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Kevin Box ’12 deleted his Facebook again because In Memoriam James “Jimmy” Isaacson Knox Baseball Head Coach, 1989–1997 Associate Head Coach, 1998–2012


Longtime baseball coach James R. “Jimmy” Isaacson passed away on Friday, December 21, 2018. A head baseball coach, he led Knox to more than 119 victories in nine years. When son Jami Isaacson ’92 took over as head coach in 1998, the senior Isaacson served as associate head coach for another 13 seasons before retiring in 2012. Coach Isaacson was named Midwest Conference Coach of the Year twice and led the Knox baseball team to five conference tournament appearances. His 1997 team won 20 games, a Knox record until 2013, when the team won 22 games. He was also an assistant coach when the 2008 team won the Midwest Conference Championship. Jimmy coached baseball for 48 years, all in the Galesburg area. He won 1,172 games while coaching for the Galesburg Post 285 legion program, Carl Sandburg College, the Galesburg Pioneers, and Knox College. Jimmy also co-founded the Galesburg JFL program and served as a board member for 30 years. He coached JFL, YMCA basketball, and the Traveling Streaks. Jimmy served as an associate scout with the Cleveland Indians from 1972–77 and with the Tampa Bay Rays from 2002–10. He was the Galesburg Jaycees “Community Man of the Year” in 1980. Both players and colleagues say that his leadership on the field was unmatched. He demanded excellence, but was the first to congratulate players as they walked off the field. Baseball wasn’t just a game to him, it was a way to teach life lessons. His players always knew that he cared for them and in turn they cared for him. He is survived by wife Pat; children Jodi White of Palm Springs, California, Jami Isaacson of Galesburg, and Amy Crain of Shell Knob, Missouri; sister Beverly Kay of Salem, Oregon; grandchildren Nick Hyman, Jillian Brackett, Peyton Isaacson, Nolan Crain, and Avery Crain; and a great-grandson, Nathan Hyman. Memorial gifts may be made to Hospice Compassus ( or the Knox College Jimmy Fund at



James Turner ’49 on 12/27/18. Marilyn Watson Bruch ’50 on 7/10/18. Vernell Holter ’50 on 11/19/18. John Jochem ’50 on 11/13/16. Ben Jones III ’50 on 6/7/16. Curtis Morling ’50 on 11/11/15. Joseph Wagner ’50 on 12/16/18. William Barnum ’51 on 11/3/18. O. James Owen ’51 on 12/1/18. Willard Thompson ’51 on 12/24/18. Walter Verner ’51 on 12/11/18. Pauline Hansen Cooke ’52 on 12/7/15. Alfred Elworthy ’52 on 7/21/15. Cynthia Kenyon Marty ’52 on 10/4/18. Julie Van Ness ’52 on 1/6/16. J. Stephen Crawford ’53 on 12/27/18. Priscilla Dillon Haynes ’53 on 11/3/18. Oliver Nickels ’53 on 12/21/18. Shirley Hardin Cann ’54 on 7/4/18. James Casper ’54 on 11/8/18. Walter Gutstein ’54 on 10/07/18. James Johnson ’54 on 12/2/18. Gloria Olson Larsen ’54 on 4/27/18. Ivana Tietz Lyttle ’54 on 4/10/17. Mary Lee Sackett Smith ’54 on 1/26/18. Norma Jean Yontz Bacho ’55 on 10/24/18. Robert Heinz Jr. ’55 on 4/24/18. William Herzog ’55 on 1/30/18. John Jess ’55 on 1/22/18. JoAnn Nystrom Reiners ’55 on 10/8/18. David Bailey ’56 on 8/4/14. Albert “Bill” Hellwig ’56 on 9/1/18. Lizbeth Fitzsimmons Jones ’57 on 9/19/18. Thomas Kmet ’57 on 11/7/14. Judith Fricke Abplanalp ’59 on 2/8/15. Eino Latvala ’59 on 8/12/16. Dennis Neuzil ’59, date not provided. John Stuckey ’61 in October 2018. JoAnne Knox Cope ’62 on 12/18/18. James Kratzer ’63 on 9/7/18. Peter Di Ciaula ’64 on 12/30/18. Susan Boyd Kidder ’65 on 7/22/15. Albert Knight ’65 on 12/9/18. Bonnie Baird Wilford ’67 on 4/4/19. Margot Khan Pettijean ’68 on 12/16/18. Steven Driscoll ’70 on 3/22/16. Roger Elmer ’70 on 2/20/18. Thomas Michels ’70 on 5/2/17. Penelope Patton Tippy ’70 on 12/23/18. John Gaggini ’71 on 8/6/18. Michele McMaster ’71 on 9/26/18. Marilyn Holmes Knapp ’72 on 1/7/19. Ruth Larner Dritz ’73 in August 2016. David Myers ’73 on 9/23/17. Joshua William Hippely ’74 on 1/5/19. Richard D’Elia ’75 on 11/21/18. John “Randy” Darby ’79 on 7/10/18. Patrick Saylor ’81 on 11/29/18. Donald Turner Jr. ’84 on 11/21/18. Christopher Heimann ’04 on 4/21/19. William Hamlet ’06 on 10/2/16. Carla Lynn Smith ’07 on 10/19/18. Charles Gómez Albarrán ’19 on 3/20/19.

Deaths of Friends

Edward King, husband of Joy Kerler King ’47, on 8/17/15. Joan Leeney, wife of James Leeney Jr. ’64, on 8/28/15. Henry Scobell, father of Summer Scobell DeRuyter ’93, on 9/10/15. Barbara Bennett, wife of Robert Bennett ’47, on 2/13/16. Joan Betts, wife of Roger Betts ’58, on 3/10/16. Elaine Brabec, wife of Donald Brabec ’51, on 4/14/16. Robert Swanson, husband of Virginia Daniel Swanson ’58, on 6/4/16. Charles Altmeyer, husband of Doris Sass Altmeyer ’46, on 6/7/16. Ray Spooner, father of Sophia Spooner ’16, on 8/8/16. William Brooks, husband of Marilyn Brooks ’72, on 11/8/16. Robert Moran, father of Nicholas Moran ’13, on 5/15/17. Philip Grant, husband of Grace McDowall Grant ’43, on 5/17/17. Tom Cann, husband of Shirley Hardin Cann ’54, on 8/12/17. Brad Loudenback, husband of Gwyneth Williams ’79, on 4/3/18. Virginia McClanahan, wife of Thomas McClanahan ’44, on 4/26/18. Judy Butts, wife of Thomas Butts ’65, on 6/6/18. Richard Kay, formerly of history, on 7/13/18. Thom Cole, father of Brian Cole ’16, on 7/22/18. Gary Mitchell, friend of the College, on 7/23/18. Sally A. Marquith Benedict, mother-in-law of Karen Benedict, office of the registrar, and grandmother of Laura Swanson, advancement, on 8/13/18. Joan Polay, mother of Bruce Polay, former professor of music and former conductor of the Knox-Galesburg Symphony, and mother-in-law of Louise Polay, music, on 9/3/18. Margaret Haywood, sister of Elizabeth Haywood ’88, on 9/13/18. Carla Boyden, wife of Scott Boyden ’72, on 9/13/18. Melissa Harding Hummel, sister of K.C. Harding, athletics, on 9/15/18. Elfriede McGill, mother of Monica McGill, computer science, and mother-in-law of Sheri McGill, admission, on 9/16/18. Charles Bednar Jr., friend of the College, on 9/18/18. Mary Shanley, wife of David Shanley ’60, on 9/20/18. Al Partin, former football and wrestling coach and father of Patricia Partin ’74 and Richard Partin ’75, on 10/17/18. Bridget Crouch, formerly of dining services, on 10/26/18.

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