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Class Knox out into the world and do stuff.” —Cush Copeland ’72 on his retirement University. It includes a postscript that notes Greg Divers’ classic squirrel imitations when Don and Greg were at Knox. ❯ Roberta Hoffman has now lived in Germany more than twice as long as she lived in the U.S. She retired from strenuous teaching six years ago and enjoys training her dog(s) and taking part in agility and rally obedience trials. She and husband Peter Bennemann will celebrate their silver anniversary this summer, which Germans do BIG style. Family will be coming from the States and will be introduced to beloved Ireland for a week after the party. ❯ Nick Poulos sends: “I have just completed my 25th year with ASG Technologies, a private software company based in Naples, Florida. Although I have reached the age (and financial goals) for retirement, I still have too much fun to retire just yet. I provide technical demonstrations of my company’s software products, teach customers to use them, and sometimes provide customizations of the software. I like to joke that one of my job duties is collecting hats, because I have them from several of the more than 25 countries on six continents and several islands that I have visited for my job. Fortunately, with advances in technology, I can now do much of this without the crushing experience of spending hours or even days flying back and forth. Times have certainly changed since 1973. Even my phone has more than a million times the memory and power of the IBM 1130 computer that I remember from my days at Knox.” ❯ Bob Prout became a first-time grandpa in February. Son Glenn and wife Kathleen are Rocco Alan’s proud parents. ❯ John Straus writes: “At year’s end, I retired from my business development work at Exponent and have moved on to my next stage: Not Retired, Just No Longer Working For A Living! My term as a Knox trustee (ex officio as alumni council immediate past president) ends in June, and it’s been an honor and privilege to be a part of this august body. The work our board takes on and the results produced are nothing short of spectacular. If you know a trustee, thank him or her for their service. Grandparenting, cooking, traveling, and some consulting are my plans for my future.” ❯ Curt Strom reports: “2018 was a busy year for Kim and me. We sold our Florida condo in June, retired on July 3, and made a trip to Aspen in October, along with buying a house in Vero Beach, Florida. December brought the sale of our house in Connecticut and the MOVE! The only good thing about the MOVE was I was able to lose a lot of weight in the process. Next year we plan to live on our boat in Connecticut for the summer and take a cruise or two. Next fall, we will cruise our boat south on the Intercoastal Waterway. So far, retirement has been great.” ❯ Finally, Nancy Dunlop reports the sad news of the passing of Roberta Malone Rooney on December 19, 2018. Many remember how her guitar and voice added to our Newman Club gatherings in the Gizmo. Class Correspondent: Nancy Bakos Hunter 5280 Easley Way, Golden, CO 80403-1161, 303-278-3163,

1974 Many of our classmates wrote to say they will attend our 45th Reunion this November. Looks like it will be a good opportunity to see old friends again. Can’t wait! ❯ Richard Heitman: “This has been my first year of retirement from teaching. I am now Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Classics at Carthage College. Since my left brain has been crammed for so long with the linguistic, symbolic, abstract, and speculative, I thought it time to try my hand at ‘drawing on the right side of the brain.’  I sketch all the time and am making progress. I am young again, discovering a new facet of myself.” ❯ Jim Mott: “Thanks for the reminder about booking for Homecoming. Just booked a room. Wouldn’t want to miss our 45th.” ❯ Mary Alice “Fritz” Nemetz Ketchum: “Our daughter married her husband this fall in Texas, followed two weeks later by a Hindu ceremony in Calcutta that lasted four days! I teach theatre courses at University of Texas at Dallas and at Collin College. I have also served as a guest artist-in-residence for Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. My husband continues in his role as regional manager for Wattstoppers/LeGrand. No retirement just yet! We built a new home in a small greenbelt community in McKinney, Texas.” ❯ Jeff Gartner: “After living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, since 1985, my wife and I moved to Cincinnati this past August to be close to our oldest daughter and her family here, especially their two boys. She’s the one of our three daughters who are settled for certain. I can do my marketing and community research work from anywhere, and my wife is doing a three-year phased long-distance retirement from her faculty position at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids.” ❯ Mark VanRaden: “For four years, I’ve lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with my wife, son, and daughter (all Knox grads). This city and our family togetherness are major sources of joy and strength. I retired three years ago but traveled little afterward, except that last spring I had an amazing travel adventure: the Knox alumni tour in Sitka, Alaska. It was fantastic in organization, program (featuring local sustainable-fishing people), and gracious, flexible hosting by Knox environmental professor Nic Mink (an Alaska-loving Floridian!). It was great to join Bob Nelson ’40 (who took first place in fishing!) and other Knox associates for fun, food, and adventure (like the live-shotgun escort for our day trek in Tongass National Forest’s ‘bear country’). One of our many takeaway tour lessons: Shorter-term commercial interests and irresponsible governing are again threatening the visionary protections of public lands engineered 100 years ago by John Muir, Teddy Roosevelt, and others. My overall takeaway from the trip: Kudos to Knox!” ❯ Betty Harpham Spieth-Croll: In her first submission to these class notes, Betty writes, “Hi from Seattle,” where she’s lived since graduation. Betty and husband Tim spend a lot of time with grandkids,

traveling and working in public policy issues around Seattle. Son Andy and family also live in Seattle, and Chris and family live in the L.A. area. “A highlight of the past year was getting together for the first time in 40+ years with Class Scribe Monta Lee Dakin in Denver, where sister Joan Harpham ’76 now lives. And we got a hotel room for next year’s Knox Homecoming.” She hopes to see many of you there! ❯ Bruce Roberts: He lives in San Jose. He is retired and advocates on affordable housing and homelessness issues. He is also involved in the Cinequest film festival. ❯ Jim and Jan Dillon Rybka: They moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, in August 2018. “After living in Lafayette, Indiana, for 44 years, we knew moving would be a big change and very challenging, and it was! We have adjusted to a new ‘normal,’ and enjoy the change in geography and downsized lifestyle. We now have five grandchildren. The three youngest live here in Flagstaff: our two oldest are in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If any of Knox friends have plans to visit the Grand Canyon (it really should be on your bucket list!), you will most likely pass through Flagstaff. Please consider looking us up. We would love to see your old (no offense meant) and familiar faces again!” ❯ Margie Beers: “I will finally finish my undergrad degree at Northeastern Illinois University on May 6. My daughter-in-law gave birth on January 1 to my seventh grandchild. I now work for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services as the administrative assistant to the chief deputy director, and I’m also the office manager. We had a great summer. We spent two weeks in Scandinavia and visited Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. I plan to attend Homecoming in November.” ❯ Monta Lee Dakin: “I’m traveling, writing, and consulting with museums. I spent a month in France, driving everywhere (my college/high school French was useless). I’m finding good stories to write about as I dig into the history of my family, from the dirt farmers along the Pony Express route to a poet who wrote ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ Yes, I am directly related to Robert Burns—much to my surprise—which means I must visit his stomping grounds in Scotland this summer. In the recent election, my son worked for Kyrsten Sinema’s successful Arizona senatorial campaign, and his fiancé managed the campaign that elected Jared Polis as Colorado’s new governor. Can’t wait to see you all at our 45th!” ❯ Glen Moberg: “Mary Beth and I got together with two very dear friends, Jay Larmee and wife Marcia, who we haven’t seen in more than 25 years. Jay and I were roommates at Knox and spent several months on an adventure in the Colorado Rockies.” Glen recently celebrated his long career as the host of Wisconsin Public Radio’s Route 51. He recounted his favorite feature stories, including one in which he held a wild bear cub on a DNR research expedition. He performed original songs on acoustic guitar, and he shared thoughts about the current state of broadcast journalism. A 42-year veteran of broadcast journalism where he



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Knox Magazine - Summer 2019  

Knox Magazine - Summer 2019