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To: ALL Chief Counselors, District Squires Coordinator, and Diocesan Area Chairman RE: Search for the Outstanding Chief Squire 1. The Columbian Squire- Luzon Jurisdiction will be organizing the Search for the Outstanding Chief Squire for CY 2012-2013. 2. With its general purpose of character building, the search aim to achieve the following objectives: a. Nurture the squires commitment in promoting the principles of the Columbian Squires; b. Encourage stewardship of their respective Circles; c. Firm up the Chief Squire’s faith with God by promoting spirituality through with their fellow Squires; and d. Serve as a model of their Church and Community. 3. The search is open to all incumbent or past chief squire who meets the following criterion: a. Must be an active Squires for at least one year b. Must be 14 years old but not have reached the age of 18 by June 30, 2012 c. Must be at least a Lancer Squire d. Must be of good moral character 4. The mechanics, application and nomination forms are contained in enclosures. 5. All Chief Counselors, District Squires Coordinator and Diocesan Area Chairmen are encourage to give generous support to the search. 6. For queries, please get in touch with the undersigned at Tel # (02) 527-2245, Tel/ Fax # (02) 527-2248, Mobile # 0917-8937973, 0918-9631344 or 09328635344, email: or your Squires Diocesan Area Chairman. Thank you very much. VIVAT JESUS!

Fraternally yours,

JOSE F. CUARESMA Luzon Columbian Squires Chairman Approved by: