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April is Daffodil Month Buy a Daffodil and support the Canadian Cancer Society

Wedding Bells will be ringing at the 1000 Islands Mall on April 27, 2013 when Lisa and Chris will begin their life long journey together by getting married at the 1000 Islands Mall during the Wedding Show that has been organized by Ashley’s Wedding Planning and the 1000 Islands Mall KnowBrockville is a proud sponsor of the Wedding Show!

Lisa Campbell and Christopher Illingworth are the lucky couple that will be getting married at the 1000 Islands Mall in Brockville. The ceremony will take place during the wedding show that is being organized by Ashley’s Wedding Planning and the 1000 Islands Mall. The wedding show itself will take place on April 27th and 28th. The wedding ceremony will take place on April 27th at 3:00pm in the East Court by Sears in the Mall. Lisa and Chris have been dating for 11 years and engaged for the past 6 years. Due to circumstances beyond their control this lovely couple has not been able to wed on their own. They entered the contest and won their dream wedding. Thanks to many great sponsors this couple will have the wedding of their dreams. KnowBrockville is proud to be a sponsor of the wedding show and we hope you will come out and join in their union.

Your KnowBrockville Welcome to the April edition of your KnowBrockville. We launched in May 2012 with and in August we distributed our first printed monthly publication. In February 2013 we decided to test market a weekly version of KnowBrockville but found that we were not happy at all with the quality of the weekly edition. We have launched the April edition which is a much better quality read for our readers. We are now full color and we hope that our readers will enjoy the new look and new size as well. We have grown a lot since May 2012 including having the biggest and best Facebook page in the area with over 5100 followers.

KnowBrockville is published monthly by Just One Man Media. KnowBrockville’s mission is to support the community as well as local small businesses. We are 100% locally owned and operated and not a franchise. KnowBrockville gives back to community in many ways some of which is by donating 10% of our revenues in 2013 to Operation Harvest Sharing or organizing and sponsoring many events and fundraising for local community groups. KnowBrockville believes that if we are part of the community then we should also give back to the community.

Danielle Reid from Friends of Autism is shown here pinning an Autism Ribbon on Brockville Mayor Dave Henderson during the flag raising for Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2013 around the world. There were 400 municipalities across Canada that raised the Autism flag. Danielle and The Friends of Autism group are trying to generate awareness, programs and support for families living with Autism. The group is hosting an Autism Walk on June 8th starting at Centeen Park and ending at Hardy Park where they’ll be a BBQ, games, activities, facepainting and Bry The MagicGuy will be there for a magic show!!

On Thursday March 28th there was a flag raising and pinning celebration to mark the launch of Daffodil month for the Canadian Cancer Society. In the above photo is Brockville Mayor Dave Henderson and Leanne Waddell of the Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Branch of the Canadian Cancer Society.

April is Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month Wear a daffodil pin to show support for people living with cancer Every three minutes another funds to prevent cancer, fund brate our successes over 75 years Canadian will hear the words research, inform and support while recognizing the work that still ‘you have cancer’ for the first people living with cancer, and to needs to be done in our fight for life. time and the Canadian Cancer advocate for policies to improve Society wants them to know the health of Canadians. It is only with the support of our dothat they are not alone. nors and volunteers that the Society To donate online or to find out will continue to save lives and support During Daffodil Month, the Ca- where you can get a daffodil pin people living with cancer right now. nadian Cancer Society is ask- visit or contact Laing Canadians to join the fight nark, Leeds & Grenville office at By supporting the Canadian Cancer against cancer by making (613) 267-1058. The pins are Society during Daffodil Month, Canaa donation to support its work also available for a donation dians will be joining a team that works throughout Canada and to throughout the tri-county. Funds hard to fight cancer in Canada. proudly wear a daffodil pin as raised support the Society’s a symbol of support for people work here in Lanark, Leeds & Contact the Lanark, Leeds & Grenville living with cancer. Grenville and across Canada. community office at (613) 267-1058 to make a donation and to find out what Throughout Daffodil Month The Canadian Cancer Society is going on in your local community. Lanark, Leeds & Grenville will is marking its 75th Anniversary be selling daffodil pins to raise in 2013. It is an occasion to cele vital

Cooking at Home Can Help You Save Money, Time and Be Healthy Cooking at Home Can Help You Save Money, Time and Be Healthy Carole Chang, Registered Dietitian Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit March is Nutrition Month and the theme this year is Plan, Shop, Cook and Enjoy! Cooking your own meals might seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on for tips on making more meals at home. Keep it simple. Buy one main ingredient. Make three meals. Plan meals and shop around one main ingredient. Check out these three easy-to-make meals with just one main ingredient: lean ground turkey, beef or chicken. Brown the ground meat or poultry and then divide into three equal portions for use in: • Sensational salad- Season browned meat or poultry with a little chili powder, cumin, garlic powder and lime juice.

Add to a salad of leafy greens, along with defrosted frozen corn, black beans and chopped tomatoes.

than meals you make at home. Lower your costs by going homemade. Try these fresh ideas to lower the amount of sodium you get, and get cook• One-pot pasta- Toss togeth- ing. er cooked whole grain pasta, browned meat or poultry, washed baby spinach, a can • Make your own soups, saucof diced tomatoes, and minced es and salad dressings. A little garlic. Heat until warmed basil combined with crushed through. Sprinkle with freshly tomatoes makes a simple pasgrated Parmesan cheese. ta sauce.

Look for sodium-free brands too. Try to use beans in a chili instead of ground beef as these nutritious legumes are packed with good nutrition and they are budget friendly as well.

• Simple wrap- Fill a whole grain tortilla with shredded romaine lettuce, sliced red pepper, shredded carrot and lower sodium salsa. Add browned meat or poultry and wrap it up for lunch or dinner..

• Use fresh garlic, flavoured vinegars, herbs or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to add flavour to food without salt.

• Enjoy more vegetables and fruit. They’re naturally sodium free. Whenever possible, use fresh or frozen instead of canned. However if you do buy canned vegetables, rinse them off to lower the sodium. Buy canned fruit that is packed Get fresh! Fill your cart with in water or juice, or rinse the more fresh foods, like veggies, syrup off before eating. yogurt or fish, to cook from scratch. • Cook pasta and whole grains, such as rice, barley and quiCooking meals from scratch noa, without adding salt. Try allow you to control what goes sodium-free chicken broth for into them. Packaged meals delicious flavour. can be more expensive and less healthy • Rinse canned beans, peas and lentils to wash away some of the added sodium.

• Buy plain, unseasoned cuts of fresh meat, poultry or fish. Season lightly at home with herbs and spices.

Cook ’n’ share! Prepare big batches on weekends and swap meals with friends. Whether you’re a busy single person or a time-crunched working parent, swapping meals with friends can save you time in the kitchen. On the weekend, make a large batch of a healthy, easy-to-share meal, such as vegetable lasagna, hearty chili or lentil soup. Split it into portions and share it with a friend or two.

About The Artist Amanda Wilson grew up near Athens, Ontario and had always had a passion for art. She began taking art lessons when she was 8 years old from a local artist. Upon graduating from Athens District High School, her passion led me to study Industrial Design at Humber College in Toronto.

They do the same and share with you. You’ll get different healthy meals to enjoy during the week but without shopping for ingredients or cooking. Don’t forget about breakfast! You make whole grain pancakes, your friend makes French toast, and then you swap. Refrigerate or freeze the food, and then just pop a piece into the toaster for breakfast. You’ll have a quick and healthy breakfast ready to go every day of the week! Want more ideas? Visit our website at www. for more information and for links to many other online and community resources. You can also contact the Leeds, Grenville, and Lanark District Health Unit’s toll-free Health Action Line at 1-800- 6605853.

Hi it is my great pleasure to introduce my great readers to two very talented crafters. Jeanne Fox-Dibble and Shy (TJ) Fox are part of the Uniquely Creative Artisans. These two ladies have been producing handcrafted jewellery for over 5 years. You can see the skill and care that they take in producing each item. I personally have had the opportunity to view the items that Jeanne and Shy produce and I would highly recommend that you come out and look at all their items as by description truly does not give their handy work the justice it well deserves. These two ladies operate “Lady Frog Creations” and not only produce jewellery, they also produce ceramics, fairy outfits and so much more. The team will also be creating a special item that will be sold and 50% of the selling price will be donated to help find the cure for Breast Cancer. You can find Jeanne and Shy at the Uniquely Creative Artisan store beside Magic Cuts in the 1000 Islands Mall. The Uniquely Creative Artisans is a co-operative of local artists and crafters that are selling their handmade items. These items are all handmade and locally produced and when items are purchased then a local producer is supported. This is truly local shopping at it’s best. Please come out to the 1000 Islands Mall and support the many talented craftspeople of the Uniquely Creative Artisans you will now be disappointed!

St. Lawrence College Athletics & Recreation honoured it’s student-athletes at their annual awards ceremony at the Brockville Memorial Center on Thursday March 27th, where Susan Filion, and James Coderre picked up the two biggest awards of the night. Story Written By: Kevin Biggs, Sports Information Officer Story provided by: Sportsgate Brockville

Grenville Fish and Game Club Catch The Midwinter Blues Bash was held a Roaring Truck OTF grant help pur- at the Brockville Royal Canadian Lechase of new truck to support the gion on Saturday March 23rd. growing club. Photo to Left Adecco Brockville held their Annual Open House on March 27th, Adecco is a great place to go if you are looking for work. Why not visit them at 51 King Street West Brockville or give them a call at 613.498.1717. You can also visit their website located at

A fundraiser and BBQ was held on Friday April 5th at the 1000 Islands Mall in support of the Earl’s Court Playground Project. There were activities are in Centre Court of the Mall and the BBQ is right outside. Snapped in this photo is Brittany Deeks, Aaron Mabo, Chris Paine and Paula Guindon absent is Houston Porter. All food was donated by the Barley Mow

Inspirational Quote

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. Audrey Hepburn

Over 500 Kids enjoyed Easterrific at TISS On Saturday March 27th. There was a giant Easter Egg hunt that saw over 4500 eggs scattered across the field at TISS! Bailey and Justin are colorfully dressed and making animal balloons for children. There was also FREE Hot Dogs, Chips and Drinks what an amazing day!

Owners Scott and Mac of Stax Clothing and Mayne Mobile & Apparel had their Grand Opening on April 5th. They have a great selection of some of the most popular brands. Some brands that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the Brockville area. KnowBrockville wishes Scott and Mac Good Luck with their new venture!

Our Autistic Family First off it does not just affect me or the children that are diagnosed with autism. It affects the whole family. Slowly and through trial and error a family adapts. Sadly, we usually adapt by staying home. Autistic children/teens/ adults are more comfortable at home. Of course, right? Who wouldn’t be? It goes WAY beyond that. It some cases going out with the family or children affected is literally impossible. Before my sons were diagnosed. Before, we had the information that we have now. Something as simple as going grocery shopping was very difficult to say the least. My older son that has Asperger’s still has a hard time joining us shopping. If he does come things are very different. We follow a path. The same path every time we go. Even, if we don’t need anything that way. We can vary from the path depending on who is with us. If you add the lighting that makes it easier for us to buy stuff, it is also very bright and offensive to someone with sensory over load. My son also didn’t like people looking at him. Yes something as simple as a “Hello, aren’t you handsome” would send him into a meltdown. He would pull away from us. Even at this point we would have him in the cart. He would start screaming. We slowly adapted. Not knowing at this point why he was doing this. How we could help. Trial and error is the only way to figure out what each child needs. He really is the sweetest child. With brightest most beautiful blue eyes. People that tried talking to him or engaging him in any way would think otherwise. They would never get the chance of knowing the real child. We couldn’t take our children shopping with us. We had to think of something to make it easier for them. My mother thought of sunglasses for my younger son. We parked and I could see he was already getting nervous. She bent down beside him and very quietly told him “with these sunglasses on, you are invisible”. She slowly helped him put them on. He felt better instantly. He walked through the grocery store with his head held high, for the first time. It empowered us. It showed us that although we might not know the answers today. Right now. We will learn. We will try whatever it takes to give our children the best opportunities. Education and Awareness will lead to Acceptance

every device available today is somehow tied to computer technology.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives in the Last Five Years Over the last five years, technology has been rapidly changing and expanding in every field imaginable. Smart phones are now capable of acting as standalone computer devices that can take pictures, search the Internet, send emails and text messages and yes, they even make phone calls. While it might seem that the technology of today has reached its limits, no signs of slowing down and practically

It seems hard these days to fathom the original size of computers and how small they have become in the last ten years, but within the last five years they have become even smaller and somehow more powerful and faster than ever before! The Internet allows people to connect with family, friends, and work colleagues from across the globe in the push of a button. Communication options have literally exploded in the instant avenues of text and video based chat as well as the near instantaneous method of email. Gone are the days where one had to post a letter and wait a week or more for a response and long distance phone calls are unnecessary for anyone with a computer, a webcam, and a speedy Internet connection. Automobiles are now being manufactured with with standard GPS and emergency call features for the convenience and safety of drivers and their

passengers, making the days of carrying a map completely unnecessary and improving the peace of mind of anyone who must travel the roads alone or at night. Computerized cars are now potentially at risk in much the same fashion as a personal computer as a moderately skilled hacker can theoretically take over basic functions of a vehicle - including its engine. Yes, technological advancement has changed our lives completely, and not always in a good way. Fortunately, there are many people focused on securing our networked technology and police officers as well as trained hacking and computer programming experts work to provide safe and secure technology to the masses. New technology in computer forensics has even opened up the world of police investigations, as personal computers, cell phones, and other portable electronic devices can now be searched in an effort to reliably solve crimes that seem to have little other evidence.

Local Musician Highlight

KnowBrockville - The Legal Stuff KnowBrockville is published and distributed monthly by Just One Man Media and is distributed free of charge throughout Brockville, Ontario. KnowBrockville is committed to helping the local community and promoting local small businesses. The publisher assumes no responsibility for opinions expressed and we reserve the right to edit or refuse contributions that discriminate or are derogatory. No part of this publication may be reproduced in part or in whole without the permission of the publisher. All rights are reserved. This publication, it’s layout and intellectual property is protected by strict copyright laws and reproduction is subject to protection under Canadian and International Copyright Laws. All ads produced remain the property of the publisher, reproduction and reuse of ad copy is strictly prohibited without the permission of the publisher. The advertiser agrees that the publisher will not be held liable for damages resulting from errors in advertisements beyond the amount paid for the advertisement, and there shall be no liability for non-insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. KnowBrockville Just One Man Media Phone: 613-803-0822 Email: Website: Facebook:

Local Musician Sue Prosser

Local Milestones

Local High School Artists Featured in April Exhibit at “YES! Art Gallery” The first exhibition at the YES! Art Gallery was a huge success, launched with a Grand Opening on March 20th, 2013 at the 1000 Islands Mall. The art on the walls will change, beginning April 9th, as the YES! Art Gallery welcomes local high school artists who recently took part in the “PORTAL” exhibit at St. Lawrence College. Many of the pieces, which were displayed at the College’s Marianne Van Silfhout Gallery in March, will make an encore appearance in the Youth Exhibition Space during the month of April and first week of May. Among the works will be prize-winning paintings, drawings and photography from over 40 teen-aged artists. Accompanying the student exhibition will be an interactive optical illusion by Guy Wales, whose piece appears to follow the viewer around the room. Celebrate youth art in the community by visiting Brockville’s newest, free public gallery in the 1000 Islands Mall, through the RBC entrance, and across from Charm Diamond Centre.

Participants of the Yoga Fundraiser at the 1000 Islands Mall on Saturday April 6th. Snapped in this photo is Mezaun and Zak. This was Zak’s first attempt at Yoga and he was excited. Our followers should also know that Mezaun is all the Piloxing Instructor with the Thousand Islands Martial Arts.

“I don’t consider myself a brilliant musi- Her haunting lyrics cian. I just love to perform.....Give me a combine with riveting melodies to stage and I’m all over it!” provide the audience with a fresh, vibrant sound. Considered to have an eclectic mix of rock, blues, country and folk in her rep- “Whether emphatically rocking, or ertoire, Sue is currently writing and col- tender and sensitive, Sue’s unique laborating with several musicians while and powerful voice coupled with performing at various events and ven- driving rhythm guitar captivates ues across Eastern Ontario, either as a audiences with each performance solo artist or sitting in with some fabu- leaving them with a lasting impreslous musicians. sion.” --- The Late Great Ian McLean Sue’s experience has stemmed from years of coffeehouses, the bar circuit, For performances/bookings confestivals and extensive touring, and tact: billed as the opening act for recording Sue Prosser artists, Jeff Healey and Honeymoon (613) 342-3784 Suite. It is from that journey that she penned her debut CD, “JAGGED”. Sue Prosser has an openness with an audience, and with her stage presence and magnetism, is certain to strike a chord with everyone who catches her show.

My husband, Tony Parker, is turning 27 on April 17th. The reason this is a big deal, is because this is his first birthday as a Permanent Resident of Canada and we’re both VERY excited. He’s become a Toronto Maple Leafs fan (I’m an Ottawa Senators fan, so imagine my dismay) and I’ve gotten him a Kessel jersey for his birthday. Tony is from Nashville, TN and he LOVES Canada very much, especially poutine!! He’s been an amazing husband since we got married in 2011 and has helped me through many medical issues and now he’s able to financially contribute to the home, which he’s very excited about! Submitted By Krista Parker If you have your own milestone please email it to contact@knowbrockville. com.

There was a Silent Auction by Friends of Ontario SPCA Fundraiser in The Community Room of the Mall on Friday April 5th, Snapped in this photo is (l-r) Kaitlyn Merkley, Olivia Jordan, Meaghan O’Connor, Jenn Seary and Christina McCakell

Brockville Legion Donates $7500 to BGH Restorative Care. Snapped in this photo BGH physiotherapists Sarah Nichol and Cara Berends; BGH Director of Restorative Care Sherry Anderson; and Branch 96 Legion members Joe Napper (Poppy Trust Chairman), Don Bain (President), and Keith Whiteland (Poppy Chairman) seated on the bicycle.

Let’s Wine with Blue Gypsy Wines Even though Spring has sprung, the grass hasn’t ‘riz’ just yet. I really shouldn’t complain because this is, after all, a NORMAL Canadian winter, right? It gets cold. It gets warm. It gets REALLY cold. You get the idea. Thoughts of Spring brought the hope that I could get out in the field and start looking at harvesting bud wood from our Eden apple trees for propagation. The truth is, we haven’t reached that point yet. The good news is that it is likely going to be a great maple syrup season. Fingers are crossed for decent prices to compensate for last year’s disastrous season. We were fortunate enough to have many litres in storage which is now most of the way to becoming the maple wine people know and love. With Spring comes the start of the ‘show’ season. Our first show this year was in Kemptville back in February hosted by the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce. It was a good time, both for the exhibitors and the guests. I definitely see it growing into something much bigger in the future. We sampled some excellent food, including a local goat cheese maker. We paired our apple wine with it (just to see how it would work) and found it to be fantastic. We also had the chance to try some wine from Harwood Estates. We were blown away by the Marquesa 2010. Absolutely delicious! I actually thought it was port at first, but crafted from the Marquette grape. I definitely need to be ordering some of this!

I checked in on our barrels of cranberry last week. Let us just say that they are VERY happily bubbling along. We did something a little different this year in that we made much more, but staggered the start so that we’ll have wine constantly on the go. Considering the way the cranberry flew out the door last year, we felt it prudent to have more on hand, especially as we ramp up our promotional budget. We are working on upgrading the interior and exterior of the building now that the off-grid system is fully in place and paid for. Look for the front of the building to start to resemble a gypsy vardo. We hope to have that in place by the time we open in May, weather willing! The inside needs a bit of love as well, mainly in the area of tiling in the bathroom. Another day or two of work in there and it will be done. We also hope to install the ceiling fans before we open so the ambient temperature should be quite comfortable. Look for special events to be held this year. The first will likely be astronomy nights where we will invite everyone to bring their telescopes, cameras, and lawn chairs to take advantage of the spectacular view of the night sky. Other events may include some live music and even a sword fighting demonstration from the local clubs. Of course, we will have the winery open so you can sip a glass of wine while staring at the stars or watching the knights battle each other! We look forward to opening the doors and seeing our new friends again. It is shaping up to be a fantastic season and we hope you will be a part of it! Just remember, it’s OK to wine about the weather! Cheers

Uniquely Creative Artisans If you have not already visited them yet, then you should. The Uniquely Creative Artisans is a co-operative or local craftspeople that sell their wares in two unique stores in the 1000 Islands Mall. The two stores are filled with beautiful handcrafted items and even a few baked items. All items are locally made and help support the craftspeople that produce them. When you shop at the Uniquely Creative Artisan stores you are shopping 100% local. The stores are located in the beautiful 1000 Islands Mall where you can come and shop the crafts and maybe even pick more up at one of the many other vendors in the 1000 Islands Mall.

Small Business Corner - When your competition decides it has to play dirty in hope of winning! On May 1, 2012 I decided to take the leap and start my own business and so KnowBrockville was born. The original idea of KnowBrockville was an Online website, however soon after I felt that I needed something that would compliment our great website. So the printed edition of KnowBrockville was created. The print edition of KnowBrockville began as a great, FREE monthly magazine and then evolved into a small weekly publication. Now as you can see we are now a full size, full color monthly read. From day one it has been my mission to give back to the community with my business. KnowBrockville sponsors many events in the community and we do this not for our own benefit but because we really do care about our community and want to help these community groups. KnowBrockville has received great support from our readers as well as our over 5300 Facebook followers, we have the largest and the best Facebook page in the area! There are some competitors of ours

who have tried many tactics to try and slow the growth of your KnowBrockville. Recently, KnowBrockville experienced what is called “cybersquatting”. Cybersquatting (also known as domain squatting), according to the United States federal law known as the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, is registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. One of our deceptive competitors recently registered the domain name and then intentionally redirected it to their own website. It was quite obvious that their intention was only to take advantage of the brand name “KnowBrockville” and the recognition our brand name has. Cybersquatting is consider the lowest of the low in the information technology industry. When this happened to KnowBrockville I wondered how the local Online

News service that did this, how could they do this and still put out a professional image as a news service. The answer is they cannot. Once there was enough backlash by KnowBrockville’s loyal followers and friends this News organization put out a release stating they claimed they did not know about it! Seriously, when you register a domain you must physically go in and point that domain name to the website you want it go to. So since it was redirected to their website it was obvious that one of their team members had to physically point the domain to their website! It makes then even look worse because of the false statement making claim that they were not aware of all of this. I can only hope that their followers and readers will one day see the integrity of this local news service or I should say lack of integrity! Sometimes as a business owner it seems to me that Brockville is not a very business friendly community. I state this because it seems that established businesses do not welcome new

businesses into the Brockville market. These established media businesses have found the need to join forces to fight the growing KnowBrockville. This demonstrates to me that my business is growing strong and is taking market share away from these established media businesses. These established media businesses were obviously not doing the right thing and as soon as KnowBrockville launched they felt a need to team up against my startup and even copy my marketing efforts as well as formats! Any business should be ready for the competition, because if you are not ready then they will pass you and take market share away from your business just as KnowBrockville has done! KnowBrockville has the most recognized brand name for media in the area and KnowBrockville is not going anywhere, we are you KnowBrockville,

New Local Business - Tan On The Run I am very excited to introduce Tan on the Run to the Brockville area. I have lived here all my life and have worked mostly in the retail and customer service industry. For a long time, I have been looking for a business opportunity-something that I was passionate about and after seeing Nicole Hyatt-Founder of Tan on the Run, on Dragons Den for the second time, I realized that this is what I had been looking for. With all the warnings about UV exposure, it would be great to be able to offer people a healthy alternative. So, after much research and many conversations with Nicole, I purchased the franchise and since then have trained with Nicole personally. Tan on the Run provides mobile airbrush tanning which means you can relax in your own home while I come to you. We use only the highest quality, organic solutions which not only produce a natural golden tan for all skin types but also contain anti-aging compounds and collagen to make your skin feel and look its best without the harmful effects of UV. It also helps to camouflage minor skin imperfections, cellulite and stretch marks (which a tan tends to highlight). I will be offering introductory rates and special group discounts as well as package deals and gift certificates. Perfect for weddings, proms, teams, before you go on vacation or if you just want to get a group of friends together and have a tanning party. For more details go to or call 613-803-1050 or you can email me at I look forward to answering any questions you might have and serving Brockville and surrounding areas.

(NC)—With gestures, gifts and cards, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show our enduring appreciation for our wives, mothers, aunts, sisters and grandmothers. This may sound easy enough, but isn’t it true that family life in the 21st century is a bit more complicated? “We live in a time when the average family has more than one kind of mother figure to celebrate,” says Janette Ewen, a style expert

“No two households are alike these days and with that in mind, Pandora has created a series of family-inspired charms.”

Mother from Son: Be the prince of thoughtfulness: give her a blue-enamel, heart-shaped double-dangle charm that says “Son” on the inside of one half, and “Mother” on the other half. Both hearts feature a textured sterling If you want to find just the right silver and oxidized design. This highly-reMother’s Day gift, or gifts, Ewen quested charm joins last year’s red enamel suggests the following ideas, which “Mother/Daughter” version.. can cut your shopping time in half. More gift inspiration is available on- Great Women: In sterling silver and sparkling line at cubic zirconia, honour the bonds between your female family members with a dangle Mother: Make Mom’s day with a that says “Sweet Sister,” “Loving Mother” or hand-finished, sterling silver heart, “Grandmother.” All three dangles have space engraved with the word “Mom” in on the back to engrave a message to transeight different languages. form the charm into a personal keepsake.

Simple steps to keep arthritis from derailing your spring • Set realistic, attainable goals. Don’t shoot for the moon right off the bat, or you’re likely to become discouraged. Setting reasonable goals that grow over time is the best strategy for achieving longterm gains.

(NC)—Spring is in full bloom, and for many Canadians that means getting back outside and becoming more physically active. But whatever your passion – from running to gardening to golf – your joints are at risk when first shaking off the winter rust. And if you already suffer from arthritis, the risk is even greater. Fortunately, The Arthritis Society ( offers simple guidelines you can follow to keep the “spring” in your step. • Check with your health-care provider to see if you’re ready to start being more active. This is especially important if you have any joint deformity, significant pain and muscle weakness, or have recently undergone joint surgery.

• Schedule your activity. Overdoing it is a quick way to end up back on the shelf by summer. Ease into things before working your way up to increased frequency or intensity. Work around your schedule and spread your activity out to give your body a chance to recover. • Listen to your body. Balance increased activity with rest periods throughout the day. You may feel a slight increase in pain or stiffness when you first resume physical activity – that’s normal and should soon disappear. If it persists or gets worse, ease back a bit or talk to your health-care provider. • Pick the right activities. Select fitness activities that offer you the right combination of flexibility, strength and endurance-based exercise for your fitness level and goals. Research what’s available through local community resources. • Have fun! You stand a much better chance of sticking to your fitness plan if you choose activities that you enjoy doing.

Women’s Health Simple tips for moms to live and love longer (NC)— Heart disease and stroke is a leading cause of death for women in Canada, but most don’t know it. The good news is that women can reduce their risk by as much as 80 per cent by making lifestyle changes, says the Heart and Stroke Foundation. This Mother’s Day, here’s what mom can do to put herself first and protect her heart to make health last: 1. Stay tobacco free or quit smoking—while smoking is an addiction and quitting may be difficult, with help and a plan, it may become easier

Exercising: a minimum of three sessions of weight-bearing exercise plus 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity – in minimum of 10-minute increments – each week. 1. Eating right: Seven to eight servings of vegetables and fruit each day, plus limited consumption of sodium and saturated and trans fats, , puts women on the right track. 2, Reduce stress by taking the time to relax, unwind and enjoy simple pleasures. 3. Taking the Know Your Risk quiz Online at will also give her valuable information.

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