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The Knightly News February 2011

Colony High School

Volume 8 Issue 5

A Moose for a Day By Chelsea Halstead

Is the grass really greener on the other side? That’s the question I had in mind on February 4th, 2011 when I attended Palmer High School for one day. This is the first part of a series of experimental school days in which a fellow journalism student and I are partaking. We will visit each of the major high schools in the Mat-Su Borough, to walk a day in the shoes of one of their students. The goal is to see firsthand the differences and similarities between the schools. The first stop was Palmer High School. Upon arrival at Palmer High, I noticed the first big difference; a functional parking lot. I had no problem getting onto the school grounds and there was no need to fight anyone over a parking spot. Once inside we made our way to the front office where we were greeted by a warm office staff much like Colony’s. They directed us to our first stop with one of the Assistant Principals – Kari Dendurent. Ms. Dendurent was extremely kind and seemed just as excited about our project as we were. We had some time to ask her questions about PHS and her thoughts on the school. One of the first topics we were curious about was what Ms. Dendurent felt were the strongest and weakest attributes of Palmer. “I think that the students are the strongest attributes of our school. The kids aren’t materialistic, which causes them to be more accepting of different backgrounds I think. There are not many cliques and everyone is one cohesive community. The weakest would be our curricular offering. Although we do have the IB program there isn’t enough engagement in it. With AP and Honors courses I feel that more students would go beyond just the minimum requirements to graduate,” commented Ms. Dendurent. Palmer High is the only school in the district to offer the International Baccalaureate program. The IB program is full of rigorous courses intended to help students cut down on the amount of years students will have to attend college. As an assistant principal, Ms. Dendurent deals with discipline issues on a regular basis.

We inquired which were the most common, “The main one that I see is tardies, but that’s just because it has to come through an AP. The other one I deal with often is excessive absences. Then there are always the cases of classroom disruptions from underclassmen,” Dendurent said. Colony High School is widely known for their school spirit, so we wanted to see if Palmer shared the same passion. “I think that we have a really high spirit level. Every Friday is ‘Palmer Blue’ day. So many people buy into that and sport their blue on Friday; even kids that you think wouldn’t normally dress up, do,” said Dendurent. Palmer High School has a different approach to conventional After our meeting with Mrs. locker set up. Dendurent, she took us on a tour of at ease. After asking a student or two about this calm the school. On the tour one of the biggest things that I noticed were all of the murals. phenomenon, which I was definitely not used to, I They weren’t all murals that paid homage to the was reassured that this was the norm. Everyone school itself, but to the students instead. The murals gets along with everyone, which creates a laid back reflected the artistic creativity of the students very feeling. Students feel comfortable with one another well. The murals ranged from the signature Palmer as well as with their teachers, and all of the teachers Moose, to true Alaskan grown style, and even some I saw seemed to be comfortable with their students. I was shocked to see a student get up and walk out with awe inspiring quotes. Next, my co-journalist and I went our of class in one of my periods, but when I gave the separate ways to our first class of the day. Sharon student next to me a quizzical glance he informed Johnson, one of the counselors at PHS set up me that that is how they do passes. They have a comparable schedules to our own at Colony High pass on a lanyard that they grab on their way out School. Throughout the day I attended Contemporary and if they need to leave, most teachers just allow Literature, French I, and Government. The first them to go. This prevents students from interrupting difference that I noticed was the class size. Classes a lesson just to ask to use the restroom. To me, this at PHS have about 20 students opposed to the 30- showed a trust between teachers and students. By then end of the day we were anxious to 40 that attend each class at CHS. The overall feel I got from all of these classes and lunch was a relaxed get back to Colony and report some of our findings atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be doing what to anyone who would listen. It’s too soon to tell if the they needed to be doing, but without the teachers grass is greener on the other side though. Maybe breathing down their necks. Everyone seemed very Houston High School at the end of the month will give us some more insight.

Turn Your Phone Off! Or On? By Laura Holman

Recently, students everywhere have been working to get cell phones and iPods approved in schools, but some teachers are doing the opposite.

their lockers. 27% of teachers say they confiscate at least one cell phone a day. Another concern some Americans are having is the age children are A s receiving their first phones. A new technology recent study says that at least b e c o m e s 35% of eight year olds have available, more cell phones. and more is Although some being carried teachers think technology is into school every a distraction and should be morning. With totally banned in schools, all the new apps other think differently. Some and tools you can believe technology is rising get on iPhones up rapidly, and it needs to be and Blackberries, embraced. Some teachers some teachers even incorporate cell phones are trying to work or iPods into the curriculum. them into the Some teachers allow the use of cell phone in class. Some staff members curriculum. have problems with kids listening to their iPods. Saying Every that it could be disruptive school seems to restrict them from classes, or and they would be listening to music instead of although, not many seem to ban them completely. It listening to them. Some students don’t agree with is a known fact by students and staff alike, students this. will smuggle cell phones and iPod into class, and “Yeah, I think it dumb! I saw this group on use them anyway. Every teacher at Colony has a Facebook, ‘Yeah, what’s Eminem going to do? Rap different policy, from don’t bring them to my class, or me the answers through my IPod?’ Music helps me as long as they are on silent and I don’t see them, I concentrate, it doesn’t distract me,” said sophomore don’t care. Mary Geist. According to a national poll done in 2009 “Sometimes Madame Boyd lets us use our by Common Sense Media, 66% of students ignore iPhones if we have a translator app, it goes much the rules to keep their cell phones turned off. Sixty faster than dictionaries, so it saves us time during three percent of students have brought cell phones class,” said sophomore Candice Elrod. into schools that have completely banned them, and The official policy at Colony according to the 57% keep their cell phones on their person, not in Colony High agenda is that cell phones and iPods

are allowed on campus, but students must keep them turned off, they may not be used during class of passing time, and may be confiscated by a staff member. The real question is, how many students actually follow those rules?

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Features The Knightly News February 2011

iLove the iPad


By Logan Basner

Almost exactly one year ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s newest product, the Apple iPad. Many experts thought that surely the market for the iPad simply wouldn’t be there, and predicted its rapid demise. One year later, the iPad is alive and well, and the doubters are gone. For those who haven’t encountered an iPad, an iPad is in

Apple CEO Steve Jobs with the brand new iPad, Showing off the new invention. essence a very large iPhone. iPads run a very similar operating system as the iPhone, and have almost all of the same capabilities, except they are unable to make phone calls, or take pictures. iPads are priced starting at around $499, along with an optional 3g contract, and become more and more expensive based on the desired amount of memory. iPad owners can download apps for their iPads on iTunes, Apple’s massive online media store. Some of Apple’s best selling apps include Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter and the New York Times. In recent years,

By Aly Foster

With social networks on AdultFriendFinder, and the rise, along with usage of various all provide the service of meeting methods of technology, starting and new people online and with the sole maintaining a relationship through intention of allowing people to start a technology is more and more relationship online. The ‘reasons’ for such websites are that they provide common. “With people as busy as they an easy way for rather shy people to are nowadays, it’s harder and harder connect, if people are too busy to go to keep up with those we care about. out and meet people, online is more Sending a simple e-mail or text to your convenient, and if someone is looking boyfriend or girlfriend is a sweet way for love, they may as well try online. Apple’s official website to let them know that you’re thinking According to e-Harmony, nowadays, touts the iPad as “a magical and about them. People like revolutionary product”, and judging to know that you mean by the iPad’s remarkable sales, something to someone else many consumers seem to agree. and a quick text can make In the year since Apple released someone’s day,” sophomore its new device, they have sold 14.8 Aleisha Gillespie says. million iPads worldwide. The iPad is With Valentine’s seen as an attraction for business day just around the corner, leaders, casual gamers, internet the subject of online dating, junkies, educators and every type of and keeping in touch with person in between. Alaska’s iconic loved ones through texting, ex-governor, Sarah Palin often uses or e-mailing is very touchy the iPad for Twitter, Facebook, and and controversial. Some See iLove continued on page 4 people say that dating through technology is just fine, that ‘romance is romance, and while others agree that receiving a cute text is nice, it shouldn’t be the only way a relationship is nurtured, it is just as important to have a physical face-to-face relationship. “Honestly, I find Texting has become a new way of meeting people online sharing feelings, other than doing it and dating them to be a bit ridiculous. I mean a the old -fashioned way and just telling healthy relationship cannot them in person. be achieved through texts, e-mails, and a few phone one in five relationships begins online. calls. You have to get to really know “Sure it’s great that people a person before you can start a can meet online and have fun and relationship with them, and you can’t get over their shyness, or work in an really know someone just by looking at online relationship with their busy work their Facebook page,” says freshman schedule, but at some point, these Dani Peltier. people are going to want to meet in The new iPad is full of new apps, Not only are people person and their shyness will show. which are helpful to today’s busy ‘friending’ others on Facebook, or Americans. MySpace, but dating sites such See Cyber continued on page 4 as,,

many news publications have gone entirely digital, and the iPhone/iPod/ iPad revolution has only expedited the inevitable digital trend towards digital dominance. “I love using iPads, because they’re much more convenient than a laptop, and much easier to use than an iPhone.”, says Colony senior and iPad enthusiast Thomas Rolph. “I’d like to get one as soon as I can.”

For Love or Money?

Home Grown Leaders

February marks the month of the annual holiday where secret admirers roam free, chocolates and candies are bought in abundance and couples have an excuse to take

By Kaitlyn Klapperich

Some would say this world wide holiday has been blown out of proportion for economic gain. Studies have shown that Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity for a financial boost in restaurant attendance, f l o r a l arrangement sales, rises in postage and packaging, and candy distributing/ c a r d manufacturing sales. “It’s crazy to think that millions of people spend anywhere from two to sometimes Grace Kari and Alex Lindgren spread Valentines even ten dollars love with a duet love song. on a single a romantic night out. Yes, this day of Valentine’s Day card, that’s so much love is known as St. Valentine’s Day. money,” stated senior Anthony Bricker. “Valentine’s day seems kind “Not to mention flowers, have you seen of pointless to me, a Hallmark Holiday the price of roses these days?” you could say,” stated senior Melissa See Money continued on page 4 Wood. “But that’s just my opinion.”

By Chelsea Halstead

This Valentine’s Day more than just love was in the air. Cupid didn’t shoot down the opportunity to grow as a leader at the Home Grown Leadership Conference that was held at Colony High School. On February 14, 2011 Colony High School’s Student Advisory Board hosted the first ever Home Grown Leadership Conference. The conference was open to all MatSu Borough students who are in a leadership position. This includes sports team captains, class officers and club officers. The conference was held from 9:30am -3:30pm. Lunch was be served at the conference for all in attendance. “I was really excited about the conference. It was a really great learning experience for me, it definitely helped me grow as a leader,” stated sophomore Alyscia Sanderson. The conference was a free event, which is very rare for a leadership conference. Most conferences range from $100-$600, so this was an excellent opportunity. Students were asked however to bring travel size hygiene materials if they could, because SAB was also running a Hygiene Drive to aid students in

the Mat-Su School District who are homeless. At the conference students had the choice of three workshops from a list of thriteen to attend. Workshops range from Parliamentary Procedure to Ethical Leadership. “The large selection in workshops was really awesome. I was really looking forward to the Public Speaking class because that is such a useful tool in school as well as later in life,” said junior Jasmine McEwen. SAB originally wanted to hold the conference last year, but organization problems kept them from doing so. They came out strong this year and olanned quite the event. “Our keynote speaker was a Professor from Mat-Su College. We also had speakers come from the School Board and district offices. SAB managed all of the different workshops and helped out throughout the whole conference. We really wanted to bring everyone from the district together,” sophomore Kendra McPhail of CHS SAB said. Valentine’s Day was full of more than love this year. Cupid had to move over for the next generation of leaders this year.



The Knightly News February 2011

Spread the Word to End the Word

By Ali Riggan Coming soon,

on March 2nd, is national Spread the Word to End the Word day. It’s a day to raise awareness on the power of words.

according to the definition of “retarded” is “characterized by retardation, or mentally challenged.” People use that term so much in their own slang way that

Sophomore Jennifer Rider is strongly opposed to the use of the “R“ word in schools. “Spread the Word to End the Word is a national campaign, brought to Colony by the Partners Club to raise awareness about saying the word ‘retarded’,” said assistant principle, Mr. McMahon. Calling things, or people retarded is

often it doesn’t register that it can be so offensive. “I think that it’s extremely sad how much we use this term in a negative way and make it so derogatory. I’m glad that people are trying to raise awareness about it and I agree with the school’s disapproval of the word,” said Colony High sophomore Jennifer Rider. Many students are very accustomed to the slang version of “retarded” but regardless of whether they mean it to be odious or not, it can be. On March 2nd, think about how hurtful a word can be, and make a change a change for the better, by helping to spread the word to end the word.

iLove Continued from page 3 sending off e-mails. In fact, during his free agency, Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford’s agent sent out iPads loaded with a highlight reel to prospective teams.

Mr. McMahon is an advocate of the Spread the In the age of instant Word to End the Word campaign. information, the iPad provides offensive to those who actually have mental and /or physical disabilities. So, March 2nd is a day designated to remind people how hurtful the word can be. “I understand that the word has more of a slang meaning now, however we still need to make students stop and think,” McMahon continued. The idea to have a day designated to prevent people from saying “retarded” started at the Special Olympics in 2009 when a group of non-disabled volunteers realized how offended the friends and families of actual handicapped people were. “I think that it’s pretty stupid how big of a deal everyone is making it. It’s not like people actually go up to a handicapped person and say ‘hey you’re retarded’. It’s more like a slang term,” stated Colony sophomore Troy Allen. In the past few years people have used the term “retarded,” referring to something rather silly or stupid. However

its users with a fast way to research information, type up e-mails, read books, play games, and watch that video everyone’s been talking about. In fact, one school in Minnesota thought so highly of the iPads that they bought one for every student in their school. “They’re easy to work with. I can do so many things with them instead of shuffling books and papers in my backpack.” says Spencer Kruggel, a student at the school, in an interview with “The Journal”. “Part of the attraction of iPads is that they’re easier to use than a laptop, and much easier to read than an iPod Touch or an iPhone”, says Colony High School senior Matt Kelly. “They power on much faster than laptops, and they’re also much more portable. While no one really knows what the future holds for the iPad, one thing is definitely certain: this revolutionary device is here to stay. Apple plans on releasing a new version of the iPad sometime later this year.

Cyber Continued from page 3 Or if they’re dating online because they’re too busy with work, what happens when they meet in person and decide they want to date? Their busy work schedule is still going to be there. Their reasons behind resorting to online dating aren’t going to go away. The old fashioned meeting people and dating them worked just fine in the past, and just because technology has advanced, it doesn’t mean that it is okay to meet and start dating people online. You need that real person-to-person connection,” senior Chris Marquis says. It used to be that dating started when two people met each other through school or family friends, or just coincidentally on the street and those relationships were enhanced by romantic gestures and get-togethers. These get togethers took place in person, not behind a computer screen, or through a cell phone. By being with a person, it was possible to actually get to know them, and determine if this was where one wanted to go with their life. Now, a text, e-mail, comment on Facebook wall, or a voicemail message seems to suffice. “I want to say that technology changes things, but the basics always stay the same. You have to put the energy and thought into your personal relationships. If you’re trying to use technology so you don’t have to be thoughtful, well that just doesn’t work. For a healthy and successful relationship, you need to be conscientious, thoughtful, loving, attentive and caring. And technology doesn’t change those facts. It [technology] can be useful, but people still need to realize that time and effort need to be put into a relationship for it to work,” Colony High math teacher Bob Williams says. The consensus seems to be the

same: technology is of course very useful, but it cannot be depended on to maintain the healthy relationships people desire. Dating websites, social networks, and cell phones can all be useful in their own way to connect with others, however, when it comes to romance, whereas it’s nice to be reminded by a text or e-mail that one is in someone else’s thoughts, connecting in person makes for better and stronger personal relationships.

Money continued from page 3 According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture last year there was a combined total of $403 million in wholesale value of domestically-produced cut flowers for all major flower-producing companies. Discovery Card conducted a survey in 2010 that found, on average, men spend $127 on their ladies, and ladies $74 on their men on Valentine’s Day and 65% of couples make their purchases one week before February 14th. Valentine’s Day has been proven to be an excellent opportunity for raising funds throughout Colony High School. CHS’s Men’s and Women’s Vivace Choir usually sells sing-o-grams that can be sent to friends throughout the school day on Valentine’s Day and the NHS program has sold match.colony compatibility test that match you up with potential lovers or friends for a mere $5. Some would question whether this holiday is meant to show affection to a love one or a ploy that’s been set up to empty our pockets on trinkets, flowers and cards.


Sports The Knightly News February 2011

Juneau Takes Title at Dimond Prep Tourney

By Kaitlyn Klapperich

one game every day and a chance at a fourth in your team makes it to the championship.” Pool play began on Wednesday with big wins that went to Juneau, Wasilla, Dimond, Colony, North Pole, West Valley, Lathrop and Kenai. From there Colony beat North Pole, Wasilla beat West Valley, Dimond over Lathrop and Juneau with a big win over Kenai. “I like the fact that anyone can sign up to be a part of this tourney,” exclaimed freshman point guard, Jerica Nelson. Other teams that participated in the tournament included: Bartlett, Point Hope, A North Pole player drives past Bartletts point Nome, Ketchikan, guard to get to the hoop. Anchorage Christian School, Chugiak, South for a chance to make a statement at Anchorage and East Anchorage High this highly competitive tournament. School. “What I love about this Friday’s games included tournament is the fact that it’s simulated some of the most highly anticipated and set up exactly how the state match-ups of the season. Number tournament will be, later on this year in one ranked Juneau playing number 2 March,” stated Colony High School’s ranked Wasilla, number three ranked girls assistant basketball coach, Lyle Dimond taking on number 4 ranked Busby. “A three day competition with Wednesday, February 2, marked the beginning of the annual Dimond Lady Lynx Prep Shootout tournament. Sixteen teams from around the state, divisions from both 3A and 4A, traveled to Anchorage’s Dimond High School

The Right Thing to Do By Logan Basner

Four years ago, Kansas City Royals’ pitcher Gil Meche was a member of the American League AllStar Team. He had recently signed a massive contract with the Royals, and seemed destined for greatness. On January 19th, Meche shocked the baseball world by turning down the remainder of his contract because he felt like it was the right thing to do.

Gill Meche winds up to pitch the ball.

Today’s newpaper headlines seem to reflect a moral degradation in the world of professional sports. What was once an occupation played for the love of the game, with a few dollars thrown in here and there has risen to become a multi-billion dollar industry, one that is often perceived to have bloated egos, selfish decisions, and reckless behavior. One only has to open a newspaper to get insight into the twisted world that has become professional sports. Maybe that’s

why it came as such a surprise to fans and sportswriters alike when Meche announced his retirement from baseball at the age of 32, with a $12 million salary waiting for him, on the basis that he didn’t feel like he deserved it. After battling injuries for most of the 2010 season, Meche decided that it was time to quit. “It got to the point where I wasn’t going to lie to myself and say, ‘I’m going to be healthy, I’m ready to roll, I can’t wait to get going.’”, said Meche in an interview with the New York Times, shortly after announcing his retirement. Meche, who had been playing professional baseball since he was 17, was regarded throughout the Major Leagues as a hard worker who would do anything for his team. On March 7th, 2006, Meche signed a five-year, $55 million contract, the largest in the history of the Kansas City Royals. The following year, Meche was selected to play in the 2007 All-Star Game. In 2008, Meche once again lived up to his billing as an up-andcoming ace, anchoring the Royals pitching staff, while posting All-Star Game worthy statistics once again. Unfortunately, after the 2009 season, things took a turn for the worse. Meche was plagued by various injuries in 2009, and couldn’t get back to form in the 2010 season. Following the 2010 season and a month or two of deliberation, Meche decided that the time had come. “I think I did the right thing with the feeling I was having about pitching. It wasn’t fair to the team or my teammates to go back.” reflected Meche. In



Colony. In the end Juneau beat Wasilla Douglas’ Taylor Larson. Leading by a mere four points and Colony scorer of the tournament and leader in came back after being down 22 points assists went to Dimond’s powerhouse to beat top-ranked Dimond by three. player, Keiahnna Engel. The player Saturday’s championship with the most rebounds throughout the game between Colony and Juneau tournament went to Kenai’s Morgan started off with a heavy lead to the Wensley, and leader in blocks was bears, ending the first quarter 10-0. awarded to 6’5” center from Wasilla, After a slow start, Colony got within Kelsey Cottle. eight points beginning of the third, but “This was a great weekend later lost the match, 30-46. Key players for high school girls basketball!” says for Juneau included Nani Ostrom with Busby. “Teams have time to work on 13 points, Taylor Larson dumped 12 weaknesses and improve before the and Sarah Tarver added 8 points and final and most important tournament of 7 rebounds. Mary Klapperich was the year: state.” Colony’s high scorer with 12 points and 8 rebounds. “They’re an extremely fundamentally sound team that has an immense amount of experience playing in big games like these. They’re definitely beat-able, but not when our team has 26 turn-overs,” stated Colony’s Mary Klapperich. In other games Saturday, Dimond took third place in a 50-41 win over Wasilla, and North Pole took fourth place over Kenai with a 41-28 win. A player from West Valley scans the floor MVP of the to make a pass while being closely detournament went to Juneau

fended by East.

world, Meche’s decision comes as an anomoly to what professional sports have become. However, perhaps

Meche’s unconventional choice can sway other professional athletes to do the same.



Sports The Knightly News February 2011

The Knightly News February 2011

Staying Professional

Green Bay Reigns Supreme By Gabrielle Menard

Pittsburgh got back into the game because of the uncanny running game of Rashard Mendenhall and a renewed passing attack that was aided by the absence of Packers star corner Charles Woodson, who broke his collarbone in the first half. Seemingly, besides the many injuries the Packers were able to hold onto their lead and recover from their third quarter lull. “I was a little worried to see both Donald Driver and Charles Woodson out in the second half, but I’m glad the Packers were able to hang in there and pull out the win,” says Packer fan and senior Payton McCann. The turning point in the game was when The Packers celebrate their Super Bowl Win Packers linebacker Clay Matthews laid an earth Towels invaded the city. shattering hit on Mendenhall, forcing “Both teams were really a fumble which Packers linebacker good, it was an insane game,” stated Desmond Bishop soon recovered. sophomore Hunter Eisenhower. The Packers scored on the ensuing The Green Bay Packers possession, which gave them 28-17 and the Pittsburgh Steelers have met lead. The Steelers scored later in the more than once, but never before in fourth and were able to convert on the the Super Bowl. In Super Bowl XLV, two-point conversion to make it 25-28. the Green Bay Packers prevailed. Following a Packers field goal, making The Packers jumped to a the score 25-31, and the Green Bay 21-3 lead at the beginning of the defense sealed the deal by picking off second quarter, but the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger’s pass on fourth scored again, making it 21-10 going down. into the half. The Steelers definitely “Two words: Packer had the momentum during the third domination,” exclaimed avid Packer fan quarter, holding the Packers to and junior at Colony High School, Missy zero and scoring once themselves.

February 6th, 2011 marked one of America’s favorite holidays, Super Bowl Sunday. SuperBowl XLV was played at the Cowboy’s stadium in Arlington, Texas, where crazed fans with Cheeseheads and Terrible

Gaulke, about this year’s Super Lea Michele started the game off Bowl. with a beautiful rendition of “America Sure, this year’s Super the Beautiful.” The National Anthem Bowl was on for the record books, but “remix” was sung by Christina Aguilera. what else were fans raving about? Now starts the official offThe commercials. Even if you’re season, or as some like to call not into the actual football game, it “hibernation.” It won’t be until the Super Bowl is still an attraction September that the fans again arise because of its advertisements. A and show their pure fury. But until company will most likely spend then, the “Green and Yellow” are the close to 3 million dollars on a 30 second ad, and that’s only for it to be shown once. The commercials are highly anticipated and never fail to impress. This year’s commercials were no different, between a cartoon Eminem, a beaver delivering good karma and cheesy Doritos, 2011’s commercials will never be forgotten. “My favorite commercial was the Volkswagen one with the kid dressed up as Darth Vader, or the Pepsi Max ones,” stated senior Blake Niver. Along with the commercials and the game, the half time show was highly anticipated as well. Being asked to play at the Super Bowl is not only a privilege but also an honor, and who got that privilege? The Black Eyed Peas. The Black Eyed Peas performed during half Aaron Rodgers hoisting the time of this year’s Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy showdown. “I blame the Steelers loss on the halftime show,” stated talk of the nation. Lil’ Wayne says it best, “We an unimpressed SuperBowl viewer and senior of CHS, Taylor Palmer. knocked the Eagles and the Falcons Lea Michele, Keith Urban and and the Bears off. Now we ‘bout to cut Maroon 5 also made appearances. Troy Polamalu’s hair off.”

D-D-DUCKS By Anthony Bricker

Colony High student Caleb Foster” Many people have seen before some of the songs that football teams tend to incorporate in their program. Some you might have heard of, or not if you’re a little too young, include the 1985 Chicago Bears “Super Bowl Shuffle” and also the Pittsburgh S t e e l e r s “One For The Thumb”, which has also been altered slightly after the Steelers earned their fifth and sixth Super Bowl Senior Chelsea Halstead visits the University of Oregon. title. “ I t ’ s The Ducks recently played always cool when a team comes up in the BCS National Bowl and fell to with their own theme song. It sort of the Auburn Tigers 22-19. But even gives a little bit more meaning to their with the loss in the largest National excellence,” says Colony senior football college game, Oregon has still found player Cole Male. some spirited ways to get their school These theme songs aren’t just some recognition. Some of the Ducks students, who are bored and looking students decided to put their time for something to do, but students who and effort into making a new Ducks stand up and say that it’s time to show theme song. Some of the groups that everyone else our dominance and how manufactured these songs include awesome of a school Oregon is. Not Supwitchugirl featuring their song “I only do these songs throw the Ducks love my ducks (Return of the Quack)”, into the view of the nation but it also others include Top Shelf who came up draws more students towards that with their own version of Wiz Khalifa’s school which increases the admission “Black and Yellow” and turned it into ratings which also means more money “Green and Yellow”. for the school. “The songs the students “Students who choose to rep released were awesome and I can’t their colors by making their own song wait to listen to them again,” exclaims about their school deserve five stars With the College football season done and over with the Oregon Ducks still have found ways to keep their school in the spotlight.


when it comes to character. Being an awesome school supporter as a student is an excellent way to live out your school years,” says Colony senior wrestler Nate Wolf. Even though the Ducks fell in the final game they will still look to make a run at the title once again next year with their returning team and the help of their fabulous students. The University of Oregon sure has one thing going for them, unity. Oregon will need a lot of it in order to make another run at the BCS title in 2012.

Senior TK reps his Oregon pride.

By Anthony Bricker With the age

even allow their students to call their personal cell phones. Now this all may seem fine but what happens when information gets mixed up and a student takes something the wrong way and a complaint is filed? That teacher has no one to back them up. Contacting a teacher has its risks due to how easily the information can be manipulated and misconstrued. “There shouldn’t be any problem with students and teachers emailing, texting or calling as long as there is a basic boundary of the information being traded back and forth,” senior Caleb Monson says. Teachers have guidelines that they must follow and most school handbooks do say it is ok to contact students but to use school oriented websites to do so and to never give out their personal information. Many high school sports coaches though say they need to be able to get in contact with their athletes in case of game changes or anything else that involves them. This poses a great issue on whether or not it is okay to contact students or vice versa. “For me Many kids own or have access to their personal as the head Coach laptops and computers. The internet and e-mail it was good to update my team provide ample opportunities for students to with upcoming reach teachers and teachers to reach students times and outside of the classroom. practices in case

of modern technology still on the rise people are finding multiple ways to communicate back and forth, but what the big question is, is should teachers be contacting their own students via email or phone? “It’s a great tool because of my hours; it’s very convenient and allows me to connect with student quickly when there is a strain in time,” says Colony teacher Nancy Podgorski. College professors and high school teachers are now experiencing a wave of students needing help outside of school and even during school. Most of them resort to help through emails or text messaging (if possible) and some teachers

Grant Krueger texts during class. Cell phones are the most expedient way of communication from students to teachers. of changes or alterations,” quotes Colony’s Varsity Football Head Coach Brian McIntosh. Another major means of communication that some people find questionable is the use of Facebook and whether or not teachers should “friend” any of their current students. By allowing students access to see a teacher’s photo album or status update can really be harmful to the teacher’s reputation. All it takes is one wrong picture or misunderstood comment or post and they could see themselves out of a teaching job. Te a c h e r s are strongly urged to keep their personal business private and all of the information away from students says a PTPC Winter Newsletter issued in

2011 to the teaching staff of the State of Alaska. In the world today it’s just too easy for corruption to take place in a students’ mind. A student can pretty much get a teacher get kicked out of their working position or suspended by showing misleading information to other school officials. Teachers are also encouraged to keep any information they have on any social networks open to only friends and family so that students may not have access to their personal information. But where should the line be drawn between students and teachers? Teachers will always have an open opinion on this topic and you will see that not many people can come to agreement on any kinds of terms.

A Virtual Threat By Molly Sullivan

live with the guilt that they must live with the guilt that they may have been responsible for taking another person’s life. This in turn may cause them to fall into a cycle of, drug abuse, alcoholism, and even worse, suicide themselves. “This is what I believe: I am the parent. It is my responsibility to protect and nurture my child. It is my Some detailed artwork portrayed responsibility to teach my kids how to stay safe online. It is my responsibility to Cyberbullying occurs a lot through some source of media make sure the content they see online and in games is age appropriate. I need to teach them not to share too much information online. It is my job to teach them to treat others with respect and dignity. They need to trust me enough to come to me when they are in trouble or when someone is unkind, “said Tracey Mooney, Chief of Cyber Security Mom, one of the many organizations dedicated to putting an end to cyberbulling. This epidemic has become so out of hand that there is next to no chance of it ever becoming manageable. It doesn’t come in specific forms, it happens over Facebook, MySpace, emails, and texting as well. “It is the fault of the technology creator. It is the fault of

In recent years, cyberbullying has been plaguing internet users around the world, and focusing on its youth. It is causing them to sink into deep states of depression and has driven many to suicide. “There have been many high-profile cases involving teenagers taking their own lives in part because of being harassed and mistreated over the Internet, a phenomenon we have termed cyberbullicide,” claims Sameer Hinduja, PhD at the Cyberbulling Research Center at the University of California. There has been a lot of research on the topic and the results show that cyberbulling is definitely a threat to today’s youth, and that there is a prominent link between harassment via technology and suicide rates. While suicide rates have decreased 28.5% in recent years, in youth aged 10-19 there have been upward trends in suicide and attempts at it. “Youth who are bullied, or who bully others, are at an elevated risk for suicidal thoughts, attempts, and completed suicides,” says Justin W. Patchin, PhD, at the Cyberbullying Research Center. Many people believe that it is only the bullied who suffer but the bullies are the ones the ones who have to live with the guilt. If their victim commits suicide they can be charged with manslaughter or even murder. Even if they don’t get caught, they still must

in Palmer High School’s hallways. the schools for not intervening. It is the fault of the social network for not making the website safe for kids. The truth is that for every piece of technology, the technology is there to help parents protect their kids,” Mooney continues. Over the years, cyberbulling has taken the lives of the following victims: Megan Meier, Ryan Patrick Halligan, Alexis Pilkington, Phoebe Prince, and Linda Sacnchez, among others. Don’t be the reason these people end their lives, and do as much as possible to not end up on this list as well. If you are having issues concerning cyberbulling or know of someone that is please contact your school’s counselors or call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-TALK. Some information gathered at www.

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February 2011 edition