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Knights of Columbus



Youth Organization Luzon Jurisdiction

Project Title :

Gen. Luna cor Sta. Potenciana Streets, Intramuros 1002 Manila, Philippines

Search for the Outstanding Luzon Chief Squires

Rationale : According to Brother Barnabas, “The supreme purpose of the Columbian Squires, the youth organization of the Knights of Columbus, is character building.” Squires have fun. They share their Catholic faith, help people in need, and enjoy the company of friends in social, family, athletic, cultural, civic and spiritual activities. In this light, the search was conceptualized and designed to give due recognition to Luzon Columbian Squires, particularly the Chief Squire, who dynamically lives by the organization's purpose, and have shown good moral character, exemplary leadership and involvement within his circle, church and community, thereby serving as a role model to the youth. Objectives Having chosen for his qualifications, the Outstanding Luzon Chief Squire is expected to; 1. Nurture the Squire's commitment in promoting the principles of the Columbian Squires 2. Encourage stewardship in his respective Circle 3. Strengthen his faith in God by promoting spirituality within his fellow Squires 4. Serve as a role model in church and his community Qualifications The search is open to all Chief Squires, Past or Incumbent who meet the following qualifications: 1. Must be a Squire for at least one year 2. Must be 14 years old but have not reached the age of 18 by June 30, 2013 3. Must be at least a Lancer Squire 4. Must be of good moral character Requirements 1. A duly accomplished Nomination Form 2. Nominee’s Personal Data Sheet with corresponding 2 x 2 ID picture 3. Nominee’s Essay (Diocesan Level) 4. Nominee’s Leadership Profile 5. Nominee’s Church and Circle and Council Involvement summary 6. Nominee’s community service/ Social Responsibility Profile

7. Supporting documents showing the 3 listed criterions (items 4-6) shall include copies of

Certificate, newspaper clippings, photos of activities (with caption) and awards photos, if applicable. 8. Recommendation Letter from the following :

a. Parish Priest b. Community ( Barangay and or Affiliated Organization ) Mechanics 1. The search shall be conducted on Circle, District, Diocesan, and Luzon Jurisdiction levels. Search must start from the Circle level to involve greater number of Chief Squires. 2. In circle level, the Chief Counselor shall have the option to conduct a formal screening

process. 3. Nomination documents from local circle shall be received by the District through the

District Squires Coordinator/ Youth Director within the set timeline. 4. The District Squires Coordinator/ Youth Director with the District Deputy’s

recommendation shall have the option to conduct interview or select the one (1) district winner through the submitted documents. 5. Nomination documents of the District winner shall be received by the Diocesan Area

Chairman within the set due date. 6. The Diocesan Area Chairman shall review if the documents are in accordance with the

search requirements. 7. After the Diocesan level screening, selection process for Diocesan Finalist shall take

place. 8. The Diocesan finalists shall undergo a panel interview. 9. Recommended members of the Selection Committee from District and Diocesan are

composed of: a. District Deputy b. Diocesan Area Chairman and c. A Priest 10. After all the finalist have been interviewed, the judges will deliberate as who shall be

awarded as the Diocesan Winner and automatically a finalist in the Luzon Jurisdiction Level Search. 11. All the Finalists shall undergo a formation program, outreach and exposure activities. 12. The Finalists shall undergo a panel interview with the esteemed Luzon Jurisdiction

Board of Judges. 13. The Luzon Jurisdiction Board of Judges are composed of the following members:

a. Supreme Director b. Luzon Deputy

c. d. e. f. g. h.

KCFAPI Chairman KCFAPI President State Squires Father Prior Luzon State Secretary Luzon Squires Chairman State Chief Squire

14. The selection of the winners shall be based on the following Criteria for Judging a. Leadership Skills ( positions held ) - 50% Church Involvement School / Community Involvement Council and Circle Involvement Church / Community / Project / Service / Activities Awards received b. Character

- 50%

Endorsement of Priest, Community Leaders Interview Formation Program Vote from co-finalist 15. After all the finalists have been interviewed, the Luzon Search Committee will deliberate

on the number of awardees. 16. The winners will be announced in a separate special ceremony.

The Search process summary 1. Nomination from Circle / Council / District Level 2. Selection for Diocesan Level 3. Submission of Nomination with supporting documents as required to the Search Committee of the Luzon Columbian Squires. 4. Screening, evaluation and Selection of Finalists. 5. Formation ( Spiritual and Leadership ) 6. Final Interview 7. Awarding Target Date 1. Screening of Nominees per Circle / Council/ District/ Diocesan Level 2. Submission of Nominees to Luzon Wide Search Comm.

April 5, 2013 April 12, 2013

3. Screening, Evaluation & Selection of Luzon Finalists

April 26, 2012

4. Formation ( Spiritual & Leadership )

April 29 – May 3, 2012

5. Final Interview

May 4 – 5, 2013

6. Awarding To be announced