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For the residents of Filwood, and parts of Knowle & Windmill Hill

DARK ANGELS WIN WORLD HIP HOP CHAMPIONSHIPS! The team arrived home from Orlando after going to print. Article in next issue.

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NICER AT NEWQUAY Jess Capes Ilminster Ave. School

Photo left to right: Tina Plumpton, Pat Rogers, Alfie Plumpton, Megan Dean, and Margaret Rawlins. Photo by Jess Capes, Ilminster Ave. Specialist Nursery School

The Language for Learning project started because we recognised the importance of having a common language, to talk about learning, that everyone can share and understand. Parents/carers, children and staff from Ilminster Avenue Specialist Nursery School, Ilminster Avenue Primary School and Hengrove Community Arts college worked together to plan and design a mural which depicts how we learn. The mural will be painted on a wall at the end of Newquay Road shops. With the support of the shop owner Michelle Hosken, Neighbourhood Renewal and Mil Lusk and her Buried Treasure team, the area in front of the wall has been transformed. Everyone involved in the project has worked together to clear the land, plant seedlings and fruit trees - making the area more attractive. Please look out for the painting of the mural which is due to take place on the 5th and 6th of June. We hope the community will enjoy looking and talking about our learning mural.


Carol Donovan


Pupils from Ilminster Avenue Primary School have taken up their pens and crayons to emphasise the colourful anti-litter message: DON’T DROP IT – BIN IT! The school project, supported by Bristol City Council’s Environmental Team, came about because of the messy state of local roads and pavements on the school run. Assistant Headteacher Karen Clode said: “We were keen not only to get our own area tidied up, but to make our pupils aware that litter is an eyesore and can even be dangerous. They responded so enthusiastically that I’m sure everyone in the area will get the message!” Older pupils designed their own posters from scratch, and younger ones showed their eye for colour with crayons, pens and paints. They also took part in litter picks around the school grounds and watched a presentation on the effects of litter on wildlife.

Ilminster Avenue School will also be allocating its own recycling areas, and developing an anti-litter policy. Pupils are not allowed sweets or crisps in school, and any wrappers from lunchboxes are returned home at the end of the school day. Enforcement Officer Carol Donovan said: “Young people can often teach adults a thing or two about respecting their environment, so it is no surprise that these children have tackled this subject with such excitement. Now the enforcement team at the City Council will do all it can to help spread the clean-up message, so the school run becomes less of a paper chase!”

Cover Image: The Dark Angels, Hip Hop dancers from Knowle West, photo provided by Sally Clements.


Filwood Library

Want to access the benefits of the internet, but don’t have it at home? Have you thought about your local library? A great range of non-fiction books for all ages, a children’s area with a range of picture books. Also books in large print and reference books. There’s free use of computers with internet and email access and cheap DVD rental. Available as well: art exhibition space, help & advice, community legal service - self help point, children’s area, activities and storytimes. (Pre-school storytime and crafts, term time Mondays 2.15pm.) (Baby Bounce and Rhyme, Nursery Rhymes and musical instruments, with cheap refreshments for parents, Fridays 10.30 am.) For school holiday activities contact the library. Open Monday – Friday 09.30am—5pm Saturdays 09.30am-1pm (Closed 1pm - 2pm for lunch and Closed Thursdays) Free Silver Surfer Day Friday 23rd May: 9.30am-1pm / 2-5pm Frightened of using computers? We will give you the support you need! (On-street parking nearby. Ramped access to the side of the building.) tel: 0117 9038581 email:



Photo above: At a special event held in the school in April the young artists each received an Easter egg for their hard work – and you can be sure all the wrappers went in the bin!


Community News

Your Letters...

COMMUNITY IN PARTNERSHIP NM Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote, it was a fantastic response! Over 3,000 votes were received for your zone reps. Well done and a BIG thank you to the Womens group for all their hard work, canvassing and door knocking during the 2 weeks of elections, out in all winds & weather!

ZONE 3 Margaret Rawlins & Pat Filer

ZONE 4 Ted Bowden & Ann Smith

Elected CIP Board residents: ZONE 1 Mike Whereatt & Rose Manning We would also like to welcome Kurt James as the new Manager for NM. Kurt was previously NR Manager at Southmead. ZONE 2 Alan Mogg & Denise Britt

Ph0tos of Elected CIP Board provided by Anita Pearce

Anita Pearce


age 8

A stranger called at school Dressed in black and grey Put every sound into a bag And carried them away The The The The

chattering of the children splashing of the water ringing of the bell shouting of the teacher

The scribbling of the pencils The stomping of the floor Stamping on the stairs The banging of the door White board pens squeaking The ticking of the clock The screeching of the chairs The turning of the lock A stranger called at school He didn’t leave his name Left us in silence Life will never be the same again

Neighbourhood Management 37 Filwood Broadway Bristol BS4 1JL


tel : (0117) 9084248

Ceri Lowe-Petraske local resident


Lesley has a weekly Market Stall in the Mede Community Centre’s Cafe (Fridays, 10 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.). She doesn’t worry about the produce being organic - as long as it’s fresh, locally-grown and not too expensive. Lesley can take orders, from a single item to a complete ‘Veg Box’ worth five pounds. If Friday isn’t convenient, you can arrange to collect orders on a Wednesday morning.

The original idea behind the Friday Market was to sell fresh vegetables to families for their Sunday lunches. So: Who said cauliflower was going out of fashion?

This is an advertorial

Project Agricola is part of the Knowle West Carbon Makeover, being run by local resident Lesley Belgium, it aims to encourage people to ‘Buy British’ by bringing locally-produced fruit and vegetables to the Inns Court area.

Photo left by Misty Tunks

Lesley Belgium local resident

On March 22nd 2008, the Great Super Novers Street Clean took place! On a crisp spring morning the team of people living in the Knowle community braved a brief flurry of snow to create an amazing event! The atmosphere was brilliant with everyone joining in and getting their hands dirty. There was hot soup and cakes for everyone and we managed to clear up the majority of the rubbish in just over 3 hours. The hill now looks fantastic with the team collecting over 30 bags of rubbish and recycling, the majority of which will now go to create something new, rather than directly to landfill. A big thank you to all those who volunteered on the day - it was absolutely phenomenal!



Lesley Belgium


local resident

It has been so cold that it is not too late to start your 2008 garden. You can use bedding plants for colourful summer flowers, and plug plants (vegetable seedlings) for autumn vegetables. Salad crops can still be grown from seed - sow every 3-4 weeks, now until September. Watch out for cold weather and late frosts, don’t forget to harden seedlings off before transplanting outside. But do get your seed potatoes in by the end of May. Remember that bright flowers will attract all sorts of pollinators to your garden, and some vegetables have their own colourful invites like runner beans and courgettes.

Misty Tunks Carbon Makeover

Coordinator / resident By now I am sure that you’ve all heard about the Carbon Makeover project….if not, where have you been?! Since January, 70 Knowle West homes have been tackling climate change. Each home is reducing their environmental impact to protect the future of the Knowle West and the planet.

Here’s to a good harvest!

GREEN SCENE: OUR FOOD Glenn Vowles local resident

Money saving, no cost or low cost ideas to help you cut your environmental impacts. * Generally buy locally, regionally or nationally grown (and seasonal) food where you can – this cuts down transport, environmental impacts and supports producers here. * Refuse plastic and paper bags by taking your own; avoid wastefully packaged goods; and buy in bulk if possible (both the price per kilo of food and per kilo of packaging is lower). * Make a list before you shop – it helps you stick to buying only what you need.

CM participants uncovered the joys of waste and recycling at the first Carbon Surgery, ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ in March. Local waste experts gave participants the unique chance to find out more about how our rubbish could be reduced, reused and finally, recycled. The most successful part of the day was the clothing swap shop - most people walked away with a treasure or two! The participants also watched community-made films looking at how the global problem of waste is addressed in New Zealand and how a local mother and son combo have addressed recycling in their own home. People commented that they found Rita and Connor’s story “heart warming” and that it inspired them to do more. Our most recent memorable event was part of Filwood Funday, where the CM team organised a trash band workshop. See page 10 for more info. There was a Wild Food Walk in the Northern Slopes. We looked for food growing in the wild, and


sampled quiche made from nettles and dandelion! As if all of this wasn’t enough, 6 local people have become community campaigners. Lesley is running Project Agricola, see page 3. Local gardener Mil, of Green Footprints, is taking orders for vegetable seedlings. Please call 07810 474558 to place your order. Resident, Prakash of Green Homes is offering his energy assessing services for free to 100 homes in KW. Two local women, Erica & Sue, are heading up a campaign to rid KW of plastic bags. They will be setting up a sewing circle and making re-useable bags out of recycled materials. Local foodie Graham, is planning to build a clay oven in KW that will be used to bake breads and pizzas, it will also be a community resource for people to learn about ‘carbon-balanced’ cooking. Local gardener, Akilah is also keen to tell people how they can make a living medicine cabinet out of plants. The campaigners have been regularly meeting up to support each other and share ideas. If you have any ideas for them or can help out please contact Misty on the details below. Finally, the Carbon Makeover was a finalist for an award, on the 1st May we will have found out if we were the winners of the Carbon Positive Community award! 9030444


This is an advertorial


Photo: CM campaigners, by M. Stanley

Environment news

Policing in your community The way that we police the Filwood area has changed. You now have a dedicated neighbourhood team, determined to improve the quality of life issues that affect so many people. How often have you, or your neighbours, complained about anti-social behaviour, graffiti, street drinking, drug use or untaxed vehicles? For years the Police have focussed upon the number of crimes committed, as a measure of how successful they have been, but in doing this we have overlooked some of the important issues that directly affect peoples’ lives. Your neighbourhood team is determined to put this right, and we really need your help! Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings give YOU the opportunity to tell US what we should be focussing upon. In the February meeting, local people told us that anti-social behaviour on Newquay Rd, Melvin Square and Filwood Broadway were their biggest problems.

As a result, your neighbourhood team immediately focussed its patrols in those locations. Several arrests have been made, including a number for public order offences, possession of offensive weapons and assault. Longer-term plans have been made to increase the CCTV coverage at the locations. Support has been given to local groups that aim to engage with young people, to offer them an alternative. This is only the start of our work in this area, and the team really hope that you will start to notice the benefits immediately. More information about policing priorities and our next PACT meeting can be found in the article below.

POLICING PRIORITIES The following policing priorities have been identified for the Filwood area; Anti-social behaviour at Filwood Broadway Anti-social behaviour at Newquay Road Anti-social behaviour at Melvin Square

Fly Tipping at Inns Court Green Your neighbourhood team will be giving people a chance to hear what has been done about these issues, and to decide upon the priorities for the next two months, at the next PACT meeting to be held at the Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Avenue, on Tues 3rd June, 6.30pm.

YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD name TEAM Your neighbourhood team consists of the following officers. PC’s Shane BIRD and James BRAIN have joined PC Darren DRAPER in the role of beat manager. They are responsible for managing community safety, and longer-term crime issues on the beat. They don’t routinely respond to calls from the public reporting an offence in progress, or a crime that has occurred, but you can rest assured that they are fully aware of everything that goes on in the Filwood area. They take responsibility for ensuring that action is taken to tackle the problems raised in the PACT meetings. They patrol the area regularly, on foot, on bikes and occasionally in vehicles. They take responsibility for managing prolific offenders in their area, and they also manage the PCSO’s. We have three PCSO’s. Mitzi BLAND has unfortunately had a nasty motorcycle accident, and we wish her a speedy recovery. Siful ULLAH and Tania GODDARD are very well known, and respected, throughout the community. They provide an additional presence, and tackle some of the lower level issues that affect peoples lives. They have an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the local troublemakers, and lots of local people trust them with valuable intelligence about crime and drugs within the area.

Anti-social behaviour at Novers Lane



The content of this page is the editorial control of Broadbury Road Police Station

SGT. Nigel Colston

Photo provided by Liam McCormack, PCSO


design, websites, digital stories, photography and animation. Michael Smith, 23, from the Archimedia Core Group said: “I have a deep sense of achievement in my heart. When we first started I imaged it was going to be impressive, but I didn't count on it being this fabulous!”

resident / editor

Young people who work with Knowle West Media Centre launched a two day programme of celebration on Thursday 10 April when they officially opened the £2.6m green new HQ that they helped to plan, design and build. The opening ceremony marked the successful end of a 5 year project to provide Knowle West with a beacon of creative and climate-friendly media enterprise, where young people can develop the technological skills demanded by the digital age.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Jack, Levi, and Caleb MOS Mouth of the South young reporters interviewed visitors to the Knowle West Media Centre’s opening event.

Lord Mayor Royston Griffey, said the new Knowle West Media Centre was “absolutley fantastic’. Other visitors said it was “gorgeous” “fantastic, a great resource” “very impresssive” and“lovely and great”. People also commented on the professionalism of the reporters from Mouth of the South.

Carolyn Hassan, Director of KWMC said: “This is a great achievement for the community. We could not have done it without the support of the many active individuals and community organisations that work locally. It’s important to us to remember our beginnings - we came out of a project set up by Knowle West Health Association and we remain committed to working with the community as well as developing a national presence.”

The two-day opening event included film screenings, exhibitions, interactive media, Carbon Makeover, story telling, tree planting, animations, and play activities.

Knowle West Media Centre's services include; production facilities, room and equipment hire, events packages, and exciting hands on learning alongside professionals with media workshops in film,


young person

Today was an extremely busy and tiring day. Many people aged from 60 to teenagers really enjoyed today, as there were many different activities to do. I recorded a few stories from the midnight storyteller. It was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. Secondly I interviewed a few familiar faces known as Rose Manning, Graham Blacker, Ken Jones and Tracey Pool. The interviews were each 3-5 minutes long.

The interviews were about various old pictures they had chosen. Each picture had a different theme and a different story to it.

Photo left: Digital Fish Film Club, photo by Marcus Maby, local young person.

Makala Cheung

Councillor Helen Holland, Leader of Bristol City Council, said: "It is thrilling for the Council, as a strong supporter of the Media Centre, to share the celebrations of the official opening of this innovative community project.”

The content of these two pages is the editorial control of Knowle West Media Centre

Photo top left: The Archimedia Core Group cut a giant strip of film, as an acknowledgment to the work they put in to the buildings plans and designs. Photo by TA McKenny





local young person

I came to the Knowle West Media Centre Opening. I like photography so they said to come and try out taking photos with the photography group here for young people called Nlarge. It was fun. After that I went outside and there were lots of people doing planting. I got a shovel and started digging for the flower meadow outside the new building. I got a bit dirty but it was still fun. Then I went to do dressing up in old clothes and they took a photo in the old style polaroids, as part of the Amazing Archive. I also got to do some arts and crafts outside with Play Rangers. My brother Jack got to find out about Fire Safety at a display in the Media Centre Garden:

“I went and talked to the fire man and asked about how to be a fireman. The fireproof room was outside and in it was black. When they set the pan alight and let it smoke a bit, they opened it and showed everyone. They got a cup on a pole and tipped it over and the fire went 'woosh' and sparkled up and flew across the roof and nearly burnt us all. It taught me never to put water on a burning chip pan - turn off the gas supply if you can and get out of the house and phone 999.”

Levi Hodge & Sophie King

Local young reporters We went to watch media box funded films made by Digital Fish film club and I thought they were fantastic especially Blind Fate. Here is some quotes from people who also watched media box: “Good quality filmmaking, good directing. Great animation and hope to see some of these short films on TV.” “I didn’t know we had such talented children, they should be encouraged. Well done!”

Photo left by Marcus Maby, young resident


Photo left by Lauren Hunt, Nlarge


“The films were really varied with some funny, some informative.” “The screening showed a vast amount of talent in the community. The young people have shown they are really passionate about enviromental issues and the skills they have learned and are still learning.” So Digital fish you’re GREAT!! (Digital Fish on page 6)


Anita Moore Writing Competition Winner “I moved to Langhill Avenue, Inns Court, after the war, from Swindon where we lived with mum’s sister. I was born in Bristol, so for my parents it was like coming home, my dad had all his family here.

I went to Connaught Road, Junior and Senior, where 6 or 7 girls in my class all lived in my street. We all played in the street, my mum and all the kids, cricket with the pig bin as the wicket. No cars in the road then, happy days. I took my siblings to the 3p rush at Broadway Picture House. On Saturday mornings

some times I had to take the kids with me to the coal yard by Eagle House. I gave them a lift in the cart on the way up, but they had to walk a long way home. I have lived in Knowle nearly all my life, and I expect we will be here in the end, I don’t want to move as I have many good friends here. So, until I win the lottery, then I will think about it.”

I have been overseeing five bursaries of a range of media. We had our own room to exhibit our final pieces of work. The one below was a photography piece by a group of young ladies from Withywood school. They made these posters to show people what their hair salon is all about.

Thank you to all who entered the competition. To read the full piece and the runner up entry by Pete Partridge please go to and select ‘Photography’.



Photo by Marcus Maby, young resident

Marcus Maby, trainee / resident


Produced jointly by Footprints and Knowle West Children’s Centre



Footprints Children’s Centre has evolved from the Knowle West Sure Start Programme and the Knowle West Neighbourhood Nursery. It was designated as a Children’s Centre, as part of Bristol City Council’s first phase of the Children’s Centres in the city. Open from 8am - 6pm on weekdays, 50 weeks of the year. A maximum of 60 children can attend at any one time. Children can access Daycare places by referral, by paying fees and children aged 3 or over can access nursery education funding.

A great day was enjoyed @Bristol on Saturday 26th January by parents and staff of Footprints Children’s Centre.

Footprints Children’s Centre 0117 9039781 / 3773610

TYRE PARK A focus at Footprints Children’s Centre this year is on improving our outside space. The tyre park is just the first phase of this development. The court yard garden has grown and now awaiting a sand pit. Plans for the younger children’s garden are proceeding well, with a climbing frame arriving shortly.

After visiting the nursery with their Fossils and Funny Bones Exhibition, we were invited to explore the activities within @Bristol near the City Centre.

narrator dressing up in outfits to engage our imaginations. So…on behalf of Footprints Children’s Centre Staff and the Families, we would like to thank @Bristol for a fantastic free day out!

The children along with their families enthusiastically investigated the fossils, dinosaurs, spiders and all other sorts of creepy crawlies! Walking through the exhibit we would soon feel the experience of being in the womb! The children particularly enjoyed being part of a story, told by a professional

B.I.B. (BREAST IS BEST GROUP) Rachel Lindsey Parent I found out about BIB when my son Ben now 2 was born. To be honest, my first reaction was that I didn’t know any one, I found it quite daunting and I didn’t have the confidence to go. Although there were ups and downs I Breastfed for 5 months.

Then I fell pregnant with my second child Leah, now almost 1. I wanted to breast feed her as well. It was going ok but all she wanted to do was feed, I found it very demanding. A friend from one of my groups reminded me of BIB. When I first went everyone gave me a warm welcome and seemed really nice. I sat down with a cup of tea after putting my son in a crèche and relaxed for the first time in days.

When I spoke about my problems it was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one experiencing a difficult time. I also found the books and information on breastfeeding and children’s eating plans very helpful. I’ve been going to BIB for over a year now and although we talk about breastfeeding, we also talk about so many other things like problems with the kids, health and general chit chat. I find this group really helpful. I’ve made some good friends as have my children who love the crèche and the workers. My only regret is not having gone sooner! Don't forget it is Breastfeeding Week 14th-21st May - please contact the office for further details on 9039781


An exciting new group has started as Footprints Children's Centre. A group of parents and practitioners are meeting once a week on a Wednesday morning and having great fun making story sacks for the children at the Nursery. We have been using our creative talents to make props to help in the telling of stories. These sacks support children's early language development and foster a real love of books.



The content of these 2 pages is the editorial control of Footprints Children’s Centre & KW Children’s Centre, photos provided by Footprints & Knowle West Children’s Centre

The Park•Daventry Road•Knowle•Bristol•BS4 1QD

Knowle West Pre-School Pages

Knowle West Pre-School Pages Produced jointly by Footprints and Knowle West Children’s Centre


KNOWLE WEST CHILDREN’S CENTRE Knowle West Early Years Centre is now known as Knowle West Children's Centre. Knowle West Early Years Centre was opened on January 1st 2003 and was created as a result of the amalgamation of Knowle Day Nursery and Novers Hill Nursery School. The Centre currently offers 36 places for 2-3 year olds (these are referred places), and 50 places for 3-4 year olds.

BUILDING UPDATE - ROK builders have been busy up grading our facilities over the past few months, the building is taking shape and we are looking forward to being able to offer 6 paying baby places, wrap around care and some paying places for 2 year olds from September '08. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more. ALLOTMENT NEWS - We continue to enjoy working on our allotment, this is our third season now. We are currently very busy planting sprouts, pumpkin seeds, courgettes and beans. The children, staff and parents have spent time digging, planting and exploring the natural habitat. Children are particularly interested in WORMS at the moment!! The Centre is grateful to Florence Brown School for letting us use the space. STAFF NEWS - We are saying hello to lots of new staff as we begin our expansion. We've also said goodbye and thank-you to staff who have gained promotion in new jobs. FOOD PROJECT - We are looking forward to cooking classes in June '08. We will be working with Bordeaux Quay in conjunction with Florence Brown School. This group will involve Parents/Carers and their children cooking together and trying new tastes. Check out our website with recipes and more information. MONDAYS 9.30am-10.15am Gym Tots at Connaught Sports Hall 11.30am-1.30pm Teenage Parent Group at the PAL House, The Education Park 3.30pm-5.00pm Nursery PEEP at the PAL House, The Education Park TUESDAYS 10am-12 noon Baby PEEP at the Healthy Living Centre Run in partnership with Knowle West Children’s Centre and Footprints Children’s Centre

WEDNESDAYS 9.30am-11.30am BIB (Breast is Best)* Club at the Healthy Living Centre 9.30am - 11.00am Childminders drop in at the PAL House, The Education Park Water PEEP at Florence Brown School. 1st session 12.00pm


The Centre is open 9am-3pm, 51 weeks a year, term time only for 3-4 year olds. To find out more information on available places call us on 0117 9030214

Knowle West Children’s Centre

0117 9030214

BABY MASSAGE Lucy Warren is qualified and insured to teach you to massage your baby.If you are interested in finding out more, please ring her at Knowle West Children's Centre Wed-Fri on (0117) 9030214. THURSDAYS 9.30am-11am Chill Out at the PAL House, The Education Park Rainbow Group - to support parents with children with additional needs, at the PAL House, The Education Park, 12 noon - 2.30pm

FRIDAYS 9.30am-11.00am PEEP 1's at the Healthy Living Centre is run by Knowle West Children's Centre with Footprints Children's Centre support 9.30am-11.00am Childminders PEEP Group run by Joanne Dennis at The PAL House, The Education Park



Mouth of the South news

Written by young people for young people

Introducing Mouth of the South Report by Levi Hodge

Filwood Funday Report by Levi Hodge

Mouth of the South is a club at the Knowle West Media Centre on Tuesdays at 4 o'clock and finishes at 5.30. You get to do lots of fun things including filming, photography, making and designing a magazine, making a website, writing stories and more.

To find out more about us go

A Big Thanks to Ian Report by Jack Wood

Unfortunately for us someone extremely helpful in the community is leaving. We will like to thank Ian Borland for all that he has done. Ian has played a big role in the community.

At the end of March there was a funday at Filwood Community Centre, to celebrate the end of the Week Of Action in the area. There was a chip pan fire show and they told us the dangers of chip pan fires and that you should not pour water on the fire because it would make the fire bigger and worse. There was a community fun bus which had a X-box and about 15 pcs where you could get internet access for free.

He has improved the cooking skills of old and young.Once again thank you Ian and all the very best in your new job.

All food and drink was free, there was lovely food provided by Ian Borland who is sadly leaving, so no more great food, but there was a little bric a brac sale. Everyone enjoyed the day. Daniel, a local young person, said : “It was fun and they should definitely do it next year. But it will be a bit better if it was bigger like a couple of years ago when it was all over Filwood, but this is just as good.” There was also a trash band workshop with the Carbon Makeover to make musical instruments out of rubbish. After we all marched up and down outside the Community Centre chanting about recycling. “Knowle West is the best, we think you will be impressed, we don’t worry, we don’t stress, we recycle all our mess!”



The content of these two pages is the editorial control of Mouth of the South

It's for ages 11-16 year olds. If you are too old or too young then you can write stories for the Knowledge Newsletter.

Mouth of the South news

Mouth of the South Issue 25

Spring 2008

The new building

Report by Serena Ridler and Sophie Barnes

Join our team! Give your views ideas and stories.

I saw the new Knowle West Media Centre building before it opened as part of Mouth of the South’s club. It was excellent and full of surprises as always.

It was fantastic to see what the building had in store for us and MOS will be proud to do things in it every week on Tuesdays. It’s great that we have lifts and lots of other things, like pictures, new computers, kind people, nice toilets and showers.

Tel-0117 9030444

Designed by Jack Wood Design assistants Sophie King and Serena Ridler Edited by Levi Hodge Facilitated by Makala Cheung

Comic strip and Debbie animation on back page by Micheal Smith, local young person

The Greenhouse Britain exhibition was a great success because the tour guide showed us things we never knew before, which was brilliant. We learned that if we don’t start helping the environment, the ice caps will melt and Bristol will flood. The artists the Harrisons, showed it in a big map, and had a video to show we could build a dam and redirect the river so it didn’t flood our city. Karron, the steward, was very helpful and helped us and we found out fantastic new facts.




Debbie’s Dates MONDAYS



Amazing Archive group 13-20 yr olds. 4pm-5pm The Park, Daventry Rd T: Pippa 0117 353 2745 E:

Drama Club ages 12+ Filwood Community Centre Elizabeth Coyne

Infant Massage babies ages 6 weeks to 9 months at William Budd Health Centre Tel: 0117 9449770

Story Time & simple crafts @ Filwood Library For children aged 4 and under, 2.15-2.45pm Tel: 0117 903 8581

Youth Utopia Hip Hop Dance 6-7pm @ the Park Daventry Road Tel: 07807 978 688

Knowledge Newsletter Drop-In Club 6-7.30pm Knowle West Media Centre (exc. bank hols) Tel: 0117 3532895

Digital Fish Film Club for 13-19 year-olds 4-6pm @ Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Avenue, BS4 1NL Young person-led, Become Unhooked on short films, animations, acting, music recording, Smoking scriptwriting, screen5.45-7.15pm Knowle West Health Association ings and visits. Tel: 0117 377 2828 Tel: 0117 963 9569

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Vacancies for Cabot Circus : More than 4000 to be filled. Entry-level jobs to managerial posts in retail, leisure, security, hospitality, admin, catering and more.Your nearest Learn4Work centre for free web access, info on free training, and advice for applications: HWV, The Gatehouse, Hareclive Road, tel: 9781708

Printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks

KNOWLE WEST TOOL BANK Coming soon in May Borrow garden tools and get trained to use them. Buried Treasure, Tuesday 10am-12pm (The Park, Daventry Rd) Mede Garden Club, Wednesday 10am-12pm (Mede Centre, Inns Court) Restore, Thurs 10am-12pm (Filwood Broadway) From hedge trimmers and lawnmowers to hand tools like garden forks and spades; get all the tools you need simply for a returnable deposit. Contact Mil (07810 474 558) if you need to borrow outside of the advertised hours.



Beginners Drama Toy Library and Toddler 10 - 12 pm @ the Park Group Daventry Road 10 - 12 @ William Budd Tel: Hannah Klewin Health Centre 07807 978 688 Young Green Group 10 - 18 yr olds 4 - 6 pm Tel: Sandra on 0117 377 3161 E:

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MC Workshop 6-7 pm The Park subject: Debbie’s Dates Tel: 07807 978 688

BOTHERED BY SMOKING IN THE HOME? YOU SHOULD BE! Second-hand tobacco smoke kills around 80 nonsmokers in Bristol every year. It's really bad for children who breathe faster than adults and have smaller lungs. The majority of exposure is in the home, so many choose to keep tobacco smoke outside. If you're interested in a smokefree home, we can help you get the clean air you need. For tips contact the Bristol Smoking Advisory Service tel: 0117 959 5462 ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO CHOOSING A SECONDARY SCHOOL BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START? Look out for the Year 5 Information Sessions on choosing a secondary school, being held at primary schools in your area or you can contact Denise at the Children and Young People’s Information Service who can talk to you about choices and the process of registration. tel: 0845 129 7217 email: FOR MORE EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES PLEASE VISIT WWW.KNOWLEWEST.CO.UK AND CLICK ON EVENTS Thanks to the Newsletter Steering Group: Ann Smith, Rose Manning, Carol Casey, Cynthia Goldstein. Drop-in club team: Lesley Belgium - Environmental Issues/Gardening Columnist / Editorial Assistant, Karron Chaplin - Health and Local Issues Reporter, Debra Johnson - Debbie’s Dates, Chad Downes - Design Assistant, Michael Smith - artist / cartoonist. Neighbourhood Management Anita Pearce. All at KWMC who facilitate the production of the Newsletter Editor Makala Cheung, Design Tanya Hazell Original Design Rowena Dugdale The Steering group would like to thank Makala for all her enthusiasm, passion, hard work and commitment to the newsletter.

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Knowledge newsletter - Issue 32 May 2008  

Knowledge newsletter - Issue 32 May 2008