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This has been an amazing journey. Our first issue is out and what an exciting time. We have met some amazing people and been to some fun events within Knoxville.


Why did we create this publication? I came from Florida where there are parenting and kid magazines everywhere. I am always looking for fun things to do with my family. There are so many amazing family-friendly things to do here, places to see in the surrounding area, deep history, and YES, great food! When I noticed Knoxville did not have a magazine like this, I jumped on the wagon to bring a modern lifestyle, family magazine filled with articles that are funny, inspiring and helpful to Knoxville families. As I spoke to people, the desire and interest for



something like this grew and grew.

There are so many amazing family-friendly things to do here.”

You can say this is my fifth baby. I have four children — three boys and finally my little girl. My supportive and loving husband is a disabled veteran, so I am pretty busy with his schedule as well. Balancing work and my personal life has been a little challenging. But thank goodness for technology. I am up at 6 AM and start working right away after I get the boys off to school. My daughter, who is 4, and my husband sleep in; so I can get a lot done in at that amount of time. I create my own schedule around my children’s activities and doctor appointments for my husband. In doing so, I leverage my time, which doesn’t stress me out.

I read my daughter a bedtime story and I am off to do some more work. Put it this way – I am so grateful for my Crockpot. If you look through my calendar (yes, I have a paper planner — some things you just need to do the old fashion way), you will find highlighter everywhere. Pink is for family, yellow is for work and green is my time. You will see in this issue one of my favorite articles in particular is Traci Farley’s story of balancing her family life and work as a single mom.

Becky Sera BROKER, REALTOR® ABR, SFR, e-PRO, SRES Multi Million Dollar Producer License #318625

The articles are written in a fresh light way, like the spotlight on Lil’ Miss Flossy’s Valentine Mommy and Me Tea Party. Chocolatefest is another; it filled our tummies with sweet delights and introduced us to some great small businesses.

We hope our magazine will make you laugh, smile and maybe shed a tear (only happy ones). I hope you love this issue as much as I do and get caught up in the spirit of the spring season!

REALTY EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATES C: (865) 441-6200 O: (865) 588-3232 Servício en Español: (865) 622-1157 Each Office Is Independently Owned & Operated

Serving Sellers and Homebuyers for 23 years Text “BeckySera” to 85377 to view all area listings • Visit for FREE REPORTS

Debbie Shulman, Publisher



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a lifestyle magazine for the modern Knoxville family







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Robert Berlin


Staff writer Nicole Springs discovers the heart behind Elizabeth Maison Design, is Traci Farley’s joyful spirit.

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Knoxville Families Magazine is a publication for affluent, modern families in Knoxville and extended communities. Knoxville Families Magazine is owned and published by Two Girls Productions, Inc. We are not responsible for the validity of any claims made by its advertisers. Nothing that appears in Knoxville Families Magazine may be reproduced in any way without written permission. Opinions expressed by Knoxville Families Magazine writers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the publisher’s opinion. Knoxville Families Magazine will consider all never-before published outside editorial submissions. Knoxville Families Magazine reserves the right to edit and /or reject all outside editorial submissions and makes no guarantees regarding publishing dates.

Two Girls Productions, Inc., Alma Diem, 222 S. Peters Road, Knoxville, TN 37923 Phone: 615-537-5788 • Robert Berlin photographs our youngest contributor Piper Hansen as she styles her sister’s hair for her first magazine article.

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Publisher Debbie Shulman shows a mock copy of our inaugural issue to an attendee at Alma Diem’s open house.




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14 Fresh Hairstyles for Spring 16 Knoxville Fashion Week 18 Breathe Life into your Dreams



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Tremont Institute

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editor’s corner

We Asked You Answered


SIT. I BEGIN. A CHILD INTERRUPTS. I CROSS OUT WORDS — lots of words. Several times over I’ve come up short in writing this letter. It should be the easiest task on my list, but my pen ready for its purposeful motion is held up by my obstinate perfectionist tendency. That leaves me with one thing left to do: Watch Netflix.

Yes, you read that right. Women in the ‘80s had Calgon to “take [them] away;” I have Netflix. I’m unapologetic about stealing away an iPad and hunkering down with a blanket to watch something. Some of my best thinking happens when I’m not thinking. I fired up the app, perused my queue, and got swept up in a series of TEDTalks. Inspiration did not hit me like lightening, but rather it began ruminating over a few nights’ sleep. When I sat down for the final attempt at this letter, something Benjamin Zander shared in one of the talks kept dogging at my memory.


Lavender foot detox enable you to remove toxins from the environment while you sleep. (865) 333.2192

What is the best thing about spring in Knoxville?” The Dogwood Festival! ~Heather Rial, via Facebook

Freshly mowed grass, flowers blooming and sunshine!

~Angie Baker, via Facebook

I love when it’s warm enough outside to go for a walk everyday. I am not a “cold weather” person, so I love the sunshine and warmth!

“One of the characteristics of a leader,” he said, “is that he not doubt for one moment the capacity of the people he’s leading to realize whatever he’s dreaming.”

~Ashley Morris, via Facebook

I love that quote. Inexplicably, his words so clearly connected my thoughts to this magazine. Debbie’s networking skills brought together the team whose work you see throughout these pages, but not without her trust that we had the capacity to help realize her dream. We’re planting a healthy seed to grow from with this first issue, and I ask that you trust we have the capacity to help your children and you not only realize your dreams, but dream a few new ones too. I’m committed to helping make both our print and digital platforms a leading resource for Knoxville families. Is it possible that Knoxville Families Magazine will meet the needs of our entire community every single time? No. But, it is a possibility to live into. So, welcome to our inaugural issue! Inside you’ll find ideas to style your daughter’s hair, tips on how best to store all those odds-n- ends accumulating for craft night, and highlights from the children’s runway show at Knoxville Fashion Week. The spring inspiration pages feature our Instagram/ Pinterest platforms and we encourage photo submissions of your own or your kid’s handiwork. We can’t wait to see your coloring pages, discover what amazing kids are up to in town, and hear your stories.

Reach out; let us know how best to support you in either finding what you need, or sharing

High School senior photoshoots outdoors! I love dogwoods and when we combine nature’s blooms with their couture gowns, it’s amazing! ~Sarah Taylor-Roman, via Facebook

Time to go fishing.

~@dilidgenceguards, via Twitter

Thinking about what to grow in my garden. And all the different shades of green as the plants and trees unfurl their buds. ~Carol Montgomery, via Facebook

Festivals! ~@kellywele, via Twitter

As a nature photographer, I look forward to everything that blooms in the spring! #whatilove #flowerpower ~Diana Bogan, KFM editor

your voice. We’re always just a tweet, click or email away. For Summer we’re asking,

“What’s your favorite Staycation getaway?”

Allyson T. Simpson, Independent Distributor (865) 414.7425 •



send us a tweet, email or FB message

Diana Bogan, Editor






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by: Emily Carrol

“Pinterest interest” is on the rise and that means the likelihood that the collection of items you’re holding onto to repurpose or upcycle—someday—is also on the rise. Think about the types of items and supplies you like to save. Will you use them in the next month? Does it really look good enough to use for a project? I mean, come on, you don’t need to save everything that catches your eye. ONE OF THE BEST TIPS for maintaining

organized crafting supplies is to keep a list of projects you would like to complete, and then only save the items you will use for them. Get rid of things that you will not realistically use in the foreseeable future. Trade these items with other people that share the same interests as you. Perhaps throw a party with your friends and bring craft items you don’t think you’ll use anymore. A craft swap would be really good excuse to trade in some of the items you do not need. AFTER YOU’VE DECIDED WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO SAVE, it’s time to

create a functional storage space that will get your creative juices flowing. There is nothing worse than feeling the

“pinspiration” that comes from scrolling your DIY boards only to have to dig through chaos hoping to find those glue dots and paper rolls you saved last fall. You can’t afford not to organize your craft items. Organization is the key ensuring you finish as many projects as quickly as possible and impress everyone with a constant stream of superb DIY skills. TAKE SOME TIME TO THINK ABOUT THIS PHRASE, “KNOW THY SPACE.”

If you have a big space, perhaps use a beautiful piece of furniture with many drawers to separate your crafting supplies. If you have an extra closet to use for storage then you’re in business. You can keep all of your craft items in one area and just close the door to make everything disappear. Perhaps even consider stowing a fold out table to set up shop when the crafting bug strikes, then tear it all down after you’ve completed your project. I use a closet shelf as a built in desk and hang fabric in the clothing space. If you have a tiny room or studio apartment you’ll want

ORGANIZATION is the key ensuring you FINISH AS MANY PROJECTS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE and impress everyone with a constant stream of SUPERB DIY SKILLS.


to use every piece of furniture available and make it functionally multipurpose. Your supply storage could even be in an ottoman. The possibilities are truly endless. Be creative. ORGANIZE SCRAPS, BUTTONS, AND ALL OTHER SMALL ITEMS IN PRETTY DECORATIVE CONTAINERS.

For example, an antique beer stein or a clear vase could double as button storage and a penholder. I personally collect my memorable items in a small box affectionately called my “scrap box.” When the box is full, I downsize. The container was used to ship the beautiful purple orchid leis my brother and sister-in-law wore for their wedding. The moral of the story is: Never feel like plastic containers are your only option. If you use items with many functions you can change out anything in your house for a fresh look while sticking to a budget. Make your storage space beautiful, enjoy your surroundings, and focus on your creativity.


Ambitious upcycle

verb re•pur•pose \(,)rē-'pər-pəs\ The use of something for a purpose other than its original intended use • Repurposing an item can be done by modifying it to fit a new use, or by using the item in a new way • Instead of throwing an item away, convert it for use in another format. • To change (something) so that it can used for a different purpose•

Guitar turned Dollhouse

Trampoline for snuggling



TV turned wet bar

verb up•cy•cle /'əp ' sīkəl/ Old Nespresso Caps

The process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful • Reusing objects in such a way as to create a product of higher quality and value • It’s the art of refashioning, not breaking down materials, so the final result is still made of the same materials as when you started. Producing something better than the original.

Tires to quirky chairs

Dreaming new purpose into our household goods. One Instagram at a time. @ knoxvillefamiliesmagazine



Pinning new hope onto #scrappy #outgrown #foundobjects. One project board at a time. knoxvillefammag





Hairstyles for Spring

For these hairstyles you will need the following:



pring is just around the corner and the cold harsh winter weather is fading away. During the winter most of us tend to keep our hair down. It is like an extra little scarf keeping you warm. Now that warmer weather is almost here you can comfortably wear your hair in many adorable styles that are perfect for all the spring activities coming up. These styles are so quick and easy that I can easily get myself ready, do my hair, eat breakfast, pack my bag, and fix my sister’s hair before I leave for school at 7AM. These three styles are perfect for all ages, 3-104. So get ready, because spring has sprung.

Photos: Robert Berlin

This first hairstyle is a French braid that flows into a bun. This

works better on longer hair, but it can work on shorter hair. Instead of a bun you can also do a ponytail.

This next hairstyle is two braids that run into each other. This works best on long hair without any layers.

Last but certainly not least is my favorite hairstyle.

This works best on shoulder length hair. It looks absolutely beautiful with waves. This hairstyle is perfect for when you want your hair down, but out of your face.

Step 1

Step 1

Start by creating a small braid on one side of your head. For a more interesting look use two thick pieces and one thin piece of hair to braid. This is what I did in the photos.

Make a right and left braid sectioned in the front of your hair; be sure not to braid straight down. Work the hair at a backwards angle.

Step 2

Step 2

Separate the rest of your hair into three sections. (Again, you can use two big chunks and one small chunk of hair for a more unique look.)

Gently pull on the braids to make them look fuller and bigger.

Step 3

Step 3

Bring one braid (Braid A) back around your head and above your ear on the opposite side. Pin it in place.

Add the small braid into the second section of hair so that it gets incorporated into the big braid.

Step 4

Step 1

Start by putting your hair into a center part. An easy way to make sure your part is centered is by lining it up with your nose.

Step 2

Step 4

Make this final braid off to one side; I prefer the same side the small braid was on. You can make the braid go all the way to the bottom or you can stop it early like I did.

French braid the top of the head. To French braid you just need to start with a small regular braid and add more hair as you go. Stop the braid when you get to the middle of the back of the head.

Step 3

Pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.

Step 4

Turn the ponytail into a regular braid. Secure with a hair tie if you feel that it is necessary.


Step 5 Wrap braid around itself crating a bun, add bobby pins where needed until it is bump free and feels secure.


This is just what I did, but you can easily put your own twist on the hairstyles. You can dress the styles up, and you can dress them down. You can make these styles slick and professional, or loose and casual. The sky is the limit and your beautiful hair is a blank canvas waiting to become a work of art.

Take the other braid (Braid B) and bring it over to the other side. Make sure that Braid B is covering the bobby pins and hair tie from Braid A. Gently tuck the hair tie from braid B under Braid A and pin everything in place until it reels secure. PIPER HANSEN, 14, is an inquisitive teen who did not get her hair wizarding skills from her mom. During the summer she hosts A Piperly Life on Anna Maria Island Radio.

BONUS: Stay tuned to our social media channels to find out when a video featuring a fourth hairstyle goes live.




fashion week Gage Models & Talent Agency hosted

its Fifth Annual Knoxville Fashion Week in March. Styles from Nastershum, Savvy, Francesca’s and Tanger Outlets (including GAP and Rue 21) went down the runway highlighting what’s on trend for children and teens.


Photos: Cody Galbraith





into your dreams


with Elizabeth Maison Design

s we say goodbye to the cold gray of winter

and hello to the warm sunshine of spring, we transform the décor of our homes to reflect nature’s art. Bright blooming flowers inspire us to lighten up our color scheme, as well as our closets. Interior designer and founder of Knoxville’s Elizabeth Maison Design, Traci Farley, admits Spring is one of her favorite times to create spaces for her clients. From simply rearranging furniture to fashioning the most elaborate dream job one can imagine, Traci says, “It feels good to freshen things up.”

one too. When she told them she made it, they each wanted Traci to make them one. From that point, Traci opened a little shop, and later decided to go to school for interior design. Traci studied at the University of Tennessee, Pellissippi State and Liberty Colleges to attain her degree, and to step further into her dream career. For years Traci provided her services as more of a side job, but as life events occurred, so did her transition into full time designing. As a single mother of two daughters ages 10 and 13, she has

Traci is a breath of fresh air herself, and with over 20 years of interior design experience, collaborating with her is a wonderful adventure. Recently, Traci located her office to Alma Diem in West Knoxville, convenient to I-40 and Pellissippi Parkway. The interior of the building has been beautifully renovated, and its ambiance exudes a relaxing and welcoming environment, which she highly encourages, for client meetings. Traci emphasizes the value of getting to know her customers and their design taste. Also, it’s no secret that Traci loves people, and getting to know them. She instantly puts people at ease, and if you were not smiling before you met her, you will be afterward. She is genuine in her approach, and her desire is not to bring her dream to life in your space, but to truly help breathe life into yours.

Seeing her client’s faces light up is a true passion of mine.”

Interior design is not just a job to Traci.

She says, “Seeing her client’s faces light up is a true passion of mine.” Interestingly, this all began over 20 years ago while working at a hospital. It was the Christmas season and Traci decorated a little Christmas tree to display on her desk. Her friends wanted to know where she got it so they could get

Photos: Cody Galbraith



learned to juggle her work and personal life. She understands the value of flexibility and has incorporated this into her work ethic when scheduling around the needs of her clients.

As Traci was brainstorming the name of her business, she wanted a brand that was personal and some-

thing that incorporated a masculine, yet feminine ring to it in order to reach a wide audience. As a woman who includes her children in all she does it is fitting that Traci chose to use the middle name of each of her daughters to come up with Elizabeth Maison Design. Of course the French meaning of Maison is house, in case she needed fate’s confirmation of her calling.

Traci’s personal favorite interior style is eclectic; specifically she likes to incorporate masculine pieces, such as ironwork, with feminine touches. She also enjoys merging count on and not have to worry about finding contractors on clients’ existing belongings with new ones. She desires their own. Because of the diversity of her team’s skills, tothe space to have clean lines and to express the homeowngether they are able to offer kitchen design and remodeling, er’s personality because that is when they fall in love with bathroom installation and remodeling, recreational spaces, their space. Traci is committed to going to great lengths whole-house remodels, landscape and hardscapes, addito make this happen. For example, she collaborates with tions, guest houses and pools. This is not an exhaustive list local vendors, Davis Homes and England Furniture, who though, and at Elizabeth Maison Design, they look forward make custom furniture when needed. Speaking of makto any design challenge! ing furniture, Traci also Big or small, Traci takes the stress out of makes chairs. And she interior design projects. She and her team are loves to travel around Traci’s personal favorite equipped to get the job done, helping you to the country to furniture interior style is eclectic; fall in love with your space again, or for the markets to shop for spefirst time. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a concialty items. Her favorite specifically she likes to sultation. Traci will address any concerns you market is in Tupelo. incorporate masculine may have, whether it is about budget, or Taking it a step further, pieces, such as ironwork, anything else. Her intention is to work with Traci works with an you, to find solutions and to be a part of with feminine touches. award winning team. In making your dreams come true. If you don’t the past, Traci had the currently have a space that needs attention, unfortunate experience Traci also handles the design of events, such of working with some unreliable contractors and paintas receptions. One could easily come to the conclusion that ers. Because of this, she decided to build her own team, Traci is the superwoman of creativity. whose members provide exceptional skill and work ethic. The best way to reach with Traci is to call 865-924-8744, or Todd Thomas of Sticks 2 Stones builds her master cabifind her on Facebook under the name Traci Farley. In addinetry, Greg Spradlings paints for her and, impressively tion, you can see her work at her newly updated website www. both are Houzz award winners. Jenny Grimes assists with mural paintings and repurposes furniture. It was ex- NICOLE SPRINGS is a Knoxville Families Magazine staff writer. tremely important to Traci to build a team her clients can



Fierce, Fabulous & Flossy!

This describes best friends Lisa Khairollahi and Brandy Weaver,

talented co-owners of a premier event planning business. I met Lisa, while she was planning a Valentine’s Day Mommy and Me Tea Party. What an amazing woman. Her energy is contagious, her smile is bright and her giving attitude makes you want to join her. She just lights up a room. And, that should be expected since she plans parties. But before we get to that, it might help to know just what is FLOSSY?

Lisa Khairollahi:

Fabulously Floss� in every way Story by: Deborah Shulman

Flossy: A word used to describe a person, place, or thing that is of the utmost style, glamour, and fabulousity; an attitude of self-confidence and female empowerment; a domestic diva who manages life with grace, to include family, friends, children, business, church, and charity all while rocking her individual style with babies on her hips and lipstick on her lips; a compassionate world shaker who spreads light and glitter everywhere she goes. This defines both Brandy and third generation Knoxville resident Lisa, who is happily married to her high school soul

mate, Bijan, with whom she has four girls, aged 4- to 18-years old. She is one busy woman helping schools, churches and organizations with fundraisers. These fundraisers are extravagant galas, beautifully executed. Her Valentine’s Day Tea Party was no exception. Guests walked into Alma Diem for the party, which is where Lil’ Miss Flossy’s office is based, and the cuteness was overflowing. The colors pink and red were everywhere. Little girls had a place setting with little heart rings on their plates. The tables had cloth table coverings in white and seat covers in a reddish pink color. The girls themselves were styled beautifully for this event; many in dresses with jewelry and bows in their hair. Brandy read a story about tea party manners before the execution of all the treats — mini cupcakes and cookies. Teapots were displayed on every table. Mommy and me photos were taken by Christina Eve Photography. Moms received a digital version of the photo as a gift.

Lisa’s Valentine event sold out within the first hour she announced it. Due to the high demand, she quickly added two more parties for the same day. And even those sold out.

Photos: Cody Galbraith



The years passed and tea parties turned into extravaganzas’ and Lisa realized she could create a business AND parties she loved.


asked her how she did that so quickly. “I don’t

think I did anything different from any other way I promote an event. I believe moms want to meet other moms. These events are not so much as it is for the kids; as it is can be for the parents,” she says. “Knoxville is a great family place and many new families are coming here. So not only do they want their kids to meet other children, but moms also want to meet other moms.”

From a very young age Lisa was a born entertainer and hostess. Her house was always a safe haven, crash pad, and party central. Her joy came in bringing people together and celebrating all life’s events from grand, momentous occasions to intimate and exclusive gatherings. The years passed and as tea parties turned into extravaganzas, Lisa realized she could create a business AND the parties she loved. The women started their business venture as a grass roots experiment. Now, years later, Lil’ Miss Flossy is THE place to go for turning events into memories.

This spring the friends have their third business anniversary to celebrate which they plan to do by hosting a special event called, “The Sexy Shoe Party.” The evening will feature favorite cocktails and appetizers. A $20.00 financial gift gets you in the door... but wait! Whoever rocks the Flossiest shoe wins $5.00 from each $20.00 bill given that night. That’s YOUR chance to win money and rock your most fabulous shoe. Last year’s winner walked away with $300 in cash. Not a bad deal is it now?


Of course, true to her Flossy nature, Lisa’s own event wouldn’t be complete without a fundraising component. Since she loves giving back as much as she can, she will be collecting slightly used or new shoes for Soles for Souls! Save the Date — April 8 at 7:30 pm— and RSVP as soon as you can. This will be held at Alma Deim, 222. S Peters Rd., Knoxville.

Lil’ Miss Flossy never does the same event twice. NEVER. Her custom designs are specific for the party and the person. A designer, artist, and visionary, Lisa’s infectious positivity, drive, and dedication will captivate you.

If you want to turn your imagination into reality and your occasion into a memory, Lil’ Miss Flossy is the one!

Don’t miss these other

Lil’ Miss Flossy events:

MARCH 26 Children’s Easter Celebration Grassy Valley Baptist Church 1:00 – 4:00 pm

For children through 5th grade. Easter egg hunt, crafts, food, & games.


Butterfly Fund Black Tie Gala 6:00 – 11:00 PM

Tickets available at




P M A C R E M M SU e fo r t h



hristmount’s Camp Lakey Gap, just a short two hour drive to Black mountain, North Carolina, offers fun and accessible recreational camp experiences for individuals with autism. This camp offers programming tailored to individuals on the autism spectrum from ages 4 years to adulthood. Knowledgeable and understanding staff use research based practices to help campers benefit fully from the summer camp experiences.

We serve those with autism and we honor our mission to provide respite for caregivers. Gratitude is often expressed for the opportunity to reconnect with spouses, or having some dedicated time to engage one-on-one with other children or family members while knowing their loved one is having fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

Campers enjoy traditional camp activities like arts and crafts, hiking, swimming, making ice-cream, dancing at camp dances, and singing silly camp songs. However, one of the many features setting this camping experience apart from other camps is the special opportunity for camper to interact and connect with other individuals with autism. This program promotes acceptance (in particular, self-acceptance) and appreciation for everyone’s unique place in the world. With so many activities and options, our campers stay active at camp. Our large blacktop is perfect for practicing basketball skills, parachute games, and riding scooters. The volleyball court is a great place for our campers to work together in teams to accomplish a goal cooperatively. Our big open field is excellent for our hug slip-n-slide! The opportunity for physical activity and movement disguised as fun is great for any camper!



Camp Lakey Gap’s campus naturally provides opportunities for sensory integration, physical activity, and nature exploration. Exploring the temperature, wetness, and movement of the water in our swimming pool and many creeks engages all of the senses. The variety of swing sets at our camper’s disposal is also perfect for addressing the unique sensory needs of campers with autism. Hiking one of our trails, harvesting in the garden, and lounging by the creek allow for first-hand experience with the beauty of nature; these experiences help our camper develop a deeper appreciation for the environment.

We hear reports from attendees and parts about gains in independence, self-confidence, and self-awareness for our campers. In February and March, applications start to come in with notes indicating that the camper has talked about returning to Camp Lakey Gap since driving off the property the summer before. This experience is the highlight of the summer and, often, the year for many of our campers. A common report from parents and campers a like is that Camp Lakey Gap is a “safe space” where they can be themselves and make friends. Camp Lakey Gap gives the gift of freedom for our many campers – freedom to try, freedom from judgement, and freedom to love and be loved.

Camp Lakey Gap’s high quality programming lets our campers have a camp experience filled with fun, growth, and new friends!

Camp Lakey Gap has specific programming that allows for better access to traditional camp activities. These include 1:1 or 1:2 staff-to-camper ratio, individual visual schedules, visual instructions and supports, and staff understanding of appropriate behavior management techniques. The camp experience is also largely designed around the interests of the campers that attend the program.

Camp staff is selected through a process that includes an application, references, an interview, background check, and a reference check. Hands on training, lecture training, observations, and discussion are all critical parts of the intense, week long staff training. This insures safety and accessibility for our campers.






By: Heather Davis

am Marketing Manager at Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont so I spend a lot of time encouraging others to step outside with our naturalists and spend a few days living and learning at Tremont Institute. I post hundreds of pictures taken by participants during our programs, and I share about the benefits of overnight experiences and environmental education from the stories of our happy participants. But this year, I spent my first night sleeping at Tremont as part of a family summer program, and now I can give you an insider’s view. Tremont introduced Firefly Camp this year for the little kids. It’s a one, two or three night mini camp for 4-9 year olds with an accompanying adult. The purpose being to introduce young ones to the outdoors, but baby step them into overnights with an adult in tow. This was too perfect for my family because my daughter, Molly, just turned 5, and I wanted in on the fun too! So, I signed us up for 2 nights at Tremont in July. My only goal for those days was to make Molly’s first

camp experience great and to see what it was like to be a participant myself. I can tell you now that the Tremont magic that everyone talks about is real—it’s everywhere while you’re here and stays with you after you leave. It’s in the shared experience that had my shy little girl singing loudly, hand-in-hand with two girls from Mississippi within 10 minutes of beginning our lesson. Being outside and trying new things together can make us brave.

The magic is in the dining hall where you share a meal with new friends who were strangers before you sat down at the table together. Dinner is “family style”. You pass platters of hot food around prepared by Tremont’s kitchen crew. You share dinner, conversation, and a challenge to not waste food by only putting small amounts on your plate at a time. In a world of fast food, massive waste and connections through technology, this feels magical.

It’s in the staff who were so compassionate with kids who weren’t quite up to the physical challenges that crawling around on river rocks required.



Fireflies were everywhere dancing around everyone like bright yellow lights. The naturalists understood the importance of being included and reached out individually to make everyone feel part of the group. For the ones that knew nothing of the outdoors, we were exploring and discovering a new place. For the ones that were more familiar, we were learning more and looking closer at the life surrounding us.

It’s in the dorm where the top bunk at a “real camp” makes a 5-year-old feel like they’ve made it big.




We swam. We hiked. We ate. We laughed. We found salamanders and painted our faces with rock paint. We built shelters and learned that fun doesn’t stop just because it’s raining. I heard Molly whine less and brag more about her adventures outside. I romped around in the river with my family, tasted hemlock tea and made plans to do it all again. I guess I should have known it was true. Thousands of people cross our bridge each year and stories with fond memories are abundant. But you have to experience it for yourself to really understand. The Tremont magic is alive and well in the national park, in the people, in nature and in you. Come on outside and see.

Firefly Camp is one of several summer experiences inside the national park provided by Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont. Located on the Townsend side of the park, Tremont is less than an hour away from Knoxville. Programs are available for youth ages 4-17 as well as adult programs like family camp, hiking week and backpacking weekends. For more information on Tremont’s summer offerings, visit





his year’s theme for ASM Materials Education Camp is Whodunit? Forensics in Materials and Engineering and offers high school aged teens a weeklong opportunity to learn about materials science and materials characterization through hands on studies. A materials scientist studies the stuff that things are made of, strives to understand why materials behave the way they do, and works to make the materials better. Take the following examples for clarity.


An aerospace engineer might design a new rocket engine, but the materials scientist designs the super alloys that can withstand the tremendous heat and stress. A computer scientist might design a faster processor, but the materials scientist creates the semiconductors and figures out how to make them. A doctor might design a new artificial knee, but the materials scientist designs materials strong enough to work without being rejected by the human body.

The camp is offered at no cost and is held at the University of Tennessee. Space is limited to 20 applicants with strong abilities in math and science. The registration form includes a questionnaire and applicants are required to attach two letters of recommendation as well as a copy of his or her most recent report card. Application deadline is May 2, 2016.

Call (865) 974- 9245, for information.

dUn ?

N i



Camp Lakey Gap 2016 Camp Dates

*Denotes high functioning weeks. See website for details.

Our Mission Camp Lakey Gap strives to nurture individuals on the autism spectrum with an enriching camp experience & provide guardians with a time of respite. We welcome anyone on the autism spectrum to come enjoy a summer camp experience.

222 Fern Way, Black Mountain, NC 28711 828.669.8977


Summer is just around the corner, and since we know how busy you are, we’ve begun the summer camp search for you. MCCLUNG MUSEUM SUMMER CAMPS

Ages 2-11 • June 7-July 15, Knoxville The museum has expanded its summer program to include camps for toddlers accompanied by parents. Campers of all ages will explore art, history, and dinosaur fossils. (865) 974.2144 THE BASEMENT COMMUNITY ART STUDIO


A camp for people with autism

Ages 4-11 Ages 12-17 Adults 18 & up Adults 18 & up Ages 12-17* Adults 4-11*


Ages 5-12 • May 30-July 29, Knoxville Half-day, weekly camps include the following project themes: Fashion, Puppets, Paper Craft, Fairy Tales, and more. Created art will be featured at the August First Friday open house reception. (865) 333.5262


June 12-17 June 19-24 June 26-July 1 July 10-15 July 17-22 July 24-29



Kindergarten to GR 5 June 7-10, Maryville Sam’s Camp explores science, history and nature. Parents must attend with the child; this is a family camp, not a drop-off camp. Call by May 15 to get your name on the list. (865) 983.1550 IJAMS NATURE CENTER

Ages 5-14 • June 6-Aug. 5, Knoxville Weekly camp themes vary, including: Minecraft, Summer Olympics, Justice League, and Wet-n-Wild. Through its themes staff reconnect children with nature and history, promoting individual confidence, group cooperation and environmental responsibility. (865) 577.4717, ext. 135


Ages 5-17 • locations vary Three different camps provide fun-filled days for children with specific medical conditions. Camp Cure is for patients with diabetes. (865) 541.8411 Donald M. Gally Camp is free for kids with special needs. (865) 690.8961 Camp Eagle’s Nest is free for patients from the Hematology/Oncology Clinic. (865) 541.8476 KIDS IMPROV CLASS

Ages 6-17 • Starting in June, Knoxville Weekly classes for kids who enjoy performing or want to break out of their shells and gain confidence through play with others. Participants will also work on listeningactivities. Cost is variable depending on income. Likely venue: The Birdhouse in the 4th and Gill Neighborhood. • (865) 208.9206 DRAGONFLY AERIAL ARTS STUDIO CIRCUS CAMP

Ages 6-14 • June 13-14, Knoxville Work within small groups of 5 to learn circus skills like stilt walking, aerial silks, unicycling, tight wire and more. Large group activities include theater games and cooperative exercises. (865) 609.2012 APPALACHIAN ARTS CRAFT CENTER

Ages 7-17 • June & July, Clinton The Kids’ Craft Camp covers basket making, weaving, hand sewing, bookmaking, painting and more. For teens an introduction to clay on the potter’s wheel class will be offered. (865) 494.9854



Ages 10-15 • June 1-July 24, Farragut/Turkey Creek Participants will learn the safety rules, basics of the art of archery and play lots of archery games. ( 865) 719.7543 SMOKY MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE CAMP

Ages 10-18 • July 3-23, East TN Foothills One-, two- or three-week adventures feature back country hikes, biking, caving, rappelling, rock climbing, challenge courses, rafting, tubing, horseback riding, overnight canoe trips and backpacking expeditions. CELEBRATION CAMP AT WESLEY WOODS (SPECIAL NEEDS)

Ages 10-22 • June 26-July 1, Townsend In addition to its day and overnight camps for K-12th graders, Wesley Woods offers opportunity for those with mild or moderate developmental disabilities. Activities include pool and river swimming, cookouts, campfires, day trips to Cades Cove, hiking, archery, music and more. (865) 448.2246 wi


GR 6-8 • June 6-17, Oak Ridge Campers cover topics such as insects, habitats, water, life sciences, weather, geology, fossils, flight, electricity and robots. A tour of Oak Ridge National Laboratory is included. (865) 576.3200 free for patients from

the Hematology/Oncology Clinic; (865) 541.8476


Book List Any avid colorists (yes adult col-

oring fans have a name for themselves) will be familiar with Johanna Basford, the Scottish illustrator credited for igniting the trend with her books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, which are both dubbed an “Inky Treasure Hunt” or “Inky Quest.” And that right there, the promise of being something more than just a coloring book may be why so many grown-ups are flocking to purchase them. Some of us here at Knoxville Families Magazine are not immune to their lure. So for this month’s reading list we’ve compiled a selection of books for moms, dads and siblings of all ages to choose from and we encourage you to make a date for Family Coloring Night. Or, invite friends over for a monthly Sunday Morning Coloring Circle.

Coloring TABLE Doctor Who Coloring Book

Price Stern Sloan $14.99, 96 pages Planets, galaxies, villains, heroes, the Doctor, the TARDIS and the time vortex — all intricately illustrated in this coloring book packed with original Doctor Who art, plus all the best quotes from the TV show.

Medieval Tapestries

Marty Noble $3.99, 32 pages Thirty drawings of unicorns, delicate damsels, knights in armor, and other details from priceless tapestries can be enhanced with a rainbow of colors. Captions accompany each image.

A Game of Thrones Coloring Book (Song of Ice and Fire)

Art Therapy: An Inspiration Notebook

Sam Loman $12.99, 128 pages This notebook contains intricate pictures to color in, elegant patterns to complete, and quotes to reflect upon. Allow it to be an inspiring starting point for creativity or a useful book for lists and ideas. It’s up to you.

Color Me Stress-Free

Lacy Mucklow $16.99, 208 pages Mucklow is a registered, board certified, and licensed art therapist who has been practicing art therapy in the Washington, DC area since 1999. Her books help to reconnect people to their inner creativity. Images are organized into therapeutically themed chapters to help readers unplug and unwind. Her Color Me series includes happy, calm and fearless books.

George R. R. Martin $16.95, 96 pages In a world where weddings are red, fire is green, and debts are paid in gold, countless images leap off the page thanks to the eye-popping intricacy of the vivid settings and details. Fans of this blockbuster saga can fill in the blanks as this meticulously imagined universe comes to life, one sword, sigil, and castle at a time.



The time garden: A magical journey and coloring book

Daria Song $15.99, 80 pages Basford fans will fall in love with the books of Korean artist Daria Song. In this one, colorists are swept away into a cuckoo clock-inspired world. Journey through the doors of a clock to discover a magical land of gears, rooftops, starry skies, and giant flying owls. When you finish, pick up the sequel, The Time Chamber, and embark on a visual journey into a magical nighttime world seen through the eyes of a fairy.

Art of Coloring Star Wars

Catherine Saunier-Talec/ Anne Vallet $15.99, 128 pages One hundred pen-and-ink illustrations to inspire creativity and relaxation let you explore beautiful landscapes, elaborate patterns and memorable characters from the Star Wars universe.

Coloring Paris

Coloring Dragons: Featuring the artwork of John Howe

John Howe $12.95, 16 pages Very detailed pages unfold into one long panoramic picture. John Howe is a famous artist and creator of fantastical worlds and beasts and concept artist on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. Through John’s work, artists are transported to a magical world of dragons. On the flip side of the panel, this world-famous master offers his expertise and advice about basic drawing skills and the tools and materials needed to draw dragons. Also available: Coloring Fairies and Coloring Knights.

Tomislav Tomic $12.95, 16 pages Coloring Paris features the unique art of talented artist Tomislav Tomic, whose style is so detailed and precise that his drawings take on an engraved look. Through Tomislav’s renderings of Paris, circa 1900, colorists are transported to a city filled with excitement as it holds the World’s Fair. On the flip side of the panel, learn more about the featured landmarks and how to draw a hot air balloon and your own Parisian scene. Coloring Paris is an invitation to explore an exciting time and place in history. Also look for A Stroll in London and New York Jazz.

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Scholastic/Twiggler $15.99 Filled with intricate illustrations and elaborate designs used in the making of the Harry Potter films, this book invites you to imbue the wizarding world with color in your own explorations of Hogwarts Castle, the Forbidden Forest, and much more. Potter fans can also pick up the Harry Potter Magical Creatures or Magical Places and Characters coloring books by this same publisher.


eb t our w a e g a oring p

: a r t x e b e w

t spring r u o y t ge


l able co d a o l n w med do


Join us for a summer of

EXPLORATION & DISCOVERY in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Firefly Camp - parent & child overnight (ages 5-8) Nature exploration, science & wilderness backpacking (ages 9-17) ore? (865) 448-6709 o w m o s! e o kn v id tt Wan tch o u r Wa





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for Every Occasion

No matter what kind of events you have on your social calendar, you can pop up delicious treats that are sure to be a hit.

Whether hosting a get-together for the guys and tuning into the game or having a night in with the girls, freshly popped popcorn, which is naturally low in fat and calories, non-GMO and gluten free, can help you please every palate. Sweet, spicy, salty or served in more non-traditional ways, the possibilities are endless, and perfect for everything from date night to a family movie night or even a sleepover or kids’ party. And since it’s healthy and whole grain, popcorn is a satisfying snack suitable for every occasion that you can feel good about serving. COOKIES ’N CREAM POPCORN Yield: 12 cups • 12 cups popped popcorn • 1 package (11 ounces) white chocolate chips • 2 teaspoons coconut oil • 15 Oreo cookies, coarsely chopped PLACE popcorn in large bowl; set aside. IN MEDIUM SAUCEPAN on low heat, melt chocolate chips and coconut oil; stir until blended. POUR melted chocolate over popcorn, stirring until well-coated. Stir in chopped Oreos.




to sign up


SPREAD mixture on baking sheet and chill until chocolate has set. Break into pieces to serve. POPCORN AND PEANUT TRUFFLES Yield: About 30 pieces • 6 cups popped popcorn • 1 cup roasted and salted peanuts • 1 package (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips • 1/2 cup honey

IN LARGE BOWL, stir popcorn and peanuts together; set aside. IN MICROWAVE-SAFE BOWL, heat chocolate chips 10 seconds. Stir chips and repeat, stirring after each 10 seconds, until chips are melted. Warm honey in microwave 10 seconds and stir into chocolate until well blended. POUR chocolate mixture over popcorn mixture and stir until popcorn is evenly coated. With small ice cream scoop, push popcorn mixture into scoop and release onto wax paper to form truffles. Refrigerate until firm. NOTE: Truffles can be stored in an airtight container up to 5 days. TOASTED COCONUT AND CHOCOLATE POPCORN Yield: 10 cups • 10 cups popped popcorn • 2 tablespoons butter or margarine • 2 tablespoons light brown sugar • 1/2 teaspoon coconut extract (optional) • 1 cup chocolate chips • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil • 1 bag (7 ounces) shredded coconut, toasted PLACE popcorn in large bowl; set aside. In small saucepan, combine butter, brown sugar and coconut extract; stir until melted and combined. POUR over popcorn, coating well. Spread popcorn onto large cookie sheet.


IN GLASS MEASURING CUP, melt chocolate chips and vegetable oil in microwave on low heat until smooth. Drizzle over popcorn. Immediately sprinkle coconut over popcorn mixture; cool. BREAK into pieces and serve. CHEESY PEPPERONI POPCORN Yield: 6-8 cups • 1/4 cup nonfat Parmesan cheese • 2 teaspoons garlic powder • 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano • 1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram leaves • 1/4 teaspoon dried basil leaves • 1/8 teaspoon dried sage • black pepper, to taste • 12 cups popped popcorn • 3/4 cup turkey pepperoni, cut into bite-size bits • olive oil cooking spray IN SMALL BOWL, combine Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, oregano, marjoram, basil, sage and pepper; mix well.

Place cooked popcorn and turkey pepper-

oni in large bowl; spray lightly with cooking spray. SPRINKLE popcorn and pepperoni with cheese mixture and toss to coat evenly.

Find more versatile, nutritious recipes for your next event at


in the


CREATE a Signature Trail Mix

to Fuel your Child

Lil’ Miss Flossy’s Easter Cupcakes: Chick Surprise Inside!

PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY This is everyone’s favorite sandwich made over into a trail mix. Peanuts contain healthy fats and protein, a winning combination for keeping you feeling fuller, longer. • 4 cups roasted, salted peanuts

• 1 yellow cake mix • 3 eggs • ¼ cup of oil • 1 cup water • Assorted candies/sprinkles

BAKE as directed on box for cupcakes and cool completely.

HEAT oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pans). PL ACE paper baking cup in each of 24 regular-size muffin cups. MAKE cake batter as directed on box. DIVIDE batter evenly among muffin cups (about two-thirds full).

USING a melon baller, scoop out center of each cupcake, about 1 inch deep. Fill each with 1 heaping teaspoonful candies. FROSTING: • 2 lb. bag of powdered sugar • 2 sticks of salted, softened butter • ¼ cup milk or whipping cream • light green food coloring • PEEPS chicks

SLOWLY MIX in powdered sugar then milk. With mixer set on low speed, slowly add remaining powdered sugar (add an additional 1/4 as needed to reach desired consistency), then increase mixer to medium and whip until light and fluffy. ADD food coloring until desired green. PIPE OR SPREAD over cooled cupcakes, top with a PEEPS chick. ENJOY!

Candy Egg Ice Cream Sandwiches An Easter basket isn’t the only way you can enjoy sweets. Get creative in the kitchen and find new ways to enjoy your favorite candies, such as this recipe that combines ice cream, cookies and Cadbury Crème Egg Candy for a one-of- a-kind dessert. Serves: 4 • 2 cups vanilla ice cream • 3 Cadbury Crème Egg Candy • 8 large sugar cookies • 1/4 cup Cadbury Mini Eggs Candy SET ice cream on counter for 15-20 minutes, or until it begins to thaw and is easy to scoop. UNWRAP and chop egg candy into small pieces. Pour candy pieces (including gooey center off knife and cutting board) into medium mixing bowl. SCOOP ice cream into bowl with chopped candy. Using plastic spatula, stir candy and ice cream until well combined.

POUR ice cream mixture into rectangular or square 2-quart dish and spread into even layer, making sure candy is evenly distributed. COVER with plastic wrap and place dish in freezer for at least 30 minutes, or until ice cream has set again. PULSE mini egg candies until finely chopped in food processor,. Remove ice cream from freezer. PL ACE chopped mini candies in shallow bowl wide enough to fit a cookie. Place 4 cookies bottom up on plate. Top each cookie with scoop of ice cream then top ice cream with another cookie (bottom facing ice cream). Press down on sandwich until ice cream reaches cookie edge. IMMEDIATELY ROLL ice cream edges of sandwich in chopped mini candies, turning sandwich until all edges are coated. Place sandwich on a dish and return to freezer. Repeat with remaining sandwiches. SERVE immediately or wrap in plastic wrap and freeze until ready to serve.

For more Easter inspiration and delicious recipes, visit


• 1 cup raisins or dried cherries

IN THE BOWL of an electric stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, whip butter until pale and fluffy.


• 1 cup peanut butter chips



ummertime is all about

sun, fun, and being active in the outdoors. For kids, summer also signals the start of summer camp season. Regardless if your child is attending a day or overnight camp, you want to make sure they have healthy snacks to keep them fueled and ready for the next adventure. A great low-effort, no-bake option is trail mix.

Trail mix has come a long way since GORP (Good Old

Raisins and Peanuts). Go to any supermarket and you will find prepackaged trail mixes in a variety of combinations. Sure, the work has been done for you but at a price: these trail mixes tend to come in small quantities and can be expensive.

Creating your own signature

trail mix is often a cheaper option, one that allows you to pick fresh ingredients. Plus, you are free to create combinations that suit the tastes and dietary needs of your family. There are no rules: sweet or savory, trail mixes satisfy and provide long-lasting energy for wherever summer takes your family.

Try one of the following

trail mix combinations or use them as inspiration to dream up a new combo. If your child has a nut-allergy, substitute the nuts with an ingredient safe for him or her. Encourage your children to help assemble the mixes. They can measure out and combine ingredients, as well as divide the mix into ready-to-go snack-sized zip-top bags.

Each of the following combinations makes 6 cups of trail mix. You can

easily halve or double these combinations. For each trail mix, combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and store in an airtight container for up to two weeks. CYNDY MERSE is the owner of MerseCreative, a Knoxville-based freelance writing and consulting business. Cyndy works with businesses and non-profits to develop compelling content whether it is for Business-to-Business marketing and communication, or non-profit grant writing and fundraising. You can learn more at She can be reached at


Macadamia nuts are high in fiber, have no cholesterol, and are a good source of calcium, iron, and B vitamins. Use your favorite tropical dried fruit in this mix, such as dried pineapple, mango, or banana chips (or a combination of the three). • 4 cups Goldfish crackers (cheddar flavor) • 1 cup roasted, salted macadamia nuts • 1 cup dried tropical fruit

BANANA SPLIT Here is a take on the classic dessert you can feel good about giving your kids. Bananas are rich in potassium, and cherries contain anti-inflammatory properties. • 4 cups roasted, salted peanuts • ½ cup dried banana chips • ½ cup dried cherries • ½ cup semisweet chocolate chips • ½ cup marshmallows

OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE Raisins are a great source of B vitamins and iron, among other vitamins and minerals. They are a smart snack choice when you need a quick hit of energy. Add a touch of decadence with a ½ cup of semisweet chocolate chips. • 4 cups oat and honey granola (store-bought or homemade) • 1 cup raisins • 1 cup pecan halves or walnuts (toasted, if desired)





he 2016 Chocolatefest, held at The Knoxville Expo Center, was as sweet for the tooth as it was for Knoxville’s Ronald McDonald House. As if anyone needed an excuse to enjoy rich, decadent chocolate, each delicious bite helped families with a sick, hospitalized child take a bite out of their difficulties. The charity, which received a portion of proceeds earned, is known for giving families the means to stay together while dealing with their child’s illness. THANKS GO TO JENNIFER JOHNSEY,

owner of Imagination Forest, for orchestrating this chocolate lovers’ dream. With the purchase of a $15 Tasting Pass, a box was provided to each customer to collect samples provided by each vendor. Everyone

also had the option to purchase other goodies. The end result was a big delicious box of chocolates. For $30 chocolate lovers could obtain a VIP pass with access to an area with tables next to the entertainment stage. Here they could enjoy

the line-up of singers and be served samples from each vendor. The extra $15 for the VIP pass was worth it to those desiring to bypass the lines at vendor stations.

Sponsors of Chocolatefest 2016 included 10 WBIR-TV, Byron’s Printing, Inc., Sugarbakers, B.97.5, Baby Belly & Beyond and Knoxville Families Magazine. Each business partnered together to make a difference in the Knoxville community.


for a small fee. Chocolatefest was a fabulous opportunity for them to wow the taste buds of potential clientele. Several vendors stood out. Kim’s Kandies from Mascot had white chocolate puffs that melted in our mouth, and her chocolate covered strawberries were dipped to look like a bride and groom. Scrumps from Fountain City presented the cutest cupcakes, and provide over 50 flavors ranging from traditional favorites like cookies and cream to a twist on the traditional like maple bacon, yum. Kimmie’s Kitchen and Bakery from Bearden displayed beautifully made cakes, and they also provide take and bake food items and select appetizers. Rosa’s Catering in Halls serves at events, and offers specialty cakes. Lastly, Cheesecakes and Breads by Rick in North Knoxville served its award winning cheesecake. You may also find them at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Market Square Mall. In addition to chocolate, the gathering featured funky turquoise jewelry, clothing and specialty boutiques. Sarai Sisson’s LuLaRoe Cute and Comfy Boutique featured bold, fun patterns in women’s and select children’s clothing. Barbara Gentry, from Gentry Family Farms in Townsend, shared the process of



creating her hand soap and lotion from her goats’ milk, such as her bestselling Honeysuckle lotion; it smelled divine. Resilience Boutique owners, Meghan Frederick and Emmie Bendever displayed what they describe as “fearless and fabulous style.” They have a Facebook page where one can do online shopping. I discovered Calico Boutique, a boutique shop within a bus that sets up shop at local events around town, something that seems to be a new trend. The coordinators, vendors, sponsors and participants of 2016 Chocolatefest all came together and packed the house. Sue Beverly, from Ronald McDonald House, was overjoyed with the turnout, and thrilled how people in the community participated in the auction to raise funds, as well as sharing personal stories about how Ronald McDonald House had positively impacted their lives. Sue expressed her gratitude for Jennifer, the event coordinator, and for some of the vendors who donated gift cards and products to further assist the cause. What an awesome act of generosity! Community events create interest. Add a good cause and chocolate to the equation and the outcome is a tremendous success. NICOLE SPRINGS is a Knoxville Families Magazine staff writer.





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A partnership with us is more than “just” a print ad. It’s a smart strategy.

photo: dbogan

Celebrating SPRING


spring returns to Knoxville, so do the city’s best festivals. Mark your calendars and

Women in Jazz Jam Festival March 18-20 Square Room Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour March 21 Bijou Theatre Tulip Time March 23-April 20 Crescent Bend House & Gardens Big Ears Festival March 31-April 2 Knoxville – various locations

make a date with the family. We’ll be looking for you at some of these events!

Rhythm & Blooms April 8-10 Old City #RnBKnox

Dogwood Art DeTour April 16-17 Various Artist Studios

Chalk Walk April 9 Krutch Park & Market Square

Kite Festival April 17 Pearson Springs Park Maryville

EarthFest April 16 World’s Fair Park

Rossini Festival International Street Fair April 23 Gay Street & Market Square

Smokey Mountain Air Show April 16-17 Knoxville Airport


Southern Tequila & Taco Festival April 29 The Pinnacle at Turkey Creek Dogwood Arts Festival April 29 –May 1 Market Square ArtSlam April 30 Krutch Park

International Biscuit Festival May 14 downtown

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Open Streets Knoxville May 15 Central Street Children’s Festival of Reading May 21 World’s Fair Park

Vestival May 7 Candoro Marble






222 S. Peters Rd., Knoville TN 37923

Nobody Knows Business Insurance Like Cornerstone-IRM Insurance







AT CORNERSTONE-IRM INSURANCE, our staff of professional agents is well qualified to study the needs of individuals and businesses. We offer a complete spectrum of property and casualty coverage’s. The agency Owner and President, Lisa Bushon calls this “Security with Service.” Cornerstone-IRM Insurance specializes in the total package approach for our clients. We call this “security meets service” As an Independent Agency, we are proud to offer a product-line which includes a wide array of insurance products and choices as we represent superior companies.

Our agency is prepared to meet all of your current and future insurance needs while giving you the maximum coverage at the lowest possible cost... Security with Service. LISA BUSHON, CIC, AIC CORNERSTONE-IRM INSURANCE GROUP

TN State Bank Building at Turkey Creek 11470 Parkside Drive Knoxville, TN 37934 OFFICE: (865) 579-0500 HOURS: Monday–Friday 8–4:30 500 Maryville Highway Seymour, TN 37965 OFFICE: (865) 579-0500 FAX: (865) 381-1400 HOURS: Monday–Friday 8–4:30

Spring Inaugural Issue 2016  
Spring Inaugural Issue 2016  

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