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a monthly newsletter of Knightdale Baptist Church

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October Anniversaries and Birthdays


List of Deacons


Baptist Knights


Advent Devotional


Love Connection

Homecoming serves as a wonderful time of celebration in the life of any church. It’s a day we look forward to, planning for its arrival months in advance. Food has been cooked, calls have been made, food has been cooked, letters have been mailed, food has been cooked, and more food has been cooked. As our tradition proudly upholds, Homecoming, with all the great attributes, is a time to eat. After all, eating is a Baptist staple and we want to honor our heritage, and that’s what Homecoming is all about.


Children’s Worship Schedule for October


Children’s Message Schedule


Ushers for October


Wedding Shower


Homecoming Offering

Not just the eating, mind you, even though we’ll enjoy that immensely. Homecoming is about honoring the heritage being part of a church provides. It celebrates the connections we share in the history of the church and helps us look towards the future with hope and perseverance. Homecoming is a time when we can all gather together, to worship as a body of believers sharing in a common heritage, honoring our connections to this place, each other, and most importantly, to God.


2012 Parks and Recreation Facilities Bond Referendum


Christmas Flowers


New Sunday School Class


October Calendar


Youth Events


Children’s Fall Festival


Backpack Buddies




Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal Kickoff


Stop Hunger Now

It’s a Sunday, but a different kind of Sunday. The sanctuary will be both a little more full, what with all the folks coming in. It will also be lacking a bit, because someone has to get everything ready. There will be many handshakes and hugs. People will linger just a bit longer to catch up and trade pleasantries. It’s a Sunday just like any other, but it’s different because it’s Homecoming.

It helps that we celebrate all these things through the breaking of bread together, because that’s where families should spend a good deal of quality time. As we enjoy catching up with folks, basking in the warmth of friendships both old and new, it’s an opportunity to take inventory of our church life, to focus on what makes it so important.

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A Different Kind of Sunday


Homecoming reminds us each passing year that we belong somewhere. P7 Yam Jam Many of us have our own memories of Homecoming. Whether from Knightdale Baptist or our churches of origin, there are many fond P7 Samaritan’s Purse memories that spring to mind when October rolls around. This mentality, Missions Opportunity created by a single Sunday, can help us carry that sentiment of togetherness P7 into new frontiers. This year, as we honor the rich heritage of Knightdale P7 Blood Drive Baptist Church that spans more than 100 years, we’ll come together in P8 Homecoming worship and around the table to celebrate our connections to this place, each other, and God, most of all. It will be a great Sunday. It will be a P8 Staff Sunday of good friendships and good food. It will be a Sunday that helps us remember the value in belonging to a loving church family. A different kind of Sunday will help us appreciate what happens on all the other Sundays throughout the year, because those are the ones that help us appreciate Homecoming even more. I hope to see you on Homecoming Sunday and many others. —Trent Sessoms

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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October, 2012

October Anniversaries Percy and Bugg Pair October 5th

Richy and Renรก Narron October 7th

Greg and Monique Mackey October 20th

Steve and Dana Coleman October 7th

Bob and Judy Jones October 11th

Bill and Justine Scanlon October 24th

Charles and Janice Dean October 7th

James and Terri Lucas October 14th

Kip and Carol Boatwright October 29th

List of Deacons 2013 Melissa Abshire Mark Beasley Pete Harrell Rick Talley Mary Weathers

2014 Don Holmes Philip Humphries (Chair) Richy Narron Preston Peterson Cindy Russell

2015 Christie Hatch David Hinton Monique Mackey Bill Scanlon Stephen Tew

October Birthdays Caroline Clifford

Oct 4

Suzanne Yeatts

Oct 12

Shirley Paul

Oct 6

Abby Cameron

Oct 14

Brantley Meador

Oct 21

Winnie Howell

Oct 7

Mary Hudson Sue Wilder

Oct 15 Oct 15

Jackie Watkins

Oct 23

Judy Biggerstaff Steven Davis

Oct 8 Oct 8

Alease Flowers

Oct 24

Jessica Beasley

Oct 16 Billy Maynard

Oct 27

Debbie Betts Bobbie Earnhardt

Oct 9 Oct 9

Vane Polky Jamey Shearin

Oct 17 Oct 17

Taylor Lucas

Oct 31

Baptist Knights for October and November Baptist Knights are KBC volunteers that ensure the facilities are locked and secure each day. If you need the facilities unlocked for any reason please be sure to contact the church office so that they may help make those arrangements for you. Thank you. Sept 30 - Oct 6 Oct 7 - Oct 13 Oct 14 - Oct 20 Oct 21 - Oct 27

Sam Maise Bill Scanlon Brian Martin Jeff Maynard

Oct 28 - Nov 3 Nov 4 - Nov 10 Nov 11 - Nov 17 Nov 18 - Nov 24

Kameron Abshire Tim Poirier Jim Farrington Korey Hatch

Nov 25 - Dec 1 Stephen Tew

Advent Devotional We would like to publish an advent devotional this year and we need your help. If you are willing to write a devotional or two that would stir us toward remembering the true meaning of Christmas, it would be

greatly appreciated. If you can pick a scripture and write a prayer for the devotional, that would be great. If not, we will prayerfully do that for you. Kids, you can help as well!

Please submit them to Cathy Maynard at, turn them into the office, or to Cathy. We need them no later than November 4th.

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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Children’s Worship Schedule for the Month of October Coordinator: DeAnne Talley (919-217-8076) October 7th

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

Lead Teachers


Cheryl Jackson, Monique Mackey

Rachel Jackson

Rick and DeAnne Talley

Love Connection for October (Please send a card, place a call or visit the following during the month of October):

Pete Harrell James Lucas

Sara Ferrell Wellington Nursing Center 1000 Tandal Place Knightdale, NC 27545

Kristin and Tim Poirier

October 14th

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

October, 2012

Christie Hatch Terry Johnson

Ophelia Horton 212 Hester Street Knightdale, NC 27545

Volunteers Needed James Lucas Preston Peterson, Jim Farrington

October 21st

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

Debbie Betts Jeff and Cathy Maynard Volunteers Needed James Lucas Jessica Jones, Courtney Glover, Valerie and Mark Beasley

Oct 7th - Jim Farrington

October 28th

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

Children’s Time Ministry Leader’s Schedule

Bobbie Earnhardt, Peggy Altice Kim Cameron

Oct 14th - Joe Johnston Oct 21st - Monique Mackey

Bridgett and Jesse Ward James Lucas

Oct 28th - Bill Scanlon

Brian and Holly Martin

Please note: If for some reason you are not available to help on the day that you volunteered to work, we ask that you please don’t forget to find a replacement for yourself so there is adequate coverage during the worship service. Also, if you have a change in the schedule for the children’s nursery or children’s church, please contact the monthly coordinator so that the change can be made prior to the printing of the worship bulletin. However, any permanent changes in the schedule should continue to be handled by the lead coordinator.

Nov 4th - James Lucas Nov 11th - Jim Farrington

Thank you for all your help.

Wedding Shower You are invited to a wedding shower for Jody Jones, son of Bob and Judy Jones, and Diana Calhoun on Sunday, November 4th from 2:00 3:30 pm in the church

Fellowship Hall. The couple is registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target.

Ushers for October Mark Beasley, Nelson Crider, Billy Murray, Vane Polky

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the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

October, 2012

Homecoming Offering A special “Harvest Fund” offering will be received on Homecoming that is in addition to our regular monthly/weekly tithes and offerings (envelopes will be provided). The Diaconate has designated five different items that are all needs of our church to apply this years’ special offering to. •

Refinish FLC hardwood floor This floor requires regular maintenance to maintain its beauty and to protect the hardwood. Refinish floors in the Education Building This building has been drastically updated and is beautiful but the lower and upper hall and bath floors need work.

Purchase new church software package This is needed to upgrade our technology and assist staff in providing existing and new services.

Purchase new branch and leaves for the church “Giving Tree” No additional space is available on the Giving Tree to recognize and honor contributors to the FLC.

Purchase additional tables and chairs for the Fellowship Hall We currently have 8 new tables with chairs and this is not adequate to host lunches, receptions, etc.

Be in prayer about this special offering as our current budget

offering will not support any projects and these projects are true needs of our church. Also be in prayer about our current weekly/monthly budget tithes and offerings as they are not meeting our budget requirements. God has richly blessed us in leading our church to call such a qualified and dedicated staff of pastors in Rev. Sessoms, Rev. Roach and Rev. Johnston to lead us. It is time for each of us to examine our personal relationship with God and if we are following his command in the giving of our tithes and offerings to Him. May God richly bless you and our church. Philip Humphries Deacon Chair

2012 Parks and Recreation Facilities Bond Referendum Knightdale voters will have an opportunity to vote on November 6th on a $3,000,000 Parks and Recreation Facilities Bond to complete Phase II of the new Town Park. Everyone is invited and encouraged to learn more about the 2012 Parks and Recreation Facilities Bond Referendum

by attending one of two Community Forums. Both forums are open to the public. Be an informed voter! Wednesday October 10, 7pm Knightdale Chamber of Commerce 207 Main Street Knightdale, NC 27545

Monday October 22, 7pm Planter’s Walk Clubhouse 901 Lynnwood Drive Knightdale, NC 27545 To learn more about the Knightdale Parks and Recreation Facilities Bond, you may visit

Christmas Flowers The Flower Committee has begun its planning for Christmas. Forms will be available soon if you would like to make a donation toward flowers to decorate the sanctuary during the Christmas season (poinsettias, greenery and floral items). Their plans are to follow the same idea they have used in the past, decorating with fewer and possibly larger plants. This means individual plants will not be available to take home after the season is over. However, your loved ones will still be recognized in the bulletin as we have done in past years. If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Hailey at 266-9706.

New Sunday School Class A new young adult Sunday School class (ages 18-25), called Insights, is now meeting upstairs in the Education Building each Sunday. This class is led by Rick Talley and Jessica Jones.

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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October, 2012

October Sunday 30 Food Pantry Sunday


9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 12:30 PM Faith Expressions 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

14 9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 12:30 PM Faith Expressions 1:00 PM KBC vs KUMC Charity Basketball Event 5:00 PM Deacon's Meeting 6:00 PM Snack n YAK



10 6:30 PM Adult Bible Study 6:30 PM 6:30 PM Children's TwoGreen Choir Practice 7:00 PM Thumbs Garden Angelic Ministers 6:30 PM Mission Friends Club Meeting 6:30 PM YAK 360 7:15 PM GA's & RA's 7:30 PM Open Basketball 7:30 PM Worship Choir Practice

11 12 10:00 AM Philathea SS Class Mtg.

13 Knightdale Heritage Day

15 7:00 PM Cemetery Meeting

18 10:00 AM Weathers/Knight Circle

8 Columbus Day

9 10:00 AM BALL Club

16 10:00 AM BALL Club

17 5:30 PM Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal 7:00 PM Finance 7:30 PM 6:30 PM Adult Bible Open Basketball Committee Study Meeting 6:30 PM Children's Choir Practice 6:30 PM Mission 7:00 PM Friends Louis King American Legion 6:30 PM YAK 360 7:15 PM GA's & RA's 7:30 PM Worship Choir Practice

11:00 AM 2:00 PM Upward Evaluations

7:00 PM Basketball Practice


21 22 23 9:15 AM Koffee Before 7:30 PM 10:00 AM Church Open Basketball BALL Club 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 12:30 PM Faith Expressions 6:00 PM Quarterly Business Conference 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

24 6:30 PM Adult Bible Study 6:30 PM Children's Choir Practice 6:30 PM Mission Friends 6:30 PM YAK 360 7:15 PM GA's & RA's 7:30 PM Worship Choir Practice

25 26 7:00 PM 5:00 PM Personnel Youth Lock-in Committee Meeting

28 Communion Sunday

31 Halloween

1 All Saints Day

9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 12:30 PM Faith Expressions 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

Saturday 6

7:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting

3 6:30 PM Adult Bible Study 6:30 PM Children's Choir Practice 6:30 PM Mission Friends 6:30 PM YAK 360 7:15 PM GA's & RA's 7:30 PM Worship Choir Practice


4 5 7:00 PM 3:30 PM Basketball Practice EWHS Football Dinner 7:00 PM Properties Committee Mtg.

9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 12:30 PM Faith Expressions 12:30 PM Soup & Salad Fundraiser 6:00 PM Snack n YAK 7 Homecoming Sunday


1 2 7:30 PM 10:00 AM Open Basketball BALL Club

29 7:30 PM Open Basketball

30 10:00 AM BALL Club 7:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting

20 7:30 AM Yam Jam 2012

27 9:00 AM 11:00 AM Upward Evaluations 6:00 PM Children’s Fall Festival

6:30 PM Adult Bible 7:00 PM Study Properties Committee Mtg. 6:30 PM Children's Choir Practice 6:30 PM Mission Friends 6:30 PM YAK 360 7:15 PM GA's & RA's 7:30 PM Worship Choir Practice



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the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

October, 2012

Youth Events The YAK have been going through some exciting changes lately. The younger group has moved up and found their place in the YAK. They are a great group who seem ready for anything. Some of the older youth have experienced changes, too. There is a new college/career class headed up by Rick Talley and Jessica Jones (JJ). Things are really bustling for the YAK. Recently, the YAK have begun a study of redemptive history on Sunday mornings. The hope for this study is to provide the youth a solid foundation for God’s big plan. So far, the YAK have covered the events of Creation, Fall, Flood, Exodus, and Kings. Taking these ideas to their fulfillment in Jesus has been the

aim of these studies. On Sunday evenings the YAK have started reading though the book of Hosea. The group covers a chapter a week. The purposes of this study are to teach the YAK to work though a book of the Bible and to view God in ways they might have previously thought surprising. Hosea can be tough reading, as God asks a man to do things that seem wrong. One lesson learned from this book so far is that God works not only in spite of our sin, but often through our sin to draw up to Himself. Be sure to talk with your children about these studies and ask them their thoughts on them. Upcoming events for the YAK include a lock-in on October 26.

Volunteers are needed for this one-night event. Please contact Pastor Joe if you are able to help out. The YAK have also begun planning a ski trip. This will take place January 4-6. Details on this event will follow. Pastor Joe has begun a blog that keeps parents informed on what the youth have been discussing. The website for the blog is —Joe Johnston (JJ)

Children’s Fall Festival There will be a Children’s Fall Festival Saturday, October 27th from 6:00 8:00 pm in the Family Life Center. Fun games to play, food, and candy!

Admission: Bring items for the Backpack Buddies Program. There will be a small fee for hotdogs and drinks.

Kids, don’t forget to wear your costumes! There will be a best costume contest at 7:00 pm.

Backpack Buddies The “Backpack Buddies” program is an ongoing ministry KBC has with Knightdale Elementary School. School has started back, so it is time to start delivering bags to the children again.

Donations like grits, oatmeal, soft packs of fruits, vegetables, soups, applesauce, pudding, canned meats, ramen noodles, individual packs of peanut butter, etc. are greatly appreciated. Food

collection bins are located in the Education Building and the vestibule of the Sanctuary. Thank you for all your help with this special ministry for the children in Knightdale!

Upward Basketball And Cheerleading Upward Registration has begun and ends November 6th for basketball and cheerleading. Evaluation

days are Saturday, October 13th, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and Saturday, October

27th, from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm in the Family Life Center.

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the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

October, 2012

Worship and Mission Opportunities Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal Kickoff The Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal Kickoff is Wednesday, October 17th. The service line is open from 5:30-6:30 PM. Reservations/ cancellations must be made by noon on Monday, October 15th.

Call the church office to make reservations at 266-2471. Cost for the meal is: adults (10-up) $5.00 children (4-9) $2.00 and children 3 and under eat free (Max charge per family - $20.00).

Stop Hunger Now

Menu: Baked Pork Loin, Spiced Apples, Butter Beans, Rolls, Homemade Desserts and Beverages. (Cheese Pizza always available.)

Yam Jam 2012

Don’t forget to bring in your QUARTERS! The final date for collections will be Sunday, October 28th. Thanks for all your support!

This year Yam Jam 2012 will be Saturday, October 20th from 7:30 am - 2:00 pm. Everyone is encouraged

to come and help glean to feed the hungry. Please see Robin Farrington for more information.

Samaritan’s Purse It's time to pack your shoe boxes for Samaritan's Purse. Boxes will be collected through Sunday, November 11th. Look for labels and information on how to pack your shoe box in the education building, as well as coloring pages. You can drop off your packed boxes in the Conference Room. Did you know that you can make your shoe box donation online and find out the

destination country of your gift? By making your donation online using a credit or debit card you will receive a special shoe box label included in your e-mail receipt. Print or copy the label as many times as you need to attach to each of your boxes. Your specific barcode is

Missions Opportunity We will be providing a pregame meal to the East Wake High Varsity football team on Friday, October 5th.

We are in need of persons to help serve. If you are available and would be willing to help serve meals, please contact DeAnne Talley at 919-217-8076. All help will be greatly appreciated!

connected to your e-mail address, so it’s important to use the same label on each of your boxes. You will receive an e-mail telling you the destination of your gift, along with information about OCC (Operation Christmas Child) in that country. If your boxes go to more than one country, you will receive more than one e-mail. Please see Robin Farrington if you have any questions.

Blood Drive Sunday, November 4th from 12:30-4:30 pm in the FLC. Sign up to give by calling the church office at 266-2471.

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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October, 2012

HOMECOMING Sunday October 7th Homecoming is just around the corner! Remember to invite all your family members and friends, and also plan to bring enough food to feed the number of guests you invite. We will have our lunch in the comfort of the Family Life Center and drinks will be provided. Food may be dropped off anytime after 9:30 am. This year our Pastor Emeritus, Rev. George W. Pullium, will deliver the message. Rev. Pullium is no stranger to many of us having served this church for over 32 years. Homecoming is a special day to visit and reunite with current and former church members plus enjoy great fellowship and a wonderful meal. Please plan to attend and spread the word.

Knightdale Baptist Church 15 Main Street Knightdale, NC 27545 Phone: 919-266-2471 路 Fax: 919-266-0984 Please note our new website: Office Hours (Monday - Friday) 8:00 am until 5:00 pm

Address Service Requested Staff: Rev. Trent Sessoms Senior Pastor Rev. Hal Roach Minister of Worship Rev. Joe Johnston Youth Pastor Mrs. Patty Jones Administrative Assistant Mrs. Christi Boggs Preschool Director

The Mission of Knightdale Baptist Church, as a loving, unified body, is to worship God and share Christ through various Christian ministries, teaching, service, prayer and fellowship.

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