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Issue Six

Boomer Wearable

The highly anticipated, NEW AND IMPROVED Boomer Wearable is finally here. Due to feedback from the salesman samples as well as our own testing we have made significant changes... such as increasing the strength of the magnet, improving the seal to make it 100% waterproof and removing the seat post attachment.

Read on for all the geeky ins and outs about these changes & for more technical Boomer Wearable facts. Cheers Mike and Leah

Boomer Wearable


! t e n g a M New The first big improvement we made to our Boomer Wearable was to increase the strength of the magnet. We now use 4 x RARE EARTH disc magnets (otherwise known as Neodymium). Rare Earth magnets are the most advanced magnet with superior performance. Each disc has the pull strength of 893 grams. Our Boomer Wearable uses 4 discs, with a total pull strength of 1.8kg (the total weight of the Boomer Wearable is only 53 grams)!!

et How to use the magn

Remove magnetic tag

Magnet attachment


We are now ultra confident that the Boomer Wearable will solidly attach to most clothing. The Boomer Wearable acheives optimum results especially with cycling jerseys or material of similar thickness. *Ultimately we would always encourage users to test their Boomer Wearable before their journey. We’re confident it will work for most materials, but then again if you’re riding in a bear suit then we can’t guarantee it will hold!

CLIP ATTACHMENT As well as being able to attach to fabric, the Boomer Wearable also features an integrated clip to enable attachment to clothes, pockets, bags, belts, collars, bras, undies and grundies.


S IC N O R T C E L E D E T A UPD We’ve upgraded our PCB (electrical circuit) and implemented an anti-shock function. This means that when you ride over a bump or your light is knocked it will NOT interrupt the light mode.

IT’S WATERPROOF! We have revised the compression seal between the two housings to ensure that the Boomer Wearable is WATERPROOF! This means that we’re super confident that the Boomer Wearable will be a trusty steed, in all types of shitty weather.

IT’S BOOMER BRIGHT! The Boomer Wearable is the same brightness as our brilliant Boomer Original! With a Burn Time of 12 hours (constant) and 36 hours (flashing) and 4 modes (Strobe Flash, Strobe Pulse, Random Strobe and Constant). Bang bang bright!!

EASY TO REPLACE BATTERIES 1. Flip Boomer over and remove rear housing by twisting coin in slot

2. Replace 2 x AAA batteries ensuring battery poles are aligned properly

3. Replace rear casing, ensuring it ‘snaps’ together for a proper fit




REMOVAL OF SEAT POST MOUNT We decided to remove the additional Seat Post Mount that the Boomer Wearable previously came with. In the end we felt that this mount was unnecessary as this is a WEARABLE light.

TECHS AND SPECS 12 hrs (constant) 36 hrs (strobe flashing) 59 x 32 x 34 45 2 x AAA included Super-bright HIGH powered red LED <20 Lumens 1. Strobe Flash 2. Strobe Pulse 3. Random Strobe 4. Steady Waterproof, superslim, TPR body, integrated lens, hold button down to ‘turn off’ in any mode. NOTE If moisture forms inside the unit please clean before use. Safety light only.


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