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Slow Drip


Energy Deficit

We are experiencing a global crisis. The issue of climate change is everyone’s problem, and will take a joint effort by all nations to solve, but the U.S.A. must lead the way. In each step we take on this earth we are part of the solution. I am demonstrating the impact of industry on the environment. The sustainable elements of the sun, wind, earth and water become the vortex of the images. Using mediums such as oil and coal to recreate oil slicks and coal dust, I am expressing the reality, not just the aesthetic. In particular I am focusing on the skeleton-like shapes while juxtaposing the industrial-like text. There is a visual play or push and pull of the blatant destruction by industry between the subtle vibrations of nature.


The American way

The notion of the tension of the opposites permeates the bright bold abstractions of painter Nicole C. Harp. In her search for self-awareness., Harp explores a variety of social and political concepts and their opposites, always seeking a much desired equilibrium. A partial black border manifests in most of her paintings, providing the line of stability that we all seek for balance.


The 60’s Show

The collages are recycled images from LIFE Magazine from the sixties. That decade demonstrated a height of consumerism and consumption in America. Through recycling images I found parallels that confirmed and demonstrated only incremental growth toward developing preservation and conservation. The LIFE images are fragments of the past and are reassembled with painterly techniques. The layered narrative meets the demands of conveying a sense of time overlapping. Parallels seem to surface, appear and disappear, expressing a cohesive vision. A pattern of the last 50 years of culture, which has gone global and encompasses art, war and materialism, emerges.


About the Artist

Praise for Nicole

Harp imagines herself a messenger, her hands the vehicle in the translation from soul to canvas. The strong, vibrant colors, energetic brush strokes and bits of text, express her need to relate and communicate. She beckons the viewer to join with her in her endeavor to find order and balance in a chaotic world where we feel the constant pull of opposites. -Lorrie Saunders


Charles Taylor, Second Place Mixed Media Painting Award, Suffolk Art Museum TVAEA 2nd Place, Old Dominion University TVAEA 2nd Place, Hermitage Museum Charles Taylor, First Place Crestar, Cutting Edge Show. Best in Show Charles Taylor, honorable Mention

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Slow Drip, Norfolk State University, Wise Gallery, Norfolk, VA Solo Show, Selden Gallery, “Consumption” Norfolk, VA 24th Mid-Atlantic Art Exhibition, D’Art Center, Norfolk, VA tIME, cHRYSLER mUSEUM OF aRT, sELDEN aRCADE gALLERY, nORFOLK, va BiAnnual, Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News, VA Miniature Exhibition, Charles Taylor, Hampton, VA Solo Show, Tension of the Opposite, Lorrie Saunders Gallery, Norfolk, VA 41st Regional Juried Exhibit, Rawls Museum, Courtland, VA Night of 1000 Drawings, Artists Space, NYC, NY Annual Juried Art Show, Suffolk Art Museum, Suffolk, VA Mid-Atlantic Art Exhibit, Selden Arcade, Norfolk, VA TVAEA Juried Show, Hermitage Museum, Norfolk, VA Mid-Atlantic Art Exhibit, D’Art Center, Norfolk, VA New Waves 2003, Contemporary Art Center, Virginia Beach, VA Juror: Annie Adjchavanich, Executive Director, Washington Project for the Arts 38th Regional Juried Exhibit, Rawls Museum, Courtland, VA Sheltered Lives, Contemporary Art Center, Virginia Beach, VA Anniversary Exhibit, The D’Art Center, Norfolk, VA Solo Show, Wise Gallery, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA Artists Who Teach, Taylor Art Center, Hampton, VA Solo Show, V-Reed Fine Art, Atlanta, GA Two Person Show, Right Brain Gallery, Atlanta, GA Invitational Show, Habitat for the Humanities, Atlanta, GA Group Show, Bender and Bender Fine Art, Atlanta, GA Mural Project, Jimmy Carter Center, Atlanta, GA Solo Show, Gallery V, Atlanta, GA Group Show, High Museum of Art, Atlanta GA Cutting Edge Exhibition, Crestar Bank Gallery, Norfolk, VA


Keith Sweat Private Collection, Atlanta GA Julian Prichard Private, Atlanta GA Various other collections


The Artist in Exhibition


at the Selden Arcade


2905 Tait Terrace Norfolk Virginia, VA 23509


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Harp Nicole Resume 2  

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