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The Rotary Club of Acton serving Acton, Rockwood & surrounding areas The Minutes of our Rotary Club Meeting of Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 Rotasrian Bob (H) presided. The Rotary Grace was offered by President Bill (B) and this was followed by a Toast to the Queen. Fourteen members and three guests were in the house. GENERAL Tonight was our last business meeting of our Rotary year. We were honoured to have as guests this evening Captain Scott Legge, Warrant Officer Second Class Ellen Dobbs and Corporal Alessio Luna of the 197 Typhoon Air Cadet Squadron of Acton, who gave us all a good account of what their squadron did, and particularly of their trip to Ottawa earlier this year. Next week, we shall be having our change of command ceremony at the Royal Canadian Legion in Acton. What a year this has been! President Bill (B) was not present because he was at a Literacy North Halton awards night.

““Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.” Robert Collier ROYAL CANADIAN AIR CADETS 197 TYPHOON SQUADRON PRESENTATION Captain Scott Legge mentioned that the 197 Typhoon Squadron consists of 27 cadets and 4 staff, and they meet every Tuesday night at the Royal Canadian Legion. This is their 30th anniversary, and they did their annual inspection at the Acton Arena in front of over 200 spectators and dignitaries. The March trip, (partially financed by our club), was a big event for all cadets. They got to see the nation’s capital, which included Parliament Hill and several museums. All members were amazed at all the opportunities that existed for Air Cadets, including the ability to get a pilot’s licence for a glider or powered aeroplane. Page 1

CITIZEN OF THE YEAR Rotarian Bob (McK) announced that this year’s Citizen of the Year Dinner will now take place on September 27th, at the Royal Canadian Legion.

ACTON TRUNK SALE There are still a few gaps in the Duty Roster on Page 8, so members are asked to add their names. Week 5 has now passed and after making the sensational amount of $570 last Saturday, our accumulated revenue has increased to $2,395. A graph on Page 10 shows weekly and accumulated revenue numbers to date. Rotarian Cathy is working with the school to see if we can recruit some student helpers for carrying signs. Next week, (June 21st), Rotarians Rob (V) and Fred will run the show. JULY 1ST FIREWORK DISPLAY A request had been received from the Acton Firefighters for financial support for their July 1st firework display. We had not donated to this cause last year because we had donated to the trailer for their old Studebaker fire truck. In previous years, we had donated $1,000.

Moved by Rotarian Colin and seconded by Rotarian Peter that the club donate $1,000 to the Acton Firefighters for the July 1st firework display – Carried. Page 2

PUBLIC SKATING AT THE ACTON ARENA Rotarian Fred announced that he had received a letter rom the Town of Halton Hills expressing their thanks for our sponsoring of public skating during school holidays. Our sponsorship days will be as follows: November 21 (PA Day) December 22, 23, 29, 30 January 2, 30 (PA Day on January 30.) February 13 (PA Day)

WE AND FACEBOOK As mentioned last week, Rotarian Nancy is setting up a Facebook account for the club, and will be organizing a meeting for those who want to learn more about how Facebook can be used. This may turn out to be a very useful tool for us, especially in light of new anti-SPAM legislation that will limit our ability to send out large mailings.

FOOD 4 KIDS Rotarian Leslie Salisbury from the Georgetown club had advised that they are selling raffle tickets for a stocked wine cooler as a fundraiser the Food4Kids in Acton and Georgetown. Our club members committed to the purchase of 30 tickets @ 3 for $20 and one $10 ticket. In addition, Rotarian Murray had pledged $80 for Food4Kids in recognition of his 80th birthday. President Bill (B) has the tickets and will pass them out at our next meeting.

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HAND UP A request has been received from Ab Moore of Hand Up for financial support “clean water” and “farmer training” issues in Cameroon. Treasurer Robert confirmed that there is money in the budget to provide this support. Rotarian Herb will contact Ab Moore to see if he can arrange for a presentation of current projects.

Moved by Rotarian Herb and seconded by Rotarian Bill (V) that the club donate $2,500 to the Hand Up program for Cameroon – Carried. ROTARY CLUB OF ST. MARYS TRENT SEVERN EVENT The Rotary Club of St. Marys is hosting a Trent Severn musical event at the St. Marys Golf and Country Club on September 27th. One entertainer is Emm Gryner, a resident of St. Marys, who co-wrote the songs that Chris Hatfield sang while in space. Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 at the door. All members are invited to attend.

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COMMUNITY BARBECUE AT ST. ALBAN’S CHURCH – July 19th Members are reminded that our club will hold the community barbecue on Saturday, July 19th this year. In previous years, the cost to the club has been in the area of $300. Rotarian Colin had previously volunteered to take leadership of this event.

SUMMER BARBECUE SCHEDULE Members are asked to volunteer to host barbecues on Tuesday evenings during the months of July and August. (As in previous years, there is no plan to hold barbecues on Tuesdays that immediately follow a statutory holiday or the Rotary Golf Tournament). Some names have been added to the schedule on Page 10 of these minutes, but there are a few blanks left.. Members are urged to add their names. Partnering continues to be encouraged! HOPE IN HIGH HEELS The Rotary Club of Georgetown is hosting a “Hope in High Heels event in downtown Georgetown stating at 11:00 am. This is open to any male adult, who will be expected to meet the challenge of walking three blocks while wearing high heels. This is a fundraising event to raise money for Halton Women’s Place. All members are invited to “drag” themselves down there and support this worthy fundraiser.

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50/50 DRAW The pot continues to increase, and now has now climbed to the incredible height of $335. The number of white marbles in the bag is now down to 17, and this makes it more and more difficult for them to protect the soughtafter black marble. As for the black marble, Rotarian Murray thought he had it in the bag this time, and that is exactly where it remained. And so the pot will continue to grow. A booby prize of a T-shirt was offered and drawn for. This was won by Rotarian Rob (V), and served as consolation for previous unsuccessful attempts to draw the black marble.

With nothing further for the good of Rotary, we stood adjourned at 8:32 p.m. “Service above Self�

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Rotary Club of Acton – 2013/14 Position


Board 1.


Bill (B)


Past President



President Elect

Bob (H)



Rob (V)



Robert (B)

Champions 1.

School Activities

Dick & Bob (MacK) & Robert & Bill (V)



Dick & Rob (V)


Guest Speakers

Herb & Bob (H) & Bill (B)



Rob (V) & Bill (B)


Wine & Cheese

Bill (B) & Robert & Dick & Glenn


Spring Gala

Brian & Bill (B) + Everyone


Hand Up



Python’s Pit

Robert, Dick & Rob (V)



Dick & Bill (B)


Dreams Take Flight

Bill (V) & Dick


New Fund Raisers

Herb & Robert & Bill (V) & Dick


Citizen of the Year

Bob (MacK)


Golf Tournament



Christmas Hampers

Bill (S)


Community Champion Selection

Bill (S) Page 7

Rotary Club of Acton Tentative Event Schedule 2013/2014  Date  Rotarian Responsible  Guest Speaker  Speech Subject  7‐Jan‐14          14‐Jan‐14        21‐Jan‐14  CLUSTER MEETING  28‐Jan‐14           1‐Feb‐14  Bob Hammond  PETS PART 1 TRAINING  4‐Feb‐14          11‐Feb‐14  Bill Beaton   Leslie Salisbury   Food4Kids  18‐Feb‐14   Bob Hammond & Dick Crane – Repeat of presentation to 197 Typhoon RCACS  25‐Feb‐14           1‐Mar‐14  ROTARY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE TRAINING  4‐Mar‐14          11‐Mar‐12        18‐Mar‐14           21‐Mar‐14  Bob Hammond  PETS PART 2 TRAINING  25‐Mar‐14  Bob Hammond  Hubert Singh  Membership  29‐Mar‐14    1‐Apr‐14          8‐Apr‐14   Bill Beaton   Betty Jo Parent   Toronto’s Pan Am Games  12‐Apr‐14  DISTRICT ASSEMBLY & CLUB LEADERSHIP TRAINING  15‐Apr‐14           22‐Apr‐14  MEETING BEFORE THE SPRING GALA   25‐Apr‐14  SPRING GALA  26‐Apr‐14  ACTON SPRING CLEANUP  29‐Apr‐14        06‐May‐14  Herb Dodds  Laurel Barnet  Halton Regional Police  03 to 07‐May‐14  ROTARY ADVENTURE IN CITIZENSHIP    07‐May‐14  DREAMS TAKE FLIGHT  13‐May‐14  DISTRICT PRESIDENT & PRESIDENT ELECT MEETING  17‐May‐14  FIRST DAY OF TRUNK SALE  20‐May‐14        27‐May‐14  Dick Crane  Saila Marocha  Rotary Adventure in Citizenship  03‐Jun‐14  C A N C E L L E D  05‐Jun‐14  TRI CLUB INVITATION AT MOHAWK RACETRACK  10‐Jun‐14        17‐Jun‐14  Glenn Cheeseman  Scott Legge  197 Typhoon Air Cadet Squadron  24‐Jun‐14  CHANGE OF COMMAND  19‐Jul‐14  COMMUNITY BARBECUE AT ST. ALBAN’S CHURCH  10‐Aug‐14  LEATHERTOWN FESTIVAL  19 to 21‐Sep‐14  ACTON FALL FAIR  27‐Sep‐14  CITIZEN OF THE YEAR DINNER      Page 8

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Rotary Club of Acton Trunk Sale - 2014 - Schedule Saturday Rotarian Rotarian 17-May Dick Crane Bob Hammond

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Denotes Saturday of Long Weekend Page 9

Peter Van Dam

Bob Hammond

Herb Dodds Bill Vanderyt

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Acton Rotary Backyard BBQ Meetings - Summer 2014 Week




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8912 Wellington Road 50, Acton

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177 Catherine Street, Rockwood

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