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NEW! ONYX YARN SWIFT So dark, so lovely! PROVINCIAL TWEED YARN Marled easycare worsted tweed! MITTEN PATTERN COLLECTION Easy colorwork for classic mittens DISHCLOTH PATTERN COLLECTION 52 delightful dishcloths NEEDLE SALE! 25% off straight needles


Provincial Tweed


$12.99/100g, 80% Superwash Fine Highland Wool, 20% Donegal. Worsted (250 yards)

Bringing an exuberant and folksy charm to our selection of tweeds, our newest yarn features bold colors in tone-on-tone marl, with subtle slubs to lend twangy texture to Fine Highland wool. This washable tweed is tough enough for the farm, soft enough for the manor, and bright enough for both. Top, left to right: Salsa Verde 27573, Lake Shore 27574, Frozen Pond 27577, Blue Bird 27575, Winter Walk 27576, Plum Pudding 27578. Bottom, left to right: Coffee Bean 27581, Hot Cocoa 27570, Caramel 27571, Pumpkin Pie 27572, Candy Apple 27580, Jam 27579.










55% Superfine Alpaca, 45% Peruvian Highland Wool. Super Bulky $7.99/200g ball, 44 yds Supremely lofty and oh-so-cozy, this super luxurious bulky yarn is great for quick accessories and of course – last minute gifts. Indigo Heather 27249

100% Wool. Super Bulky $4.49/100g ball, 44 yds Vibrant colors, softness, and the resilience of 100% wool make Tuff Puff a large gauge favorite. Perfect for home decor and super-sturdy coats. Celestial 26845

100% Wool. Jumbo $8.99/200g hank, 44 yds This jumbo weight yarn has an astonishing one and a half stitches per inch for projects that work up in no time at all! Perfect for cozy home decor, woolly accessories, and oversized sweaters. Eggplant 27204



100% Extra Fine Merino Superwash. Super Bulky $8.99/100g ball, 67 yds Extra Fine Merino reaches peak squish with a gently twisted single ply. Streaks and speckles of brilliant hues blend with a pure white base for a dappled color effect.

80% Acrylic 20% Superwash Wool. Super Bulky $3.49/100g ball, 44 yds A crafting powerhouse combining Superwash Wool and Acrylic, this easycare yarn is perfect for super chunky cowls, scarves, and of course blankets. Celestial 27168

Glacier Glint 27548

Luxury YARNS


$6.49/50g DK weight ball - 70% Merino wool, 30% Silk. 123 yards Why we love it: Gloss DK has a large spectrum of colors ideal for combining in colorwork projects with plenty of drape and sheen. Perfect for fitted pullovers, dressy cardigans or stunning wraps. Colorways shown: Winter Night 26075, Blackberry 24988, Port 27010, Cranberry 24725, Masala 24719. ZIGZAGGING HAT AND MITTENS 52155D Knit in Gloss DK, yarn cost starts $19.47

City Tweed

$9.99/100g Aran weight ball - 55% Merino wool, 25% Superfine alpaca, 20% Donegal tweed. 164 yards Why we love it: The high ratio of neps gives City Tweed a traditional appeal while the Merino and alpaca makes it ohso-soft and warm. Colorways shown: Cobalt 25513, Morning Glory 24535, Blue Blood 24529, Romance 24534, Lemon Curd 24526 INVERNESS TAM 14073D Knit in City Tweed HW, yarn cost starts at $9.99

Andean Treasure

$6.79/50g Sport weight ball - 100% Baby Alpaca.

110 yards Why we love it: Baby alpaca is one of the softest and finest classifications of alpaca, and you will definitely enjoy the luxurious feel of this yarn against your skin. Colorways shown: Midnight Hthr. 24320, Sapphire Hthr. 24624, Royal Hthr. 25564, Embers Hthr. 23486, Prairie Hthr. 24938


TWO-TONE BRIOCHE HAT 14241D Knit in Andean Treasure, yarn cost $13.58

$4.99/50g Sport weight ball - 50% Merino Wool, 50% Viscose from Bamboo. 131 yards Why we love it: This exquisite blend of luxurious fibers produces a yarn with wonderful elasticity and bounce while the bamboo adds lovely drape and a silky soft hand – a perfect fiber combination for those with sensitive skin. Colorways shown: Black 26095, Lunar 26097, Nebula 26096, Quartz 26093, Valentine 26098, Firefly 26101


ALTHEA CLUTCH 52198D Knit in Galileo, yarn cost $9.98

$4.89/50g Sport weight ball - 50% Fine Merino, 25% Baby Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk. 123 yards Why we love it: Paragon is sure to become your favorite yarn for projects such as sophisticated cardigans, opulent shawls, and unique scarves. Amazingly versatile, too... knit with smaller needles for a dense, plump, and super-squishy feel; or use larger needles to create projects with lovely drape. Colorways shown: Black 26959, Navy 26967, Enchanted 26973, Pimento 26970, Rouge 26972, Turmeric 26971 HONEY TRAIL 14318D Knit in Paragon, yarn cost starts at $41.94

WOOL of the



For the sweater you'll wear a thousand times or the blanket you'll use every night, this Peruvian wool yarn is the reliable old friend you can always turn to. Available in up to 100 colors, Wool of the Andes is the perfect stash staple. WOOL OF THE ANDES



100% Peruvian Highland Wool

80% Peruvian Highland Wool,

100% Superwash Wool

Sport $1.99/50g ball - 137 yards

20% Donegal Tweed

Worsted $3.69/50g ball - 110 yards

Worsted $1.99/50g ball - 110 yards

Worsted $3.49/50g ball - 110 yards

NEW COLLECTION! Are your fingers frosty? Are your thumbs threadbare? Have no fear, Mighty Mittens are here! Simpler and more forgiving than gloves with plenty of room for colorwork creativity, choose from fingering and worsted weights, sizes for tiny babies to the largest man, and 8 unique stranding stitch patterns. by Emily Kintigh for Knit Picks

Printed Book 33405 $15.99 save 20%

eBook 75310D - $9.99

DISHCLOTHS FOR ALL SEASONS You can never have enough dishcloths! We bring you 52 cute new cloths to craftify your home. Novices and experts alike will find practical patterns, both simple and challenging in a variety of techniques. From intarsia to cables, the seasonally festive to the astrologically inspired, you’ll always have the perfect dishcloth for any time of the year! Printed Book 33407 $15.99 save 20% eBook 75307D - $9.99


Just because a yarn is durable and hardwearing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love of color! Available in fun multi-color shades and solid hues, Dishie is our go-to cotton for dish towels, rugs, and market bags. $2.99 Dishie $3.69 Dishie Multi 100g ball, 100% Cotton Worsted, 190 yds Blues & Purples: Deep Blue Sea Multi 27336, Jewelry Box Multi 27330, Blue 25787, Navy 26670, Twilight Multi 27329, Lilac Mist 27038, Grape Purple Multi 27337, Eggplant 27039, Greys & Teals: Swan 25409, Clarity 27037, Pebble Multi 27336, Silver 25789, Mint 27041, Beach Front Multi 27332, Aquarium Multi 27340, Azure 25412. Greens & Yellows: Honeydew 25410, Jalapeño 25785, Caterpillar Multi 27342, Douglas Fir 27036, Blush 26668, Egg Hunt Multi 27326, Sunshine Multi 27341, Crème Brûlèe 25404. Reds: Begonia 25790, Fiesta Red 25786, Sunset Multi 27334, Conch 25411



75% Pima Cotton, 25% Acrylic. Worsted $7.99/100g hank, 219 yards. Made with the popular Comfy Worsted base, acrylic microfiber gives elasticity to this lightweight, long wearing, machine washable yarn. First Column: Dahlia 27461,

100% Pima Cotton. Bulky $5.99/100g hank, 120 yards. Eight plies of super soft pima cotton create a thick and thin texture for a feel that is both rustic and modern all at once. Second Column: Tea Rose 26228, Ice Lily 26229,

Sweet Plum 27462, Tidewater 27465, Lilac Breeze 27460. Fourth Column: Vermilion 27463, Cloudburst 27458, Foggy Beach 27466, Sunshower 27464.

Cadet 26232, Natural 26222. Third Column: Conch 26982, Clarity 26227, Whisker 26987, Cornmeal 26235.

THIS CATALOG IS ONLY THE BEGINNING… 81 yarns, 1,806 colors and 4,684 patterns are available at! Our customer service team members are real crafters who are as choosy as you are when it comes to your craft. Have a question about a yarn, the way it feels or the undertone of a particular color? Don’t be shy! Seriously, we’re here to make your fiber journey nothing short of amazing – we love to help crafters do what they do best: create.


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Catalog expires March 19, 2018

Knit Picks March 2018 Catalog Preview  

New Onyx Yarn Swift, Provincial Tweed Yarn, Mitten Pattern Collection, Dishcloth Pattern Collection, and Straight Needle Sale!

Knit Picks March 2018 Catalog Preview  

New Onyx Yarn Swift, Provincial Tweed Yarn, Mitten Pattern Collection, Dishcloth Pattern Collection, and Straight Needle Sale!