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Krityanand UNESCO Club PG Internship 2018

Post-Graduate Internship on Economic and Political Development Summer 2018

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Post-Graduate Internship on Economic and Political Development The Krityanand UNESCO Club runs a small, highly selective internship program for students graduates interested in gaining first-hand experience in public policy research in domestic and international affairs. Over 100 undergraduate, and graduate students have participated in the research intern program. Candidates must be highly motivated to work independently in a demanding think tank environment that requires excellent research and analysis as well as project management skills. Internships are unpaid, work from home status or virtual or in Jamshedpur. Interns work independently and in teams. This is an excellent opportunity for those students who are planning to attend graduate school in international relations, Economic and Political Development, public policy, law school and/or work in a think tank or international organization Volunteer interns are recruited on a summer and winter for 30 to 90 days maximum to volunteer in both the Jamshedpur and Virtual (work from Home). An intern’s volunteer duties generally consist of concerned research, editing, and writing. The volunteer internships are unpaid. Our faculty works on a diverse set of research areas including Foreign Policy, International Relations, Economic and Political Development, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Trade, Organizations, Political Economy and the role of governments on business. The Economic and Political Development (EPD) concentration equips students with a broad understanding of the processes of economic, political, and social change in the developing world, as well as a more focused competence in specific fields, such as financial inclusion, small business and social enterprise development, corporate social responsibility, gender and development, education or health policy, sustainable development, and post-conflict reconstruction and governance. Through an interdisciplinary package of projects, and practical internships, Internee will gain key skills in policy analysis, program planning, project management, monitoring, and evaluation. May 15 to July 2018 May 15 to July 31st 2018 Jamshedpur Work From Home , Virtual 150 H Per Month  Post-Graduate Student focusing on international relations, Economics and Political Development, Law, journalism, writing, or related field  Former experience in editing, writing, and research  Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and conducting internet research None Applicants required advance knowledge of Political Science and Economics, International Relations and other Related Development Issues. The Programme is aimed at students with a strong analytical and quantitative background, and offers an unparalleled experience to challenge your perspectives on the way firms and markets operate, and to develop lifelong skills as a talented and innovative student and economist. Combining an exceptional level of analytical training in economics with the more applied scope of a degree.In today’s volatile and unpredictable global order, it has become increasingly important for decision makers in business to have a grounded understanding of the various political, social, economic, technological and environmental drivers of global change. This course focusses on the core concepts for understanding globalization and global change, from the disciplines of international relations, political science, political economy and macroeconomics. It addresses real world problems using historical reflection, conceptual discussion and in-depth case studies. Internee will explore key events that have shaped the evolution of globalization.

Krityanand UNESCO Club PG Internship 2018

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Promote and engender a collaborative, co-operative and respectful relationship with all levels of societies  Build respect for, appreciation of, and faith in the Development sector.  Developing the Action Plan for Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agendas; We offers exceptional opportunities for individuals at all levels in their careers, from recent graduates interested in our openings for Research Associates and volunteer internships for pursuing a career in international relations, foreign policy, Economic and Political Development, Development Sector as well as skills training in areas such as writing, research, and program planning. Research Interns Collect and analyse data, prepares a review of relevant literature, conducts research on assigned topics under the guideline of project. Each Interns have to submit the Project in Soft copy under the word 8000 after then a hard copy with hardbound by speed post along with other documents.10 selected article will be published in Our Summer Journals for that the internee has to request send their work in brief 2500-3000 words. The Krityanand UNESCO Club is committed to the pursuit of scholarly excellence and to valuedriven research that helps to advance human welfare around the world. Two of the most critical issues Economic and Political development and International Relations are at the core of the Institute’s research agenda. The internship program at Krityanand UNESCO club is offered to bright and passionate students from all over the world, especially those who wish to make a career in the field of international relations, economic and political development. Application for summer 2017 research internship are now open. We encourage applicants with the specific interest to apply at the earliest: Students should review each description below and select only one Subject or theme from the category for the internship in which they are interested in before applying. The Krityanand UNESCO Club is dedicated to publishing the academic work of undergraduates from the Internship Work Report and related fields at the organization’s social web page, Berkeley. Selected on the basis of academic content, general interest, and clarity of writing. Papers should be 15-40 pages long, on topics that would be of interest to the generally well-educated reader. There are two broad section or Category; Category A that is based on Economic Development and Group B is on Political Development. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:


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Code: ED01 ED02 ED03 ED04 ED05 ED06 ED07 ED08

Subject(Theme): Economic Development for International Affairs Advanced Economic Development for International Affairs Economics of Finance International Political Economy International Finance & Monetary Theory Indian Economy in Transition Global Economic Policy BRICS & Beyond


Code: PD01 PD02

Subject(Theme): Political Development in the Developing World Multidisciplinary Approaches to Development

Prerequisites PG Students

Krityanand UNESCO Club PG Internship 2018

3 4 5 6 7 8

PD03 PD04 PD05 PD06 PD07 PD08

Political Development Theory of International Trade The International Organizations and United Nations Russia and the Former Soviet States Theories of International Relations The US Foreign Policy

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April 2018 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Mishra, Secretary General, Krityanand UNESCO Club; 102/A, Kalpanapuri, Adityapur Industrial Area, Jamshedpur 832109, India. Tel:91 657 2383158; Mob: 927950220 E-mail:

Post-Graduate Internship on Economic and Political Development Summer 2018  

The Economic and Political Development (EPD) concentration equips students with a broad understanding of the processes of economic, politica...

Post-Graduate Internship on Economic and Political Development Summer 2018  

The Economic and Political Development (EPD) concentration equips students with a broad understanding of the processes of economic, politica...