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Knights of Columbus Admission Course

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

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Catholic Organization Family Centered Fraternal Service Oriented


Knights in the olden days Before Knights were from men who held land in Military tenure

Not inherited,but merited From Common People who had to undergo training in the

Code of Chivalry

the Code of Chivalry Courage, Fighting Ability, Generous and

to be a Knight A boy of 7 or 8 of noble birth is given to a lord for training At 15 or 16 the boy becomes an SQUIRE to assist the knight In battle, he takes care of his knight when wounded After the boy, now a man, had proven his worth he was dubbed a knight

Knights of Columbus Are called “Knights” because they too, are courageous in proclaiming their FAITH

They are ready defend their Faith They love their fellow men and are generous in helping the poor Above all, they are FAITHFUL TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST

Who was Columbus? • Columbus discovered America for Spain. • He was looking for a shorter ocean route to India • He wanted to bring the gospel to the Indians. • Nobody believed him that there is an ocean route to India, as they believed that the earth was flat.

Known for his

Love for Christ Charity Fortitude

“Columbus� the name was adopted because the Knights today has the same ideals: Pride in the Catholic Heritage It was the Catholic Faith that evangelized America and the world

Why K of C was founded? 1. Help Catholic men to remain steadfast in the faith; 2. Promote closer ties among members; 3. To set up an insurance for the widow and children of departed members.

Knights of Columbus Objectives • Render PECUNIARY AID to member & Families and their beneficiary • Mutual AID to sick, disabled and needy members and families • Promote social and intellectual intercourse among members and their families • Promote educational, charitable, religious, social welfare & public relief work.

hoW did KNIGHTS it OF COLUMBUS start

It was founded by


1882 America was recovering From the civil war of 1861-


1881-83 Immigrants are coming in from Europe and China

America was facing a war with Spain (1998)

MARCH 29,1882 There was wide spread poverty

Birth of the Knights of Fr. Michael J. McGivney saw the need for Columbus a Catholic Fraternal organization to help the poor

Who is Fr.

Michael J. Mc.Givney?

Born to Patrick and Mary McGivney (Irish immigrant) on August 12, 1852 at Connecticut. Michael is the eldest of 13 children (6 died during infancy) 1859 – Finished Primary Sch. Worked in a spoon factory 1868 - Attended Saint Hyacinthe’s Seminary at Quebec, Canada 1873 -Finished at St. Mary’s Seminary Dec.22, 1877-Ordained as Priest by Archbishop James Gibbons at the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and was assigned at St. Mary’s Church. Feb. 2, 1882 – Appointed Pastor of the Saint Mary’s Church. March 29, 1882 - Knights of Columbus was born August 14, 1890 – Died of tuberculosis at age 38

Fr. Michael J. McGivney talked to 9 men and formed the organization • • • • • • • • •

Daniel Colwell Cornelius T. Driscoll William M. Geary John T. Kerrigan James McMahon James T. Mullen (The First Supreme Knight) Matthew C. O’Connor, MD William Sellwood Michael Tracey

Knights who attained Sainthood May 21, 2000 St. Miguel dela Mora dela Mora (Council 2140) St. Pedro de Jesus Maldonado Lucero(2419) St. Jose Maria Robles Hurtado (Council 1927) St. Rodrigo Aguilar Aleman (Council 2330) St. Luis Batiz Sainz (Council 1926) St. Mateo Correa Magallanes (Council 2140)

October 15, 2001 St. (Bishop) Rafael Guizar Valencia (Council 2311)

Beatified April 29, 2001

Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodrigues (Puerto Rican layman)

November 20, 2005 Blessed (Fr.) Jose T, Rangel Montano (Council 2484)

Blessed (Fr.) Andres Sola Molist (Council 1963)

The for Sainthood Fr.Cause Michael J. McGivney 1996 DOM. Fr. Gabriel B. O’Donnel, O.P. was named postulator for the sainthood of Fr. Michael June 1997 McGivney U.S Bishops unanimously approve the opening of Fr. Michael Mc Givney Guild to gather & assemble information on his life and legacy

October 1997 Vatican grants “NIBIL OBSTAT" (Finds no objection for the cause of his cannonization)

JANUARY Second Investigation into a Reported miracle was carried To the Congregation for the Cause of Saints of Rome 2004

The Cause for Sainthood of

Fr. Michael McGivney

August 2007 Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Sec. of State spoke his intention to support the cause which was under review by the Congregation for the Causes of Saint

March 15, 2008 Pope Benedict XVI declares Fr. Michael McGivney Venerable Servant of God


The Knights of Columbus • More than 1.733 Million members worldwide • More than 13,000 councils worldwide • Among the top 5% insurance companies in the U.S and Canada • Raised over a BILLION Dollars for Charity

CHARITABLE WORK • Restoration of the façade of St Peter Basilica in 1980 • Underwrite cost of satellite TV of liturgical celebration from the Vatican • Restoration of St. Mary’s Dome at Washington D.C. • Established Vicarious Christi Fund of $20M. To support popes charitable initiatives • Annual assistance to CBCP projects

Works of MERCY Donated P1M Heroes Fund ($3,000) per family of the victims of 9/11 Send 2,000 wheel chairs for victims of land mine at Afghanistan Gave

$100,000 Humanitarian

aid to the conflict at Lebanon

Raise $10,000 for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Victims

Works of MERCY

Donated $50,000 relief fund for Bicol flood victims

What are knights? Knights care for the CHURCH, for the COMMUNITY, for the FAMILY,

for the youth, and fellow members

Knights says









Knights say



The Philippine Experience • April 5 1905- American soldiers and civilian established the first KoC council in the Philippines -Richard Cambell was the First Grand Knight ( council 1000 was all American) • 1907-1908 – Filipinos were admitted to KoC as 1st degree members • Oct. 1918- Dr. Jose Ma. Delgado established council 1900 San Pablo • 1920 – Organization was composed of predominantly Filipinos • 1940-1943-Activities were suspended because of WW II • 1943 – George J. Willman reestablished KoC • 1948- Rev.Fr. George Willmann was appointed First District Deputy; (1954-Territorial Deputy, and in 1962, Philippine Deputy up to his death in 1978)

The Philippine Experience (con’t)

1978 – Sen. And Amb. Oscar Ledesma was the first Filipino Philippine Deputy

1980 – 40,000 Filipinos are in the K of C

1983 – Oscar Ledesma was appointed first Filipino Supreme Director and Vice Supreme Master of the 4th Degree

1983 - Mardonio R. Santos replaced Don Oscar as Philippine Deputy

1988 – Philippine Jurisdiction was divided to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

225 Thousand

Today there are more than Filipino Knights

ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Supreme Council Board of Directors/ Supreme Council Officers

SUPREME COUNCIL State Deputy, Last Living State Deputy, Territorial Deputy, Supreme Councils Officers, Delegates to the Supreme Council, Board of Directors and Past Supreme Knights

State Council District Deputy State Council Grand Knight, Past Grand Knight, State Officers and Last Living State Deputy

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

Subordinate Council

Grand Knight




Deputy Grand Knight

Financial Secretary










Principles of the Order of Knighthood

• Charity – Love of God and neighbor “Faith without works is dead” - James 2:20 “If a brother or sister is in need of clothes or food and one of you says ‘May things go well for you, be warm and satisfied, without attending to their materials needs, what good is that?’ So it is for faith without deeds: it is totally dead”

Principles of the Order of Knighthood

• Unity – oneness in Faith, purpose and action

Knights stand united in faith speaking out for religiousground moral values “… Holy Father, keep them in your Name, so that they may be one just as we are one…” John 17:11

Principles of the Order of Knighthood

• Fraternity – Christian brotherhood

Knights band together as brothers to help one another in times of distress “…and all of you are brothers…” -Matthew 23:8

Principles of the Order of Knighthood

• Patriotism

Our love of Country

“Our citizenship is in heaven, from where we await the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ…” Philippians 3:28

“There is no greater love than this, to give one’s life for one’s friend;…” -John 15:13

Our Principles


Service Program Organizational Chart Grand Knight

Membership Director

Program Director








Recruitment Retention Insureance Promontion

Ways & Means Director

Church Director

Community Director

Council Director

Family Director

Youth Director

Commitees • Ways & Means –Fund Raising Activities • Church- Lay Apostolate, Parochial Serviced, Religious Devotions, Holy Week Participation

• Community-Pro-life Volunteerism, Human Need, Civic Involvement, Decency, Public Safety, Health Service

• COUNCIL – Public Relations, Fraternalism, Cultural, Social, Blood Donors, Athletics

• FAMILY-Survivors Assistance, Memorials, Education, Family Projects, Recreation

• YOUTH – Columbian Squires, Youth Groups, Athletics, Youth Welfare, Religious Activities, Social & Civic Activities

• MEMBERSHIP – Recruitment and Admission, Retention, Insurance Promotion


• CLOSE Ceremonials – rituals that are exclusive only to the members in good standing of the Order 1. Regular Council or Assembly Meeting 2. The Exemplification to any Degree 3. The Renewal of Obligation of the Fourth Degree

The Salute • Saluting knight puts his right hand with palm facing left in front of his face, about head level and makes a vertical gesture downwards – making the vertical portion of the cross • The Salute – to answer the salute, the knight puts his hand across his shoulder, about shoulder level with the palm facing down, then he swings this palm horizontally to going to the right, to make the horizontal beam of the cross


• OPEN Ceremonials – rituals that are SEEN by the public and sometimes non KoC may even participate 1. The Council or Assembly Charter Presentation 2. The Installation of Officers 3. The Necrological Service

Dress Code (during Fraternal meetings and events)

• White Long sleeve Barong (not jusi or pina material) with insignia of the Order

• Black pants • Black Socks and Shoes

PROTOCOLS • KNIGHTS gives precedence to Bishops and Priest (give them the honored seats) • In 3rd Degree affairs, Grand Knight takes precedence over Faithful Navigator • In 4th Degree affairs, Faithful Navigator takes precedence over the Grand Knight • 1st and 2nd Degree are called - “Brothers” • 3rd Degree are called – “Sir” • 4th Degree are called – “Sir Knight” or SK

Who can be Knights? Practicing Catholic Gentlemen in union with the Holy See Believe in marriage Never been convicted of a crime At least 18 years of age Resident of the council (or willing to attend that parish)

Willing to SERVE and render FREE SERVICE to the Church and fellow men

Meaning of the Logo (Insigna)

The Cross • The Cross symbolizes our Christian and Catholic Faith “that He might fully reconcile both peoples in one body of God through the cross… Ephesians 2:16

The Shield The Shield is our Good Works

“Shield of Faith with which we will be able to quench the burning arrows of the wicked one.” Ephesians 6:16

The Colors • WHITE is for purity & peace

”They have washed their robes with the blood of the lamb” Rev.7:14 RED is for our faith & courage in the blood of the lamb

• YELLOW is our unity with the Pope, the color of the Vatican where we get directions • And BLUE The color of hope, it is color of our mother the Blessed Virgin Mary, who us always interceding for us.

The Triangles CHARITY

• The First is for the first degree for a person seeking knighthood • The second is for


for second degree seekers • The Third is for


the brotherhood of knights


• The Fourth is for representing the knights’ love for the land that God gave us

The Sword The SWORD is our PRAYER, our defense “…the SWORD of the spirit, that is the word of God, Ephesians 6:17

The Anchor The Anchor is the symbol our HOPE the symbol of a Navigator, like Christopher Columbus, who was not afraid to venture new places to proclaim the faith

It is a symbol of stability and power

The Mace The MACE, is the symbol of

AUTHORITY AND PROTECTION This symbolizes the knights’ authority and duty to depend the Faith, the church and its fellow knights

The SEAL Wear it with




Now that you are a knight in the

Knights of Columbus, you are now part of a worldwide

Why be a Knight of Columbus • GOOD HEALTH • LONG LIFE • SALVATION • LIFE WITH THE LORD “Give and it will be given to you” –Luke 6:38 “Happiness is more in giving than to receiving” –Acts 20:35 “Whatever we do, do it in the name of the Lord –Col. 3:17 “Good is not unjust that He will forget the good things that you have done -Eph. 6:7

Benefits of a Knight Free Holy Rosary blessed by Supreme Chaplain

Lifetime subscription to Columbia Magazine

Financing and Social programs College Student loans & Scholarship program Awarded over $1.6 college grants to 756 students in 2006-07 from the Philippines, Canada & Mexico

Participate in all Catholic fraternal and social activities in more than 13,000 councils world wide

What is expected from you? • • • • • • •

Attend Mass in formal attire Attend Mass as a family unit Attend council meetings in proper attire Participate in council meetings Read literatures about the Knights Protect you family’s future Pay your dues promptly

• End of Admission Course

Admission Course  

Knights of Columbus Admission Course Knights of Columbus • Catholic Organization • Family Centered • Fraternal • Service Oriented Knights of...

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