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Issue Two

Boomer USB!

Turns out there’s a little geek in all of us... Thanks for your positive feedback on our first Geek Sheet. You know what they say... You scratch our back and we’ll probably fall asleep, but not before we give you ROUND 2... featuring the new BOOMER USB!

So get your geek on, start reading and spread the word because this light’s gaining speed faster than the fat man who sat down too fast. Cheers! Mike and Leah

t y h l l g i a r c i b t s a b m o o B

Boomer USB

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Our KNOG Boomer USB has the same body and same brightness as our original Boomer. So if you paid attention in our last geek sheet you’ll remember that we overdrive our circuit in order to PUMP OUT A HIGHER PULSE OF LIGHT, meaning that it’s bigger and brighter!

! LY S U IO R E S F, O O R P R E T A W % 0 0 1 This is the MOST WATERPROOF LIGHTof the bunch! Out of the 100 units that were tested, only one unit was found to have minor water intake. The reason for this waterproof awesomeness is due to the unit being completely sealed, with nowhere for the water to get in.

EASY TO RECHARGE The Boomer USB is one complete self contained unit. Which means it’s super easy to recharge. All you need is a USB port! STEP ONE Remove the Boomer USB from the silicone and remove the cap to reveal USB port!

STEP TWO Plug into any USB port or USB charger. Approx. 2-4 hrs to fully charge.

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When the KNOG Boomer USB is compared to its competitors (Topeak RedLite/WhiteLite and Blackburn’s “Flea”) there are a few reasons why the KNOG Boomer USB is a superior product. The main advantage is that it plugs right into a USB port/charger. No cable, no hidden connection, no extra part necessary. (All competitors require extra components to recharge)



It’s one schweet little unit. Nothing to loose or break! Being completely self contained means that it’s 100% WATERPROOF, DAMAGEPROOF and LOSSPROOF! Water can’t get in, parts can’t get lost or broken, unlike its competitor products.

It’s super stretchy and ridiculously good looking. With the exact same silicone body as the original Boomer, its design allows it to fit snuggly on mini sized bars as well as fatty boomba bars!


IT’S BRIGHTER!!! We tested our Boomer USB with Topeak’s RedLite/WhiteLite. .. BRAND





0.1 LUX



0.4 LUX


Boomer USB Red

1.2 LUX


Boomer USB White

1.6 LUX

More geeky facts...

How can I extend the Battery life? To preserve the condition of the Lithium-Ion batteries when the Boomer USB isn’t used for an extended period of time the batteries should rest at 50% charge. To acheive this simply charge the boomer to 100%, then hold the button down for 5 seconds. This will turn the light on, automatically shutting your Boomer USB off when the battery reaches a 50% charge.


4hrs (constant) 36hrs (strobe flashing) 68 x 50 x 34 mm 50 grams (including batteries) Rechargeable Lithium-lon polymer Front: HIGH powered surface mounted LED; Rear: HIGH powered surface mounted LED with 2 contrasting LEDs for high visability patterning LIGHT OUTPUT Front 55 lumens / Rear 30 Lumens MODES 1. Constant 2. Strobe flash 3. Fast flash 4. Random strobe 5. Storage mode FEATURES Water-resistant, superslim, flexible silicone body. Integrated lens and housing. Hold button down for 1 second to 'turn off' in any mode. Low battery indicator in lens.

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Knog Boomer USB  

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