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The Sharing Session After the deacons announced plans to hold a meeting to discuss why people are still upset about the events surrounding the departure of a former pastor, one of them said, “You sure are brave.” It was a joke, of course, but it did indicate that Baptists were not able to deal with controversial issues in open sessions. I, of course, disagree. We Baptists may be different—some say “odd.” We put our pulpits in the center of the sanctuary where some churches put altars. We call our chief ministers “Preacher” because his/her job is to talk—to God and to the people. This is evidence that we, in some measure, are committed to the spoken word of God and man. We may be odd, but we are right in this regard. Talk is powerful. Talk can create; talk can destroy. Talk can break a heart; talk can mend a heart. Talk can build up; talk can tear down. Talk can clear up; talk can cloud. There is always a risk involving the use of talk since it can go both ways, but communicating with each other is the way to go when there are differences to be resolved. Also, when the differences are important to the whole body, the talk is best done in a gathering of the body. Case in point is our recent meeting. The deacons provided this opportunity for persons who were still bothered by the ending of Ronn McCracken’s ministry at Knightdale Baptist Church. The meeting was called a sharing time. The context was worship. The aim was dialogue; talking. Listening, and learning. Our prayer was that sharing openly with one another would help us to put this issue behind us and move on. I believe the meeting was successful. Please allow me to say why I think so. Some shared their hurt at suddenly learning of the pastor’s leaving. Everyone spoke graciously and honestly to one another. There seemed to be general agreement that the church as a whole felt excluded from the ending time. A phrase frequently used during our T-Team Town Hall meetings was, “We couldn’t find out what happened before and we still don’t know.” The resignation of the pastor at a Wednesday night prayer services was a surprise to everyone, including, the deacon chair (she learned about it one hour before the meeting). When questioned, the pastor declined to answer and referred the group to the deacon chair who was not prepared to respond to questions. Both the church leadership and the pastor have indicated that they were acting to protect the church from controversy. Why has the disturbance persisted so long? I believe one reason is that the congregation has not had an opportunity to face it in an open forum before now. However, I believe that the main reason is that the event resulted in an erosion of trust. Trust between leaders and people suffers when the people feel that secrets are being kept from them or they are being deprived of information they have a right to have. Please note that I said “feel,” I am in no way suggesting that this is what deliberately happened or did not happen. I note several things going forward. 1. Proper closure of important relationships should always be carefully observed. 2. Trust is absolutely necessary between leaders and people and must be carefully tended. 3. Past events can be regretted, remembered and learned from, but they cannot be done over. They cannot be rectified nor explained to everyone’s satisfaction. We release them to God. We ask and receive God’s forgiveness for our part in messing up or causing pain and with new learning move forward.

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In The Interim Anniversaries & Birthdays List of Deacons Baptist Knights PSC Update Love Connection Children’s Message Schedule Children’s Worship Schedule for June Summer Tithing Ushers for June Ad Hoc Committee to Update Bylaws Summer Play Dayz Birth Announcements Baby Dedications Deacon Training Graduates June Calendar Youth Events Vacation Bible Study Meet-n-Eat Children’s Ministry Missions Night and Hot Dog Supper Friday Night Community Outdoor Cinema Series Staff

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In The Interim

As you can tell, I am an advocate of talking it up. We can say things that are positive to one another with positive results. We can bear one another’s burdens with apples of gold from pitchers of silver. And we can learn to trust each other even though sometimes that trust is betrayed. That’s life at its best. See you Sunday. God bless!

― Charles Dorman

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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June, 2011

Don and Hilda Holmes June 1st

Rick and DeAnne Talley June 10th

Mitch and Judy Henley June 25th

Bill and Mary Frances Lewis June 9th Happy 60th Anniversary!

Philip and Margaret Humphries June 15th

David and Debbie Betts June 26th

Steven and Katherine David June 24th

Sam and Faye Maise June 29th

List of Deacons 2011 Beverly Hinton Margaret Humphries Terry Johnson Monique Mackey (Chair) Bill Scanlon

2012 Robin Farrington Korey Hatch Terri Journigan Billy Murray Jean Raybon

2013 Melissa Abshire Mark Beasley Pete Harrell Rick Talley Mary Weathers

Betty Schmiedel

Jun 2

Hal Roach

Jun 14

Amanda Jackson

Jun 25

Bunny Peck

Jun 5

Rick Talley Brian Martin

Jun 18 Jun 18

Mae Lynn Shearin

Jun 26

Justin Boatwright Laura Oliver

Jun 10 Jun 10

Bill Scanlon

Jun 27

Candace Shearin

Jun 21

David Betts Tony Nichols

Jun 12 Jun 12

Blair Sauls

Jun 22

Sarah House Haley Martin

Jun 28 Jun 28

Lois Massey

Jun 30

Baptist Knights for June and July Baptist Knights are KBC volunteers that ensure the facilities are locked and secure each day. If you need the facilities unlocked for any reason please be sure to contact the church office so that they may help make those arrangements for you. Thank you. May 29 - Jun 4 Jun 5 - Jun 11 Jun 12 - Jun 18 Jun 19 - Jun 25

Rick Talley Sam Maise Jesse Ward David Hinton

Jun 26 - Jul 2 Jul 3 - Jul 9 Jul 10 - Jul 16 Jul 17 - Jul 23

James Lucas Richy Narron Bill Scanlon Brian Martin

Jul 24 - Jul 30 Kameron Abshire Jul 31 - Aug 6 Jim Farrington

Pastor Search Committee Update We have completed the stage of advertising for the position of lead pastor by placing announcements in various publications, on web sites and with compatible organizations. Our deadline for receiving resumes is July 1st and the response has been great with around 75 resumes received by the end of May. In cooperation with the

Transition Team we will be asking you to complete a “Pastoral Leadership Expectations Profile” in the next few weeks to assist us when we begin to narrow our candidates down to the ones we will interview. We are currently beginning to prayerfully read and consider the resumes we have received. This process of prioritizing candidates will go on well into the summer

as a great amount of information must be considered. We realize that you want us to work to call a new pastor as soon as possible but we must be patient and allow God to lead us in this process. Please be in prayer for our committee, the church and the candidates who have submitted resumes that God will act in a “mighty way” to lead us to call a pastor.

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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Children’s Worship Schedule for the Month of June Coordinator: June 5th

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

Lead Teachers


Cheryl Jackson, Monique Mackey

Rachel Jackson

DeAnne and Rick Talley Pete Harrell, Volunteer Needed

Love Connection for June (Please send a card, place a call or visit the following during the month of June):

James Lucas Kristin and Tim Poirier

Leland Weathers P.O. Box 206 Knightdale, NC 27545

June 12th

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

June, 2011

Christie Hatch, Suzanne Yeatts Terri Journigan, Joey Gasca Angela Griffin

Ashley Griffin

James Lucas Preston Peterson,

Maggie Horton 1820 Old Crews Rd. Knightdale, NC 27545

Jim and Robin Farrington June 19th

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

Debbie Betts Volunteers Needed Volunteers Needed James Lucas Jessica Jones, Courtney Glover, Valerie and Mark Beasley

June 26th

Crib Babies: Bobbie Earnhardt, Peggy Altice Toddlers: Kim Cameron, Volunteer Needed 2’s & 3’s: Terry Johnson, Bridgett and

Ushers for June Mark Beasley, Charles Dean, Jerry Hall, and Barbara Polky

Jesse Ward

Children’s Church: James Lucas Assistants: Bill Scanlon, Brian and Holly Martin Please note: If for some reason you are not available to help on the day that you volunteered to work, we ask that you please don’t forget to find a replacement for yourself so there is adequate coverage during the worship service. Also, if you have a change in the schedule for the children’s nursery or children’s church, please contact the monthly coordinator so that the change can be made prior to the printing of the worship bulletin. However, any permanent changes in the schedule should continue to be handled by the lead coordinator. Thank you for all your help.

Summer Tithing Don’t forget the church while you are away on vacation! Mail your offering to the church this summer. Ever wonder what the white, addressed envelopes included in your packet of offering envelopes are for? Take one, or two, with you on vacation and mail us your offering!

Ad Hoc Committee to Update Bylaws The Ad Hoc Committee established to update/rewrite the constitution and bylaws has completed its task. The “proposed” Constitution and Bylaws will be handed out on Sunday, June 5th, during a

called business meeting with a motion made to approve as presented. This motion will not be acted on until our next quarterly business meeting on July 17, 2011. Copies of the proposed Constitution and Bylaws will be

made available to everyone in attendance. If you will not be present on June 5th, you may pick up a copy in the church office after that date.

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the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

June, 2011

Birth Announcements Parent’s Morning Out Knightdale Baptist Preschool

Congratulations to Richy, Rena and Cassidy Narron in the birth of a baby boy! Troy James was born May 12th and weighed 7 lbs., 2 oz.

Mondays - Thursdays 9 am - noon 1 year olds - 2nd grade Recreation, Crafts, Bible Stories, Snack Weekly activities and much more Registration is $12.00 per week for supplies and snacks and then a weekly fee of $48.00 per child. Please make checks out to Knightdale Baptist Preschool. Spaces are limited!

And Congratulations to Justin, Sherry, Tyler and Samantha Jones in the birth of Madilyn Avery. She was born May 25th and weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz. and was 21 inches long. Bob and Judy Jones are the proud grandparents and Frances Wall the proud great-grandmother!

Dates of Program: June: 6-9, 20-23 July: 11-14 No classes in August

Baby Dedications Sunday, May 22nd

A ministry of Knightdale Baptist Preschool

Michael and Angela Wallis presented Savannah Grace

For more information contact: Christi Boggs - 266-2288


Deacon Leadership Training Saturday June 25th from 8:30-11:30 am and Sunday June 26th from 2:00-5:00 pm In the Fellowship Hall Please read your copy of “Creating a Healthier Church” by Ronald Richardson. If you have not received your copy of the book, please contact the church office. Books are $5.00.

Rich and Lori Meador presented Brantley Paige for dedication at KBC.

Graduates Congratulations to our High School graduates: • • • • •

Ashley Cook Victor Massey Grace Maynard A.J. Newman Austin Olive

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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June, 2011

June Sunday 29 Food Pantry Sunday 9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 1:00 PM Faith Expressions 6:00 PM Snack n YAK



30 Church Office Closed

31 10:00 AM BALL Club

Memorial Day

6:00 PM EWSC - FLC

7:30 PM Open Basketball

5 6 Graduation Sunday 7:30 PM Open Basketball 8:45 AM Handbell Practice 9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 12:15 PM YMT Meeting 2:00 PM Amanda Jackson Bridal Shower 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

7 10:00 AM BALL Club

12 8:45 AM Praise Team Practice 9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

13 7:30 PM Open Basketball

14 10:00 AM BALL Club

19 Father's Day Youth Mission Trip

20 Youth Mission Trip

8:45 AM Handbell Practice 9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 2:00 PM Sanctuary Reserved 6:00 PM Deacon's Meeting 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

6:00 PM EWSC - FLC

Wednesday 1 5:30 PM Missions Night Hot Dog Supper

Thursday 2 6:00 PM EWSC - FLC

6:30 PM Missions Night

7:00 PM Properties Committee Mtg.

8 6:30 PM Children and Youth Summer Programs

9 10:00 AM Philathea SS Class Mtg.

6:45 PM Adult Bible Study

6:00 PM EWSC - FLC




4 9:30 AM FLC Reserved

10 7:30 PM FH Reserved

11 11:00 AM FH Reserved

6:30 PM YMT Meeting

6:00 PM EWSC - FLC

15 6:30 PM Children and Youth Summer Programs

16 10:00 AM Weathers/Knight Circle

6:45 PM Adult Bible Study

6:00 PM EWSC - FLC

22 Youth Mission Trip

23 Youth Mission Trip

6:30 PM Children's Summer Program

6:00 PM EWSC - FLC

17 18 8:30 PM 6:00 PM Friday Night Com- Sanctuary Reserved munity Outdoor Cinema Series Shrek Forever After

7:00 PM Angelic Ministers Mtg

21 Summer Begins

Youth Mission Trip 7:00 PM Cemetery Meeting 10:00 AM 7:00 PM BALL Club Discipleship Team Meeting 6:00 PM EWSC - FLC 7:30 PM Open Basketball 7:00 PM Finance Committee Mtg.

26 27 8:45 AM Praise Team 7:30 PM Open Practice Basketball 9:15 AM Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 2:00 PM FLC Reserved 2:00 PM Leadership Training 4:30 PM Church Council Meeting 6:00 PM Snack n Yak

24 25 Youth Mission Trip 8:30 AM Leadership Training 7:00 PM Meet-n-Eat

6:45 PM Adult Bible Study

7:00 PM Louis King American Legion

28 10:00 AM BALL Club 6:00 PM EWSC - FLC

29 6:30 PM Children and Youth Summer Programs 6:45 PM Adult Bible Study

30 6:00 PM EWSC - FLC 7:00 PM Personnel Committee Meeting



the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

Page 6

Youth Events Upcoming Events: Summer Mission Trip - June 19th - 24th.

VBS - Pandamania, July 10th-15th.

Developing Godly Relationships

Youth Mission Trip June 19th-24th X-Fuge on Mission KBC youth will be traveling to Williamsburg, KY The youth will be staying at the University of Cumberlands Please keep the youth and the youth ministry team in your prayers as they travel, connect and work to help/love others. This week spend some time prayer journaling to the Lord about how He can teach you to love Him and others more fully. Also, write a prayer for these youth and their leaders, that God will work in their lives this week at camp. Ask the Lord to remove distractions so they can hear and experience all that God wants them to.

June, 2011

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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June, 2011

Missions and Worship Opportunities


Meet-n-Eat next meeting


Friday, June 24th

Where God is Wild about You!

at 7:00 pm

July 11th - 15th 6:30 - 9:00 pm

at IHOP in Knightdale

Kickoff: July 10th Harpers Park 4:00 - 7:00 pm Volunteers are still needed! We still need help in the following areas: • • • • •

Preschool 4’s & 5’s Crafts Music Crew Leaders/Assistant Crew Leaders Nursery

If you can help, please contact Terri Lucas at 366-9517 or If you cannot volunteer, but would like to make a donation you can contact Terri for more information.

Children’s Time Ministry Leader’s Schedule June 5th - Bill Scanlon June 12th - David Betts June 19th - James Lucas June 26th - Jim Farrington July 3rd - Monique Mackey July 10th - Bill

Missions Night Come join us for Missions Night Wednesday, June 1st! Free hot dog supper with all the fixin's, kettle chips and baked beans - beginning at 5:30 pm.

We need a head count for the supper, so please make your reservation by calling the church office by Tuesday, May 31st 266-2471.

Sharing of mission projects will begin at 6:30 pm. Summer programs will begin the following Wednesday, June 8th.

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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June 17th - Shrek Forever After July 8th - Nanny McPhee Returns August 19th - Gnomeo and Juliet

Knightdale Baptist Church 15 Main Street Knightdale, NC 27545 Phone: 266-2471 · Fax: 266-0984 Office Hours (Monday - Friday) 8:00 am until 5:00 pm

Address Service Requested Staff: Dr. Charles Dorman Interim Pastor Rev. Hal Roach Minister of Worship Mrs. Patty Jones Church Secretary Mrs. Christi Boggs Preschool Director

June, 2011

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KBC Newsletter June 2011  

KBC Newsletter June 2011