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Class Knox campus who looked very old.” —David Bates ’78 on Homecoming 2018 this summer, and if I’m lucky and win my age group, I will be off to South Africa for the world championships. But given that I’m the oldest in the age group now, my chances are a little slim. I also intend to do age group national championships along with our classmate, Bryn Douds.” ❯ Speaking of Bryn Douds: “Doug Hill and I will be in Cleveland on August 11 competing in USA Triathlon National Championships. This is my first time, and Doug says it would have been his lucky number 13 last year except that he fell down the stairs at home.” ❯ Amy Eichengreen Andrews shared this news: “Steve Andrews ’76 and I are very busy these days. We have one beautiful granddaughter who is almost 3 years old. She will soon be a big sister. Our oldest daughter is also pregnant and will give birth this June. The babies are both girls, so we will have three granddaughters. We love to babysit. Steve is semi-retired and works a few days a week. I still teach. We love to vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where we have a second home, whenever we have the time.” ❯ From Laurie Anderson: “Greetings from St. Paul, Minnesota. In July, I retired from my in-house corporate general counsel job. Much of my free time is spent volunteering at Secondhand Hounds dog and cat rescue. Husband Jon and I specialize in doing rescue transports. We work with shelters and transporters in Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa, as well as many other states. I enjoy retirement and hope to do some volunteer legal work as well. First, I have travel plans and other bucket list projects.” ❯ Mara Malakoff got in touch: “Very much enjoyed reconnecting with classmates at our 40th (my first time back to Knox in 20 years). Another college reconnect this year—I visited a friend in Oregon I met during my junior year on Knox’s Besançon program (and hadn’t seen in over 15 years). And Diane Slaviero ’77 and her husband visited me in North Carolina in December. I live on a lake north of Charlotte and enjoy evening swims during the summer. I keep active with kayaking, tennis, sailing, and hiking. I work for Bank of America (almost 30 years; now in technology group with focus on data). One daughter graduates from MIT in June, majoring in environmental engineering with a heavy focus on computer science/data analytics. She has two paid research projects this year! The other daughter is now in her fourth year, assisting with marine microbiology research focused on tracking the evolution of bacteria/viruses. She will move to London to work for Facebook as a data scientist, and I am dreaming that there will be a bed there whenever I visit!” Class Correspondent: Sarah Kaull 52 Ober Street, Beverly, MA 01915-4733, 978-810-0181,

1978 First, let me thank Pam Swafford and John Luthy (and everyone at the College) for a great

job in organizing and delivering a great Reunion! The campus looks great and is full of positive energy, and the ’Burg is holding its own (downtown looks the best I have seen in years). My only complaint was seeing roving groups of alumni wandering across campus who looked very old, but whom upon closer inspection were from classes five and 10 years younger than ours! How can that be? I can’t help but see the familiar grounds through my 19-year-old eyes, at least until the occasional and shocking images I see in the mirror. We had a great turnout, and it was great to catch up with so many people. ❯ I am sure others will report on the long ordeal and amazing heart transplant and recovery of Tom Yarotsky ’77 here in Houston, but I will just add my well wishes to Tom and his family and thankfulness for the miracles of modern medicine. ❯ The rest of the news is slightly less exciting. ❯ Jim Foley likes the name of my new law firm (Foley). ❯ John Luthy returned to the frozen tundra known as Chicago after Thanksgiving, which was spent in Northern California with his sister’s family, his younger brother and his wife, and his daughter. He joined fellow Phi Delt Brian Sullivan ’79 in traveling to Macomb to check on a rental house there, staying in Galesburg and walking around campus. They had never been to Lake Storey while attending Knox (they had a sheltered life) so drove out to check it out! Both of them realized how little of Galesburg we saw while at Knox. Christmas was spent with friends in Chicago, as daughter Kate traveled with friends to Morocco, sending wonderful photos of their exploits, which included camping in the desert on Christmas Eve! His son and daughter-in-law blessed him with a grandson on January 2, at 12:50 p.m. John has already planned what his first car will be (both toy and real!). He sold one rental house and plans to selling his house in Naperville, in case someone is looking for a large ranch house near Chicago! He planned to visit Santa Barbara in late January and again in early March, with a visit in between to visit his daughter in Dallas. ❯ Susan Haerr Zucker reports that in November, she and Paul Zucker spent a few weeks with friends in Morocco, with the highlight perhaps being “glamping” in the Sahara. She says the sand dunes were amazing, and riding a camel was not nearly as difficult as she expected. They found the country fascinating, the food fabulous, and the people friendly. Paul went off to bike in Death Valley in February with fellow Knox friends Craig Steele ’76 and Tim Loch and wife Mary. Susan had to miss the adventure to be on campus for meetings. ❯ Bob Castle wrote to say that he and Deb Raphael Castle ’77 wanted to thank everyone who beat the bushes to get us to Galesburg! He says, while the ’Burg has taken more than a few lumps, parts of the town have rebounded, and Knox looked great. It was great to hear about classmates’ families and retirement plans (unbelievable!), as well as more than a few aches and pains. He noted that during convoca-

tion, the Class of ’68 was remembered for its place in a turbulent time for our nation. Our turn is just around the corner. We’ll see you in 10, if not sooner! ❯ Brad Milton reported that he still works in Germany as a contractor for the Defense Health Agency, managing the design of the new hospital being built to replace Landstuhl Medical Center. “Still”—as in he started in 2011 at the 20-percent design mark expecting to be done by 2018, but is still there in 2019 at 30-percent (DESIGN!) with a potential occupancy date of 2026. Good news: He likes the work, the people he works with, and living in Europe. “Oh, and I’m learning a hell of a lot—which still feels nice.” Wife Peg works for the Department of Defense Education Activity as an ESL teacher in a local DoD elementary school. She, too, likes her work and living there. They travel frequently—they spent Christmas break with their kids in Amsterdam and visited Luxembourg in January and Paris (again) in February. He says it is amazing that so many of these places are closer to them than Kansas City was to their former home in Omaha. Daughter Emily was just accepted into a Ph.D. program at University of Michigan. Son Evan is about to launch his own computer engineering firm. And not to be outdone, cat Otto turned 6 months in February and already knows how to fetch. ❯ Senator Julie Jones Morrison reports that she and Joe Morrison ’79 are now grandparents of five, including twin boys born in December. She had to miss our Reunion as it was too close to Election Day, and she had to stay in the district to campaign. Luckily, she won another four-year term and returns to Springfield as chair of the Senate Human Services Committee and Vice Chair of Public Health. I find it telling that she reported on her grandchildren first, and then on being elected as senator—way cool. ❯ It was great to hear from Steve Fraser as well. He is in Southern California and is very pleased to now be working with his great friend and the best lawyer he knows, David Koester ’76. David finished a long and distinguished career as a senior executive with Nationwide Insurance to join Steve’s firm, Fraser Watson & Croutch LLP, this past year. They specialize in defense of health care providers (too bad they aren’t in Illinois, where they could lobby important senators). ❯ Tim Hays made it back to his first Reunion since graduation, and it was great to catch up with him. He is very busy running his family manufacturing business near Pittsburg, so it was a sacrifice I appreciated. By the way, his year abroad in Barcelona when we were at Knox paid dividends—he sells most of his products outside the U.S.! ❯ That’s all for now. Please drop me a line when something exciting happens. Faithfully, your scrivener of record ... Class Correspondent: David Bates 174 Haversham, Houston, TX 77024-6248, 713-722-0815,



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Knox Magazine - Summer 2019