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Squire Squire Advancement Program Advancement Program

Overview • New component of the Squires program • Supplements, does not replace, existing Squire officer positions and Circle activities • Assists in developing Squires as leaders • Provides Squires with a sense of accomplishment • Five levels of advancement • Individual recognition for achieving objectives

Five Levels of Advancement • Page • • • •

Shield Bearer Swordsman Lancer Squire of the Body of Christ

Four Categories of Activities Per Advancement Level • • • •

Home and Family Squires and Knights Community and Country Church

Number of Activities to Achieve for Each Level • 24 - Page - Shield Bearer • 16 - Swordsman - Lancer - Squire of the Body of Christ

Page Advancement Home and Family • Family cultural outing Squires and Knights • Know Squires Motto Community and Country • Demonstrate proper flag folding Church • Receive Sacrament of Reconciliation

Shield Bearer Advancement Home and Family • Outing with Grandparents Squires and Knights • Recruit a member Community and Country • Attend a government meeting Church • Attend Mass with your circle

Swordsman Advancement Home and Family • Help parent with household project Squires and Knights • Serve on your circle’s ceremonial team Community and Country • Volunteer in a local soup kitchen Church • Serve as an altar boy

Lancer Advancement Home and Family • Create a video family history Squires and Knights • Attend a Fourth Degree Honor Guard Event Community and Country • Tour local government building Church • Receive the Sacrament of Confirmation

Squire of the Body of Christ Advancement Home and Family • Discuss important Church issues with your parents, priest or counselor Squires and Knights • Attend your jurisdiction’s state circle convention Community and Country • If 18 years old, register to vote Church • Attend World Youth Day

Recording of Advancement Achievements • “Advancement Counselor” certifies activities and levels • Squires maintain own achievement record • Master Advancement Record for each circle member will be updated at each meeting


Required Minimum # Time in of Activities Service as Squire

# of Required Activities


At least 2 Mos.




Shield Bearer

At least 6 Mos.





At least 9 Mos.





At least 1 Year




Squire of the Body of Christ

At least 2 Years




• Guiding the Squires through the requirements for each level of advancement • To teach Squires the information they need to know to accomplish certain activities. • Assuring that each Squire is credited for each activity he achieves. • Keep track of the advancement level each has attained and recognize each Squire’s achievement.

Recognition • A certificate and a name badge will be given to the Squire to signify his level of advancement • Squires will be presented certificates and name badges at periodic circle recognition ceremonies • Recognition ceremonies should be open to parents and siblings to provide support and encouragement

• With your counselor’s approval, organize a service project to benefit your parish or another Catholic institution in your diocese.

Materials • “Advancement Counselor” Resource Book • “Fact Book” for Squires – information that Squires need to learn on their own to master certain achievements • Individual/Circle Advancement Record Forms • Advancement Level Activities List • Advancement Level Certificates • Advancement Level Name Badges

For details:

Squire Advancement Program  

Detailed explanation regarding advancement program of columbian squires.

Squire Advancement Program  

Detailed explanation regarding advancement program of columbian squires.