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close all tic x=[0 0 1]; y=[1 2 2]; z=[1 1 1]; hp = patch(x,y,z); colormap(autumn(3)) set(hp,'FaceVertexCData',[1;2;3]) set(hp,'FaceColor','interp','EdgeColor','interp') title('Smooth interpolation using OpenGL') set(gcf,'Renderer','OpenGL') toc Selecting renderer: Turning on/off features in Figure: dealing with live-update: Figure property : More MATLAB- side optimization: More Mathlab official optimization: Tested the three different type of renderer. They all perform at similar speed. None is better than the other. painters - only simple picture (no gradient) zbuffer - simple picture OpenGL - can draw complex DOCUMENT: discussabout why 384 points is not big enough for cuda operation? i dunno. is that justify?

Solving Figure slowness