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HIGH TIMES February 2010

ARE WE NEARLY THERE YET? On 4th January 2006 it was my birthday. It was also exactly four years since I came to Kings Norton High as head teacher and that makes me the longestserving head at KNHS in twelve years. We have made incredible progress over that time but it seems like every time we reached another milestone, someone somewhere shifted the goalposts. In 2006 we beat the national average for 5 A* - C GCSE passes and were most improved school in Birmingham, but that year the government stopped using this as their key measure of success and moved instead to measuring maths and English. Had we achieved this just one year earlier, we would have made national headlines in all of the papers. As it was, only the Guardian carried the story. In 2007 and 2008 we maintained our increased GCSE scores and increased our maths and English C+ pass rate but then the government stopped measuring the rate of progress from where children were when they joined the school and just said instead that 30% must achieve C or above in both maths and English. They gave all schools until 2011 to achieve this. It didn’t matter if the government’s own predictions of how we should do’ based on learners’ ability, was considerably lower than this! They had simply ignored their own data. Nearly there! In 2009 we increased our maths and English C+ pass rate by 11% - from 12% to 23% - well on our way to that 2011 target, and we predict meeting or exceeding the 30% target next summer – one year early.

Driving up attendance!

Drama in French

 Well done years 7 and 8

By entering students early for these examinations year 11 have already achieved 15% C or above passes in English and a staggering 36% already have their maths. We are expecting about 45% or more to get their maths Cs and around 35% or more to get their English. The following year we are going for at least 40% in both. Why not – when we have achieved every target we have set ourselves so far! We have come a long way in four years. I don’t know where the goalposts will be by next year but wherever they are, we will be ahead of them and all of this bodes well for our new academy prospects – and not before time! Denise Burns Headteacher

. .. . and family!

Maths Notice!- Years 10 and 11 Please remember the Module 1 and Module 3 exams are on: Tuesday 2nd March 2010. Make sure you are here on time! If you are not sure which exam you are taking, please check with Miss Rajania or your maths teacher.

QUESTIONNAIRE FEEDBACK Thank you to all those parents who filled in the questionnaire at review day last term. We had 76 responses from parents which was the most ever! The responses were all very positive and reflected the recent improvements we have made in school. We look very closely at the responses you give as parents and we then address any concerns you may have with students and finally through our School Improvement Plan. As you know safeguarding is one of our highest priorities at KNHS. I was very pleased that the question around your child’s safety in school and to and from school came out very positively. There was only one parent who said her child felt unsafe in school and when we asked her, found out she had ticked the wrong box!

SHARP SAFEGUARDING As part of our ongoing improvement in safeguarding, we are introducing a confidential reporting system via the internet call the SHARP system. SHARP stands for ‘School Help Advice Reporting Page’. This system has been introduced in many secondary schools across the country and has been effective for both students and parents to report concerns. These concerns are then either dealt with by the school and are passed on to other agencies as necessary. The system will be activated and online from our home page when we come back after half-term. If you have any questions, please contact me on 0121 459 4451. I’m the chap in the blue shirt—Mr Punton!

‘Wise Up’ to your child's punctuality and attendance

Our school attendance so far is 92% on average, which meets the school target for this academic year. However we are striving to improve even further by raising the school attendance to 93% thus complying with DCSF and local authority’s attendance targets. In order to achieve better punctuality and attendance we are working in partnership with the Community Action Team, part of the Education Welfare Service, over a number of weeks to focus on learners who are persistently late or absent. Their activities include Learner Watch patrols with the police, contact with parents/carers, welcoming learners who arrive on time and having conversations with learners who are late, presenting at assemblies and undertaking learners 'punctuality' workshops.

DRAMA IN FRENCH! Year 9 students have been performing previously prepared role-plays in French. Performances were recorded in front of a green screen, allowing them to edit their videos, and in particular deciding the location for of their role-play . The majority of students found pictures of typical French sites and landscapes to add in the background of their video and it really looked like they were in those places! They thoroughly enjoyed the project and were proud of their achievements.

Well done . . . . To the Dennington family who won the £25 voucher for returning the questionnaire. Thank you ..... .... To Cadburys, Birmingham City Football Club, Solihull Ice Rink, Appollo Cinema (Redditch) all contributed items for a raffle to support the forthcoming trip to Paris in March.

Straight talking

As part of the citizenship and PSHE programme in the humanties faculty, for the past four weeks the school has welcomed visitors from ‘Sstraight Talking’ to speak to years 9 and 10 students. The students were enthusiastic to hear and learn about how teenage pregnancy can affect their lives. The course was presented by a teenage mother ‘Sophie’ who provided the students with insight into how life actually is for a teenage mother. Sophie’s message was loud and clear and helped to raise the awareness of the problems teenage pregnancy can present. It provided the students with the ability to make an educated choice for their future. The teenage mother highlighted the responsibilities of parenting and the issues of: • • • •

losing their childhood living in poor accommodation losing their social life limiting their future through the loss of education and training opportunities

Overall the course was educational and the school looks forward to welcoming ‘Straight Talking’ back in the new school year.

Women’s Aid Women's Aid is a national domestic violence charity that helps up to 250,000 women and children every year and students at KNHS have had the privilege to work with them over the last few weeks. They work to end violence against women and children and support over 500 domestic and sexual violence services across the country. Women’s Aid provided an interactive course to all key stage three pupils to raise awareness about the statistics of domestic violence and identify the different organisations which are available to anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse. Following the course the students were able to identify the feelings children may experience as a result of domestic abuse. Some students said that children may feel angry, confused or scared. Students also highlighted that children who experience domestic abuse may not feel safe which could affect other aspects of their life, ie the child may skip school or even display naughty behaviour within school and the community.

“Women’s Aid taught me that abuse is not just violence it can also be verbal abuse or sexual abuse”. “I learnt that the abuser uses different excuses for abusing others, such as drinking alcohol or having a bad day at work”. “Women’s Aid told us about the refuges people can go to if they are being abused, and that the people who work there support the people w ho live there. I thought that this was good as it might make people less scared to look for help”.

“It was very interesting, we learnt who to contact if someone we know was being abused”.

Years 7 and 8 Awards for September to December 2009 Certificates to reward effort and achievement, progress made in subjects and attendance were given out in a year assembly. Attendance award winners also received a ÂŁ5 Argos voucher. Congratulations to those students listed below . . .

Year 7 Art - Samra Khan. Sultan Ahmed Humanities - Kallum McCrea, Tom Harris RE - Charlotte Dewell, Samra Khan Music - Aaron Butler, Usmaan Ali EAL - Ayaanle Ali, Mohammed Cumar Science - Deanna Arlington, Nathan Beresford English - Samra Khan, Charlotte Dewell Year 8 Art - Jodie Chandler,Chloe Jones Humanities - Kielo Brown, Shelby Barrington-Smith, Daniel Ketley, Keighley Shirley, Amy Layland , Toby Scott-Wilson Music - Remi Graham, Danny Burrows EAL - Abeer Ahmed, Barwaqu Hussain 100% ATTENDANCE AWARDS Year 7 Stacy Burt Joshua Ashton Charlotte Dewell Sultan Ahmed Kimberly Whittack

Year 8 Daniel Franklin Leah Graham Remi Graham Carrie Summers Faron Dodki Sian Kelly Martin West Yobel Werie Daniel Room-Pace Jaidee Cornejo Toluwalase Odubanjo Keilo Brown Shanae Palmer Jordan Lee McPike Kamran Ali

Would you like to try something new with your kids?

FREE FAMILY LEARNING (suitable for ages 3-16) Computers Art Attack Fun with Photos Yoga Sign Language Health Living Mehndi Magic Saturday 27 February 10-12pm For 5 weeks at Trittiford Centre Billesley BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW LIZ 0121 459 4451 ext 225 Or Trittiford Centre 0121 464 7401 No 49 to Maypole & No. 2 to Billesley Or No. 35 to Kings Heath & No. 11 to Billesley

FREE HEALTHLY LIVING DROP IN DAY! I’m running a FREE drop-in with a Health Trainer on 25th February Between 10-2pm At Kings Norton Children’s Centre Do you want to... Loose weight? Eat healthier? Be more active? Stop smoking? Reduce your alcohol intake? Or just feel better about yourself? Our health trainer can... A give you a personal Health Plan Up to 6 Sessions with your own Health Trainer

Half Term Activities in Birmingham All information has been supplied by Family Information Service, Central Library, B3 3HQ— 0121 303 3521

Sports, arts and craft, graffiti, DJ Workshops, hair and beauty, music, ice-skating, t-shirt printing, football tournament and trips out. Running 15th – 19th Feb St. Paul’s Community & Development Trust Balsall Heath – 0121 464 8660 10-14 years old £2 p/d + trips 10am -4pm

Horse ride over Woodgate Valley, including grooming, tacking up and feeding Running 16th Feb Trekking Centre, Woodgate Valley 0121 506 6994 Over 5 years old £2 1pm-3pm Freestyle and Street Dance; Freestyle football; Tai-Kwon Do taster Running 17th Feb Four Dwelling Leisure Centre, Quinton 0121 506 6994 Contact for age information Dance £1, Football £1.50, Tai-Kwon Do £2 Times vary Trip to Water World Running 17th Feb From Wychall Children’s Centre, Northfield 0121 464 3169 £8 adults, £5 children Contact for further details Remember all children and adults can swim for free at Birmingham Leisure Centre’s For ideas of things to do and places to visit

Put you in touch with services such as 12 free weeks at weight watchers 10 free activity sessions

Or call family information services 0121 303 3521

Call Liz 0121 459 4451 x225 Or just come along on the day!

Enjoy your half term Liz Crooks, Parent Support Worker

Newsletter Feb 2010  

Drama in French Well done years 7 and 8 Driving up attendance! Nearly there! In 2009 we increased our maths and English C+ pass rate by 11%...

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