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Breaking News! Love Solutions Store Offers Pheromone Cologne What man wouldn't be interested in having a better sex life, attracting more beautiful women and fining true love? Companionship - in whatever form - is what all of us are after. For some men, this is a long lasting relationship with a woman who is their equal, for other men this means a quick fling with a gorgeous high flying power executive and for others, it is anything in between that. Regardless of what type of man you are, you will be happy to hear that Low Solutions Store offers pheromone cologne. These products use Androstenone, one of the better known pheromones that cause attraction in the opposite sex. Androstenone is found in men and women, but what matters is how it dominates others. Because Love Solutions Store offers pheromone cologne, women will know that you are a person of power, a person of stature, a person that is able to protected them and care for them, which is exactly what they are still looking for on a biological level. It is all about understanding what women are interested in subconsciously. You need to go back to the cavemen days. Only a few of the men were strong and powerful enough to drag a random woman by the hair into the nearest cave. What set these men apart from others is believed to have been their Androstenone pheromone. Now, nobody is suggesting you should drag a woman into the nearest cave by her hair, but it is about understanding that biology. Because Love Solutions Store offers pheromone cologne, you are able to get that caveman air about you. You will create that instant attraction telling women - and men for that matter - that you are an alpha male, a good catch, someone who will get them what they need.

Biologically speaking, it is all about aggression. Yes, there is something attractive about someone who is laid back, but what women want to know is that a man is able to stand up for themselves, and for their women, if the need is there. Now that Love Solutions Store offers pheromone cologne, men who don't have that natural aggression, or who want to express their natural aggression even more, are able to do so. You must understand that this is not aggression in the sense of violence. It isn't a case of being against feminism either. This is simple biology, and something that is understood by Women are independent creatures, but their ingrained sense of self-preservation will make them gravitate towards a male

that is able to protect them when needed. Pheromone cologne is able to do this for you. It will make you look like that dominant male that is able to care for a woman, protect her when needed and be that alpha male that everybody is looking for. The science behind pheromones is extensive and as much as people try to resist it, stating that they find attraction is deeper than perceived aggression, it seems that we are all still driven by that caveman that is still within all of us. This is why Love Solutions Store offers pheromone cologne. It gives everyday man the change to be at the top of the pack, even if it is just when they are wearing the cologne. The expression is that you will never get a second chance to make that first impression, and that is very true. If you are able to attract a woman on a biological level, thanks to the pheromones, you have made that all important great first impression. It is only after this that you should start to be concerned about what women really want: someone that gives them their independence, who cares for them, makes them feel safe and makes them laugh. Why not go to this website to see the various pheromone cologne that are on offer? Most different colognes come in both scented and unscented versions, except for Primal Instinct, which is unscented only. The scented colognes emit a very pleasant aroma, meaning you can do without your usual cologne as well. However, if you are particular about the scents you emit, you may want to choose an unscented product and top it up with your own standard cologne instead.

Breaking News! Love Solutions Store Offers Pheromone Cologne  

What man wouldn't be interested in having a better sex life,

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