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In a lowly stable long ago The Son of God was born And shepherds came to share the joy Of that first Christmas morn – And each year as we celebrate The day of Jesus’ birth We share the faith and hope Of God’s own peach and joy on earth. …from a Christmas card

Come and celebrate the beauty of Christmas with us.

Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, On. L7G 3E6 905-877-7585 Church service dial in – 905-702-1629 Inviting all to love God, nurture faith, and serve His people.

Contact Information Knox Presbyterian Church 116 Main Street South, Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 3E6 Telephone 905-877-7585 Website: Email: Minister: Rev. Steven Boose Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: Church Secretary: Mary O’Brien Office Open 9-12 am Tuesday – Friday Phone: 905-877-7585 Email: Music Director and Organist: Herb Ciceri, M.A., A.R.C.C.0., A.R.C.T. Phone: Knox church, 905-877-7587 Clerk of Session: Joan Collier Residence phone: 905-702-0053 Email: Chairman, Finance and Maintenance: Dennis McLay Residence phone: 905-877-2948 Email: Mission and Outreach Committee: Eric and Katrina Walton Residence Phone: 905-878-1588 Email: Pastoral Visitor: Eric Walton Residence Phone: 905-878-1588 Email: Congregational Life Committee: Marg Bentley Residence phone: 905-877-1616 Email: Sundays Cool Superintendent Fuego Youth Leader: Craig Hutchison Residence phone: 519-853-1379 Email: Webmaster: Linda Zammit Residence phone: 905-702-7653 Email: Newsletter Editor: Dawn Livingstone Residence phone: 905-877-6506 Email:

Vestry Visions November, 2013 I was a late baby. When my parents were first told that they were expecting me, they got a date and then made some plans around it: specifically, the purchase of a house that I could move into with them. They set the closing date nine days after I was supposed to be born, thinking that I’d be a week old and more than able to spend a day with my grandparents while they moved from their apartment to the house they had bought. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite cooperate. The expected date came and passed, and the closing date on the house arrived and moving day simply had to occur, so my dad rounded up his buddies and got things on their way, with Mom tagging behind, about ready to burst. Luckily, I waited until after everything was actually in the house before announcing my impending arrival, which meant that when my mother cried out that Dad needed to send his friends home in order to get her to the hospital, the job for the day was more or less done. I still gave her a good twelve hours of labour, however, before being born at 5:30 in the morning, a full ten days later than the prediction. There are many who thought that Jesus was a “late baby” – shouldn’t the Messiah have come before Babylon, to stave off the destruction of Jerusalem, the Exile, and the long journey back? Shouldn’t God’s Chosen One have shown His face during the Maccabean revolts, when the invaders were defiling the Temple with their impure sacrifices and barbaric ways? And couldn’t the Anointed have come down when the Romans were at the gates with their legions and flung them back? Why come now, seventy years later, when their presence pervaded all of Israelite society? But Jesus came in God’s time, and to the place and time that God needed Him to be in. He chose the time. He chose the place. He chose the moment. He chose Mary, and with her Joseph. He chose, not us! And because He chose the place, the time, and everything else, the message of Christ was placed in such a way that it went throughout the world and, indeed, throughout the ages. God still chooses times and places and events and moments today, with us. Sure, not all of the moments of our lives are good, sweetness and light – in fact, some of them are downright awful, and we can look at them and see not His hand but our own at work almost every time. But God can take any bad moment and turn it into a good thing, if we’ll let him. He gives us gifts of strength and courage to overcome mountains of doubt and pain, and walks with us through it all (and, indeed, carries us when we need it as it says in the poem). This Advent season, as we prepare ourselves for the celebration of Jesus coming into the world, let’s prepare our hearts to receive what God wants to give us. It will be what we need, if we can open ourselves to receive it as a gift from the Master’s own hand, and it will come in God’s time, in God’s place, with God’s blessing.

Knox Kirk Session Report

Exciting things are happening at Knox. We enjoyed a successful Anniversary dinner and November bazaar. We look forward to the Advent season with our service projects in full swing – poinsettia distribution, Links 2 Care Holiday Hamper program, and the Food Bank food drive. Victoria Colby has taken up the challenge to arrange Christmas Sing-a-long evenings in December, to open our doors to our downtown neighbourhood. It is exactly what our congregation needs to share the love, joy and peace of Christ with others. Rev. Steve has challenged our church leaders to attend a leadership weekend in February, to strategize short and long-term goals for our congregation and to examine the spiritual gifts present at the leadership level of the congregation. To this end, I plan on attending the leadership weekend, but not in the capacity as our Clerk of Session. I have decided to step down from this position, effective December 31st, to allow for alternatives in leadership. I am pleased that God was able to use my gifts and talents in serving the congregation on the Search team and to offer leadership during the interim period. I think that our efforts have been blessed by God as He led Rev. Boose to our congregation and trust that his ministry in Georgetown will grow. I will continue to serve the congregation in other capacities, as the needs arise. I challenge everyone reading this newsletter to take an inventory of his/her God-given gifts and to discern the best way to serve the congregation of Knox, Georgetown. I wish to thank all the members of the Session for their support over the past few years. May everyone enjoy a blessed Christmas season. Humbly yours, Joan Collier

A Thought for Everyday Begin the day with friendliness, keep friendly all day long. Keep in your soul a friendly thought – in your heart a friendly song. Have in your mind a word of cheer for all who come your way, And they will greet you too, in turn – and wish you a happy day.

Finance and Maintenance Committee Report Our operational financial revenues for the year-to-date period ending November 24, 2013 are 10% higher than the same period in 2012. Although congregational givings are 4% lower than last year, we are fortunate to have other revenue streams that have propped up our total revenues including HST Rebates, a one time Group Benefits Refund, the Anniversary Dinner and interest revenue from the CIF fund. We were impressively surprised with the results of the CIF money market for the third quarter which generated $8,045.00. This is the major contributor to the deficit reduction you see in the weekly bulletin. Our expenses for the same financial period basically met budget expectations with a couple of exceptions. We experienced a $300.00 plumbing repair to the kitchen drainage system and a $1,000.00 legal and title insurance expenditure on the real estate transaction for Rev Steve and Kathy Boose. Operating expenditures for the balance of the year are expected to meet budget expectations and include 50% of our annual insurance premium of approximately $1,700.00. We should end our 2013 financial year in good standing and praise God that he has provided the necessary financial resources to complete and continue his work at Knox. Our Y-T-D Presbyterian Sharing commitment of $17,000 has been 84% remitted with one month’s givings yet to be received. Many thanks for your prayerful consideration and offerings towards this budget. The F & M committee will be discussing this budget at their December meeting with respect to special funding

should a shortfall be experienced at yearend. However, as noted at the annual meeting, our National Head Office depends upon these funds and expects us to meet our submitted commitment. Please support our next Knox fund raiser with the return visit of the Halton Hills Concert Band for an evening of concert and Christmas music on December 8, 2013 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be available soon at $10.00 per person with light refreshments to follow. Once again, Knox will partner with the BIA and the vendor’s market for the annual Downtown BIA “Festival on Main” will he held in the large and small halls of Knox, Friday December 6th. If possible, please visit and support some of our local farmer’s market vendors with the purchase of their Christmas crafts and foods. In closing, both Hazel Armstrong and myself would like to thank everyone who helped in any way with the annual Anniversary Beef Dinner. It was a community and financial success and the core committee have suggested that it be held again in 2014. At this time, on behalf of the F & M committee, may each one of you enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season and may the birth of Christ be a refreshing finish to 2013 and a positive beginning to 2014.

Respectfully submitted by: Victoria Colby, Dee Cope, Carol Kostiuk, Louie Archambault, Tom Bentley, Jim Colter, Jim Hepburn, Lewis Wagg and Dennis McLay, Chairman.

Treasurer==s Report Year to date 24 November 2013 Revenues: Operations Revenue Limehouse Allocation Presbyterian Sharing PW S&D Sunday School Memorial Fund Building Fund Mission & Outreach Benevolent Fund HST Rebate Group Benefits Rebate Fund Raisers Sale of North Halton Share


$99,438.41 5,509.24 12,765.00 500.00 2,048.00 865.00 5,308.00 483.00 462.00 8,567.21 2,484.27

Mortgage Advance

1,612.10 12,043.80 90,000.00

Mortgage Lump Sum Repay't Interest - CIF Poinsettia Fund Typhoon Relief

10,000.00 12,704.31 235.00 1,226.00

Total Revenue


Current Expenditures Presbyterian Sharing Presbyterian Sharing - Cong Pay't PW S&D Mission & OutreachAssessment Mission & Outreach - Donations Sunday School Special Benevolent Fund The Presbytery of Brampton PCC National Assessment Evangel Hall Assessment Fund Raiser Community Support Capital Projects Private Promissory Note Loan Mortg Repayment to Prosp One Mortgage Interest Typhoon Relief

Total Expenditures

$112,673.89 11,337.00 3,000.00 400.00 2,500.00 2,400.72 2,048.00 300.00 3,260.00 8,583.00 2,000.00 1,157.82 13,908.06 90,000.00 10,000.00 1,992.46 1,226.00


A Christmas at Knox – 1891 Style In the early days, our church was heated by a wood and coal furnace down in the basement and the heat came upstairs through an open grate/register in the floor. There was a very large round one right at the front of the church, just in front of the first row of pews, and it was there until 1967 when a carpet was laid. Until 1956 when the new hall was added, the only hall we had was directly below the sanctuary. Sunday School concerts usually consisted of a programme after a meal, and Santa Claus would come to visit the children and give them small bags of candy, which in those days was a real treat. Well, in 1891 apparently Santa arrived in the sanctuary upstairs, to find the party was going on downstairs. So, instead of taking the usual way down the stairs, he simply lifted the grate and dropped down through the hole in the floor. Can you just imagine the look on the faces of the children? What a picture that must have been. The newspaper clipping says the hall was packed with children and their friends, and I am sure that story must have been told all around the town that year.

Mission and Outreach Committee Christmas 2013

It’s that time of year when the busyness of the approaching “holiday season” grabs hold of us. PreBlack Friday Sales, Pre-Cyber Monday Sales, whereby retailers are hard at work trying to out-maneuver each other with their sales pitches to see who can do the best to wrench our hard earned dollars from our wallets. The madness of the crowds in the Malls and where there is no escape from the ubiquitous “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Bruce Springsteen!! The “holiday season” as some folks would call it, is probably a mass conspiracy by retailers to better their quarterly profits. We purchase this or that, max out our credit cards and at the end of the day, we are no better off for the foray into the department stores – maybe lighter in our financial resources, wondering just when the interest being charged is going to exceed the actual dollar amount of the items purchased. Then, there is The Better Way to celebrate Christmas. A beautiful time of year to share some precious moments with loved ones; enjoy the Christmas music and worship services in the sanctuaries in and around Georgetown; a time to lend a helping hand with Salvation Army Kettles; a good reason to cook or bake a little extra to share with a neighbour who has very little; a great time reach out to someone who has no-one to spend a few hours with at Christmas; what better time to visit with a shut-in; a perfect time to consider how to help your charity of choice; a time to reflect on how the year was and how blessed we truly are; an opportunity to make plans for the year ahead to use our time, talents, and treasures – so many good ways to celebrate Christmas and not get caught up in the commercialization

of Christmas – The Better Way to say “thank you” to our Lord and Savior for being in our lives. At Knox this past year, we have been truly blessed to be able to fulfill our Mission & Outreach plans and commitments for 2013 to all of our mission partners, Evangel Hall, Links-2-Care (Meals on Wheels), Halton Women’s Place, Ontario Christian Gleaners. We were also able to give a gift to the Food For Life Programme, and also to be part of Community Unity. Our budget benefitted enormously by the addition of funds from Ron Gable’s Plain Fare Lunch. We look forward to 2014 and what is in store for us – Helen and Harry Hope will be giving a talk on their recent Mission Trip to Africa. Mark your calendar for Friday February 21st 2014. The Mission and Outreach Team would like to express thanks to all who gave of their time, talents and treasures which enables us to move forward year after year. We would wish everyone a Merry Christmas, be safe and be joyful in the Lord – the true reason for the season. Committee: Connie Van Goch, Peter Welling, Victoria Colby, Audrey Brown (card ministry) Eric & Katrina Walton (co-chair)

Somehow not only for Christmas, But all the long year through The joy that you give to others Is the joy that comes back to you. And the more you spend in blessing The poor and lonely and sad, The more of your heart’s possessing Returns to make you glad. …John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)

On behalf of the Sunday's Cool Children and teachers we would like to thank you for helping support our three Foster Children; Fatawu Alhassan, German Arias and our newest Foster Child Maria De Los Angles Garcia Norori. By your generosity we were able to raise just over three hundred dollars to support these children.

Over the past few months our children have been going through the Law and order of the Bible and soon they will be will be flabbergasted by the amazing miracles they’ll explore! They’ll learn about Jesus’ birth, the feeding of 5,000, Joshua and the walls of Jericho, and many more astounding Bible events. Have a Merry Christmas. …Craig Hutchison, Sunday’s Cool Superintendent

Knox Trustees Report A trustee meeting is planned for Sunday December 8, 2013 when Dennis McLay will review year to date 2013 F&M activities. We have received a letter from the town that our church property has been added to the Town Of Halton Hills Heritage Register and there are no legal restrictions on the property title because of this. A copy of the letter will be available in the church office for those wishing further information.

The committee is looking for a new recruit and if you want a life altering experience please contact one of the committee members. Our church insurance policy is up for renewal in December and as we do annually, a meeting with F&M will be scheduled to ensure optimal coverage for the coming year. Respectfully Submitted: Follick Lamb (chair), Katrina Walton (secretary), Ellen Burns, Al Cook, Eric Mitchell and Betty Shepherd.

Poinsettia Time It’s the time of year when the Friendship Circle deliver poinsettia plants to our congregational shut-ins and others who can no longer get out to join in our Christmas celebrations at the Church. The visit and the gift mean so much to each recipient. If you would like to make a donation to the fund, you can use the donation envelopes located at the rear of the sanctuary. If you wish to make it ‘In Memory Of” please include that

information, and the names will be added to our Memorial Book that will be located in the front window of the Sanctuary. Deliveries will be made from the church at 1:00 pm on Monday, December 9th. and we would appreciate it if you would consider coming out to help. It is a very rewarding and enjoyable task. For further information, please call Greta Lamb at 905-877-4625

Happenings at Knox Anniversary Dinner, 18 October Lots of hard work by many many congregational members helped make this evening another great success. Thanks to all who helped in so very many ways, large and small. Gathered together, they all added up to put the face of Knox out into the community. We served 252 dinners and generated a $2,888.36 profit for the ongoing Christian ministry of Knox.

Knox Annual Bazaar 2 November Sponsored by the Friendship Circle, but with the help of many congregation members as well, we once again held a successful bazaar and lunch. Thanks to all who helped make this day a great and profitable success. The draws were made by people chosen at random, and the winners were: quilted runners - Cathy Cook and Marnie Thompson; mixed food basket - Betty Anne Wellstead; cake walk - Linda Zammit. The proceeds of $2,189.00 will go towards church and community work. Our sincere thanks to all the congregation for their donations and assistance.

“Cruzin in the Past Lane 2 November What a fun evening for the members of Knox who joined the Limehouse members in their church hall for an evening of musical memories presented by Eric Walton and his guitar. It was authentic right down to the root beer floats and old fashioned sundaes. A great night enjoyed by all. Thank you Limehouse… we need to do it more often. Sunday’s Cool Pizza Lunch 17 November The congregation was treated to a great pizza lunch put on by Sunday’s Cool members, with a free will offering collected to go towards the support they give to their overseas sponsored children. The congregations enjoyed the offerings of pizza, salad and even desserts, and the children actually looked like they were having a good time serving. It was a fun time and the congregation thanks the Sunday’s Cool members, big and little. ☺ For full information and pictures of the three sponsored children, visit our church website at .

Harry and Helen Hope – Mission trip to Tanzania Several years ago two Rotary clubs in this district decided to take on the task of raising the funds to build a pre-school kindergarten in the area of Oltpesi, N. Tanzania after personally seeing the condition of the old one school while on another project. Besides raising the funds, participants were needed to complete the school, painting, etc. once the structure was up. Five clubs made a commitment to raise funds and 14 persons volunteered to travel to Tanzania to finish the project. We were privileged to be 2 of them. In travelling to a country like Tanzania, one is reminded that one needs their immunizations up to date and minimize taking all that we think we need. Because we would eventually ended up flying on a small aircraft, our total baggage limit was 15 kgs. per person. As we also were in a 2 person tent for 5 days, we really did not have a lot of room for excess baggage. Every morning about 6 am we were treated to a basin of warm water placed outside our tent flap - better than camping.

Sara at the old school – tarp covers roof

On Monday, the first day, when we went to the old school, about a 20 minute drive from our camp, the children were so excited to see us and had songs to greet us. Soon Sara, whose dream it was for a new school, was there too and so excited to see a crew ready to work to make her school suitable to receive the children. The site for the new school was about 100 metres away from the Hope’s Mission Trip 2013

old school. The outside of the school had a white putty coat, while the inside was already painted a “sunset cream”. This was a wonderful group of volunteers who all had had some experience in assessing what needed to be done, once our leader Tim Wright told us what was expected to be done in 3.5 days for the dedication on Thursday. We had all seen the mess of the school yard, plus the mess inside with an inch of dust on the floors, water barrels and other accoutrements. One volunteer had seen a very large termite mound out in the schoolyard and made it his project to level it, soon elders were watching from under a tree, to see what was going on with the termites, while younger Maasai men brought shovels to help. Others cleaned up the blocks and mortar, spread around the yard as well as lots of twigs with trippy roots. Piles of rocks eventually formed the outline of paths around the whole school. Both young and older Maasai women helped clean up, and move gravel as the days progressed. The four outside walls were painted in 1 1/2 days and the name of the school applied. Those painters had to put their ladder on the roof of a truck to reach the proper height. The name of the new school is Osiligi Osipa which is Swahili for Real Hope. Meanwhile inside where it was cooler, Sara had expressed the idea of having paintings on the walls, as well as the alphabet and the numbers 0 to 10. The appropriate stencils appeared with numbers being put on the front wall, both numerical, and printed in English and Swahili. The alphabet went on the back wall, both upper and lower case. As there was only one set of each alphabet and numbers, it took quite a while to have the right letters available for spelling words. One person was in charge of spelling the words, as they were needed both places.. Page 1

guests walking to the school for the afternoon dedication ceremony.

Giving school supplies to Sara & Serawa (red robe/blanket)

As there were 3 windows on each side wall, Sara wanted pictures drawn on the walls between. A computer and projector provide the images she wanted. One was a map of the world with Africa being the center, the next Africa alone and with all the Countries outlined, then Tanzania with all the States outlined. The persons who painted these maps had no idea they were so talented, their great work captured everyone’s interest. Every day we had very many interested Maasai visitors, both men and women in their colourful traditional dress. Elders also came to see what was being done for their children. The carpenter was putting on the beautiful African wooden door as we were finishing up, ready to move all the tools and supplies out so the floors could be swept and washed. The floor was eventually washed 3 times. Everyone, including the students, went to the old school to move their equipment, shelves and bookcases over to the new school. Sara and Serawa, the teacher, did not quit smiling all the time. In the meantime Sara was asked what else she wanted and she suggested a cow, donkey and goat would look nice on the wall opposite the maps. Well we did have Thursday morning to do that, so using the same computer projector method on went the images and the painting began being completed by noon. When we went back to our camp for lunch, we passed

Hope’s Mission Trip 2013

On arriving back at 3pm for the dedication ceremony we were greeted by about 200 persons, dignitaries, elders, dancers, interested persons and family members of the children. Many prayers were offered for the school with thankfulness for the building and what it would mean to their children. That day the Maasai were elevated from being thought of as low class to being persons of stature. This new school was the first pre-school to meet the government criteria and specifications for this area. On Friday, our last day, we presented Sara and Serewa with the Montessori school supplies which we had carried in our extra suitcases. It was another great day for everyone, we were very happy we were able to complete the school and know that when it soon rains the children and their supplies will be dry. Harry and I personally feel this group of volunteers were the best! No doubt Sara is dreaming of something else for her beloved children. … Report from Harry and Helen Hope

Helen and Harry with new friends.

Thank you Harry and Helen and your worker group of friends for all your work in helping these little children. Hopefully one day in the future they will remember the kindness done for them by Canadians. Check and Kids4Kids to sponsor a child.

Page 2

Christmas Outreach

FOOD BANK SUNDAYS December 8th & December 15th Please bring along and put under our Christmas tree non perishable foods which will be delivered to our local

Food Bank A free will offering can be left in the box also under the tree. Let’s help brighten the Christmas of others As we give thanks for all that we have Sponsored by the Friendship Circle On behalf of the congregation of Knox

A Moving Story of Outreach into our local Community The Salvation Army is known especially at Christmas time, for their Christmas Kettles collecting donations for their numerous outreach programmes. Several members of Knox often help ‘man’ these kettles, and this story comes from two who did so not too many years ago. At two different times, they were watched by different men, who waited for a moment of privacy, then approached to ask if they could have help for their families for Christmas. They had both lost their jobs. It had to take immeasurable strength of character to ask for help (especially a man.) To one they were able to give some information to start him on his journey for help, and with the other, they took their request back to their church congregation who donated $900 in 5 minutes, so that they could buy food and gifts for the family. The family was so grateful and came back with 4 of their 5 children, to help serve Christmas dinner to folks who had no one to share it with. They were so appreciative of the gifts and insisted the couple later share a meal with them - quite interesting as the woman does not participate in the socializing (sitting outside of the conversation circle) nor the meal. She only served. The husband wanted their children to learn the customs of their new homeland, and when you spoke to them, they were just happy Canadian children. The father was later working 2 or 3 part time jobs, and the mother was doing daycare. The oldest child, about 14 years, was quite the student and also excelled in soccer! What this Muslim family got was a help up and not a hand out, and hopefully a taste of Canadian Christian Outreach at its best. Yes, this is a true story, and it did happen through the congregation of Knox. Remember it during this Christmas season. Be thankful that we have so very much we can share with so many in this world who these days are having such a hard time even living day to day.

Daily Devotionals – Time for Celebration! Seventeen years after it was launched in 1996, the PresbyCan Daily Devotional is read by over 6,000 e-mail subscribers, and the newly rewritten web site receives 9,000 hits every day, of which 25% use the smart phone version! This outreach is as good a reason for celebration as any, thanks be to God. There are more than 6,280 archived devotionals, so anyone seeking a devotional on a specific subject will likely find one. Over the years, there have been 420 contributors from different parts of the world, and in any one month there may be 20 to 25 writers. Although The Presbyterian Church in Canada fully supports the Daily Devotional, people from around the world and from many denominations subscribe to it. To subscribe, visit the website at All through the month of December, the Daily features devotionals for the Advent and Christmas season. Because it's such a special time of year, it's one of the best times to be introduced to the Daily. Rev. Robin Ross, who founded the Daily, attributes its success to its content guidelines. Rather than being preachy or full of "theology", the devotionals use real-life experiences to draw out spiritually relevant and inspiring points, always with an application to real life. The contributors reflect varied, interesting lives, and there are responses from readers every day, which are posted on the web site. Responses like these are common: "Your message today is just what I needed!" "Your recent devotional was written just for me – I know it!" "I really needed to hear what you had to say today." Sometimes, a response is suggestive of a devotional; contact is made, and most often, a devotional results. Some devotionals are re-printed in church bulletins or newsletters; some are used in sermons; some are read at ladies groups and Bible studies; some result in children's stories; and all of them are posted on Facebook and Twitter daily. Who is behind all this? Some of the volunteers, besides Robin Ross, the Technical and Oversight Editor, are James T. Hurd, Devotional Editor; Garnet Schenk, PrayerLine Editor; Jane Anne Waller, Feedback Editor; and Terry Folster, Facebook and Twitter Editor. Theirs is a labour of love, and Daily could not exist without them. Robin Ross calls his job a great retirement project, like having a cyber-congregation. All the programs that automate the PrayerLine and the subscription and e-mailing functions are his writing. In order to do the job, it required over two years to learn several new computer languages. There are two innovations. The first is the "I Prayed For You" button beside each PrayerLine request, which allows anyone to join in the request and optionally to leave an encouraging message. These results are e-mailed each night to whoever made each request. The second innovation is the intriguing "Thought for the Day". The devotionals and their effect would not be what they are without Robin Ross. Mark 4:26-27, in part, helps to describe the outreach of the Daily. Jesus said, "This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how." Take a minute and take a look. Sign up to receive the devotional in your mailbox, or mark the site with a shortcut on your desktop for quick and easy access at any time.

Knox Family Korner What a difference a year makes… Last year at this time we were still working with no regular guidance from a full time minister, and with little information about what was coming in the months ahead. Patience and faith pay off! Look at where we are today. It is so great to see the spirit and enthusiasm in the life of the congregation returned and we look forward to a great year ahead. Please check this newsletter and the weekly bulletins for dates and events. New Grandparents: Welcome to Hailey Evelyn Hepburn, the daughter of Lindsay and Josh MacDonald, and the first grandchild for Jim and Shirley Hepburn. This will be a special Christmas for you all. Illness: At this special time of year, we send out our prayers and thoughts to all our sick and shut-in members, who although no longer physically able to join with us, we hope are with us in spirit. Recuperating at home these days are Rene Baker, James Cooper, Al Shepherd and Debbie Welling, as well as Greta Lamb who is feeling some better now after recent knee surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Passings: Minnie James, age 95, and a long time member of Knox passed away on November 22nd, and our thoughts prayers and sympathy go out to the members of her family. Thank You: A very special thank you goes to Joan Collier, who has served as our Clerk of Session since the summer of 2011. Joan took that position as Knox faced a difficult challenge – that of finding a new minister, following the resignation of Dr. Jim Cooper. She led us through the difficult months when we dealt with church politics, which at times were extremely frustrating, and we carried on with little consistency or stability. With the efforts of she and the very able search committee, we are now back on the right path, thanks to the arrival of Rev. Steve Boose, his wife Cathy, and their family. We all owe Joan a very big vote of thanks for all her efforts on our behalf. Although her term was a relatively short one, it came at an extremely important time, and we thank her sincerely for all her work on our behalf.

We start into a New Year - 2014 Events • •

• •

Saturday, January 18th, a congregational pot luck supper sponsored by the Congregational Life Committee. Friday, January 24th, the always anticipated Acoustic Circus returns for it’s now annual multi-media sound and image presentation. You are in for a treat if you have not seen them yet ☺ Late January, annual congregational meeting. Friday, February 21st, a presentation by Harry and Helen hope on their fall mission trip.

Christmas at Knox What a busy time we have ahead Please take note and mark your calendar for these events Join us each Sunday Morning for our 11:00 am morning worship as we once again visit this special time of year and the celebration of the babe in the manger. And be sure to join us on Christmas Eve when like Christians all around the world we give thanks and hopefully realize just what a great country we live in where we are able to freely and openly do so. Christmas Carol Sing-a-Long In the sanctuary 7:30 – 8:30 Tuesday evenings in December Musicians Featured Tuesday, December 3rd – Michael Kelly Cavan Tuesday December 10th – Chelsea McWilliams and Pat McWilliams Tuesday December 17th – Herb Ciceri, Ray Kingsmore & Knox Choir Come join us and get in the spirit as we celebrate this special time of year. Food Bank Sundays December 8th and December 15th Please bring along and put under our Christmas tree, non perishable foods which will be delivered to our local Food Bank. A free will offering can be left in the box also under the tree. Let us help to brighten the Christmas of others as we give thanks for all that we have. Links to Care Christmas Assistance Knox congregation is supporting a family through the Links to Care Organization and we thank all those who have contributed to the specific items requested. Friday December 6th Holiday Farmers Market and Holiday Magic on Main and Mill Held indoors in the Knox Halls from 3:00 to 9:00 pm As well as along the downtown streets A bustling presentation of indoor vendors with special outdoor activities as well. Come out and join in the fun of Christmas Sunday December 8th The Halton Hills Concert Band will return to Knox for an evening concert. Tickets are $10.00 each available during coffee after church or at the door. Sunday December 15th Special Musical Presentation by our newly formed Children’s Music Ministry Under the leadership of Lauraine Jack Sunday December 22nd Our own talented choir will be singing selections from the Tapestry of Light, a Celtic Christmas Celebration

Knox Winter Newsletter 2013