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December - January Issue Volume 02 Issue 04

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Dry Dehydrated Winter Skin Dry dehydrated skin can be a temporary condition or a lifelong concern. This time of year it is more likely to be a temporary condition. Prolonged exposure to cold winds, forced air heating and low temperatures can dry out the skin and contribute to premature aging. Excess intake of alcohol and certain medications can also contribute to dry or dehydrated skin. One of the biggest consequences of dry, dehydrated skin is an increase in sensitivity. A thorough skin analysis is your ultimate tool in successfully treating this challenging skin condition. Using a gentle cleanser everyday, and an exfoliator once a week to remove the dead skin cells, hydrating masks are also available to give that thirsty skin a drink. Follow up with a hydrating serum and a good protective moisturizer. Being Canada’s leading health and beauty retailer, we offer a large variety of dermatological products suitable for all skin types and skin concerns. Stop by our cosmetic department for a complimentary skincare consultation. Sherry Chaput Cosmetic Manager Shoppers Drug Mart 1000 Islands Mall

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If your currently taking 3 or more presrciption medications, you may qualify for a complimentary review of all your medications including over-the-counter and natural health products. Speak to your Pharmacist or book your appointment today.

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Dear Neighbour, Your health is our priority. And our Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy team is dedicated to making it easier. Whether you need advice and support, or are simply refilling prescriptions, we’re here to make it easier and more convenient. Speak to us today to discuss the services we have to offer - many of which are outlined below. Plus you will earn value Shoppers Optimum Points each and every time you make a purchase. We look forward to making it easier to manage your health for years to come. Sincerely Mark Leslie


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FROM OUR EDITOR Well here we are already into February 2014, the month of love when we see symbols of love all around us. We at KnowBrockville have had a very busy January, we launched the newest version of KnowBrockville. com and we are proud to state that we have had over 120,000 visits on the website in the first three weeks. It makes me very proud to see all of the support that my locally owned business receives each and every day. In case you did not know it, our website is now compatible with all mobile devices. In January we announced our selected charity to support in 2014 and well actually this year we have chosen two. The first selected charity is Leeds Grenville Interval House and the second is Loaves and Fishes. Leeds Grenville Interval house provide emergency shelter, supportive counseling, advocacy, information, and referrals for abused women and their children who have been physically, sexually, emotionally or psychologically abused, threatened, or assaulted. They assist women to make changes, allowing them to live violence-free lives. They help their children heal from their experience of violence in the home, and its impact upon them. All services are confidential and offered free of charge. They believe it is a basic human right to live without fear of physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse. Loaves & Fishes was founded on the belief that in the sharing of bread a community is built, where barriers between people vanish, where dignity and respect flourish, where service and acceptance unite, and where warmth and understanding prevail. The special little restaurant on Perth Street, opened its doors on April 10th 1999 and served dinner to 20 people for $1. At the beginning, Loaves and Fishes was open three days a week. Now they are open five days a week and serve close to 100 people each day at our current location on Front Street. They operate with the help of numerous volunteers for both preparation and serving. KnowBrockville has committed to helping these community groups by earmarking 5% of our 2014 revenues to each group. As a 100% locally owned media outlet we believe we must give back to our community in more ways than providing free promotion for their events. We believe that since our revenues are earned in our community that we should give back a portion of those revenues back to the community. Timothy Sharpe Editor/Publisher/Owner (613) 803-0822

Photo provided by the St. Joseph Catholic School-Gananoque located at

St. Joseph’s Catholic School Principal Named as One of Canada’s Outstanding Principals

The Royal Scarlet Chapter of Edwardsburg recently donated $1100 to The Brockville and District Hospice Palliative Care Service based at Brockville General Hospital. The Royal Scarlet Chapter is a Chapter Degree of the Loyal Orange Association. Its annual fundraising dinner is run under the Chapter banner so the funds raised stay local. This year marks 10 years the Chapter has chosen to support local palliative care. Accepting the cheque are Doris Hallett, (seated, left) Board member of the Brockville and District Hospital Foundation, and (standing from left) BGH Staff Cheryl Rennick, Pamela Foster, and Sherry Anderson from Chapter members (seated, l – r) Clarence Barkley, John Arksey, Ronald Shannon, (standing, r – l) David Dudley, Stuart Irving, Reg Conners, Carl Thorpe, and Arthur Duncan. (Submitted By BGH Staff)

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario is pleased to announce that John-Paul Elliott, Principal of St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Gananoque, has been named as one of forty exceptional educators from across Canada. The winners are nominated by their peers, school staff and community members. A release published yesterday by The Learning Partnership, a national charitable organization, details the complete list of winners. Director of Education, Wm. J. Gartland, was very pleased with the announcement, “Mr. Elliott is certainly an exemplary leader in our system, and his recognition through this award reflects the extraordinary work on behalf of all of our principals.” The recipients will attend a formal awards gala dinner event and ceremony on February 25, 2014, at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto. In addition, they will participate in an executive leadership training program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, between February 23 and 27. The Learning Partnership has presented this award annually for the past nine years. The 2014 Canada’s Outstanding Principals join an assembly of 311 education leaders who have received this honour. For more information on The Learning Partnership, please visit

Back row pictured here is Silver Award recipient Josh Plath with Karen Gormley of The Duke Of Edinburgh Awards, Ruth Carter, Supervisor of Youth Programs, YMCA CEO Sueling Ching, along with Silver Award recipient Antonio Poelstra. Front Row Silver Award recipients Shannon Bleakney, Michaela Bindert and Molly Neave. Submitted by the Brockville YMCA

Photo Courtesy of Brockville YMCA Facebook Page -

YMCA of Brockville and Area It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Sueling Ching from her position as Chief Executive Officer with the YMCA of Brockville and Area effective April 1, 2014. Sueling’s decision was made in order to spend more time focused on her family. As CEO for the past six years, Sueling has made a major contribution to our organization’s stability and success. YMCA of Brockville and Area Chair, Sara Piracha, says Sueling goes with best wishes from the Board. Sueling has been a key driver in the sustainability of the Y, and has led her team to improve the health and wellbeing of our community. “We know that this has been a difficult decision for Sueling and not one that has been taken lightly. Sueling pondered over this decision for some time. We thank Sueling for her leadership and commitment over the past 6 years and wish her and her family well,” says Ms. Piracha. A search committee has been formed and we hope to make an announcement of a permanent replacement within 60 days.

On Saturday January 25th 24 teams from around Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec came to Brockville for the Brockville Legion’s Pee Wee Hockey Tournament! Organizers also had a silent auction to help raise funds. The games and teams were all very competitive.

Brockville General Hospital’s orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Gregory Hansen is leading a pilot project to bring a new procedure to the area—Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Surgery. Being in contact with other Brockville-based orthopaedic surgeons, Dr. Hansen liked the Brockville area, its outdoor activities and its proximity to friends in Ottawa. When the opening at BGH came, he took it. “We are enjoying settling in to the community,” Dr. Hansen says. “It’s been quite busy getting my practice up and running. I’ve really enjoyed working alongside the established orthopaedic team and I’m excited about moving forward with the ACL reconstruction pilot project. It hasn’t been done here before, and we are working to bring it to BGH.” (submitted)

Pets need dental care If you’re a responsible pet owner, there are certain regular trips to the veterinarian’s office that you see as essential – heartworm pills, vaccinations, etc. You may not, however, have considered your dog or cat’s teeth. Dental health for pets may be lesser-known, but it’s an important part of veterinary care. It’s also something pet owners are increasingly recognizing as a necessity to keep their furry family members healthy and happy. In February, many vet clinics across Canada recognize Dental Health Month in an effort to raise awareness of dental health and encourage pet owners to have their pets examined. “Over 70 per cent of cats and dogs over the age of three years have some form of dental disease,” says Dr. Colleen Skavinsky, the chief veterinary officer with Petsecure, a Canadian pet health insurance provider. There are similarities with human dental diseases. Although cavities are rare, pets commonly suffer from plaque, tartar, gum inflammation, infections and loose teeth. Many of these problems occur below the gum line and require treatment by a veterinarian. These problems are often overlooked by owners, as dogs and cats will still appear to eat normally despite their discomfort. Pets can also sometimes suffer accidents, such as broken teeth, from overenthusiastic chewing on a bone or a chew toy. In 2013, Petsecure paid over 4,000 claims for vet care surrrounding dental illnesses or accidents. As with other forms of veterinary medicine, advances in technology mean that pets have access to the best dental care available, but costs continue to rise. Many pet owners are able to reduce the costs of a trip to the vet with pet health insurance, and preventative steps can also be taken at home. Pet-friendly toothpastes, gels and rinses to help keep teeth clean and plaque-free are widely available. “Home brushing programs are the cornerstone to a lifetime of dental health,” says Dr. Skavinsky. “See your veterinarian for tips on starting a homecare program for your cat or dog.”

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but confidence doesn’t come on a whim. Everyone has something unique and inspiring to offer the world. In all of us are hidden talents, captivating ideas, and powerful images that play on repeat inside our heads and sometimes overwhelm us. The extraordinary sensations of self-expression and breaking away from society’s conservative judgment. Many thoughtful and beautiful individuals have their confidence smothered or extinguished each and every day. Not everyone grows up believing that their unique looks, dreams, and imagined canvass of violet lights, curves and mood-lit hues are worth celebrating and showcasing for all the world to see. So many breathtaking human canvasses remain oblique, bare, and undiscovered. And so many natural features remain unappreciated. That is exactly what amateur make-up artist Sharla Robertson is hoping to explore. “It’s all about finding a sense of self, expressing your inner angels and demons, and stealing the thunder of the naysayers who were too late realizing how beautiful the world can be,” explains Robertson, who’s ‘Buried in Beauty’ moniker is still finding it’s face. “Beauty isn’t always about being dramatic, nor conventional. It’s about feeling comfortable in your skin, and allowing the soft or fiery features that we’ve all been blessed with, a chance to steal the spotlight,” explains the striking 22 year old, recently returned from an inspiring weekend at the International Make-Up Artists Trade Show in Toronto. “I am still finding my colours, and looking for practice. There is always more to learn, and always more life to celebrate, so why not delve deeper into what makes you feel sexy, warm, feminine, exciting, or empowered. Beauty artistry is an intimate display of something you already are.” Sometimes the tiniest accent of an eyelash, or lip colour can turn heads and make hearts beat faster, but Sharla insists that make-up is very much a trial and error experiment, that isn’t always about what others perceive as ‘beautiful.’ “You are already beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. I aim to act merely as a conduit to help you discover something new, something fresh, and something that is very much you,” proclaims Sharla jovially. “It doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else. Being who you are is already everything that you need to be. I just hope to play a small role in helping you to discover (or rediscover) a side of yourself that maybe you didn’t know existed or had forgotten how to let shine.” Breaking into an industry that so many perceive as superficial isn’t as easy as buying the right product or being blessed with good genes. Being a successful make-up artist is about connecting with your models, hours of practice, finding the right features to highlight, and making people smile. Beauty is as much a feeling as it is a look. So many people carry so much baggage in their souls that they reluctantly wear all over their faces and often, in their eyes, and their confidence can look more like a metaphorical parking garage than a mansion of self-esteem. “The make-up I do is a social thesis,” explains Sharla. “I can’t make someone forget their darkness, but I can try to help them celebrate it. That is what makes this passion so rewarding. Everyone has a story to tell that is so often written all over their faces. So let’s make it a bestseller!” On February 14th, Buried In Beauty is returning to the 1000 Islands Mall on Parkedale Avenue in Brockville. Setting up in centre court from 4-7pm, Sharla will be on hand to do your Valentine’s Day celebration make-up. Come one, come all, but remember that it’s a first come, first serve event, so get there early. The event is free to participants, but donations are encouraged and will be accepted with profits to benefit the Leeds and Grenville Interval House. Buried In Beauty Business Profile By Leigh Bursey

group to see hundreds of designs, in all colours and shades. “But the most important advice I can give is to get to know the artist. When I know my clients, and I know what they want, I can draw a personal connection to their story and help to illustrate it. The best tattoos are the ones where an artist can bring your imagination to life,” continued Martin, who is he himself covered in images and distinguishable pieces. Joe is just one example of a number of talented local artists from across this region. All too eager to take part in this article, Joe is my artist and has been expressing himself creatively since before I was born, but does this mean his work right for you? “I think my work speaks for itself, and I am confident in my abilities,” continues Joe, a proud family man and local business owner. “But that’s why I encourage you to get to know your artist and their work. Make sure that the shop you choose is sanitary, and that the tattoo you get will heal properly and leave you satisfied, and ready for more.”

“Does it hurt?” These are probably the three most famous words heard by tattoo artists around the world, and the answer is “YES!” That said, the hurt I speak of is not always as terrifying and life-altering as many people may believe it to be. Just ask any tattoo-clad friend, or an entire generation of young people who have embraced tattoo culture as part of modern body art. As a tattoo-enthusiast myself (I have 19 of them as of press time), one word to the wise would be to do your homework. I think it would be irresponsible of me to promote a permanent body alteration without making sure that it is the right design for you. Get to know your artist first. Compare prices, but also compare quality. Don’t settle for less when you are building the collage that is your body. Ask the right questions. Make sure that your artist has experience. But most of all, make sure you are sure.. This monthly column is dedicated to youth issues and youth culture, and I can tell you first-hand from my many years in a mosh pit, tattoos can be as ugly as they can be beautiful. Be picky! “When people want to know the facts and make a decision, one helpful tip I always try to offer them is to contact your local health unit,” explains Joe Martin of Ink Brigade Tattooing in Brockville. Joe has been tattooing for over twenty years, and has a wealth of work to show for it. One needs to look no further than his social media updates, and Ink Brigade’s Facebook

For this article, I decided to go under the needle once more, and show our readers the quality of an artist’s craft. So I bit my tongue one Thursday morning, took out my camera, and settled in for a tingling sensation that was far from enjoyable. However, the end result is outstanding, and I attribute that to making sure that my artist knows exactly what I want and making sure that he allotted enough time to do it right. Not everyone will be satisfied all the time. People’s opinions change, and word of mouth carries far, but I know that when I look down at my right arm that I do so with pride. Just please have your parent’s permission if you are a minor, always be honest with your artist about any health conditions you might have, and never be afraid to ask for a second opinion. After all, this is your scrapbook of memories and decisions. I hear they make for quite the holiday gift, and each of our local parlours sell gift cards. Shop local this holiday season. Happy holidays! *Ink Brigade Tattooing is located at 11 Perth Street in Brockville, Ontario. Check them out on Facebook by searching “Ink Brigade Tattooing,” or call to make an appointment at 613-340-5661