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ENSEMBLE We appreciate the versatility and possibility that knitting brings us: through the exploration of yarn and fiber, we are able to discover within ourselves a level of craftsmanship unrivaled by the fast fashion readily available to us. The time we spend knitting is secondary to the sense of satisfaction and pride that wearing a hand-knit garment brings, whether the knitter follows a pattern or takes creative license along the way. Ensemble is more than just a gathering of talented designers. It is the product of a particular aesthetic, careful selection, and a mindful approach to garment making. Each pattern included in these pages focuses on creating a functional garment featuring knitted pieces that are a part of your wardrobe, rather than a layer on top of your look.

BARE NAKED WOOLS At Bare Naked Wools, we believe that fewer interruptions between sheep and skein make a difference. We don’t dye our yarns, but seek out the most intriguing and nuanced natural tones: the deepest of charcoal grays, moorit fleeces that spin into heathery tones, and whites that glow like alabaster. We feel strongly that using a wool in its most natural form produces exceedingly beautiful, high-end fabrics. In stunning natural shades, these knits go beyond the boundaries of handmade, casting the knitter into the role of fashion designer, master craftsman, and curator. In the back of this lookbook, you’ll find alternative suggestions from the Bare Naked Wools line for each of the patterns. We encourage you to experiment with different fibers freely to create knits you will love to wear season after season.


VOLTA Susanna IC undulating textured cables knit at a lofty gauge make this shawl lighter than air and delightfully squishy to the touch. knit in our CabĂŠcou Sport, this shawl is the perfect size to ward away winter.

HERRINGWEAVE Anne Hanson only hand knit garments can get away with this level of refined detail: herringbone chevron stitch texture covers the body of this cardigan, while sleeve caps and neckline are adorned with elegant twisted cables.

SNOWY EVENING WOODS Mary O’Shea reminiscent of inlaid geometric designs, this scarf and matching mittens make a striking, high-contrast set. peaks of color are finished off with stripes and chevrons, and the scarf is doubly warm, due to tube construction.

MINATO Ayako Monier breathtaking, luxurious cable panels combine efforts with mistake stitch rib detail to create a piece you’ll love wearing everywhere you go. this open front cardigan is a versatile and visually stunning knit.

ON THE DOT Elena Nodel a knit you simply need to make for the purpose of trying this unique stitch pattern. this cozy cowl has a matching slouchy hat. pair both together for a truly striking look.

NORTHMAVEN Rich Ensor this unisex pullover is an exercise in your cable prowess: take on these extravagant panels of twisting, interlocking lines, and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning piece you’ll eagerly pull on every winter.

ROCKY FORK Kerri Blumer a reference to the sexy shape of a deep cut front, this fitted pullover uses lines of ribbing to flatter, shaping and enhancing the contours within the bounds of its classic pullover shape.

ABRI Susanna IC mistake stitch rib warps and twists into rhythmic cables across this cowl, Better Breakfast Worsted gives this cozy accessory drape and fluidity, enhancing the cables’ lines in both cowl and matching hat.

TEXTURED HENLEY Ruth Garcia-Alcantud this classically shaped, lightweight pullover is perfect for transitional weather, especially when knit in one of our bast fiber offerings. shown here in Ginny DK, it features a yoked neckline, adorned with delicate buttons.

POLKA DOT Marina Orry dropped shoulders and a roomy fit make this colorwork pullover a staple favorite with a twist. high contrast in dark and light, this garment would be equally lovely in subtle, low volume neutrals.

URBANZA Elena Nodel snuggle up to this cowl, knit with Kent DK and CabĂŠcou Sport for a uniquely textured full fiber experience. a matching hat option completes the look,

HERRINGWEAVE Anne Hanson featuring all over herringbone texture and cabled sleeve caps, this handsome pullover aims to fool the eye: is it woven, or knit? knit in robust Kent DK, this garment is a timeless, classic staple for any wardrobe.

MEANDER & MERGE Irina Dmitrieva this accessory set has not one, but two variations for fingerless mitts in addition to a hat and buttoned scarf. the versatility of these pieces is only part of their charm, with dense braided cables that will delight any knitter.

MARABOU CHOCOLATE Mary O’Shea these cozy hand warmers slip over long sleeves or into coat cuffs, their cheery gingham plaid warming both hands and heart in chilly weather.

MINSTREL Elena Nodel a delightfully fun knit, with squishy garter stripes, lace panels, an irregular edge and quaint picots, this accessory is the perfect remedy to knitting boredom,




Susanna IC

Anne Hanson

Meandering lines, interesting textures, reversible cables, and next-to-skin-soft yarn make this an enviable accessory. Yarn Requirements: 700 yards / 640 m Finished Size: 67 inches / 170 cm long 36 inches / 91.5 cm deep (blocked) Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: CabĂŠcou Sport, Chebris Sport, Stone Soup DK, Kent DK, Ginny DK

Cardigan and pullover variations shown in Kent DK. Cardigan shown in Driftwood. Garment Sizes:

35.75 (41, 46.25, 51.75, 57, 62.25) inches / 91(104, 117.5, 131.5, 145, 158) cm

(chest circumference) Yarn requirements: pullover/cardigan: 1025 (1200, 1400,

1600, 1800, 2000) / 950(1100, 1300, 1475, 1650, 1850) vest: 825 (1025, 1225, 1400, 1600, 1800) yards / 775(950, 1125, 1300, 1475, 1650) m

Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Kent DK, Stone Soup DK, Better Breakfast DK, Ghillie Sport, Confection Sport, Cooper Sport



Mary O’Shea

Mary O’Shea

This colorwork scarf is knit in the round for deliciously thick tubular construction. Shown in Kent DK.

Cozy up to these mittens, adorned with picot edging and pointed tips for traditional flair. Shown in Kent DK.

Yarn Requirements: Color A: 300 yards / 275 m Color B: 220 yards / 200 m Color C: 220 yards / 200 m Color D: 180 yards / 165 m

Yarn Requirements: Color A: 90 yards / 85 m Color B: 85 yards / 80 m Color C: 50 yards / 45 m Color D: 65 yards / 60 m

Finished Size: 7 inches / 18 cm wide 62 inches / 157.5 cm long

Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Stone Soup DK Confection Sport

Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Kent DK, Stone Soup DK, Confection Sport

You can change these to fit a range of sizes by going up or down needle gauge.



Elena Nodel

Susanna IC

A clever combination of colors, cables, and slip stitches creates a unique design that looks like colorwork, but is not. This pattern includes both hat and cowl instructions.

Cozy up to this stunning set, shown in Better Breakfast Worsted, colorway ‘Muelsi’. Pattern includes both hat and cowl instructions and features the same undulating cable textures as Susanna’s Volta shawl, also in this collection.

Yarn Requirements: Main Color (MC): 575 yards / 525 m Contrast Color (CC): 350 yards / 320 m Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Better Breakfast DK, Stone Soup DK, Cabécou Sport, Chebris Sport, Kent DK, Confection Sport, Ghillie Sport/DK

Yarn requirements: Hat: 190 yards / 170 m Cowl: 200 yards / 180 m Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Better Breakfast Worsted Chebris Worsted Precious Worsted



Mary O’Shea

Elena Nodel

Tailored mitts offered in three sizes to fit men and women. Shown in Confection Sport, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate.

A play between textures and colors, where fabric is ever flowing and changing like a melody. While specific measurements and yarn recommendations are stated, the shawl can be adapted to any yarn and size.

Yarn requirements: Color A (Dark Chocolate): 65 (75, 90) yards/ 60(70, 85) m / 20 (23, 27) g Color B (Milk Chocolate): 75 (85, 105) yards / 70(80, 95) m / 23(26, 32) g Color C (White Chocolate): 45 (50, 60) yards / 40(45, 55) m / 14(15, 18) g Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Confection Sport Stone Soup DK Kent DK

Yarn requirements: Color 1 (light): 375 yards / 343 m Color 2 (dark): 375 yards / 343 m Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Better Breakfast Fingering Stone Soup Fingering Chebris Lace Ginny Sport

MEANDER HAT Irina Dmitrieva

This toasty hat is dense with cabled texture to keep head and ears cozy on cold, windy winter days. A pompom makes for a fun accent and adds extra height. Yarn Requirements: 220 yards / 200 m Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Ginny DK, Stone Soup DK, Kent DK, Confection Sport, Chebris Sport, Cabécou Sport


Choose your favorite variation - the Merge and Meander versions of these mitts showcase different cable patterns. Yarn Requirements; 140 yards / 128 m Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Ginny DK, Stone Soup DK, Kent DK, Confection Sport, Chebris Sport, Cabécou Sport

MEANDER SCARF Irina Dmitrieva

This deliciously wide, warm, and cozy scarf will convert to a buttoned cowl with a flick of the wrist—great for those especially windy days when knitwear doesn’t want to stay put. Yarn Requirements: 700 yards / 640 m Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Ginny DK, Stone Soup DK, Kent DK, Confection Sport, Chebris Sport, Cabécou Sport



Elena Nodel

Marina Orry

Set shown in Kent DK & CabĂŠcou Brilliant. This hat and cowl set combines two yarns for an amazing finished texture. Alternate any of our DK weight yarns and sport weight yarns to experiment with this very tactile set.

Color blocking, stranded knitting, and simple shapes combine to create this effortless, striking pullover.

Yarn requirements: Main Color: 275 yards / 252 m Cowl: 250 yards / 229 m Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Stone Soup DK, Better Breakfast DK, Ghillie Sport/DK, Confection Sport, Chebris Sport,

Garment Sizes:

35.5 (37.75, 40, 42.25, 42.7544.5, 46.75, 49.25, 51.5, 53.75, 56) inches / 90 (96, 101.5, 107.5, 113,119,125, 130.5, 136.5, 142)cm

(chest circumference) Yarn requirements: Color A: 650 (700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 975, 1025, 1100, 1175) yards / 600 (650, 675, 750, 775, 825, 900, 950, 1000, 1075) m Color B:

350 (375, 400,450,475,500,550,575, 600,650) yards / 325 (350, 375,400,425, 450, 500,525,550,600) m



Ayako Monier

Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

A showstopping cardigan adorned with all over cables and a cozy shawl collar.

A fresh claxsic, this textured henley combines the natural beauty of yarn in simple stockinette with thougtful details.

Garment Sizes:

33.75(37.5, 41.25, 45, 48.75, 52.5, 56.25, 60) inches / 85.5(95.5, 105, 114.5, 124, 133.5, 143, 152.5) cm

Garment Sizes:

33.25(37, 40.75, 44.75, 49.25, 53) inches / 84.5(94, 103.5, 113.5, 125, 134.5) cm in circumference around chest (buttoned)

Yarn requirements: 1075 (1200, 1325, 1425, 1575, 1675, 1850, 1950) yards / 975 (1100, 1200, 1300, 1450, 1525, 1700, 1775) m

Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Better Breakfast Worsted Confection Worsted Chebris Worsted

Yarn requirements: 1080(1200, 1330, 1530, 1730, 1900) yards / 990(1100, 1225, 1400, 1600, 1750) m

Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Confection Sport, Chebris Sport, Better Breakfast Fingering, Stone Soup Fingering, Hempshaugh Fingering



Kerri Blumer

Rich Ensor

Sexy and sleek, this pullover features shapely ribbing and tailored construction

Positively coated in cables, this unisex pullover is as much a treat to knit as it is to wear!

Garment Sizes:

30(34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54, 58, 62) inches / 76(86.5, 96.5, 106.5, 117, 127, 137, 147.5, 157.5) cm in circumference around chest to fit with 0 to 4 inches / 0 to 10 cm of ease

Yarn requirements:

835 (935, 1060, 1175, 1315, 1425, 1565, 1700, 1830) yards / 760 (850, 970, 1075, 1200, 1305, 1430, 1550, 1675) m

Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Better Breakfast DK, Kent DK Stone Soup DK, Chebris Sport, CabĂŠcou Sport

Garment Sizes:

36.75 (38.25, 40.75, 42.25, 44.75, 46.25, 48.75, 50.25, 52.75, 54.25) inches / 93.5 (97.5, 103.5, 107.5, 113.5, 118, 124, 128, 134, 138) cm in chest circumference to fit with 2 to 4 inches / 5 to 10 cm of ease

Yarn requirements:

1475 (1550, 1650, 1750, 1850, 1925, 2050, 2125, 2225, 2325) yards / 1350 (1425, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1750, 1875, 1950, 2050, 2125) m

Bare Naked Wools Substitutions: Kent Worsted, Better Breakfast Worsted, Ghillie Sport DK

DESIGNERS ANNE HANSON Creative director, lead designer, owner and founder of Bare Naked Wools and Knitspot, Anne Hanson has been a voice in fashion and knitwear since the 1970s. She combines her modern aesthetic with classic knit shapes to create fresh garments and accessories inspired by art and texture. Her work has been featured in countless magazines and books, and she has published hundreds of individual patterns. Follow Anne’s work at www.knitspot.com.

ELENA NODEL Fond of easy to knit, accessible design, Elena Nodel has made her mark as a designer through the application and explanation of unusual techniques in simple shapes and classic styles. Her patterns strive to be challenging but encouraging to knitters hoping to expand their skills. You can follow her work at www.anadiomenadesigns.blogspot.ca.

MARY O’SHEA Designer Mary O’Shea resides on the Tullymongan Farm, a homestead in North Orland, ME. A science teacher with a love for livestock and gardening, Mary’s patterns find influence in nature and traditional colorwork motifs - many of her stranded patterns feature unique designs within traditional shapes. Follow her farm & design adventures at www.tullymonganfarm.com

SUSANNA IC Designer Susanna IC has brought a unique voice and style to knitwear design, gaining popularity as a shawl designer for her elegant take on lace motifs and shaping. Her knack for color and pattern comes from her artistic background and has made her popular with the knitting community. Explore her extensive pattern collection at www.artqualia.com

RICH ENSOR Rich Ensor brings cables to life in full force on a small scale. Having taken up knitting as stress relief, he has found his niche within sock design and has branched out into garments for this edition of Ensemble. You can see what he’s up to at www.thatbaldguyknits.com.

DESIGNERS RUTH GARCIA-ALCANTUD Spanish born designer Ruth Garcia-Alcantud has been immersed in the fashion industry since a young age. Her special attention to finishing and embellishment has set her apart as a designer and technical editor. She blogs at www.rockandpurl.com.

KERRI BLUMER Kerri Blumer brings her love and passion for textured knitwear to her work as a designer, enhancing the beauty of knitter’s favorite accessory and garment shapes through careful application of cables and textured stitch techniques. Follow her design releases at kerriknits.tumblr.com

MARINA ORRY French designer Marina Orry publishes her range of delightful designs for adults and children in three languages: French, Italian, and English. Her design style is playful and fun, with unique stitch patterns and unusual textures taking form across classic shapes. You can see what she’s up to at www.marinaorry.com.

IRINA DMITRIEVA A relatively new designer, Irina has expressed her love of knitwear and design through dozens of adorable, innovative hat patterns. She enjoys playing with color and texture, as shown in Meander & Merge accessories within this Ensemble collection. Keep an eye on her work at myknitland.blogspot.com.

AYAKO MONIER Ayako Monier brings new ideas into the knitting world with her collection of wearable garments. Her pieces often feature unforgettable details in lace and cabling, making them pieces knitters will love to wear and show off. Her Micio cardigan in this collection was a staff favorite: the all-over cable panel on the back is even more stunning in person. Follow her impeccable work on Ravelry in the Amonier Knits group.

A sneak peek at more to come! follow pattern releases for this collection throughout the month, and discover more at www.barenakedwools.com

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