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Have a look at these causes of muscles soreness and stiffness! Muscle stiffness arises in a person’s body when the muscles start feeling tight, not being able to move, lesser flexibility especially after taking enough sleep or rest. The muscle stiffness can further be accompanied by pain, cramps, uneasiness and discomfort. Though stiffness is not a major point of concern and can be treated with general remedies, a bit of stretching or a visit to a chiropractor in Balmain. But it is important to look for the cause that leads to muscle soreness and stiffness. Here are listed a few: ⚫

Exercise: Excess exercising or hard physical labour is one of the major reasons for muscle stiffness. It can even occur at the beginning of exercise routine or with the increase in intensity and duration. The muscle movement can lead to injury i.e. delayed onset muscle soreness. This can be simply caused because of either jogging, running downhill, using weights, during squats or while doing push-ups.

Sprains and strains: The sprains and strains can directly affect your muscles and ligaments. The strains are common in legs and lower back while a sprain is common around the joints. Sprain leads to stretching, twisting and tearing of ligaments while strain is caused when muscle fibres are torn or stretched. Areas that are sprain prone include knees, ankles, wrists and thumb etc. and these sprains and strains include symptoms of pain, swelling, bruising, tenderness and redness.

Polymyalgia Rheumatica: Polymyalgia Rheumatica affects the upper body including shoulders, arms and neck causing muscle pain and stiffness. Additional symptoms of this disease include trouble sleeping, difficulty in putting off clothes, problems changing positions getting in and out of a chair etc. Usually, a person with the age of 70 years gets such disease but a lot of people do not develop this until their 80’s. The actual causes are yet to be recognized.

Bites or stings: Similar to many causes listed above, even a mosquito bite or stings can lead to red and swollen lump on the skin which can be itchy and painful. The symptoms of bites and stings can improve in a few days but for the people who have allergic reactions might need to consult a chiropractor.

Infections: Some of the infections can lead to muscle soreness and stiffness including tetanus, meningitis, HIV, Legionnaires, Polio, lupus, influenza or flu. These infections are strictly needed to be consulted with either a general

practitioner or a chiropractor in Balmain. These medical practitioners will help you get rid of these infections as soon as possible without making it difficult for your body to handle such things.


Medications: Even a lot of medications like steroids can lead a person’s body muscles getting stiff and sore. This is so very common and is a side effect of stains or drugs prescribed for lower cholesterol. Also, the anesthesia is given to each patient before a surgery can leave a patient with muscle stiffness and soreness.

Additional CausesApart from many listed above, a person can come across this stiffness and soreness because of the reasons of a lack of daily regular physical activity, overweight, having a poor diet, not having proper sleep, being in cold and damp environment for long etc.

When to see a Doctor? Usually visiting a doctor becomes important only when the situation becomes crucial. Well, in most of the cases the stiffness goes away on its own but if in case it is prolonged, it is a sign of an underlying condition. If you anytime feel that stiffness or soreness is getting worst, visit your nearby chiropractor as soon as possible to get rid of this pain and stiffness quickly.

Take care of muscles soreness and stiffness with S3C  

Balmain based chiropractor specialist S3C (Sydney Spine & Sports Centre) give you best care of muscles soreness and stiffness at lowest cost...

Take care of muscles soreness and stiffness with S3C  

Balmain based chiropractor specialist S3C (Sydney Spine & Sports Centre) give you best care of muscles soreness and stiffness at lowest cost...