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Medical Weight Loss Programs

Have you tried every other diet with no success?

Do the pills make you jittery?

Are you sick of feeling like just a number and not a person?

If you answer yes to these questions than read on

Circuitspa offers 2 types of weight loss programs HCG Weight Loss Program

Natural Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss Program  HCG patients follow a low calorie diet, this diet is based on how much your

current weight is when you start your HCG program with Circuit Med Spa, every patients program is different.

 Circuit Med Spa offers completely customized HCG programs that will give

you the necessary guidelines to loose weight and keep it off.

 Circuit Med Spa’s HCG Weight Loss Program is different from anyone else in


 Circuit Med Spa are not just a weight loss clinic, They are your BIGGEST


Program for

Natural Weight Loss  Circuit Med Spa offers a “Circuit” of Natural Weight Loss Equipment.  Circuit Med Spa Slimming Body Wraps – This Far Infrared Therapy allows

your body to burn up to 1400 calories in your 50 min session. This session will continue to detox your body over 12 hours and increase your metabolism for 36 hours following your treatment with us.

 It’s the Far Infrared heat that makes all the difference to the way you feel

and look. Because it penetrates twice as deep, infrared body wraps help you lose inches, keep weight off, activate natural enzymes and manage physical pain or discomfort.

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Medical weight loss program  

Medical weight loss program

Medical weight loss program  

Medical weight loss program