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Ex/Libris of the KNIR Collection

This is a series of ex-libris found in the KNIR Library. These markings denote previous ownership of the book. Sadly, not all biographic information is known. If you happen to have any information on some of these ex-libris, please send the KNIR librarian an email.

Oskar Pollak Prague 1883-1915

GijsbertusKuyk Brom 1864-1915

Gregorii Sergii Filii Stroganoff 1829-1910



Godefridus Johannes Hoogewerff Amersfoort, 1884 – Florence, 1963


G. Kinksche

Carel Claudius van Essen Amsterdam, 1899 – Rome, 1963

Peter Leigh

Via Omero 10 Roma 00197 Italy

Ex Libris of the KNIR Collection  

A assortment of plates from the library's collection.