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Armamentyr Ceneralise dei Imperyr Anemonei, Annyr 2011 Nuclear Armament of the Empire of Anemos, 2011 i) Naval Armament Submarine Deterrent -4x Typhoon class SSBN(to be replaced with Arkicyr dei Mordensyr class SSBNs).

-> 20x M51 SLBM, 10 100kT MIRV warheads per SLBM. All Typhoon classSSBNsare equipped with maximum payload. -> Total of 200 warheads per submarine. -32x Arkicyr dei Mordensyr class SSBN

->18x ArBE 375 SLBM, 10 110kT MIRV warheads per SLBM. All Arkicyr dei Mordensyr class SSBNsare equipped with maximum payload. -> Total of 180 warheads per submarine. Fleet Air Deterrents -184x Gerald R Ford class CVN

->4x 100kT warheads aboard each vessel. ii)

Aerial Armament Air Deterrent -250x Rafale N2 Nuclear Strike Fighter (to be phased out by F/N-11).

->1x ArBE450 Nuclear Stand-Off Missile, 1 300kT warhead per missile. -15x F/N-11 Nuclear Strike Fighter

-> 1x ArBE473 Nuclear Stand-Off Missile, 1 375kT warhead per missile.


Ground Based Armament Missile Deterrent -688x ArBE 270Etermortyr ICBM (to be phased out by ArBE 277Eterskratyr FOBSICBM in 2011).

-> 1x 20mT warhead or 10x 750kT MIRV warheads per missile. -312x ArBE 277Eterskratyr FOBSICBM

->1x 25mT warhead or 10x 1mT MIRV warheads per missile.


-800 100kT MIRV warheads (on 80 M51 SLBMs) -5760 110kT MIRV warheads (on 576 ArBE 375 SLBMs) Fleet Air Deterrent:

-736 100kT warheads (on 736 ArBE450 Nuclear Stand-Off Missiles) Air Deterrent:

-250 300kT warheads (on 250 ArBE450 Nuclear Stand-Off Missiles) -15 375kT warheads (on 15 ArBE473 Nuclear Stand-Off Missiles) Missile Deterrent:

-172 20mT warheads (on 172 ArBE 270 Etermortyr ICBMs) -5160 750kT MIRV warheads (on 516 ArBE 270 Etermortyr ICBMs) -78 25mT warheads (on 78 ArBE 277 Eterskratyr FOBSICBMs) -2340 1mT warheads (on 234 ArBE 277 Eterskratyr FOBSICBMs)

Total of 15,311 ready nuclear warheads. Additional 1,060 available for delivery within one hour (Ready Stockpile) Additional 13,120 available for delivery within one day (Immediate Reserve) Additional 20,509 in stockpile (Long Reserve)

Anemonian Nuclear Deterrent 2011