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Creating LoCaL onLine Hubs: tHree ModeLs for aCtion

Exhibit 5 offers another way to visualize the potential ingredients of a local hub and categorizes the array of possible local information resources into three types of community information: Community Government Information, Community Connections and Community News and Commentary. Exhibit 5. Visualization of Possible Local Information Resources That Might Be Part of Online Hubs

Govt Data  Feeds 

Civic Info 

Events Calendars 

Community Government Info 

Local   e‐mail  Listservs 

Local Hub  Community  Connec?ons 

Local   Forums 

Community News/  Commentary 

Local   Media 

Local   Blogs 

In the following sections, I will discuss the feasibility of including each of these three types of community information as part of any local online hub or portal. Throughout this report, I will refer to three models for local online hubs and use the rough parameters seen in Exhibit 6.


Three models for Action A wHItE pApEr BY AdAm Thierer A project of the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program and the John S. an...