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t e e h S k e Ge Issue Four

Techs & Specs

Frog Strobe A salute to the KNOG FROG!

We gave birth to our humble Frog light 6 years ago. Since her conception, cats (and often dogs) have been busily copying whilst we’ve been happily evolving her into a magnificent strobe that any parent would be proud of. She’s 5 times brighter, water-resistant, super flexible and best of all she looks damn fine! So whilst the cats will keep on copying, we’ll keep on creating... cos that’s just how we roll. Cheers! Mike and Leah

Frog Strobe Light Multi-purpose Strobe

What makes them brighter? The Frog Strobe uses new surface mount LED technology and features a reflective lens that is designed to increase brightness and visibility. It does this by the design and shape of the lens which allows more light to project where it’s needed! Due to the Frog Strobe projecting more light left and right, this means it increases visibility of other cyclists, motorists and pedestrians in its path, both in front and to the sides.

Typical 5mm LED*

KNOG Frog Strobe

*A typical 5mm LED is what most of the Frog Strobe’s competitors use. This LED design does not distribute much light left and right. It has a very narrow light output which restricts what the rider can see.

Typical 5mm LED*

KNOG FACT! can be e b o r t S g o r F w e The n way! a s e r t e m 0 0 5 m seen fro

KNOG Frog Strobe

The Frog Strobe also has 4 modes to make it much more noticeable on the road: Constant, Strobe, Disco and Random flash. KNOG FACT! The new Frog Strobe can be turned off in any mode

Are they water-resistant? YES! Our Frog Strobes were tested by being submerged in water for 2 hours. What’s our definition of water-resistant? Basically if you ride through the rain for more than 6 hours it’s gonna be sweet! But if you take that baby deep sea diving with you then we can’t guarantee that it’s going to be all bells and whistles afterwards.

t en m ch a tt a ss le lo To d n a le ib x Fle Our tool-less strap with integrated clipping feature is made from high quality, industrial strength, ultra flexible silicone which allows for greater flexibility and easy quick-release mounting. KNOG FACT! seconds 3 n a th s s le s e k ta It e Frog to attach/remove th andlebars. rh Strobe to/from you

! g in th y n a to s e h c a tt a e b o tr S The Frog Bag straps

Dog collars

Sneakers Prams


Camping/tent poles

Walking sticks Caps/watches Handlebars/seat posts

Easy to remove batteries Super simple 2 step process to change the batteries. The Frog Strobe uses 2 coin cells – CR2032.



BURN TIME! Lasts up to 80hrs (flashing mode) and 50 hrs (constant mode).

Frog Strobe Geeksheet  

Knog Frog Strobe Geek sheet

Frog Strobe Geeksheet  

Knog Frog Strobe Geek sheet