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June J Canedo Age: 24 Nationality: Brazilian/American Current Location: Brooklyn What makes you feel Alive & Well? Vegetables, coffee, and a plane ticket somewhere. Website:

Tramaine Townsend Age: 29 Nationality: American Current Location: Texas What makes you feel Alive & Well? The people and places I surround myself make me feel alive and well. The energy I get from that around me keeps my works fresh and on my toes. It brings inspiration to me even when I least expect it. They do the one thing that I’m enjoying the most, elevating. Website:

Lucie Bremeault Age: 24 Occupation: Photographer Nationality: French Current Location: Paris What makes you feel Alive & Well? Love, my cat, beauty, fresh air and space, sweet dreams, Depeche Mode Website:

MEET THE SNAPPERS Alberto Moreu, Yuji Watanabe, Andi Seidl, Charlotte Rutherford, Agnieska Chabros, Nikki Krecicki, Shawn Reinoehl, Dania Masiero, Victoria Jin, Carlo William Rossi, Nina Ahn, Rumi Matsuzawa, Michael clifford, Alexander Jacob, Andrew Babarczy, Mars Phillips, Claudia Ancelotti, Collin Levin, Karla Majnaric, Denver Rodrigues, Elodie Chapuis, Lucie BrĂŠmeault, Nicole Corbett, Valerio Boncompagni, Tramaine Townsend, Sheree Porter, Erin Eve, June Canedo, Kareem Abdul 9


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