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HIGH TIMES June 2008

LAPTOP FOR ALL STUDENTS IN KEY STAGE THREE? PART OF OUR ‘BUILDING SCHOOLS FOR THE FUTURE’ PROGRAMME After a visit to Kings Norton High from a representative of the Birmingham e-learning Foundation, we have been awarded a sum of money which is specifically for ICT access for school and home! The money is meant to provide as many learners as possible with a state-of-the-art mini laptop – if possible, every student in years 7, 8 and 9 from September 2008. Not only will learners have the use of this laptop during their school day, but if they do not have internet connectivity at home, they will have a wireless or hardwire connection fitted as part of their laptop package which means that any other members of the family who want to have an internet connection will also be able to make use of this family resource. HOW WILL THE SCHEME WORK? The pot of money helps to subsidise the cost of purchasing a number of laptops. These laptops will be small, light and very portable and will eventually take the place of homework planners, reports, even pens and paper in many cases. In other words, the laptop will be a child’s main piece of school equipment. Parents will be invited to make a ‘voluntary contribution’ of about £6.50 per month (21p per day!) over a period of three years, after which the laptop would no longer belong to the school but to the student. In all of that time, the student would be able to carry it to school or home every day. Any family who could not afford even this small contribution would not be disadvantaged. They would still receive the laptop and internet connection, but the laptop would belong to the school. If a large number of parents cannot afford the contribution, then only a certain number of learners will be able to have laptops because the pot of money will soon be used up. But if a large number of parents can manage that small sum, then a larger group of children will be able to have one – hopefully every child in Key Stage Three. WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT? WANT TO HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED AT SCHOOL WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY A FORTUNE FOR THAT CHRISTMAS COMPUTER?

Your children will have heard something about this already in assembly but there will also be a meeting for parents and their children on Tuesday 24th June at 6.00 pm in the school hall. Ian McCall from the Birmingham e-foundation will be there to tell you about the scheme and to answer all your questions.

STOP PRESS: OFSTED VISIT KINGS NORTON HIGH SCHOOL Ofsted: Your children have done it again!! As you know, we had a full inspection last Wednesday and Thursday. Until the official report comes out we are not allowed to say too much but we can say …: ‘It went well …’ • teaching was judged to be much improved • behaviour – as last time, judged to be good • three big student groups were seen and they really did themselves and the school proud • parent questionnaire responses were overwhelmingly supportive – so thank you! In celebration, it was all round at break!


The full report should be out in the next few weeks so we will send it out with our end-of-year newsletter.


BOOKS FOR MALAWI! Here at Kings Norton High, we instil the value of education in all our learners. To spread the word and help others achieve their goals, we have donated all of our old textbooks to schools in Malawi.

Booked up!

Congratulations goes to ...

We hope to expand our links with these schools and that some of our learners will become pen pals with students in Malawi.

WELL DONE YEAR 9 ... Behaviour and attendance during SATs examinations was excellent. Overall attendance for the week was …. We need that commitment every week!


Check out the school’s newly launched website Has the Bard been found?

Slams Tennis Festival A selection of boys from year 7 and boys and girls from year 8 took part in the ‘Secondary Slams Tennis Festival’ at Kings Norton Tennis Club on Thursday 6th June. Standards were very high and disappointingly we did not win either the boys’ or girls’ competitions. However, the day was enjoyed by all and our students are to be congratulated on their behaviour.

Saturday jobs!

CONGRATULATIONS TO YEAR 10 LEARNERS WHO ... Well done to Kayley Turner who came 2nd in the discus in the South Birmingham West Midlands’ County Schools Athletic Championship on 14th June. She will now represent the West Midlands in the Mason Trophy

achieved 100% in their module 3 GCSE exam Dominic Mathuse achieved grade ’A*’ in their module 3 GCSE exam Deng Haoliang Stephanie Goulei achieved grade ’A’ in their module 3 GCSE exam Farhiya Ali Jessica Beard Stephanie Cheung Aaron Ketley Jack Savage


Year 7 visit Bridgnorth

On Thursday 5th June, a group of Year 7 students went to Bridgnorth, Shropshire to undertake some fieldwork with Birmingham University PGCE students. Students completed land use surveys and an enquiry into the suitability of the area for a new supermarket. A trip up and down the cliff railway also meant some great views of the area and saved some very tired legs. A great time was had by all and the quality of the students’ work was excellent. The University students, who work with a number of schools from all over Birmingham and Sandwell commented that our group was the most enthusiastic and well behaved group they had ever seen. Well done to all of the students for representing our school so well! Mr Moore, teacher i/c geography, head of year 10

CBSO farewell concert On Wednesday 11th June a group of students went to Symphony Hall to see the farewell concert of CBSO’s musical director, Sakari Oramo. The programme included Janacek’s Sinfonietta and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. The students were great ambassadors for the school and they now know a lot more about the symphony orchestra than they did before. Mr Lovgren, Head of Music

I liked the first piece of music with the instruments but I didn’t really like the choir. Some of it was a bit long but most was really good Norma Andrews

We went to the Symphony Hall to listen to a concert given by the CBSO. They played really well and it was quite exciting listening to it. I really enjoyed the trip and would like to do more of them. I liked the first part which included brass and Timpani. I also liked the singing in the second part which was Beethoven’s 9th symphony, a quite popular piece of music. Dominic Mathusen

Year 10 Trip to Ironbridge On Friday 6th June a group of year 10 humanities students visited Ironbridge to work with Birmingham University PGCE students. The focus of the trip was to understand how tourism had affected the area and also flooding protection schemes that had been put into place. Without exception our students worked hard and behaved impeccably. It is hoped that collaborations between the university and the humanities faculty will continue to flourish in the future and more of our students will be able to enjoy these experiences. Mr Moore, teacher i/c geography, head of year 10

At the orchestra we saw a variety of different instruments. My favourites were the violas and the violins. It was quite good. Some of the choir was good but I thought they repeated the music and songs over again. Lauren Frost

WEEKEND WORKING A successful revision weekend took place at Stansfeld in Oxfordshire assisting 25 year 9 student to prepare for their SATs examinations in mathematics and science. The students were committed to their work and achieved 16 hours of study time across the two subjects over the two days. There was, of course, the opportunity for some leisure activities planned by the centre staff! Apart from the benefits of the revision, the strengthened relationships between the students and the six staff who accompanied them should be beneficial to all as the students enter key stage 4 in September 2008.

Thank you to the warden, Patricia, and the knitting ladies from Melrose Place who have started knitting blankets again for the homeless. They have also started to knit hats, scarves, gloves and small jumpers for the Christmas shoe boxes, which our learners will start to put together in September.

Rabi Kasinga said that the day was ‘fantastic’.

Abdale Ibrahim thought that ‘the haunted house was great’.

Year 8 -’SEARCHING FOR SHAKESPEARE’ On Tuesday 29th April, year 8 went to StratfordUpon-Avon as part of their English curriculum. Students had a map and list of questions to search Stratford for landmarks and locations relating to William Shakespeare. During English lessons, year 8’s had been learning about Shakespeare’s life and times. The aim of the trip was to bring this knowledge to life. Overall the day was a huge success with all of the children behaving exceptionally well. Teaching assistant, Rachel Hulme, reported that ‘the children were fantastically behaved and we all had a great day’. The group even managed to visit ‘The Falstaff Experience’, a reputedly haunted museum, which they were able to explore at leisure with guides on hand to explain exhibits.

Lovinia Gorden said ‘It was great. I loved it’.

Newsletter Jun 2008  

KINGS NORTON June 2008 WELL DONE YEAR 9 ... We hope to expand our links with these schools and that some of our learners will become pen pal...

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