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Volume 9, Issue 7

2012 2012 a monthly newsletter of Knightdale Baptist Church

A local gas station in my hometown would begin selling fireworks about two weeks before July 4th. Each year, I would beg my parents to take me to the gas station so I could spend every bit of my allowance on sparklers, fountains, screamers, poppers, and various other assorted fireworks. Granted, none of these were big time firework displays that inspired OOH’s and AAH’s. These were smaller variations that my friends and I would light in the driveway, under the supervision of our parents, of course. Along with some other boys from the neighborhood, we’d plead until someone took us to the gas station to buy fireworks for July 4th. The problem was none of those fireworks would make it to the 4th. We’d always set them off as soon as we got home. Because of this ritual each summer, it felt like celebrating July 4th lasted all week. In just a few more days, we’ll enjoy the celebration that entails cookouts, family gatherings, and, yes, firework displays. These will be much brighter, dazzling, and more expensive than my small displays as a kid. Although, what used to feel like a week’s worth of celebrating is now over in a matter of hours. I still look forward to celebrating, but it feels like the routine of life returns much quicker now than it was when I was a kid lighting fireworks in my parents’ driveway. In the life of church, we can get into our own routines. Events might come along to spark some energy into our lives, but once they’re over …then what? What do we do once the celebration ends?


Cause For Celebration


July Anniversaries and Birthdays


List of Deacons




Baptist Knights


Love Connection


Children’s Worship Schedule for July


Children’s Message Schedule


Ushers for July


Stop Hunger Now Packaging Event


July Calendar


YAK Events


Movie Nights


Backpack Buddies


Wednesday Night Bible Study


Women’s Summer Bible Study


Food Pantry Sunday

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Cause For Celebration

VBS Summertime is usually very busy for a church. This month, we’ve got VBS, P8 the Youth Mission Trip, and various other gatherings that exhilarate our P8 Staff lives at Knightdale Baptist. I truly hope you join me in anticipation of the great, exciting time these events are sure to bring. As the kids and adults pack the halls for VBS, the vivacity of those children enlivens our church. As the youth anticipate their mission trip, we look forward to watching their efforts unfold and hearing those stories of rich blessings upon their return. These are events that provide moments of celebration throughout the month.

My hope is that we will all find joy and reasons for celebrating God’s presence in our lives, a presence that gives us cause to rejoice even when the fireworks have gone out and the events come to a close. Events like VBS and mission trips are great reminders that God’s Spirit is at work doing wonderful things. Things that cause us to celebrate, not just for a day, a week, or even a month, but remind us that we can have that joy all the time. They’ll rekindle that spark that might wane during the in-between time and remind us of the joy we feel from being in the presence of our Lord who is there in the lively, festive events and the small, driveway displays that carry out around them. That is cause for celebration. —Trent Sessoms

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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July, 2012

July Anniversaries Humberto and Leonor Henao July 1st

Tony and Amy Nichols July 21st

Tim and Cheryl Jackson July 6th

Vane and Barbara Polky July 27th

J.R. and Jackie Watkins July 28th Happy 50th Anniversary!

July Birthdays Dana Coleman

Jul 3

Sue Puryear

Jul 6

Monique Mackey Herbert Riley

Jul 14 Jul 14

Rachel Tibbens

Jul 25

Angela Griffin

Jul 15

Craig Glover

Jul 26

Kim Clifford

Jul 16

James Lucas

Jul 27

Sara Ferrell Beth Nichols

Jul 18 Jul 18

Katherine Davis Ashley Griffin Terry Johnson

Jul 28 Jul 28 Jul 28

Andrew Tremblay

Jul 20

“Pete” Harrell

Jul 30

Cassidy Narron

Jul 31

Grant Peters Janet Wokasch

Jul 7 Jul 7

Libby Wilder Nickolas Davis Olivia Hollingsworth Eloise Riddick

Jul Jul Jul Jul

Jessica Jones

Jul 10

Cara Glover

Jul 22

Korey Hatch Tim Jackson

Jul 11 Jul 11

Mary Frances Lewis Channing Beasley Velma Knight

Jul 24 Jul 24 Jul 24

8 8 8 8

List of Deacons 2012 Robin Farrington Korey Hatch Sam Maise Billy Murray Jean Raybon

Meet-n-Eat 2013 Melissa Abshire Mark Beasley Pete Harrell Rick Talley Mary Weathers

2014 Don Holmes Philip Humphries (Chair) Richy Narron Preston Peterson Cindy Russell

next meeting July 26th 7:00 pm at IHOP

Baptist Knights for July and August Baptist Knights are KBC volunteers that ensure the facilities are locked and secure each day. If you need the facilities unlocked for any reason please be sure to contact the church office so that they may help make those arrangements for you. Thank you. Jul Jul Jul Jul

1 - Jul 6 7 - Jul 14 15 - Jul 21 22 - Jul 28

Brian Martin Bill Scanlon Jeff Maynard Kameron Abshire

Jul 29 - Aug 4 Aug 5 - Aug 11 Aug 12 - Aug 18 Aug 19 - Aug 25

Tim Poirier Jim Farrington Korey Hatch Stephen Tew

Aug 26 - Sept 1 David Hinton

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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Children’s Worship Schedule for the Month of July Coordinator: Faye Maise (919-266-3315) July 1st

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

Lead Teachers


Cheryl Jackson, Monique Mackey

Rachel Jackson

Love Connection for July (Please send a card, place a call or visit the following during the month of July):

Rick and DeAnne Talley

Lois Massey Wellington 1000 Tandal Place Knightdale, NC 27545

Pete Harrell No Children’s Church this Sunday

July 8th

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

July, 2012

Christie Hatch Terry Johnson Volunteers Needed James Lucas Preston Peterson, Jim and Robin Farrington

Sara Ferrell Wellington 1000 Tandal Place Knightdale, NC 27545

July 15th

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

Debbie Betts

Children’s Time Ministry Leader’s Schedule

Jeff and Cathy Maynard Volunteers Needed James Lucas Jessica Jones, Courtney Glover, Valerie and Mark Beasley

July 1st - Jim Farrington

July 22nd

Crib Babies: Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

July 8th - Monique Mackey

Bobbie Earnhardt, Peggy Altice Kim Cameron

July 15th - Bill Scanlon

Bridgett and Jesse Ward James Lucas

July 22nd - James Lucas

Brian and Holly Martin

July 29th - Joe Johnston July 29th

Aug 5th - Jim Farrington

Crib Babies: Melissa Abshire, Robin Farrington, Susan Sauls

Toddlers: 2’s & 3’s: Children’s Church: Assistants:

Claudia Glover

Courtney Glover

Margaret Humphries, Cindy Russell James Lucas

Aug 12th - Monique Mackey

David and Beverly Hinton

Please note: If for some reason you are not available to help on the day that you volunteered to work, we ask that you please don’t forget to find a replacement for yourself so there is adequate coverage during the worship service. Also, if you have a change in the schedule for the children’s nursery or children’s church, please contact the monthly coordinator so that the change can be made prior to the printing of the worship bulletin. However, any permanent changes in the schedule should continue to be handled by the lead coordinator. Thank you for all your help.

Ushers for July Cheryl Jackson, Tim Jackson, Susan Sauls, Richy Narron

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the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

July, 2012

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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July, 2012

July Sunday 1 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 1:00 PM FLC Reserved

Monday 2 7:30 PM Open Basketball

Tuesday 3 10:00 AM BALL Club



4 Fourth of July

5 7:00 PM Properties Church Office Closed Committee Mtg.





13 6:30 PM VBS


No Wednesday Activities 8 9:15 AM

Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 4:00 PM VBS Kickoff 15 9:15 AM

Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 5:00 PM Deacon's Meeting 6:00 PM Quarterly Business Conference 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

9 6:30 PM VBS

10 10:00 AM BALL Club

11 6:30 PM VBS

12 10:00 AM Philathea SS Class Mtg.

6:30 PM VBS 6:30 PM VBS 16 6:30 PM TwoGreen Thumbs Garden Club 7:00 PM Cemetery Meeting 7:30 PM Open Basketball

17 10:00 AM BALL Club

18 6:30 PM Summer Programs

19 10:00 AM Weathers/Knight Circle

20 8:30 PM Movie Night Avin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

21 10:00 AM Stop Hunger Now Packaging Event

25 Youth Mission Trip Greenville, SC

26 Youth Mission Trip - Greenville, SC

27 Youth Mission Trip - Greenville, SC

28 Youth Mission Trip - Greenville, SC



7:00 PM Angelic Ministers Mtg 7:00 PM Finance Committee Mtg. 7:00 PM Louis King American Legion 7:00 PM Mission/Ministry Team Mtg.

22 9:15 AM

Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

23 Youth Mission Trip - Greenville, SC

24 Youth Mission Trip - Greenville, SC

7:30 PM Open Basketball

10:00 AM BALL Club

6:30 PM Summer Programs

7:00 PM Personnel Committee Meeting 7:00 PM Meet-n-Eat IHOP

29 Food Pantry Sunday 9:15 AM

Koffee Before Church 9:45 AM Bible Study 11:00 AM Morning Worship 6:00 PM Snack n YAK

30 7:30 PM Open Basketball

31 10:00 AM BALL Club

1 6:30 PM Summer Programs

2 7:00 PM Properties Committee Mtg.

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the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

July, 2012

Youth Events and Missions Upcoming Events: VBS - July 8th - 13th.

Summer Mission Trip - July 23rd - 28th. M-Fuge in Greenville, SC. Please arrive by 5:30 am and we will depart KBC at 6:00 am.

July 20th - Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked August 10th The Lorax

Don’t forge bring t to your lawn blank chair ets a s, nd sn acks. Popco rn an d bev will b erage e pro s vided . No g lass conta iners pleas e.

Backpack Buddies The “Backpack Buddies” program is an ongoing ministry KBC has with Knightdale Elementary School. Although we aren’t delivering bags during the

summer, we are continuing to collect items so that we will be prepared to start back in September. Donations like grits, oatmeal, soft packs of fruits, vegetables, soups, applesauce, pudding,

canned meats, ramen noodles, individual packs of peanut butter, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your help with this special ministry for the children in Knightdale!

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the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

July, 2012

Worship and Mission Opportunities Wednesday Night Bible Study Rev. Sessoms will be offering a new Bible Study beginning Wednesday, July 25th at 6:30 pm - Job: Into the Fire, Out of the Ashes by

Tony Cartledge (a Smyth & Helwys publication). How many times have you faced tragedy in life? How often have you asked the question, “Why?” Have you ever been angry or disappointed with God? Do you wonder if it is okay to

express disappointment, complaints, or frustration to God? Have you wondered if God is listening or watching you during times of distress? Have you cried to God only to sense silence in return? All of these and more are part of what we might call “The Job Experience.”

Women’s Summer Bible Study What Happens When Women Pray All women are encouraged to meet with us starting Friday, July 20th at 10:00 am in the Parlor. We are going to be studying what

the Bible teaches about prayer. The book will cost around $3.54 depending on how many we order but must be ordered soon. Please let Cathy Maynard know by July 9th. She can be reached at either 919-

266-1868 (leave a message) or There are also forms in the Sunday School classes. Come and grow with us. Invite a friend!

Food Pantry Sunday

The following is a shopping list that you can cut out and take with you shopping. They are very specific in what they give out, so please make sure you purchase only what is on the list.


Pantry Shopping List We have an on-going need for canned food items for our food pantry. Everyone’s help is needed to feed the food insecure people in our community. Please take the following list with you next time you shop. No XL items please. MEATS/PROTEINS (canned) Stew Chili Chicken Tuna Spaghetti Sauce Ravioli SpaghettiO’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Soups with Meat Spam / Treet Roast Beef Chicken & Dumpling FRUITS Peaches Pears

Fruit Cocktail Apple Sauce Pineapple VEGETABLES Mixed Vegetables Tomatoes Carrots Greens (collard, turnip, etc.) Peas Green Beans Corn OTHER ITEMS Macaroni & Cheese Dried Mashed Potatoes Pasta Rice Soups (esp. Cr of Mushroom) Egg Noodles Corn Bread Stuffing Tuna Helper Boxed Pudding or Jello (unprepared) 80 bags/week are given out which contain 3 meats, 3 starches, 3 vegetables, and 1 fruit/dessert.

July 29th is Food Pantry Sunday, so don’t forget your food pantry donations! Supporting our local Food Pantry is an on-going mission project of the Angelic Ministers. Food collection barrels are located in the education building for you to place your food donations.

the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church

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July, 2012

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL July 9th - 13th, 6:30 - 9:00 pm Kickoff: July 8th, at Harpers Park, 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Knightdale Baptist Church 15 Main Street Knightdale, NC 27545 Phone: 919-266-2471 路 Fax: 919-266-0984 Please note our new website: Office Hours (Monday - Friday) 8:00 am until 5:00 pm

Address Service Requested Staff: Rev. Trent Sessoms Senior Pastor Rev. Hal Roach Minister of Worship Rev. Joe Johnston Youth Pastor Mrs. Patty Jones Administrative Assistant Mrs. Christi Boggs Preschool Director

The Mission of Knightdale Baptist Church, as a loving, unified body, is to worship God and share Christ through various Christian ministries, teaching, service, prayer and fellowship.

The Beam July 2012  
The Beam July 2012  

July 2012 newsletter for Knightdale Baptist