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total hr solutions

being part of your team

specialists in employment

To say that Knights is a well established law firm would be an under-statement. Founded in 1759 in Staffordshire, it has been building and retaining relationships for over 250 years. Whilst proud of its heritage, Knights is very much a forward looking firm. It boasts a staff of over 150 including 75 lawyers across three offices Newcastle-under-Lyme, Cheltenham and Alderley Edge.

Knights offers a full commercial and private client service with recognised strength in employment law. The employment unit has depth and breadth of expertise to guide clients through the myriad of ever increasing and complex legislation regulating the employment relationship. However we appreciate that employees are also the most valuable asset of any business and harnessing their potential is not always best suited to a lawyer's skills. For this reason our employment unit includes senior HR professionals who are better placed to deal with many day to day aspects of the employment relationship and add real value to your business.

being part of your team

Permanently at your disposal but without a permanent cost. Whether your need arises from a short term staffing crisis or a longer term HR project, our team can become part of yours - but only for so long as you require.

Our senior HR team have 40 years’

total hr solutions is flexible, adaptable

experience between them. Professionally

and affordable - you can speak with one

qualified to the highest level and with a

of our HR team at any time and without

wealth of practical experience behind


them. They excel in working with businesses to explore the added value which the HR resource can bring to a business, whether in respect of staff development, incentivisation schemes, recruitment ... or just performing the grass root HR role.

Let our team become part of yours.

specialists in employment

pay as you grow

No matter what the size of your business, from time to time you will need some form of HR support. What you need is likely to vary as your business changes and grows.

You may have no current problems, nor

knowledge that you have already

any on the horizon but it's always wise

budgeted for the help you need. You can

to expect the unexpected. Businesses

bank your hours when your needs are

which thrive, survive and develop are

less, and use them when issues arise and

those which are prepared for meeting

specialist help is required.

unexpected challenges. pay as you grow is invaluable when non Our pay as you grow option is designed

routine matters arise, such as the

to give you a flexible HR solution with

provision of HR support during a

the advantage of a fixed price. You select

disciplinary or grievance process,

how many hours of HR support you wish

assistance in implementing changes to

to pay for regularly each month. You can

contracts of employment or consultation

then call upon our HR specialists when

during a redundancy situation or the

you need them, secure in the

transfer of a business.

Whatever your needs and however much or little HR support you require, total hr solutions pay as you grow provides you with the flexible solution so that you choose how much support you need and when you need it.

specialists in employment

short term resource

Many businesses do not need full time HR support, nor can they afford or justify it. But it’s easy to forget that the people working in your business are one of the most important resources you have and without them your business could not function properly or profitably.

Other resources in your business are well

You may wish to introduce new systems,

looked after and properly managed and

for instance a new appraisal scheme for

your employees should be looked after

which specialist help is invaluable. Or

in the same professional manner.

you may wish to bring in new pay scales, or a new computer record keeping

Records need to be kept, problems need

system, or introduce new policies and

to be carefully handled and discipline

procedures. You may have a short term

needs to be maintained. Our HR

need for HR support to cover a period of

specialists can be used on a short term

sick leave, or require assistance on a

basis in different ways according to the

regular basis a few times a month to

needs of your business.

undertake some of the routine HR tasks required by most businesses or to train your staff in that role.

Whatever your needs total hr solutions can meet them by supplying resources on a short term basis, or by providing a few hours’ support per week or month.

specialists in employment

long term resource

You may not have any HR support or you may feel that you are failing to reap the full benefit of your existing HR professional. Our HR specialists can come into your business and work with you and any existing HR professional to identify the level of support which you need in the longer term to ensure the smooth and effective management of your employees, one of your most important resources.

Having identified your needs and where

If you do not already have professional

appropriate set up the systems required

HR support and decide to engage your

to meet them, our specialists can then

own HR staff, our specialists can assist in

advise on the level of HR support you

the recruitment process by preparing a

will need in the future. This may be

suitable job description and person

through providing additional training to

specification, advertising, carrying out

your existing HR professional or by

initial screening of applicants and

occasional short term supply or

psychometric testing of those shortlisted.

recruitment of new staff.

They can also provide induction training and support for the successful candidate to ensure they become fully integrated into your business.

total hr solutions helps you to ensure that you have the longer term HR support which is appropriate to your business needs.

specialists in employment

project management

We recognise that from time to time your business may want to introduce new schemes to benefit employees or new systems to improve the efficiency of your business. You may have difficulty investing the additional time and resource required to devise and implement what can amount to fundamentally different working practices.

Our HR specialists have extensive

employment needs and designing

experience of working with businesses

appropriate pay and reward structures.

on specific projects intended to improve

They could carry out a job evaluation

the effectiveness of the employment

scheme and prepare detailed job

relationship. Such projects could include


the implementation of new performance management standards, or the design

Our specialists can manage projects from

and implementation of a new bespoke

the point of the initial concept right

appraisal system linked to incentivisation

through to its implementation. They will

schemes and pay reviews. Our HR

work as part of your team to achieve

specialists could work with you on

successful delivery combining your ideas

introducing a flexible working scheme,

and requirements with their experience

or a complete restructuring of your

and expertise to ensure a specifically

business, helping to identify your

tailored result to meet your business

requirements. This will enable you to concentrate on the day to day management of your business.

Good ideas often don’t see the light of day due to lack of time and resources. total hr solutions will enable you to take those ideas and turn them into reality.

specialists in employment

total employment solutions

Businesses turn to us not only because they are facing more frequent employment disputes which involve greater costs and complexity, but also because the insurance they have arranged as protection is failing them.

We have developed many longstanding

What we offer:

relationships over the years with our clients. Understanding their business

The initial audit - is an essential health

needs has helped us to develop the

check for your documentation to make

total employment solutions package

sure that the contracts, policies and

we offer today.

procedures that are crucial to a good employment relationship with your staff

total employment solutions is a

are legally compliant and help, rather

comprehensive package of solutions

than hinder, your business.

that covers every aspect of employment law, delivered by Knights’ specialist

Ongoing support - we will create your

solicitors, working as part of your team.

own HR support manual, containing new

You can access as many or as few

and updated employment policies,

services as you need.

procedures and contracts tailor made for your business, as well as guidance on

wider employment issues. Regular

solicitors so that you can be sure that

not only peace of mind, but very

updates will be provided as and when

you are compliant with employment

real savings.

the law changes.

legislation and good employment practice at all times.

Tailor-made training - essential training

To find out more about total employment solutions please visit

The security of insurance - with

our website at: www.knights-

policies and procedures and to ensure

potentially unlimited compensation

they are implemented effectively for the

in many types of claims heard at

benefit of your business.

employment tribunals, we offer insurance

is provided to help you understand your

cover that will pay the legal fees of an A telephone helpline - when you need an

employment dispute and the cost of any

expert opinion, you can call our

awards. We offer a level of cover to suit

dedicated helpline. We offer unlimited

your particular needs and are authorised

telephone advice on any matter. You will

by the insurance providers to manage

speak to one of our employment

claims on their behalf. Insurance offers

specialists in employment

Isabel Hancock Isabel is a partner who qualified in 1993. She enjoys advocacy in the Employment Tribunal including multi-day discrimination cases. She has extensive experience in advising on the employment issues surrounding business transfers, and all other non-contentious matters.

Mark Whitehouse Mark is a partner who qualified in 1999. He advises on both contentious and noncontentious issues and has extensive advocacy experience. He also has expertise in High Court litigation involving the enforcement of post termination restrictions.

Christine Dyson Christine is a partner who qualified in 1987. She has particular interest and expertise in Disability Discrimination and Data Protection. In addition to non-contentious work, she regularly conducts cases in the Employment Tribunal.

Lynne Ingram Lynne is an associate who qualified in 2004. She advises on both contentious and non-contentious issues, particularly drafting contracts of employment and compromise agreements. She also has a particular expertise in the area of business immigration, ensuring that

employers are compliant with the ever increasing obligations which apply whether or not foreign nationals are employed. Gareth Durnall Gareth qualified as a solicitor in early 2008. He is a keen advocate who has already gained experience in the Employment Tribunal and advises on a variety of both contentious and noncontentious issues. He also provides support to the firm’s Sports Unit. Vincent Fox Vincent qualified as a solicitor in 2008 having converted from a career as a

let our team become part of yours

barrister. He complements our business immigration practice in ensuring that highly skilled or shortage occupation individuals recruited from abroad are able to work in the UK legally. Lisa Harris Lisa is the coordinator for both total employment solutions and total hr solutions and is responsible for general administration and client liaison. Judith Doran FCIPD Judith Doran has over 20 years experience in generalist and strategic HR roles. She has held senior roles in both the private and public sector. Judith’s expertise

encompasses a wide range of HR issues including employee relations, recruitment and assessment, training and development, diversity issues and career transition support. She has a Masters in strategic Human Resource management and is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. In addition Judith holds qualifications in teaching adult education, Hay job evaluation and in psychometric testing. She is an accredited trainer of the award winning Springboard and Spring Forward development programmes. Jane Capewell FCIPD Jane Capewell has over 20 years experience as a successful HR

professional with broad experience of leading, developing and implementing HR and organisational development initiatives. She has experience both in private sector organisations such as financial services and manufacturing and in the public sector. Jane provides a wide range of HR services including managing change, performance management, developing organisational structures, service standards, pay and reward (including job evaluation), policy review/development as well as practical people management support. Jane has qualifications in Human Resource Management and Hay job evaluation and is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

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Knights total hr solutions  
Knights total hr solutions  

Permanently at your disposal but without a permanent cost. Whether your need arises from a short term staffing crisis or a longer term HR p...