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“For lo, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come…” …..Solomon’s Song 2:11-12

Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, On. L7G 3E6 905-877-7585 Church service dial in – 905-702-1629

Inviting all to love God, nurture faith, and serve His people.


Contact Information Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 3E6 Telephone 905-877-7585

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Clerk of Session: Joan Collier Residence phone: 905-702-0053 Email: Church Secretary: Rebekah Theodore Office Open 8:30 am -12:30 pm Tuesday – Friday 905-877-7585 Email: Chairman, Finance and Maintenance: Dennis McLay Residence phone: 905-877-2948 Email: Knox Treasurer: Dennis McLay Residence Phone: 905-877-2948 Email: Mission and Outreach Committee: Eric and Katrina Walton Residence Phone: 905-878-1588 Email: or Sundays Cool Superintendent: Fuego Youth Leader: Craig Hutchison Residence phone: 519-853-1379 Email: Webmaster: Linda Zammit Residence phone: 905-702-7653 Email: Newsletter Editor: Dawn Livingstone Residence phone: 905-877-6506 Email:

Knox Kirk Session Report

With five weeks of school left before the summer break, students and teachers alike have to keep working despite the glorious summer like weather. With the sun must come a little rain, so we continue to wait for a good downpour to water our gardens. We have only just welcomed Rev. Sean Foster as our Interim Moderator and sadly we must bid him farewell for now. Due to the illness of his son, Matthew, Rev. Sean feels that in the best interest of our congregations, he must step down as Interim Moderator. Our thoughts and prayers go with Sean and Bonnie and their young family as they cope with the overwhelming reality of their three-year-old boy with leukemia. We pray for wisdom for the medical staff at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton. We welcome Rev. Wendy Lampman from Erin-Ospringe as she assumes the role of Interim Moderator for Knox and Limehouse churches, beginning June 1. May God use Rev. Lampman to guide the Search team in its tasks. The Search team has completed the church profile guided by the survey returns. We appreciate each person who took the time to record their thoughts and ideas on the survey form. Presently, we are meeting with Rev. Foster and Rev. Lampman to set a new timeline to begin the next phase in our active search for a new minister. At this time, we thank Marg Bentley for offering to lead the Congregational Life committee for the next year. If you can support Marg by joining this committee, please let her know. She would welcome new ideas and energy. As it stands, the Finance and Maintenance committee has been working beyond its mandate, so it will be good to share the load with another committee. Although the summer months traditionally mean time away from the church building, I hope that it is also a time of reflection and renewal. With a vacant pulpit, it gives us, as a congregation, an opportunity to evaluate our priorities. I hope that you continue to make Christ a priority in your life, and that you can be nurtured in your Christian faith here at Knox. We have been so fortunate to have excellent Christian leadership from the pulpit during this interim period. We thank God for Neil and others as they share the Word of God each week. Take time to invite a friend or neighbour to join you this summer in worship.

‌.Joan Collier, Clerk of Session

Finance and Maintenance Committee Report Our financial information for the year-to-date period ending May 31, 2012 includes a lot of positive and encouraging information, in spite of the fact that it is still showing red and deficit ink in our weekly bulletin. As of May 31, 2012 our revenues have lagged behind our budget expectations and our requirements, but on the positive side, our expenses this year are also lower than last year. The published results do include the costs of the heavier heating period of the year and include the payment of 69% of our required annual dues to the Presbytery of Brampton ($3,280) and the National Head Office ($6,415). Additionally, we have been able to manage our day to day operations without transferring any investment income or principle from the ING Direct or the Consolidated Investment Fund. For this, we give thanks to you and to God for your continued financial support. All operating costs during the last reporting period met budget expectations except a one time $1,073.00 repair to the organ. There are number of churches in our denomination and a few countries in the world who will envy our achievements and wish their operating deficits were directly attributable to their prepaid expenses. Our Y-T-D Presbyterian Sharing revenue for this reporting period was $5,647.00 or 26% below our required budget commitment. As outlined at the Annual Meeting by Rev. Sean Foster, these funds support all of the worthy causes of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and are very adequately covered in the Presbyterian Record. Please pray for this budget and these programs and offer your support as God permits. Let’s not leave any catch up until the 4th quarter of this year. Our Building Fund year to date receipts have been lower than expected and all has been spent or committed to the previously Finance and Maintenance Report

reported backflow valve device and the replacement of 100 feet of steam line piping. In addition to these projects, a telephone cabinet was built in the ladies washroom and a $1,000.00 deposit has been paid on the masonry repair of the south bell tower. Over the course of the winter, substantial masonry cement fell from the south bell tower and this repair is being given high priority to avoid any further deterioration or negligent repair costs. While the sky jack is here doing this repair we will also use it to paint the north lawn upper windows of the sanctuary. We are pleased to announce that God has offered a very capable candidate for our F & M vacancy and we welcome Dee Cope to our committee. Dee is very familiar with a number of departments and issues of the church from her previous duties at Knox and as a former Accounting Supervisor with Johnson Controls, adds financial decision making talent to the committee. Our committee is now blessed with the talents of three church administrators – 2 on committee and 1 on staff. Many thanks to the Landscaping committee, Lewis Wagg, Sandy Stansfield and Greta Lamb who have just completed the flower bed planting for the year and Burt Hutchinson who is keeping our lawns in first class condition. All of their talents and gifts will continue to make Knox a beautiful addition to downtown Georgetown. One of our congregational members has suggested that we investigate the installation of a camera on the outside of the large hall entrance so that staff has the tools to review who is ringing the door bell and wanting into the church after hours. A wireless camera system was suggested. We are currently looking at this suggestion along with installing such a system into the Page 1

computer server located in the ladies washroom so the camera image can be monitored from a computer screen. More information will follow on our findings and cost of these suggestions. A decision has been made to continue with internal custodial services until the end of September or October. During the summer there is less activity in the church and subsequently, less cleaning. Should you have any questions or suggestions with this decision, please advise one of our F & M committee. We have been encouraged that new people have signed up for the direct deposit offering system and should you be interested in joining this group, please request the sign up forms from the office or Treasurer. The more people on the direct deposit system the less counting time involved on Sunday morning and your decision helps to streamline the work load of the office and Treasurer’s position.

F & M did investigate the possibility of hosting a Howell’s Fish Fry Supper in June and have postponed this idea until a later date. For such a venture to be cost effective we would need to sell a minimum of 150 tickets, which means rotational serving rather than a consolidated sit down meal and there was not a free and suitable night to host the event in June. More information will follow if this idea if it comes to fruition. An exciting summer lies ahead for Knox as we search out our new minister and the F & M committee is committed to a number of structural and cosmetic repairs to God’s beautiful lighthouse. We are always encouraged and interested in your feedback and suggestions and should you have any suggestions, please forward them to one of our committee so we can include them in our fall planning. ….Respectfully submitted by: Victoria Colby, Dee Cope, Carol Kostiuk, Louie Archambault, Tom Bentley, Jim Colter, Jim Hepburn, Jerry Steringa and Dennis McLay, Chairman.

Treasurer’s Report Revenues: Operations Revenue Presbyterian Sharing P.W.S.& D Mission & Outreach Sunday School Memorial Fund Building Fund Fund Raisers/Concerts Benevolent Fund CIF Interest Income

Total Revenue

Expenditures: $54,924.71 6,517.00 225.00 266.00 685.00 2,300.00 2,539.00 1,778.00 210.00 2,509.28

Current Expenditures Presbyterian Sharing P.W.S. & D Donations - M & O Mission & Outreach- Assessmt Sunday School Special Benevolent Fund The Presbytery of Brampton PCC National Assessment Fund Raisers - Concerts Capital Projects Bank Funds Transfers

$53,359.84 6,517.00 245.00 800.00 1,000.00 705.00 1,300.00 2,780.00 4,000.00 1,879.00 2,630.59 300.00

$71,953.99 Total Expenditures

Finance and Maintenance Report


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2012 Anniversary Beef Dinner Although we are still looking forward to the dog days of summer, it is time to begin to think about and plan our 2012 Anniversary Beef Dinner being held on October 19, 2012 with the normal two sittings at 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Many hands make light work for all and since this is a congregational effort, I am proposing that we begin a proactive campaign to fill our captain spots and for you to volunteer for the task that you enjoy most. Your support and co-operation with this venture will also eliminate the need for someone to call you. Our second co-chair person will be confirmed in the very near future. If the Lord has called you to become a captain and you feel inspired to follow his direction, please be advised of the following open spots: Ticket Sales & Collection Advertising Vegetable Preparation Meat Cooking & Carving Large Hall Setup (Thur. Afternoon) Buffet Table 5 P.M. Dining Room Supervisor 6:30 P.M Dining Room Supervisor Kitchen Pie Convenor Pie Cutting Supervisor Take Outs Tea & Coffee Production Dishwashing Clean-Up

- Taken - Taken - Taken - Taken - Open - Taken - Open - Open - Taken - Open - Taken - Open - Open - Open - Open

Should you require details of the expected tasks of these areas, please feel free to inquire and also please do not be nervous of under achievement or failure. There is capable support to help first timers and no one will notice any discrepancies but yourself. We will need approximately 45 pies for the desert portion of the meal and again, we would like to take a pro-active approach to this requirement. If you are able to contribute a pie, please advise us of your availability and hopefully the kind. If you are in doubt of the kind, not to worry we will gratefully accept a pot luck suggestion. Your co-operation with this request will avoid us from having to contact you and often we get asked what kind of pie would you like. If we have preliminary notice of your kind, then we can plan and advise those who ask accordingly. I look forward to co-ordinating another very successful dinner this year and your contribution in either talent or food will make our dinner that much more special. Remember, I am shy and it is a lot easier if you speak to me than me having to speak to you. ……In Christ’s Service, Dennis McLay Co-Chairman

Mission and Outreach Committee To outreach locally and worldwide by sharing the gospel and serving the needs of our community This past Lent our Congregation was treated to a Plain Fare Lunch prepared by Ron Gable. This was a great time of fellowship for everyone and Ron’s home-made soup and the bread were enjoyed by all. The funds raised at this function were presented to Presbyterian World Sharing and Development. Thank you Ron for your

continued support of Mission and Outreach and especially P.S.W. & D. Mission and Outreach made a donation of $500.00 to Evangel Hall as an Easter Gift and in support of their ongoing street ministry. Each dollar given to the Hall is greatly appreciated by the Clients and Staff at the Hall.

Upcoming Even – Rock ‘N’ Roll ‘N’ Classic Car Show Mark your calendar for Friday, August 17th All Hands on Deck – Knox Mission and Outreach will team up with Finance and Maintenance to host a barbeque on the front patio of the church during this upcoming annual event. This is a wonderful opportunity for Knox church to let out

community know what we are about. We’ll need all the help we can get to make a successful event again this year. Look to future Sunday bulletins for upcoming information on volunteer opportunities. Guaranteed to be a fun time for all.

Please remember to continue to donate to the Food Bank Box at the back of the church this summer. Hunger does not take a holiday. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer - Your Mission and Outreach Team

DOORS OPEN ONTARIO The first Doors Open Day took place in France in 1984. The idea soon spread to neighbouring countries, and in 2002 the programme was launched in Ontario. Now every year the event attracts large crowds, inviting visitors to dicscover hidden heritage treasures, some of which have never been open to the public. Doors Open Ontario is now considered a cultural phenomenon, with more communities participating each year. ( A recent article in the local Independent talks about the town joining in the event this year. Eleven sites of historical interest in Halton Hills will take part in the programme: Acton Town Hall, Cedarvale Community Centre, Devereaux House, Georgetown Lawn Bowling Club, Hungry Hollow Trail, MacKinnon Funeral Home, Moorecroft House, The Georgetown Armoury, Remembrance Park, St. Alban the Martyr Anglican Church and St. John’s United Church. What a great opportunity it would be for Knox Church, a historic cornerstone of our downtown, to Open the Doors and welcome the public to come and have a look at our beautiful heritage site. It might even encourage some people to come and join with us in worship.

Since our last update the children have experienced their version of the Passover supper and now we are ending with the conversion of Saul to Paul. We had our Foster Children’s fundraising pizza lunch which was a hot idea. We raised enough money to cover I believe it is two months worth of payments to support our three foster children. As the year is winding down our last formal event and class will be our graduation which is being held during our family service on June 17. We ask that all our congregation, come out and support our children on this special day. I would like to thank the Sheppard’s who have been involved this year with our children. Without them the year wouldn’t have been possible. Senior Class: David Cairns Junior Class: Jerry Ross, Victoria Colby, Alison Crawley and Gord Tyrell Have a blessed summer and we’ll see you all back here next year.

FUEGO Fuego which isn’t meeting regularly is still doing youth events. This past spring we were out with PYPS (Presbyterian Young People’s Society) when about 45 youth from 13 to 21 from various churches around Ontario all met at Crief Hills for a weekend of fun and worship. Knox youth was also involved in the 30 hour famine to raise money for World Vision’s feed the hungry campaign. Yes students not eating for 30 hours. It can be done. Coming up for our youth is ‘Acquire the Fire’ which is a non denominational Youth Conference coming up on Oct 19 (1900-2200) and October 20 all day. The cost for tickets is $40.00 if I can get the order in on or before June 20. Youth please let me know if you are interested and if you want to bring any friends. To all have a great summer and we’ll see you next fall. … Craig Hutchison, leader Sunday’s Cool and Fuego

Happenings at Knox Our Wonderful Quilting Ladies

Knox Says Goodbye

Once again, as they have done for a great many years now, a few ladies of the congregation have put together and quilted one of the most beautiful quilts ever yet offered as a draw at the annual church bazaar.

On May 14th, the Monday Night Bible Study Group wished Sandy and Cooky Ellis best wishes in their move to Innisfil, and many thanks for their participation in Knox Church during the past five years. Sandy expressed his great appreciation for the Bible Study Group where he had a chance to delve more deeply into several books of the Bible and discuss in detail, with fellow Christians, what it all meant and how it could be applied to one’s life.

Done in shades of mauve and green, it has to be seen to really show off its beauty. Tickets on this piece will be sure to be sold out very quickly. On behalf of the congregation, we want to thank the quilters, Norma Alexander, Helen Davies and Helen Hope, who put in a great many hours of finger work, and Rebekah Theodore, who often helped set it up for each session.

As co-founder of the New Day Drop-in Centre at Knox, he demonstrated his strong faith and service to the Lord by helping people in need. Sandy and Cooky were regular greeters at the Sunday morning services, and were always prepared to help out. Both Sandy and Cooky were extremely involved in organizing the celebrations for our 150th Anniversary Year, and Cooky’s knowledge of organizing and handling large events was absolutely invaluable. We at Knox will dearly miss them, as we hope they will miss us. May the Lord lead them into new and exciting opportunities as they take this next step in their life. … with thanks you to Deanna McIntyre and Heimen Donker.

The annual bazaar will be held on Saturday, 3 November. Tickets for the quilt, however, are already on sale from Marg Bentley or Marnie Thompson, or members of the Friendship Circle. They are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. They will go quickly, so be sure to get yours early ☺ Thank you all for the many hours of work that this beautiful piece represents. Some of the members of the Monday Night Bible Study Group

A PAGE FROM THE PAST In early days of the newsletter, we ran several articles titled “Early Recollections” giving remembrances of some of our then older members, and the following piece was contributed by Bud Kentner. “Georgetown is my home town. It has been my home all my life. As a very small child I can remember the wooden sidewalk on Guelph Street near the Anglican Church. I can remember sitting on the stone wall at the corner of Mill and Guelph Streets and watching the workmen put down the first paving of Highway #7 through Georgetown. I learned to skate on bob skates on the outdoor ice at Georgetown’s first skating rink. This rink was located on the flats behind what is now the Gain Gas Bar. A few short years later I remember the construction of Georgetown’s first arena in the field where we used to play ball. Artificial ice was installed many years later at Georgetown’s Memorial Arena. I started by apprenticeship in Robb’s Drug Store. This was only to earn enough money to continue my education in research chemistry. The pleasure of meeting people and trying to be of some assistance was satisfying. After serving a three year apprenticeship I went to the Ontario College of Pharmacy in Toronto and graduated in 1940. I worked in Ridgeway (Niagara area), Dryden (Northwestern Ontario), and Toronto before locating at my present site on the Main Street in 1947. In my early years I attended Knox Sunday School but as a teenager I joined the Anglican Church. I can remember Janet McDougall at Knox Sunday School and whether she was one of the teachers or one of the pupils neither Janet nor I can remember. We do know that she taught my wife Libby in Sunday School and I remember Miss Baird teaching. When the Rev. Norman Young was minister of Knox I re-joined the Church. There is much much more that could be told but perhaps that’s enough for now.” …. Bud Kentner, April 1980

An Early Sunday School Picnic Georgetown Herald, 31 August 1921 An Enjoyable Picnic: The officers and members of Knox church Sunday School picnicked at Meadowvale last Thursday afternoon. There was a good attendance and the trip on the radial as well as the afternoon program was thoroughly enjoyed. Ample justice was done to the contents of the numerous baskets which were generously fitted by the parents of the children. What some of those best dressed young ladies were wearing at their Sunday School Picnic ☺

The Art of Happiness Most people want to be happy. How can you improve your overall level of joy? Research over the past 50 years seems to indicate that our outlook and life choices account for 40% of our happiness. Not surprisingly, it’s our relationships, work and participation in our church and communities that have the most impact. How can we improve our levels of happiness in day-to-day life? •

Evaluate your thought patterns: Do you worry compulsively, self-criticize or dwell on the past? Try to avoid negativity in your thoughts and actions. Work hard to be positive and forward-looking in all you do.

Get busy and stay focused: Dancing, exercising, volunteering, smiling, laughing and hugging loved ones have shown to increase happiness. Focus on the task at hand to boost your level of joy.

Eat chocolate☺ The neuroactive alkaloids in chocolate have been shown to enhance contentment as they tend to produce a kind of euphoria in the brain.

Be nice: Performing random acts of kindness increases short-term feelings of happiness. But the most powerful way to increase long-term contentment is to understand your talents and to share parts of yourself with others.

Consider the rewards: Studies suggest that happy people have better relationships and bounce back more easily from bad experiences. They also produce up to 50% more antibodies, have lower stress hormones and are generally healthier. WOW – that doesn’t sound all that difficult a recipe to follow. Give it a try you might surprise yourself ☺

Preaching and Leading Worship at Knox During the month of June June 3: June 10th: June 17th: June 24th:

Holy Communion, Marion Schaffer Eric Walton Craig Hutchison Neil Ellis

Please make an effort to come out and join with us in worship. That will also add to your own personal inner happiness.

Knox Family Korner Special Thoughts: Our thoughts, prayers and blessings go out to Rev. Sean Foster, his wife Bonnie and their family, Erin, Matthew and Shannon, as they face the challenging times ahead. Rev. Foster has been our interim moderator as we go through the search for a new minister. However, in late April young Matthew was diagnosed with leukemia, and he is beginning many months of chemo therapy and treatment. It will be a trying time, but the prognosis for this type of leukemia is apparently extremely good. Please do remember the Foster family in your prayers. A ‘Caring Bridge’ site is on-line if you would like to follow Matthew’s progress and/or send your prayers and thoughts to the family. It is at You will need to sign and log in, but it is an easy thing to do. To the Foster family, our family at Knox all send our special thoughts, prayers and blessings. A Special Birthday Celebration: On April 14th, the family of Ann McNiven held an open house at Knox, to celebrate her 90th birthday – and what a celebration it was. Ann was born and has lived all her life in this area, and has been a member of Knox for 64 years. Ann was one of the very early and active members of the Knox Ladies Auxiliary which had been organized in 1944. After 64 years, Ann is still a regular at Sunday morning worship services, sitting quietly in a back corner pew. Ann, we send you our love and best wishes for many more years of continued health and happiness. And Another Special Birthday Greeting: A belated, but none the less sincere Happy Birthday Greeting to John Aiken, who lives in The Sands, and on April 18th celebrated his 95th Birthday. John was a faithful Knox attendee until recently, when his arthritis became extremely bad, taking away much of his mobility. John, just know you are much missed at Knox.

Georgetown High School and Georgetown Sports Museum Hall of Fame: Kara McGaw is the daughter of Nessie and the late Wes McGaw. Kara grew up in Knox, and even as a teen-ager was extremely involved in the sport of baseball. Recently, along with five other former high school graduates, she was inducted into the fairly newly established High School Hall of Fame. A piece from the Independent Free Press website reads “Former Olympian Kara McGaw played for the Canadian National Softball Team from 1991 to 1996, placing fifth at the 1996 Summer Olympics and fourth at the 1994 World Championships. She was named All-Canadian Outfielder and Top Batter at the Canadian National Champions. McGaw has been inducted into the Halton Hills Sports Museum Hall of Fame. A 1984 GDHS grad, McGaw played field hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, track and field.” Way to go, Kara ☺ Congratulations Knox Family Korner

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MYAC Award from Town: Each spring, the Mayor’s Action Youth Committee presents awards to recognize youth who have had a positive impact on the community through leadership and volunteerism, as well as young talented artists within the community. In May, Knox‘s Sally Ross was a recipient of this award. Sally is a student at Centennial Public School, and her beautiful picture is titled “Blue Eyes.” Congratulations, Sally – What a beautiful drawing ☺ Sick and Shut In: A big hello to all our sick and shut-in family who are not able to join with us in person. Those recuperating from recent illness and/or hospital stays are Michael Jones, Isabelle Mcdonald, Al Shepherd, June Winters (sister of Eric Walton) and little Matthew Foster. Carol Lawrence is presently undergoing chemo therapy treatments, and doing fairly well. She and Bill would like to thank all the Knox family for their cards and calls, during her recovery, and she looks forward to getting back out to church when she is able. Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers Moving: After several years of attending Knox and participating fully in congregational work, Cooky and Sandy Ellis are moving in July, to live not far from the lake in Innisfil. Their address there is 2229 Jack Crescent, Innisfil, On. L9S 2C7. Both Cooky and Sandy have contributed a great deal and worked hard while they have been members of Knox, and we will miss them dearly. We do, however, send them along with all our best wishes and prayers for a great ‘semi’ retirement in their new home. Passings: 27 April 2012: Ron Matthews, in his 92nd year, passed away at the Bennett Centre, having lived there the past few months. In spite of his failing eye sight, he volunteered at Park School with the Grandparent programme and was thrilled with helping the young children learn to read, spell and enhancing their math skills. He had great knowledge of the bible, the Old Testament in particular and would be able to greatly enhance the lessons. He shared his great collection of books which gave a new light on ancient biblical history. He deeply loved to come to church, was a faithful and active member of the Bible Study group, and enjoyed the friendship of many in the congregation. Ron leaves a fairly large family, leaving children, grandchildren and several great grandchildren, and our sympathy goes to all his family. 9 May 2012: Manley Densmore passed away in his 87th year, having recently moved to a care facility in Arthur, where he had family. Manley had joined the congregation of Knox back in 1951, 61 years ago. Over his many years of service, Manley played a great number of roles and did a great deal of physical work around our church, including interior painting. He was installed as an elder in 1958, and was the last surviving member of the Session board who was serving at the time of our 100th anniversary in 1960. We were honoured to have him at our special 150th anniversary luncheon Knox Family Korner Page 2

held for 50+ year members two years ago. Manley was very involved in a great many community events, and he leaves a large family of children, step children, grand children and great grandchildren. Our sympathy goes to them all. 14 May 2012: Frank ‘Bud’ Kentner: And yet another long time member of our Knox family, Bud Kentner recently passed away in his 96th years, after a relatively short illness. Bud was a very well known and respected downtown druggist until his retirement in 1986, at that time being the longest retail main street shop having been in the same location for 38 years. In 1976, Knox set up the Committee System to help look after the needs of the congregation, and Bud was the first chairman of the Mission and Outreach Committee. As well as missions, that committee looked after congregational events, and during his tenure, he led well and kept the committee extremely busy. They often worked together with the Worship and Nurture Committee on congregational picnics, all member visitation, monthly lunches after church, and floats in the Christmas parades – among other things. Libby worked right along side Bud, and is still an active member of the Friendship Circle. Our thoughts and prayers go to out to her and their children Mary and Bruce, and families. Liz Bow, who until a move to London, Ontario a few years ago was an active member of Knox and the Friendship Circle, lost her husband Terry not too long ago. If you would like to contact her, her address is Mrs. Elizabeth Bow, 708 Homeview Road, London, On. N6C 5N2

Greeters and Counters are Needed – Again - Still With the number of people we have in our congregation, Marnie really shouldn’t have to constantly ask for people to meet and greet on a Sunday morning  It is an easy but important part of our morning worship – to welcome people and make sure visitors are made to feel welcome and comfortable. Taking up the collection is not an onerous job, and with a little bit of instruction, counting and the bit of recording that is required afterward, really is not a difficult job either. If all of us took a turn a couple of times a year, if would be no ‘big deal’ for any of us. PLEASE… make an effort to take on this little job once in a while. Marnie Thompson (8736220) has a wide open list of dates, and would be very pleased to hear from you. Please Contact Her.

Summer Happiness Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued is always just beyond your grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly may alight upon you. …Hawthorne

Knox Family Korner

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Vision/Mission Statement Knox Presbyterian Church - Georgetown

VISION Helping people grow in their Christian faith MISSION Knox Presbyterian Church exists to glorify God by encouraging people in the congregation, the community, and throughout the world to love God, nurture their faith, and care for others. OBJECTIVES ENCOURAGING THE CHRISTIAN FAITH OF PEOPLE.... In The CONGREGATION through:    

VITAL WORSHIP – demonstrating the presence and power of God. TRUE FELLOWSHIP – founded on significant and meaningful relationships. BIBLICAL INSTRUCTION & DISCIPLESHIP – grounded on biblical theology. PASTORAL CARE & SHEPHERDING – directed to the needs of the whole person.

In The COMMUNITY by:    

PROCLAIMING A BIBLICAL THEOLOGY – which answers the questions and issues of the culture in which they live. EQUIPPING OUR MEMBERS – to share their faith effectively. SHARING OUR FAITH – through a variety of communication techniques. PROVIDING A VARIED PROGRAM – of social and spiritual interest which will draw people to the body of Christ and enrich their lives.

Throughout the WORLD by:  

SENDING PEOPLE – to support ministries in Canada and the World. RAISING FINANCIAL RESOURCES TO AID MISSION PROJECTS in Canada and around the World.

Good News Letter Summer 2012  

Knox Presbyterian Church, Georgetown, Ontario, Summer Newsletter 2012

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