salzburg Airport.

THE FLYING BULL PILOTS Siegfried Schwarz Flight Operations Manager & Chief Helicopter Pilot As a pilot with the Christophorus rescue fleet, he spent 21 years saving people’s lives. today, Siegfried “Blacky” Schwarz is one of only three civilian helicopter aerobatics pilots in the world - and chief pilot of the Flying Bulls. More than 10,000 flying hours bear testimony to an active life in the sky.

Raimund Riedmann Flight Operations Manager & Chief Fixed Wing Pilot Having grown up very close to Innsbruck Airport, Raimund Riedmann has always been gripped by a passion for airplanes. He has been the chief pilot of the Flying Bulls since 2012, when he succeeded Siegfried Angerer

Siegfried Angerer A living legend The former chief pilot retired in 2012. As a co-founder of the Flying Bulls, he accompanied each machine - from their transfer to arrival - and knows the stories behind these aircraft like no other. 22 KnuckleDragger Magazine


s a

s e v ie

Thick as Thieves, a Pittsburgh based apparel company has made quite the splash in the fight apparel industry. Their militant designs couple with droves of hardcore fans has given them a head start in one of the hardest places to make an impact.


think it’s

HARD being in the

CAGE ? Try selling T-SHIRTS . I sat down with Jeremiah Bozich, founder of TAT, for an in-depth look at why his line is rising above the rest.

KD: How long has TAT been around? JB: I started it early ‘11

KD: How did you come up with the idea for the name? JB: Honestly I think I just stumbled upon the saying one day and looked it up.... “a close knit brotherhood”. The gears started turning, and then voila.

KD: What’s your inspiration for the shirt designs? JB: My mind works in mysterious ways. Sometimes shit comes to me when I sleep, other times I’ll doodle at work, home, wherever.

KD: Have you had any resistance from people that think your designs are too edgy? JB: Haha! From day one, but I set out to do something different, to show people that the pre-conceived mold of what a “fight shirt” or “fight wear company” doesn’t have to resemble a TAPOUT or AFFLICTION Tee.

KD: Did you go to school for graphic design? JB: I was an artist all my life, and a graphic art major out of high school, but after listening to everyone telling me that I’d never be able to make a living in art, I switched my major about 35 times, Haha. Eventually I graduated with a respiratory therapy degree, passed my boards, and decided I wasn’t ready to settle for the 9-5. 26 KnuckleDragger Magazine

KD: How important is quality for your line? JB: I’m actually borderline obsessive when it comes to quality. From day one we have never printed on a shit t-shirt. The shirts we put out are some of the best quality on the market, and anyone that owns one wears it frequently just for that reason.

KnuckleDragger Magazine 27

KD: Tell us about your partners Greg and Rick. How did they get involved with TAT? JB: Well Rick was around since I started the company. I was actually training with him a lot in BJJ to get him ready for an upcoming fight he had when I dropped it on him that I was thinking about starting a fight wear company and wanted to make a signature shirt for him. About a year and a half went on, and when the opportunity arose to become an investor he jumped at the opportunity. Gregg and I have actually known each other for years. He has a successful business but when the opportunity was put in front of him, he was in.

KD: How many fighters does TAT sponsor at the moment? JB: In about 2 years I’ve done almost 30 signature designs for local fighters up to Bellator and UFC fighters. We sponsor fighters by creating a dope design for them, and then giving them a large portion of profit from sales. Most of the guys do this shit full-time and barely get by on what they have so these tees are definitely a good way to generate the cash to keep doing what they need to.

KD: Where is the TAT line available? JB: Right now our merch spots are Rockstar at Monroeville and Westmoreland malls and Fight Club Pittsburgh’s pro shop. We also have an online store you can check out at

KD: What plans do you have for expansion? JB: Well I can’t exactly give you my blueprint for taking over the world in ’13, but I promise its gonna be a big year for us. Expect to see us make a big splash in some of the world’s biggest MMA organizations this year.

KD: What are your thoughts on the TapouT brand? Do you look at them as a blueprint for where you would like your clothing line to be in 5 years? JB: No matter how much people knock TapouT for being played out, you gotta respect those guys. They are pioneers and showed that the DYI approach in this cutthroat business can actually work. 30 KnuckleDragger Magazine

KD: How has the female population responded to your line? JB: Well one thing I’ve learned is CHICKS LOVE FIGHTGEAR. Our women’s line is the first thing to sell out at every show.

KD: Do you have any pieces developed for the female market? JB: We have a ton of stuff for girls. Everything from yoga pants, tank tops, tees, and even booty shorts :-)

KnuckleDragger Magazine 31

KD: Do you or any of your partners currently train or fight professionally? JB: I trained for years but put it on the back burner when I started the company. It just wasn’t possible to train and work as much as I needed to support the company. Rick and Gregg both train and Rick is still fighting competitively at the amateur level.

KD: What advice would you give to any young entrepreneurs wanting to venture into a new business venture? JB: As clichÊ as it may sound, chase your dreams and don’t settle for anything less.

KD: The Apparel industry is one of the top five most competitive and difficult business models to make viable. How has your business philosophy led to the success of TaT? JB: I think that people have just been waiting for a breath of fresh air when it comes to fight apparel. We’re trying to break the mold and not fit into it. We embody every concept we put into our designs and the DGAF attitude that goes with it. I never expected people to dig what I was putting out. It’s honestly just all stuff that I could see myself wearing, but when I see the pics of people reppin the gear and the feedback I get from customers, it just fuels me to keep doin what I’m doin.

KD: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a fight? JB: You forget that we’re from PA, some of these honky tonk venues we’ve been to would make you do a double take. Shit doesn’t even surprise me anymore. KD: What major fighters does TaT plan on approaching in 2013? JB: Exactly like you said, this is an extremely cutthroat business and some of the other clothing companies around are already swinging from our “man-parts” so I can’t tell you any names, but rest assured they’re all killers.

34 KnuckleDragger Magazine

Four People you wouldn’t want cutting your hair.





Two barbers that reside in the city oF angels

that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for a select few that don’t want to sit at Fantastic Sams and get an 8.00 cut by a lady named Maude or Sally, or Pay 150.00 for a not so straight hairdresser to spritz your hair with lime-infused water from the Alps.



Richie the Barber and Chase the Lady Barber offer Straight Razor shaves, quirky atmosphere, and did I mention one of them is a bit of a hottie. Guess which one. You can find out more info about Chase on her site or if you’re looking for info on Richie, his site is

THE SAW ROBOT KnuckleDragger Magazine 35

getting to know...


(THE LADY BARBER) KD: How long have you been cutting hair? CM: 6 years.

KD: What made you get into this field? CM: Father told me I needed a certificate before I was 30. So I got two, Cosmetology License and Barbering License.

KD: Where did you go to school? CM: Western Beauty Institute in Panorama City Los Angeles Ca. and Marinello’s Beauty School, Burbank.

KD: What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you when cutting some one’s hair? CM: Having a client fall asleep and snore. Snoring I’m OK with but it’s the jolting in their sleep that gets me.

KD: What do you specialize in? CM: Educating clients on the cut and right products for the style. “Barber on bottom, Stylist on top” Today’s style and Hollywood old fashioned.

KD: How have people received your business in the area. CM: Word of mouth and not bad looking.

KD: Do you get a lot of support from the community? CM: Yes! I love kids, teens, young adults, men and seniors.

KD: Worst pick up line in the chair? CM: “Can I buy you lunch?”

KD: Are you originally from California? CM: Born in the Van Nuys, Ca. grew up in Valencia, Ca.

KD: How do you spend your free time? CM: Educating myself in my industry and Chasing my dreams! 36 KnuckleDragger Magazine

KD: What challenges have you encoun-

tered being a Lady Barber? Explaining I cut men’s hair. Period. Give me a straight razor and clippers and I’ll give you a tight fade.

KD: Any plans for expansion? Yes! Always!

KD: What’s the most original part of

your business? Me.

KD: What got you into being a Lady Barber? I love styling men.

KD: What’s the difference between a

“Barber” and a “Stylist?” A Barber can shave the face, outline a beard perform skin fades, military cuts and shave the back of the neck. A Stylist is more women orientated, using scissors over comb and clippers to clean up the hair line.

KD: Can you give a little background on

the history of Barbering? Historically, all hairdressers were considered barbers. In the 20th century, the profession of cosmetology branched off from barbering, and today hairdressers may be licensed as either barbers or cosmetologists. The barber’s trade has a long history of using the straight razor and have been creating short styles for the on the go man.

KD: Do your co-workers like having a

female in a boys club? Honestly, no. But I’m here to do my job and a dirty joke or 4.

KD: What’s a straight razor shave? Hot Towel, Hot lather, shaving cream and oil, and one blade to skin.

KD: What’s your favorite hair cut/style/

product? Fade on the bottom, finger length on top, or whatever style they wish with the right product to finish the cut.

KD: What’s in your future of Lady

Barbering? Barber show on the net and always being true to who I am and what I do.

KD: Any advice for other females looking into the field? Be stronger than you thought you could be. Don’t be too cute or sexy. Understand the male perspective and learn, learn, learn, then talk when you can walk. You have to give back to the history of being a Lady Barber. Don’t Fuck it up.


Bombshell Magazine is a women’s national print and digital magazine that focuses on various women’s interest topics.


We encourage you to engage with our editors, let us know what you like, don’t like, and maybe want to see more of.

While bombshell does cover content that focuses on beauty, fitness, shopping and other fun stuff, our core content direction is to highlight interesting activities, people, places and things that are not typically covered in conventional women’s publications.


WWW.BOMBSHELLMAG.NET KnuckleDragger Magazine 37


I never, ever recommend camping out in front of a store for a video game. Let’s be honest, if you’re in front of Best Buy with a tent and a bag of Cheetos, you’re most likely

Five Video Game Releases That Will Scorch 2013

very single, and have a larger than normal library of adult entertainment. Let’s put the pin back in that grenade. Now, onto more important things than your sex life and pitching tents (giggidy). 2013 looks to be a promising year for video games, and while there is a litany of other great games being released, we chose five games that you should pay extra attention to.

1: GTA V

The world’s most favorite game for social decay and reprehensible behavior is back for its latest installment. GTA 5 promises to be more offensive and over-thetop than its predecessors. I think you can hold pet bunnies for ransom.

3: deadpool

The Merc with a Mouth finally gets his own video game. From all reports, it’s pretty much insane. It’s kinda hush, hush for the moment, but we’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

4: Injustice Gods among us

In this fighting game, an all-star cast of DC characters take to the streets to kick the arse of whomever is in their way. Some of the characters include: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Doomsday, Bane, Deathstroke, The Joker, Green Lantern and The Flash.

2: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots

A long awaited follow-up to Rainbow Six Vegas, gamers have become a little jilted by the series since it’s been over five years since they’ve released a title. With Clancy’s track record, I’m sure Patriots will have the same realism and grit that we’ve come to love. 38 KnuckleDragger Magazine

5: battlefield 4

Coming off the largely successful BF3m, the video game warlords at EA are gearing up for another BF title this year. More realism, more fire, and more online gameplay with 12-year olds that are absolutely owning you without a second thought. Be prepared.



Some might argue that Bane isn’t a super-villain, but the simple fact that he broke the Dark Knight’s back warrants a little wha… what from the nerd crew at Knuckle Dragger. Bane hasn’t done much other than hit the gym since he put Batman out of commission, but Bruce Wayne will think twice about trying to Batarang him.

3. VENOM 5. BANE Perhaps my favorite villain, Lex Luthor is your standard all-powerful, uber wealthy, genius guy that happens to have it out for Superman. With an unlimited amount of money, Luthor tries his darndest to defeat Superman with any chance he gets. It proves difficulty most times, because Superman is err, an indestructible alien from another planet. Luthor, you have gusto. Keep it up.


Gene Simmons might be a little jealous of our next super villain, just considering his tongue could probably reach the span of Texas. Venom is the bi-product of Peter Parker ‘s greed for more power. Parker abused an alien symbiote that he discovered in order to become even stronger, but ended up rejecting it. As a result, the alien attached itself to Eddie Brock and became a spidey hating machine in no time. Venom also has an offspring named Carnage. KnuckleDragger Magazine 39

You might be hard pressed to not root for Magneto in some way shape or form. His propensity for extreme violence and torture is bred from his complete loss of faith in humanity. First and foremost, Magneto was a holocaust survivor. That would put a damper on anyone’s view of society. Secondly, seeing all of the carnage that humans had bestowed on the mutant race drove old Magneto to the breaking point. He now spends his days and nights dealing out sides of carnage on humans and mutants.


1. JOKER Perhaps the most frighteningly insane villains of all time, The Joker’s blatant disregard for human life, along with his own, makes a cocktail for disaster. Some villains fight for power, some for injustices, or greed, but the Joker has one motivation, to inflict as much pain and anguish as possible. He’s unpredictable, and unrelenting. His goals range from driving people insane, to racking up a body count for no apparent reason. Destruction, mayhem, and pure evil is what the Joker embodies. He’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle. If you don’t fear him, you’ll soon learn. 40 KnuckleDragger Magazine


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...Tough Enough?


42 KnuckleDragger Magazine

KnuckleDragger Magazine 43


Beef Gone Wild BY: Scott betten

What do you get

when you take 35 lbs of meat, slowly cook it for at least 24 hours; add 12 different types of seasonings, spices, and 3 different types of vegetables? Allow me to put on my Don King voice and say, you get a cirque de soleil of goodness all up in your mouth. Cartwheels of flavor abound, leaving me speechless, which is hard. Tootie’s Italian Beef recipe has been in the family since the turn of the century and just recently unleashed the running of the beef on the streets by way of the Southside, in Pittsburgh, PA. Chef Karl Horn’s mommy dearest, Tootie, has a Ph. D in delicious, but Karl took the book route, with an MBA from Duquesne University. Frustrated with corporate America, Karl was looking for something that would give him more meaning to his life. His first thought, beef.

44 KnuckleDragger Magazine

Realizing the true potential of the Italian Beef recipe, Karl decided, “In Tootie’s We Trust”, would be the way to go. Knowing his mother never led him astray, Tooties Italian Beef on 16th street was born. Tootie’s signature sandwich is “The Treat”. As a professional writer, I was obligated to try one, for the sake of mankind. The Treat comes with the seasoned beef, cheese, fresh grilled green peppers and onions, but wait, a Treat wouldn’t be a treat until you throw a hot sausage from Uncle Charley on it. The family recipe has been selling extremely well since opening just a couple months ago. Karl is expecting to sell well over 400 pounds of beef per month. Not to completely spoil what’s in the future for Karl, but there are rumors of a second location in the works. If you want beef, and more beef… Tootie’s is worth a visit. Great story, great people, great food. KnuckleDragger Magazine 45

What do Super Bowl Sunday, a False Water Cobra, Marilyn Monroe, and a love of comic books give you? The perfect setting for getting inked by Papa Dame at V One Tattoos.

featured ink V ONE TATTOOS

46 KnuckleDragger Magazine

Papa Dame, a Pittsburgh native,

has been in the ink business for a little over 6 years, but his passion for tattooing came at an early age. When most people were playing busy blowing into their Duck Hunt or Super Mario Brothers cartridges on Nintendo, Dame was drawing. He progressed from basic images, to designing logos for bands and local sports teams. “It kept me out of trouble as a kid being able to focus on improving my skills and drawing. My mother, who was and still is a big part of my life, as well as my role model, supported anything I wanted to do,� said Dame.

KnuckleDragger Magazine 47

With the love of comic books coming from the lines and colors, drawing, and as Papa Dame says it best, “a couple trust worthy friends”, needed to practice on and hone his skills, he jumped on the opportunity to get in the ink business. So what makes Papa Dame so successful in such competitive market? The consistency of always challenging and educating himself on the ever evolving industry, knowing how to treat customers not only in the chair, but after the ink dries, cracks and itches. Of course, behind every great man, there’s a great woman cracking the whip and telling him not to wear that He-Man t-shirt from freshman year at CCAC. Her name is Amanda, or Mrs. Ink. She manages the day to day operations of the tattoo studio, and is also planning to open a hair salon next door this year. V One Studios---The real deal. Papa Dame, a true art purist. That may or may not own a He-Man t-shirt. If he does, Amanda will make sure it never sees the light of day. 48 KnuckleDragger Magazine

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