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Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Jewelry, Photography, Fiber and more

winter & spring 2012

classes and workshops for all ages

Workshops by Month

Classes by Day (Jan–Jun) Ages 15+ are invited to join adult classes.



3 and 10

Holiday Clay Days

9:30 – 12:30

New Concepts in Crochet


Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring

9:30 – 12:30

Expressive Watercolors: Abstract & Narrative


Drop-in Figure Drawing Studio



Introduction to Jewelry Design


Jewelry Design and Metal Smithing

Tuesdays 9:30-12:30

The Painted Portrait


Portrait Drawing


Handbuilding and Surface Decoration

10 - 1

Sewing Lab: Basic Techinques

10 - 1

Sewing Lab: Garment Construction


Watercolor Studio in Pittsfield


Intro to Experimental Animation


Screenwriting: A Master Class


Documentary Photography


7 and 8

I Wish I Could Draw

7 and 8

Fundamentals of Wheelwork


Carry All: Introductory Basket Making

28 and 29

Begin at the Beginning- Learn to Paint

28 and 29

Intro to Handbuilding: Tableware

February 4 and 5

Intro to Crochet

11 and 12

Collage Mania

18 and 19

Felted Slippers

20 to 24

Multi Media Animation Adventure Art Camp! (ages 5 to 14)

20 to 24

Half Day camp for ages 3 and 4

March 10

Rescue Your Artwork: Give your unloved painting a second chance


Intro to Digital Photography


The Language of Photography

1:30 – 4:30

Freeing Your Art

4 to 5:30

Boxes and Treasures in Clay (Grades 2 to 5)

4 to 5:30

Studio Adventure (Grades pre K to 1)

4 to 5:30

Animals in Clay (Grades 2 to 5)


Intro to Macro Photography



Press Printmaking: Etching and Monoprint Studio

13, 14 and 15


The Potter’s Wheel


High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) Photography

14 and 15

Contemporary Printmaking: Multimedia Techniques

16 to 20

Vacation Art Camp (Ages 3 to 14)

28 and 29

Artful Expression with Clothes from your Closet Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring


Fur, Feather and Scales (Ceramics)


Explore the Abstract


Painting Outside the Box


Basket Making



Intro to Photography (Digital and Film)



Poetry Studio

5 and 6

The Collage Within You


Figure Drawing

12 and 13

Create Your Own Comic


Intro to Glass Fusing

19 and 20

Making Colors Sing

19 and 20

Macro Photography

Fridays Fridays: 9:30-12:30

Painting Studio


Collage and Mixed Media: Text and Texture Techniques


June 2 and 3

Introduction to Jewelry

Collage and Mixed Media: Build ‘Em Up!


Rescue Your Artwork: Give your unloved painting a second chance


From Wheel to Meals


Garden Art

16 and 17

Painting on Glass

16 and 17

Painting Light and Water

18 to 22

Photography Boot Camp

Saturdays 10-4 Raku

23 and 24

Creative Sewing Lab 101


Clay and Fiber

23 and 24

Make a Movie! Experimental Animation


Scene Study - Acting

June 25 to August 17 SUMMER VACATION ART CAMPS Ages 3 to 14

Playwriting, the One Act Play


Sundays 2-5

1 to 5

Green course title indicates Spring class

Watercolor: Simple, Fast and Focused

From the Director


Dear Friends:

Amy Butterworth Coordinator of Student Services and Community Life ext. 100,

“I got the materials, but I have to tell you, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never tried oil painting before…” I admitted sheepishly to Yura Adams the week before Fall Studio started. “Oh, Hope” she replied, “That’s why you take the class!”

Lucie Castaldo Young Artists Program Coordinator ext. 102,

Trying something new, being a BEGINNER, is difficult for all of us. In 2012, join me in the studios and give yourself a chance to take a risk, try something new and have FUN. Stuck in a rut? Try Expressive Watercolor this Spring with Karen Arp-Sandel (p 2). Need the perfect post Valentine snuggle? Try Felted Slippers with Angel Heffernan (p 5). From Teen Portfolio with Yura Adams (p 11) to Experimental Animation with Dina Noto (p 8) to New Concepts in Crochet with Huckleberry Delsignore (p 5) to Raku with Nancy Magnusson (p 6) there IS something for everyone at IS183.

Benjamin Evans Studio Manager ext. 105,

As well, be sure to check Upcoming Dates on page 16 – on January 26th we’re launching the Live Music Café with a Songwriters Showcase. Curated by Great Barrington-based musician John Clarke this once a month gathering is a great opportunity to gather with family and friends and enjoy the creative talent of the local music scene. Suggested donation is $10 and lite fare and beverages will be available for sale. The Berkshires is home to many great arts organizations where you can marvel at the work of world class artists in many mediums. But IS183, Art School of the Berkshires is one of the only places where you can express your own creativity, and learn to make your own art. Make 2012 your year to learn new tools for speaking your mind! I look forward to seeing you in the studios! With warmest regards,

Hope Sullivan (with daughter, Elke) Executive Director ext. 101,

Brielle Rizzotti Assistant to the Executive Director ext. 103,

Board of Directors as of Nov. 1, 2011 Tyler Weld Board Chair Seth Nash Vice Chair Wendy O'Neil Secretary Gary Schieneman Treasurer

Martin Albert John Bridge Bruce Finn Lucy Holland Michele O'Hana Howard Shapiro Sarah Steven

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Paula Shalan Shares her Expertise...............................13 Live Music Café..........................................................13 Tricks of the Trade......................................................13 Learning Through Arts - Now in Ten Schools!.................14 Thank Yous................................................................14 A Gala Testimonial – Vicki Bonnington..........................15 Be A Creative Catalyst.................................................15 Upcoming Dates.........................................................16 Faculty......................................................................16


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IS183 is a non-profit community art school encouraging people of all ages, means and skill levels to enrich their lives through handson experience in the visual arts.

General Info

Get messy! Call 413-298-5252 ext. 100 or e-mail for information or to register.


PAINTING AND DRAWING Expressive Watercolors: Abstract and Narrative Karen Arp-Sandel Mondays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM PD09SP12: April 2 to June 11, no class April 16 and May 28 (9 Sessions) Tuition: $297, plus $10 materials fee

Learn to free up your painting concepts using traditional and innovative watercolor techniques. This class will cover watercolor basics and color wheel concepts and is geared toward personal discovery with color. Suitable for both beginners and painters with experience, this class is about experimentation and expansion. Learn to incorporate resist and masking techniques. Make a splash with bold wet-on-wet ideas. Bring your own source material for representational painting ideas. Go abstract with unique mark-making and even handmade tools! Class time will be spent learning new concepts, practicing and creating from personal inspiration. Learn to understand types of paints and papers through discussion and demos.

The Painted Portrait Yura Adams Tuesdays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM PD03W12: January 17 to March 13 (9 Sessions) Tuition: $297, plus $55 models fee

Develop an understanding of the human portrait by studying the proportions of the face and skull, mixing natural skin tones from a rich palette of complementary colors, studying the head from different angles, the effects of light on the face, and the incorporation of still life, landscape, and photographs in the portrait. We will be using both long poses from a live model and provided photographs for the source of our paintings. Students will try out both direct and indirect methods of painting (monochromatic under-painting with a buildup of glazes versus an opaque build-up of paint and expressive brushwork). Students can work with oil paints, water-miscible oils, acrylics or mixed media and the course is open to students with all levels of experience.

See page 7 for create your own comic with Melissa Mendes this spring!


Explore the Abstract

Freeing Your Art

Arthur Yanoff Wednesday Sorokin Thursdays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM Wednesdays, 1:30PM to 4:30PM PD04W12: February 9 to March 22, no class February 23 (6 sessions) Tuition: $198

PD07W12: February 8 to April 4, no class February 22 (8 sessions) Tuition: $264

The desire to be inspired is the only prerequisite for this class. We will use a variety of techniques designed not only to provide you with access to your own limitless well of creativity, but also the means of expressing it. It’s a great way into abstraction, or a great way to develop your abstract vocabulary. The workshop will also help you strengthen all of your artwork by learning and Portrait Drawing incorporating principles of design. And most Yura Adams importantly, the class provides an opportunity Tuesdays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM for you to free yourself from your inner PD01SP12: April 10 to June 12, no class May 15 critic, learn to trust your intuition, and open (9 Sessions) yourself to inspiration. Find the place inside Tuition: $297, plus $55 models fee yourself that knows. Great for the novice as well as the more accomplished painter. Immerse yourself in the study of the human head and draw from a live model – open to anyone who finds drawing a likeness Painting Outside the Box fascinating. We will study the structure Arthur Yanoff and form of the head, and then proceed to Thursdays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM describe individual likeness using traditional PD03SP12: April 26 to June 14 (8 sessions) drawing tools. Students will study formal Tuition: $264 elements such as varieties of shading to express volume, the effects of light and Discover your own voice and make a very shade, the structure of the eyes, head angles, personal exploration of what you see and how to draw hair and interpretive markexperience through painting in various color making in drawing. Capturing the portrait media. This intensive experience is open to will be the main focus but the class will all painting media; it’s about being fearless. also investigate drawing as interpretation – Students will work in the studio, paint each using contemporary and expressive drawing others’ portraits, sketch at various locations techniques to develop a portrait. Open to all and have a live model for a few sessions. levels of experience. Investigate abstraction and simplify reality, eliminating all detail from recognizable objects and leaving only the essence. Expect to be inspired through this descriptive and emotional art form! All painting/drawing media and experience levels welcome.

Watercolor Studio in Pittsfield June Ferrin Tuesdays, 10:30AM to 1:30PM PD02SP12: May 8 to June 26 (8 Sessions) Location: The Lichtenstein Center Tuition: $264

This class is for the student who would like to learn more about the various approaches to the medium or who have taken beginning watercolor. Demonstrations will be given each week, showing students how to paint wet-onwet washes, dry-on-wet washes and with a dry brush. Color theory and use of color to create shadow and light will be practiced as well.

Drop-in Figure Drawing Studio Mondays, 6PM to 9PM Year-round Tuition: $15, or $50 for 5 sessions, drop-ins welcome

As a service to practicing artists and a complement to other course work for IS183 students, this drop-in open studio provides ongoing access to a live model, working in both short and long poses. Please bring your own materials.

Make art! Work exchange and scholarship opportunities are available.

WORKSHOPS Life Drawing

I Wish I Could Draw

Wednesday Sorokin Wednesday Sorokin Thursdays, 6PM to 9PM Saturday and Sunday, 12Noon to 4PM PD05SP12: April 26 to June 14 (8 sessions) Tuition: $264, plus $100 models fee

PD01W12: January 7 and 8 (2 Days) $88 Tuition:

From pictographs to contemporary media there is no image so universal as the human form. There is also probably nothing more intimidating for the beginner or anything quite as effective for artists in portraying the human condition! Whether you think you “can’t even draw a stick figure” or you just want to sharpen your skills, this class is geared for all levels of experience. Each class will work from a live model, exploring different ways to interpret the figure and the many techniques used in life drawing. From quick gesture drawings that capture movement and energy to longer poses that focus on subtle shifts of light and detail, students will gain a working knowledge of anatomy and proportions and will practice the skills and methods involved in drawing the human form.

A workshop for anyone who wishes they could draw or thinks they “can’t.” A class for anyone who has trouble making the time on their own to draw. A class for anyone who wants to enhance his or her skills and artistic confidence. Our focus will be to release artistic fear and rediscover the joy of the artistic process in a safe, nurturing environment.

Begin at the Beginning Learn to Paint

Yura Adams Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM PD02W12: January 28 and 29 (2 Days) Tuition: $175, all materials included

This class is for those who have always wanted to try painting, but don’t have the time to take a more extended course, or would like to try painting for the first time over a weekend. Materials are provided; just show up and find out about what painting is all about. The atmosphere Painting Studio is encouraging and fun, and students will be in a group of all beginners. Easy to follow, basic steps Yura Adams Fridays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM will be practiced by the students who will have the opportunity to try both oil and acrylic and PD05W12: January 13 to March 16 discover the difference between them. Discover (10 sessions) painterly expression through patient, guided PD06SP12: April 13 to June 15 (10 sessions) instruction. A great way to start the New Year! Tuition:

$330, plus $40 models fee

This painting class is for all levels of painters. If you are new to painting, you will begin with basic, simple exercises to get you working with confidence. More advanced painters are welcome to brush up skills that might have gotten a little rusty and develop a new relationship to their painting practice. Yura’s teaching style creates a friendly and supportive class environment in which students learn the basics and the emphasis is on the development of the individual. Students will learn to freely get paint on the surface and to control it, and to strengthen form and composition. Original exercises and projects tailored to each student will encourage the creative vision of each student. The course will include two sessions with a live model and all painting mediums are welcome.

Rescue Your Artwork: Give Your Unloved Paintings a Second Chance

Linda Clayton Saturdays, 10AM to 3PM PD06W12: March 10 (One Day) PD07SP12: June 9 (One Day) Tuition: $75

What?! You’re a painter and you’ve never tried using an oil stick on top of your unresolved paintings? Then you’re in for a treat. An oil bar is a hunk of oil paint that’s shaped like a fat crayon. It rolls on thick and smooth and is extremely fun to use. It’s like painting with frosting. No mediums, no smells, no toxic products. And it can move your unfinished or unloved paintings to the next level. New painters are welcome. Just bring any image from a newspaper or a photograph. More experienced painters, bring some of your pieces that are desperate for improvement. We all have them. Get ready, this will be fun.

Making Colors Sing Wednesday Sorokin Saturday and Sunday, 12noon to 4PM PD08SP12: May 19 and 20 (2 Days) Tuition: $88

How do artists use color to create atmosphere, mood and depth? How can one start with three colors and end up with an infinite number? How can a color look one way over here and another way over there? This class will include examinations of color relationships and how colors affect the viewer and the viewer’s perception of the colors themselves. During the class, students will learn how to choose colors, mix colors, and use color to represent light, shadow, and space, and to convey emotions. This class will help students use color effectively to enhance the visual impact of their work.

Painting Light and Water Yura Adams Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM PD11SP12: June 16 and 17 (2 Days) Tuition: $150

This workshop takes us outside to paint the June light as it plays on water in the beautiful Berkshires. Students will be taught methods to depict water and how to capture light and shade. Class will meet outside at two different locations on water, not far from the school. Beginners to advanced will enjoy this special class and all painting media invited to join. If it rains, we will meet at the school.

Watercolor: Simple, Fast and Focused Mel Stabin Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 4PM PD01F12: Tuition:

October 1 to 5, 2012 $775

This outdoor on location workshop, painting landscapes and people in landscapes, will reflect the title of Mel’s book, “Watercolor: Simple, Fast, and Focused”. Emphasis will be on design principles with the objective of building strong paintings by seeing and thinking simply, painting quickly and energetically, and focusing on the “idea” of the painting. Design, composition, and color/value relationships will be discussed throughout. Demonstrations, personal instruction, and critiques will be included. Mel creates a casual, friendly atmosphere allowing an easy, open dialogue with his students.

“I would take any class that Yura teaches! She offers her students very precise and encouraging feedback. Yura has great energy.”

-Peggy Matlow, Drawing Student

Get messy! Call 413-298-5252 ext. 100 or e-mail for information or to register.


Collage and printmaking Press Printmaking: Etching and Monoprint Studio

Collage and Mixed Media: Transfer Images and Layers: Build ‘Em UP!


CP02SP12: April 13 to June 15, no class April 20 (9 sessions) Tuition: $297, plus $25 materials fee

Contemporary Printmaking: Multimedia Techniques

Marianne Van Lent Michael Vincent Bushy Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM Wednesdays, 6PM to 9PM Karen Arp-Sandel CP03SP12: April 14 and 15 (2 Days) CP01SP12: May 2 to June 6 (6 Sessions) Fridays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM $198, plus $95 materials fee

Learn traditional etching and monoprint techniques, including the mark-making processes of Line Etching and Aquatint, and printing processes such as Intaglio, Relief and A la Poupee. All materials and printing press provided, and time will be set aside for creative experimentation. All levels welcome.

Mixed Media Collage is a vibrant and enticing medium well suited to personal expression for artists at every level of self-discovery. This studio art class provides creative exercises using all sorts of techniques for developing fun and interesting mixed media collages, including acrylic polymer transfers. Learn Collage and Mixed Media: to combine materials and build interesting Text and Texture Techniques background surface textures. Integrate text, Karen Arp-Sandel sketching and transfer images to create layers Fridays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM of meaning. Add depth using combinations CP01W12: March 2 to April 6 (6 sessions) of paint, gesso, gel mediums and the use Tuition: $198, plus $25 materials fee of transparent materials. Projects include collage sketchbook as a visual resource, In this class, put more feeling into your color collage exercises, constructing and collages! Learn the relationship between deconstructing experiments, working a series tactile and visual textures. Integrate the and lots of tips about adhesives! impact of words / text/ typography with the intrigue of unique textured surfaces. Inspire your collages using eclectic typography, graffiti, free-style calligraphy, script and symbols. Create text with stencils, rub-off letters, transparencies, transfers, computer fonts, photocopies, Letter-stamping and more. Collage Mania Marianne Van Lent Learn how acrylic mediums produce a wide variety of surface textures with impasto, sand, Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM gels and molding pastes. Investigate motif CP02W12: February 11 and 12 and pattern in your designs. You’ll take home Tuition: $132, plus $20 materials fee new, multi-layered collage work infused with Explore a world of exciting and beautiful vibrant color and textural black & white. materials and images. Guided by a personal theme such as a special place, your biographical narrative or a particular concept you wish to convey, students will develop a personal visual vocabulary. Diverse collage techniques such as monotype, silhouettes, drawing, stencil, transfer, rubbings, burnishing and textured paint finishes will be employed.



$132, plus $25 materials fee

Great for all strata of artist with or without printmaking experience. Because there is no press the process becomes freer and less technical than more traditional printmaking techniques. Using water based printing inks; we will explore the concept of repetition and pattern using linoleum cuts and potato prints. Then we will paint on a plastic surface to produce loose and exciting monoprints. Individual images can be created by using a simple stencil or found object. The rainbow roll and collagraph techniques can be employed. Then we will combine these techniques using simple tools to create finished compositions: monotypes!

The Collage Within You Marianne Van Lent Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM CP04SP12: May 5 and 6 (2 Days) Tuition: $132, plus $20 materials fee

This course will inspire the collage within you! Guided by a personal theme such as a special place, your biographical narrative or a particular concept you wish to convey, students will develop a personal visual vocabulary. Methods such as mosaic collage and torn paper techniques, layering with rice paper, and enhancement with gold leaf and antiquing will be explored. Ms. Van Lent will share an exquisite store of long-collected images for your use but finding some of your own personal images is also encouraged.

See page 6 for CLAY ANd fiber with paula shalan and arline shalan! “I am learning SO much in class. Karen is great at demonstrating collage techniques at critiquing our work — I will definitely take the next session!” -Emily McCarter, Collage Student 4

Make art! Work exchange and scholarship opportunities are available.

FIBER New Concepts in Crochet

Basket Making

Wendy Jensen Huckleberry Delsignore Thursdays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM Mondays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM F01W12: February 27 to April 23, no class April 16 (8 Sessions) Tuition: $264, plus $30 materials fee

In this class we will take this traditional fiber art beyond hats and scarves and learn techniques for creating sculptural crocheted art. We will take time to explore the modern 'yarn bombing' concept and will add some color to an otherwise dreary public space. Then we will also learn how to create our own armatures and techniques for crocheting directly onto unique crocheted sculptures.

F03W12: March 1 to April 12 (7 Sessions) F02SP12: May 3 to June 14 (7 Sessions) Tuition: $231, plus materials fee based on usage

Learn the basic techniques of basket making, including weaving, shaping, rimming, scarfing and handle making. More experienced students will be encouraged to develop their own personal vision, incorporating new materials and adapting traditional basket designs according to their own creative spirit.

Sewing Lab: Basic Techniques


Angel Heffernan Tuesdays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM

Carry All: Introductory Basket Making

F02W12: Tuition:

February 28 to April 10 (7 Sessions) $231, plus $20 materials fee

Come explore the creative world of garment construction, handcrafted accessories and sewn art. Each week we will learn new sewing techniques and apply them in the design and creation of beautiful garments and artful objects. We will also experiment with dyeing, surface design and embellishment. New skills, tricks and inspiration abound. No previous sewing experience needed, sewing machines available for student use, bring yours if you have one.

Sewing Lab: Garment Construction Angel Heffernan Tuesdays, 10AM to 1PM F01SP12: Tuition:

May 8 to June 19 (7 Sessions) $231, plus $25 materials fee

Explore the creative world of garment construction. Learn the basics of designing patterns and creating wearable pieces of handmade clothing. We will design and sew a simple garment which can be embellished and tweaked to reflect your unique style. We will also explore deconstruction and reconstruction to transform something unloved into something fabulous! Sewing machine not required but bring yours if you have one.

Wendy Jensen Saturday, 10AM to 4PM F01W11: Tuition:

January 28 (1 Session) $65, plus $35 materials fee

Enjoy learning basic basket making techniques while creating a sturdy, useful and attractive basket. Students will learn weaving a “filled base”, start and stop rows, rimming and lashing. This basket is woven with rattan/ reed and finished with a Shaker tape cotton strap. This basket workshop is appropriate for beginners as well as intermediate students.

Intro to Crochet Huckleberry Delsignore Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 1PM F04W12: Tuition:

February 4 and 5 (2 Days) $66, plus $15 materials fee

In this two day workshop we will learn the techniques for crocheting without patterns. From learning basic stitches to how to complete projects, this workshop will cover everything you need to know to create your own crocheted fiber arts.

Felted Slippers

Angel Heffernan Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM F05W12: Tuition:

February 18 and 19 (2 Days) $132, plus $20 materials fee

Come create handmade unique pieces of warm colorful wearable art. Experience the oldest known fiber art in the world. Students will work with beautiful dyed merino wool and learn the process of wet felting over a resist, as well as shaping, fulling and embellishment techniques to craft your own artful cozy slippers. As time allows we will also explore felting over other forms.

Artful Expression with Clothes from your Closet

Janet Cooper Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM F03SP12: Tuition:

April 28 and 29 (2 Days) $132, plus $15 materials fee

For many of us clothing, even cloth itself, holds emotional and sentimental connections. Your Closet Workshop will use clothing as the medium and material for self expression. We will transfer your images and words first to paper and then to cloth. Your art object may be a collage or assemblage, a dress sculpture or even in the form of a book. Memorabilia and every day artifacts, family photos and xeroxed images can also be used. Construction techniques and materials will be provided and demonstrated as well as well less traditional textile materials such as water colors, inks and waxes. Projects will be illustrated with the instructor’s own work with second-hand clothing and examples from textile history and contemporary artists. Bring to class treasured but no longer wearable garments, memorabilia of cloth or other materials.

Creative Sewing Lab 101

Angel Heffernan Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM F04SP12: Tuition:

June 23 and 24 (2 Days) $132, plus $25 materials fee

In this two day workshop we will learn basic skills and new techniques in the creation of wearable garments and artful objects. Students will design, create freestyle patterns, and learn the fundamentals of constructing simple garments, a shirt and pants or skirt, that can be tailored and embellished. As time allows students will have the opportunity to craft accessories and art pieces using these new skills and techniques. You will leave with a small parade of unique pieces. Machines available for student use, bring yours if you have one.

Get messy! Call 413-298-5252 ext. 100 or e-mail for information or to register.


studio ceramics Ceramics Open Studio

The Potter’s Wheel


C03W12: C01SP12: Tuition: Level:

Ben Evans

Nancy Magnusson Saturdays, 10AM to 4PM

January 9 to March 25 (11 weeks) April 2 to June 17 (11 weeks) $363, plus $60 for each 50 pounds of clay* Intermediate to Advanced

An opportunity for experienced clay artists to develop their own projects outside of a structured class. Access to the studio is available during non-class hours throughout the term. Students must have an initial interview with the Ceramics Studio Manager and attend a studio orientation. *includes glazes and firings; tailored packages available upon request.

Handbuilding and Surface Decoration Paula Shalan Tuesdays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM C04W12: January 10 to March 13, no class February 21 (9 Sessions) C02SP12: April 3 to June 5, no class April 17 (9 Sessions) Tuition: $297, plus $60 materials fee

Discover the expressive qualities of pinch, coil, and slab construction to create vessels, tableware, boxes and more. Surface decoration and glazing as well as primitive smoke firing, will be explored. Both the beginner and the experienced potter will be encouraged to develop their personal style through individual attention, along with observation and discussion of historical and contemporary ceramics.

Wednesdays, 6PM to 9PM C05W12: January 18 to March 21, no class February 22 (9 Sessions) C03SP12: April 4 to June 6, no class April 18 (9 Sessions) Tuition: $294, plus $60 materials fee

For both beginning and more experienced potters, individual attention will be given to students’ goals for specific forms. Beginning students will learn to center on the potter’s wheel and make drinking vessels, bowls, and plates, while more experienced potters will be challenged with lids, closed forms, square bowls and plates, and some altering. Decoration techniques will include brushwork, slip trailing, carving, resist and multiple glazing techniques. The class will also explore Cone 6 oxidation, reduction and salt glazes.

C07W12: Tuition:

February 25 to March 17 (4 Days) $264, plus $60 materials fee

Enjoy the spontaneity of surface patterns from fire and reduction. Raku is an ancient Japanese tradition, popular throughout the U.S. for the metallic colors, smoke patterns and the fun of doing it. We will have two making sessions, learning hand-building techniques to make sturdy pieces for the stress of Raku. Demos will include boxes, eggs, masks, and small sculptures suitable for Raku, and anything else we may want to pursue. We will use resists, glazes and slips to decorate our work, including terra sigillata for the horse hair design. We will fire during the last two sessions, giving everyone a chance to work with multiple glazes and techniques.

From Wheel To Meals

Nancy Magnusson Clay and Fiber Fridays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM Paula Shalan and Arline Shalan C06W12: January 27 to March 23, Saturdays, 10AM to 1PM no class February 24 (8 sessions) Tuition: $264, plus $60 materials fee

Everyone can do it: Make bowls, mugs, and plates on the potter’s wheel. At the end of the 8 week session, every student will have some bowls, a mug or two and a couple of plates - or more if you are able to practice. Experienced students will be mentored to improve and perfect their throwing and glazing, learning new forms and glaze/firing techniques, while beginning students will guided step by step through making, trimming and glazing. Electric and/or soda firings.

Garden Art Nancy Magnusson Fridays, 9:30AM to 12:30PM C04SP12: Tuition:

C06SP12: Tuition:

April 21 to May 19 (5 Days) $198, plus $65 materials fee

Discover the versatility of soft slab construction while creating trays, boxes and containers that, after firing, will be embellished with fiber. Become familiar with basketry materials both purchased and gathered, learn simple basketry techniques and finally use these new skills to finish your pots with reed and/or vine handles and decorative accents. Surface treatment for clay will include the exploration of texture, the use of natural oxides and the application of terra sigillata. One method of smoke firing will be introduced, additional firing will be done in the electric kiln. Appropriate for all levels of experience.

April 27 to June 15 (8 sessions) $264, plus $60 materials fee

Enliven your garden year round with handmade decorative sculptures. Decorated with dramatic textures and natural colors with slips, glazes in the soda kiln, we will make sculptures for your garden, pagodas and perhaps a gargoyle or two. Potters will be encouraged to pursue their own ideas while exploring various techniques of hand-building with distinctive enhanced surfaces. No previous clay experience necessary.

See page 11 for Holiday clay days – family art-making!

IS183, by its appearance, once the home of the Addams family, is where I am free to release my inner Gomez, my primal Pugsley, my alter-ego Uncle Fester - & make pots that are mostly, but wonderfully, monstrous! -Chan Gibson, Ceramics Student 6

Make art! Work exchange and scholarship opportunities are available.

WORKSHOPS Fundamentals of Wheelwork Ben Evans Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM C01W11: Tuition:

January 7 and 8 (2 Days) $132, plus $30 materials fee

A great introductory course for anyone who wants to work on the potter’s wheel but has no idea where to start or if you just want a refresher! All basic techniques of wheelworking, from centering to trimming, will be explored.

Intro Handbuilding: Tableware Paula Shalan Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM C02W11: Tuition:

January 28 and 29 (2 Days) $142, plus $30 materials fee

Make your own dinnerware! In this two-day workshop, we will create platters, mugs, and more using simple slab techniques. Learn exciting soft slab methods of ‘cutting and tucking’, stretching, and texturing to create unique forms with personal style. Explore a myriad of decorative finishes using colorful stains and slips. This class is designed for beginners!

Fur, Feather and Scales Alison Palmer Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM C05SP12: April 13, 14 and 15 (3 Days) Tuition: $275, plus $55 materials fee

A three day, hands-on clay animal building workshop. We will be throwing or handbuilding the body and parts and then assembling them to make three different animals. Construction techniques using slabs, coils and/or thrown parts will be taught. Arrive at the first class with images of animals you’re interested in working on, a variety of angles is helpful!

language and dramatic arts Poetry Studio Michelle Gillett Thursdays, 6PM to 8PM LA03W12: March 1 to April 5 (6 Sessions) LA03SP12: May 3 to June 7 (6 Sessions) Tuition: $132

Try out a range of approaches, forms and styles in forming your own, original poetry. We will explore line, metaphor, musical elements, syntax and word choice. Handouts will supplement class discussion. The workshop will focus on generating new work and revising old work. There will be exercises to free energy and ideas, help us break through barriers and out of familiar patterns. Work will be read aloud and feedback will be given with attention to possibilities and accomplishments. Bring a fresh notebook, a couple of poems or books by poets you love, and a couple of poems you are working on.

Scene Study - Acting Jim Frangione Saturdays, 10:30AM to 1:30PM LA01W12: LA01SP12: Tuition:

February 4 to March 24 (8 Sessions) April 28 to June 16 (8 Sessions) $264

A weekly tune-up on the mechanics and subtlety of acting with actor, writer and director (as well as founder and co-artistic director of the Berkshire Playwrights Lab), Jim Frangione. Appropriate for the beginning and experienced actor. Final class will be opened up to the public for performance.

Playwriting, the One Act Play Jim Frangione Sundays, 2PM to 5PM LA02W12: February 5 to March 25 (8 Sessions) LA02SP12: April 29 to June 17 (8 Sessions) Tuition: $264

Learn to capture the way people really speak while developing a working knowledge of the key elements of dramatic structure through writing of your own one-act play. This class will also explore the essential elements of a compelling play: dialogue, character and action. Final class will be opened to the public for a staged reading.

Create Your Own Comic Melissa Mendes Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM LA04SP12: May 12 and 13 (2 Days) Tuition: $132, plus $25 materials fee

Interested in trying a new type of storytelling? Already a fan of comics? In this course students will learn the basics of cartooning, and develop their own characters and stories. We will look at examples of work, ranging from superheroes to New Yorker cartoons to graphic novels. Each student will work in their own individual style to create a finished comic book!

See page 8 for Screenwriting: A Master Class with Stephen Glantz this Spring!

Get messy! Call 413-298-5252 ext. 100 or e-mail for information or to register.


film and photography Intro to Experimental Animation Dina Noto

Tuesdays, 6PM to 9PM PH01W12: January 31 to March 27, no class February 21 (8 Sessions) Tuition: $264, plus $25 materials fee

With an emphasis on approaching animation as a fine arts form, experimental animation allows us to play with different techniques and different ways of telling a story. Along the way, we will also look at the work of experimental animators to gain a better understanding of the history and practice of this field. Designed as an introduction to the medium of animation, this class will explore time-based visual storytelling and basic animation principles using such methods as: straight-ahead drawn animation, basic stop-motion using clay and objects, flat-puppet, paint on acetate, and pixellation. Students will complete exercises in these techniques, and then collaborate to produce an experimental animation piece as a group. All levels welcome, no previous animation experience required.

Documentary Photography Tony Israel Tuesdays, 6PM to 9PM PH02SP12: April 24 to June 12 (8 Sessions) Tuition: $264

Learn and get control of your camera and then take it to the street. We will explore different techniques for getting out there, over ourselves, out of the way, and involved. All with the aim of producing revealing storytelling and documentary images.

Intro to Macro Photography Taylor Mickle Wednesdays, 6PM to 9PM PH03W12: March 7 to 21 (3 sessions) Tuition: $99

In this hands-on class, learn about this exciting speciality of photography, to take fun and amazing macro/close-up photographs of a variety of subjects including candy, toys, and natural materials. You will learn the tips and techniques of using macro settings on your own camera. We will discuss focusing, lighting, Screenwriting: composition, color and final output of your A Master Class photographs. Students will get a chance to Stephen Glantz use the instructor’s high-end macro lenses Tuesdays, 6PM to 9PM with a Canon dSLR (digital single lens reflex). PH01SP12: April 3 to May 29, Bring your camera with macro capabilities no class May 8 (8 Sessions) (dSLR or Point-and-Shoot) along with charged Tuition: $330 battery and lots of room on your memory card. An eight week master class of intense and ruthless rewriting and scene work. Rewriting Intro to Photography is an art in itself as the writer learns how to (Digital and Film) eliminate weaknesses and excesses, build on strengths, flesh out characters, wind up the plot, Cassandra Sohn Thursdays, 1:30PM to 4:30PM heighten tension within scenes and from scene PH03SP12: May 3 to May 24 (4 Sessions) to scene, unify rhythm, mood and tone, and cut, Tuition: $132 cut, cut. The first four weeks will be working on the rewrite. The second four weeks will include This course is for students who want to some of our wonderful Berkshire actors who will learn how to have greater control over the work on selected scenes from your screenplay outcome of their images. Digital and film in a workshop setting, which is a wonderful will both be covered. Students will learn how opportunity for any writer. Requirements: to manually create a correct exposure using A completed screenplay (or play). aperture, shutter speed and ISO. You will be introduced to the full range of camera basics from image capture and editing to different file types, film and workflow issues. You’ll learn methods for composing, printing, and storage. Bring questions, concerns, curiosity AND your digital or film SLR, or your ‘point and shoot’ camera with manual.



EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION SCREENING A collection of short films selected by animator and educator Dina Noto to highlight both contemporary and historical examples of experimental animation. Showcasing different techniques and approaches to the art of animation, an evening designed to educate, intrigue, and provoke thought and discussion. Tuesday, June 5, 6 to 8pm

Film Seminar – Distribution and Digital Media With Special Guest Alejandro de Onis of Skylight Pictures

These programs are free. Pre-registration is requested. For more information or to pre-register, please call 413.298.5252x100.

Make art! Work exchange and scholarship opportunities are available.

WORKSHOPS Intro to Digital Photography

Macro Photography

Tim Heffernan

Taylor Mickle Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM

Saturday, 10AM to 4PM PH04W12: March 17 (1 Day) $66 Tuition:

PH05SP12: May 19 and 20 (2 Days) Tuition: $132

Designed for the enthusiastic beginner, this hands-on course will focus on the essential technology and knowledge necessary to get started in the digital photography process. Students will be introduced to the full range of camera basics from image capture and editing to workflow issues, differences between file types and applications for each, as well as methods for storage and use. Bring questions, concerns, curiosity AND your digital SLR or ‘point and shoot’ camera with manual mode.

In this hands-on class, you will learn how to take amazing macro/close-up photographs with your own camera. We will create miniature vignettes using the instructor’s HO scale model railroad figures as well as various materials used to create a scene of your own creation. In Sunday’s class, bring in some of your own materials to photograph in macro. Students will get a chance to use the instructor’s high-end macro lenses with a Canon dSLR (digital single lens reflex). Bring your camera with macro capabilities (dSLR or Point-and-Shoot) along with charged battery and lots of room on your memory card.

The Language of Photography Ben Garver Saturday, 10AM to 4PM PH05W12: March 24 (1 Day) Tuition: $75

Explore the language of photography and increase your visual vocabulary with Berkshire Eagle Photo Editor and Nature Photographer, Ben Garver. Garver will give a short lecture on how to multiply the student's photographic options in any situation, and then, students will experiment with the techniques. Bring your digital camera (point and shoot ok as well!)

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) Tim Heffernan Saturday, 10AM to 4PM PH04SP12: April 14 (1 Day) Tuition: $66

HDR is a technique combining bracketed shooting and blending of frames in post production with specialized software. This method allows you to show detail in shadow and light in the same image. Required materials: tripod, digital camera with the ability to shoot in aperture priority or fully manual mode and a laptop computer. A camera with auto-bracketing is highly recommended.

Photography Boot Camp Jason Houston Monday to Friday, 9:30AM to 4PM (Tuesday-Friday start time will likely be earlier depending on shooting schedule) PH06SP12: Week of June 18 (5 Days) Tuition: $600

This week-long intensive focuses on the basic skills and next steps you need to improve your photography. Subjects will include: • A fundamental understanding of photography and digital technology • Taking control of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and their effects on the images you make • Basic flash photography • Photographic aesthetics/storytelling • Digital workflow in Adobe Lightroom Workshop will include hands-on time with cameras and computers as well as in-depth discussion sessions. Please bring a laptop (if you have one) and cameras and accessories (including manuals). Detailed itinerary and 'prep' assignments will be distributed the week before the first meeting.

Make a Movie Week-end! Experimental Animation Dina Noto Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM PH07SP12: June 23 and 24 (Two Days) Tuition: $132, plus $30 materials fee

Jump into animation production in this two-day immersion workshop. Using direct and intuitive approaches to animation and storytelling, our group will develop and shoot a short film using stop motion, puppet and mixed media techniques. We’ll experiment, improvise, and explore all the steps of the animation production process in a fun, collaborative atmosphere. All are welcome, no previous animation or filmmaking experience required.

PHOTOSHOP TECHNIQUES WITH FRAN FORMAN at Sohn Fine Art Gallery Future Site of IS183 Photography Collaborations! Saturday and Sunday, February 25 and 26, 2–5pm Tuition: $250 For workshop and registration information please visit:

Get messy! Call 413-298-5252 ext. 100 or e-mail for information or to register.


jewelry making and glass Introduction to Jewelry Design


James Kennedy

Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring

Mondays, 6PM to 9PM 3D01W12: January 23 to February 13 (4 Sessions) Tuition: $132, plus $35 materials fee

For students with little or no experience with metal smithing. Explore cutting, hammering, drilling, stamping and shaping copper into pieces used to create jewelry. Demonstration and discussion of jewelry bench tools and practices will be covered.

Jewelry Design and Metal Smithing James Kennedy

James Kennedy Saturday, 10AM to 4PM 3D03F11: Tuition:

December 10 (1 Day) $95, plus $45 materials fee

In this one-day workshop you will create a sterling silver ring with a gemstone setting. Students will learn the fundamentals of jewelry making including sawing, filing, soldering, polishing, stone setting and sizing.

Introduction to Jewelry

James Kennedy Mondays, 6PM to 9PM Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM

3D02W12: March 5 to April 9 (6 Sessions) 3D02SP12: April 30 to June 11, no class May 28 (6 Sessions) Tuition: $198, plus $45 materials fee

Make rings, pendants, brooches and other forms of wearable art in wax, then invest and cast the pieces in silver or bronze. Explore various wax working and model making methods used to create jewelry from start to finish. Traditional tools and their uses are covered in depth. Layout, sawing, soldering, forming, surface texturing, chain making, simple stone setting and finishing are examined. Appropriate for Beginner to Intermediate students.

Intro to Glass Fusing

3D03SP12: June 2 and 3 (2 Days) Tuition: $132, plus $35 materials fee

This course is designed for students with little or no experience in metal smithing. Explore cutting, hammering, drilling, stamping and shaping metal into pieces used to create jewelry. Demonstration and discussion of jewelry bench tools and practices will be covered.

Painting on Glass Colin Toomey Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 4PM 3D04SP12: June 16 and 17 (2 Days) Tuition: $132, plus $75 materials fee

Want to create a beautiful landscape all out of glass? Or maybe you want to make something Colin Toomey geometric? Learn how to paint on glass Thursdays, 6PM to 9PM using a variety of methods, from using glass 3D02SP12: May 3 to June 14, powders and frits, using glass shards to create no class May 24 (6 Sessions) definite lines or even enamels to add a gloss to Tuition: $198, plus $75 materials fee your image. Open to all levels. Learn the basics of glass fusing by creating! From jewelry to sun catchers, pendants to picture frames learn how to fuse, slump, add color and texture to mold glass into the shape and size you choose.

FOR TEENS (teens ages 15 and up are also welcome to join our adult classes!)

Teen Portfolio Yura Adams Wednesdays, 6PM to 8PM YA05W12: February 1 to March 14, no class February 22 (6 Sessions) YA05SP12: April 25 to June 6, no class May 16 (6 Sessions) Tuition: $132, plus $30 materials fee

Interested in creating a strong portfolio for college or for promotion of your artwork? Would you like help developing your artistic voice? Topics will include editing, how to photograph artwork and prepare files using Photoshop, rounding out the portfolio, and otherwise preparing the portfolio for submission including specific requirements of schools and other institutions. Because a portfolio consists of about 15-20 pieces of solid work, the class will also include studio time. There will be three studio projects directed towards developing a cohesive portfolio including painting, drawing and design. All mediums are invited; painting, drawing photography, installation and video. Students should bring their best work to the first class.




Make art! Work exchange and scholarship opportunities are available.

young artists and family art-making Holiday Clay Days

Studio Adventure

Nancy Magnusson (pre K to 1) Saturdays, 10AM to 12Noon Fay O’Meara YA04F11: December 3 and 10, 2011 Wednesdays, 4PM to 5:30PM (2 Sessions) Tuition: $75 for one adult/child ($10 for each additional family member)

With the holidays approaching, join IS183 with your family to make some special ornaments and decorations for your table and tree, and handmade gifts for your family and friends. Using clay with bright seasonal colors, your creativity will shine this holiday. Learning basic techniques, students of all ages will make several gifts and ornaments. One project will be a collaboration, where families will be encouraged to work together. Finished work must be picked up by 4:00PM Friday, December 16.

Boxes and Treasures

YA03W12: January 25 to March 21, no class February 22 (8 Sessions) YA01SP12: April 11 to June 6, no class April 18 (8 Sessions) Tuition: $135

A free-ranging introduction to the studio experience of art. Little artists will try their hands at painting like the pro’s with lights, set-up and easels, working on a jewelers bench with wire and tools, visiting the ceramics studio to inspire their own handbuilt creations and felting for fantasic fiber creations. A fun, social experience that encourages creative expression. Each session has new projects and media to inspire continuing students!

Animals in Clay

(Grades 2 to 5)

(Grades 2 to 5)

Paula Shalan Paula Shalan Wednesdays, 4PM to 5:30PM Wednesdays, 4PM to 5:30PM YA02W12: January 25 to March 21, YA02SP12: April 11 to June 6, no class February 22 (8 Sessions) no class April 18 (8 Sessions) Tuition: $135 Tuition: $135

Use basic hand-building techniques to create clay boxes. Looking at boxes from around the world will provide inspiration for exploring form and function. Make a folded soft slab box, build oval stacking boxes, or design a “surprise” box. What treasure hides inside? Explore texture, line, and color while learning how to use oxides, colorful slips, and glazes.

Looking closely at the animal world, create creatures in their habitat. Explore texture, form and surface design while making both animal sculptures and dinnerware. Use colored slips and glazes to finish your clay creations. In addition, experience an outdoor smoke firing for our slithering snakes!

MAKING ART TOGETHER FREE Drop in Class for Children and Their Caregivers Saturday, April 7 10AM to 12Noon

COMIC ART With Melissa Mendes

After School Art Programs in your School IS183, Art School of the Berkshires, provides after- school programs in 12 public and private elementary schools throughout Berkshire County. If you are interested in bringing art-making opportunities to your school, please contact Lucie Castaldo, Young Artists Program Coordinator, at 413.298.5252 ext. 102 for more information.

See page 15 for details

Hey, Home Schoolers IS183 offers customized arts-education packages for your home-schooled children in our studios. For more information call 413-298-5252 x100.

Get messy! Call 413-298-5252 ext. 100 or e-mail for information or to register.




Multi Media Animation Adventure Art Camp!

(ages 3 and 4)

Half Day

(ages 5 to 14) Maggie Vescio and Dina Noto Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 3:30PM YA01W12: Tuition:

February 20 to 24 (5 Days) $240

IS183’s unique art camps explore the visual arts through a variety of media, in a fun, nurturing, child-focused environment. This February, children will spend half the day on a Multi-Media Adventure and the other half making an Experimental Animation Film!

Half Day Camp (ages 3 and 4) Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 12:30PM YA04W12: Tuition:

February 20 to 24 (5 Days) $150

For our littlest artists with a parent and/or caregiver - play with clay! With inspiration from our favorite books, we will make very small pots, critter sculptures and name tiles for little hands and big imaginations.

Have an Art Party! Choose from a variety of art and craft projects for a fun filled and memorable celebration!

Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 12:30PM YA03SP12: April 16 to 20 (5 Days) $150 Tuition:

Full Day (ages 5 to 14) Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 3:30PM YA04SP12: April 16 to 20 (5 Days) Tuition: $240

IS183’s unique art camps explore the visual arts through a variety of media and experiences for children ages 3 to 15. For the past 21 years, the Art School has offered young artists a strong foundation in the arts, in a fun, nurturing, child-focused environment. Our gifted staff is comprised of professional artists trained in childhood education. Expect your child to come home with creative, inspiring, well thought out art work. All camps include a range of activities and play.

SUMMER ART CAMPS This year’s summer camps will run from Monday, June 25 to Friday, August 17. Eight weeks of creating, exploring, decoding, and using hands, feet, fingers and all that inspires to create art!

Ages 3 to 4 Years Half Day Camp, 9:30AM to 12:30PM One week sessions, $155

Ages 5 to 7 Years Full Day Camp, 9:30AM to 3:30PM

One week sessions, $275 Half day (dismissal at 12:30): $165

Ages 8 to 10 Years Full Day Camp, 9:30AM to 3:30PM One week sessions, $240

Ages 11 to 14 Years Full Day Camp, 9:30AM to 3:30PM Two week sessions, $450

Camps fill quickly, Register soon!

Call (413) 298-5252 ext. 100 for details.


Make art! Work exchange and scholarship opportunities are available.

News and friends ARTIST PAULA SHALAN SHARES HER EXPERTISE Little fists are pounding the clay. The chatter of children fills the ceramic studio as they work industriously on making soft slab boxes in our after school studio class. We discuss what kind of treasure will fill their box: pirate treasure, a heart shaped locket, a secret key. What about a treasured idea or feeling? How do you form a feeling out of a lump of clay? David shouts out “I am going to make a brain to put in my box.” I feel very lucky to have taught in both our Young Artist and Ceramics Department for the past 15 years. Before coming to IS183, I taught in private and public schools, community centers, and museums. It is IS183’s designated studio spaces that set it apart from my previous teaching environments. Reflecting on my after school ceramics class—in which I teach 7 to 11 year olds in our spacious and well equipped studio—the value of the studio experience is evident. The children develop a sense of the validity of their work by being in a working ceramic studio. Students are introduced to our various kilns and the variety of firing techniques. They observe and learn about how the clay is reclaimed and processed. They watch adult students throwing on the wheel, ask endless questions, and aspire to throw their own pots one day. They proudly tell me they are in a "real" Art School and identify themselves as true artists. It has given students who have behavior or learning difficulties at school, a special place where they can find success and redefine themselves. In my fifteen years at IS183, I have watched students, who came to the school as five year olds, become interns in

our ceramic studio and art camps as teenagers. Now they are studying art in college with the intention of pursuing a career in the arts. My young students also speak frequently of the work of the adult students that lines our studio shelves. Children are extremely observant and many questions develop and are answered by being in this creative environment that is specific to ceramics. The young artists are not the only ones to benefit. The children’s whimsical and expressive work inspires the adults to be more creative and a little more daring in their approach to clay. The value of having all ages working at the school in a shared space is essential to what a community based arts program has to offer, and this opportunity is frequently absent in our overly segregated world. IS183’s studios provide its students and its teachers a uniquely creative place to be-- where we can learn to take risks, collaborate, and translate our thoughts and visions into meaningful works of art. I am grateful to my students for sharing their passion and determination to create art. Teaching at IS183 is a constant source of inspiration for my own ceramic work. My work has focused on exploring hand built smoke fired vessels. My current pots reflect my interest in the relationship of interiors and exteriors as well as the absorption and reflection of light. Upcoming shows include the Philadelphia Museum Show as well as other national retail shows. In the Berkshires, you can see my ceramics at LOCAL in Lenox and THORNE in West Stockbridge. This June there will be a feature article on my work in the international ceramic magazine, Ceramic Art and Perception. I hope you and your children will step into our studios, pick up a lump of clay, a camera, or a paintbrush, and join us this winter at IS183! -Paula Shalan

IS183 Live Music Café on the Citizens’ Hall Stage

IS183 is proud to present MCLA's five-part Tricks of the Trade lecture series at Citizens’ Hall. Mark your calendar now! Community Supporting Artists. Artists Supporting Community. December 8th: Reuse of Spaces for Creative Purposes January 12th: Creative Residencies Based in Communities February 9th: Integration of Art and Community March 8th: Political Art April 12th: Environmental Art Each session begins at 6:30pm and pre-registration is required. So please call (413) 663-5253 to register today!

Curated by John Clarke Doors open at 6, live music from 7 to 8:30 Suggested donation, $10 Light fare and beverages available for sale. Thursday, January 26 – Songwriter Showcase Thursday, February 23 - TBA Thursday, March 22 - TBA Thursday, April 26 -TBA Thursday, May 24 -TBA Interested children, in the company of an adult, are welcome to attend.

Get messy! Call 413-298-5252 ext. 100 or e-mail for information or to register.


k abuki-a-go-g

h 31st rc a M , y a rd tu a S

o 2008

2009 opera e h t rock

REWARD In 1995, I came to the Berkshires to start a time-consuming, high-stress job. Ten years later, I realized that I still did not know anyone in the Berkshires beyond my friends and colleagues at work. I decided I wanted to get to know the other fun and interesting people that I knew were out ther e somewhere in the Berkshires. But how? I thought a good place to start would be with the local art school so the very first step on my quest was to attend the IS183 “Snow Ball” gala in 2005. And the School really delivered the goods! I met some of the most creative, fun, interesting and enga ging—not to mention nice—people you can imagine. I am now happ y to count many of them among my very best friends. Since then I have attended all of the extraordinary IS183 galas and taken man y classes there. Why don’t you come join the fun? -Vicki Bonnington

radioact ive

anime hothouse

bodega 2 010


Join us at the Buckaroo Bollywood Ball Saturday, March 31st! Visit for more information.


Show your love for the visual arts and IS183 with a tax-deductible donation, and be a catalyst for a stunning array of arts education programming. Your gift will have a tremendously positive impact on the lives of young people and adults of all ages in our community, year-round and seasonal residents alike, who benefit from IS183’s classes, workshops, in-school programs, and events. You’ll receive some great benefits in the bargain (see below). FRIEND up to $499

Monthly E-newsletter with highlights of current programming and happenings at IS183 + year-round acknowledgement as a Friend of IS183!


Friend Benefits plus: One complimentary IS183 Summer Friends Art Party Tee + One book of 5 passes to IS183's Monday Night Figure Drawing Open Studio (passes fully transferable; $50 value)


Supporter Benefits plus: Two complimentary IS183 Summer Friends Art Party tickets! (Tickets fully transferable; $150 value) + advance ticket reservation privileges for IS183's Spring Gala


PATRON $2,500+

Sustainer Benefits plus: Two complimentary IS183 Gift Certificates toward a class, workshop or art camp! (Certificates fully transferable; $200 total value)


Patron Benefits plus: Four complimentary IS183 Spring Gala dance tickets! (Tickets fully transferable; $300 value)


Patron Benefits plus: Two complimentary IS183 Spring Gala dinner tickets! (Tickets fully transferable; $500 value)

Your support of IS183 is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. For further information or to make a donation please call 413.298.5252 x101.

LEARNING THROUGH ARTS NOW IN TEN SCHOOLS! Learning Through Arts, IS183's integrative after-school arts program, has just expanded to 10 Berkshire County schools this fall, serving 275 children per week! Now in its fifth year, IS183's innovative program, which reinforces academic curriculum goals through dedicated hands-on engagement in art-making, meets weekly on-site, in the respective schools. Collaborating partner schools include: Herberg Middle School, Pittsfield – NEW! Montessori School of the Berkshires Morningside Community School, Pittsfield Muddy Brook Elementary School, Great Barrington – NEW! Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield – NEW! St Agnes Academy, Dalton – NEW! St Marks School, Pittsfield – NEW! Stearns Elementary School, Pittsfield Taconic High School, Pittsfield Williams Elementary School, Pittsfield Also new to Learning Through Arts this fall is the Speak Your Mind series, designed for Middle and High School students, to address the differing needs of teens and to more effectively target at-risk youth in our community. Students will be taught to use visual media as a tool for expression and improved collective communication and functioning through curricula which reinforce the academic curriculum focus mandated by the Department of Education of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We are also introducing multi-media to our programs, most notably Experimental Animation at Herberg Middle School and Documentary Photography at Pittsfield High School. We’re looking for in-kind donations of lovingly used equipment or monetary donations to underwrite purchasing of DSLR cameras, scanners, copy stands, lights and digital projectors. This is all made possible by the generous and visionary support of the Appelbaum-Kahn Foundation, Berkshire Bank Foundation,

Berkshire Heavy Haulers, Berkshire Life/ Guardian Life Insurance, Blue Q, High Meadow Foundation, Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation, TD Bank and numerous area cultural councils as well as the combined genius of a great number of volunteers and community leaders in the towns and our collaborating schools throughout the County, to whom we offer our warmest and ongoing thanks. Thanks as well to our Fall, 2011 Teaching Assistants and Parent Volunteers! Parent Volunteers: Jill Allessio Jenn Berkel Kate Burke Ester Coppola Amy Galvez Michelle Gutzmer Kathleen Harrington Kim Pemble Paula Ranzoni Julia Rindfuss Kristen Watkins Teaching Assistants: Nathan Besnoff Jade Boccia Amanda Hartlage Deborah Hartwig Kat McKay Sharon Mungeon Tom O’Brien Darren Ovitsky Eileen Rosenthal Shirley Shapiro Jamie Swirsky To learn more about the LTA program and see a short video visit If you would like to bring IS183's Learning Through Arts program in to your school and/or volunteer for the program, please call Hope Sullivan at 413.298.5252. x101. Often, just one enthusiastic parent/volunteer is all it takes to get the ball rolling!

THANK YOU It takes a village to keep an art school afloat. IS183 is extremely fortunate to have many wonderful friends who give generously of their time and talent to keep our facility in good repair and well equipped. Big thanks to the following individuals and businesses for their artful support: David Barrett Faye Morgan Amidon and Berkshire Bookkeeping Blue Q Vicki Bonnington Sandy Carrol Ester Coppola Valerie Fanarjian, Simon’s Rock Bob Feuer, Ceramics Intern Ted Frederick, Justin and the entire team at Ascentek Mary Garnish Peter Hamm Angel Heffernan Gina Hyams Ellen Jacobson Selina Lamb Buzz McGraw Sue O’Brien Mary Parkman, Berkshire Community College Gregg Petricca Bill Polk Kali Rieman, Ceramics Intern Charlie Schulze Ed Sepanski John Sibolski Stop and Shop Chris Swindlehurst David Vincent IS183 is proud to conserve resources, expand its reach and deliver its everexpanding mix of opportunities for residents from Berkshire County and beyond to get creative, through innovative partnerships with its collaborating partners: Art Berkshires Bard College at Simon's Rock Berkshire Botanical Garden Berkshire Community College Berkshire Country Day School Berkshire Creative Berkshire Cultural Resource Center Berkshire Film and Media Commission Chesterwood Community Access to the Arts Ferrin Gallery Geoffrey Young Gallery Hancock Shaker Village Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center MCLA Norman Rockwell Museum Office of Cultural Development, City of Pittsfield Sienna Gallery Sohn Fine Art Gallery Stonover Farm Barn Gallery Word x Word We thank and congratulate the boards, staff, donors, volunteers and friends of these organizations for mutually supporting our collaborations and investing in this shared vision of sustainable and creative community development with IS183!

IS183 Upcoming Dates check for details

Thurs, December 8, 6:30 to 8:30PM Tricks of the Trade, Free Lecture

Thurs, April 12, 6:30 to 8:30PM Tricks of the Trade, Free Lecture

Sat, Dec. 17 through Sun, Jan 1 CLOSED for Winter Holidays

Thursday, April 26, 6 to 9PM Live Music Café

Thurs, January 12, 6:30 to 8:30PM Tricks of the Trade, Free Lecture

Tuesday, May 8, 6 to 9PM Experimental Animation Screening

Thursday January 26, 6 to 9PM Live Music Café

Thursday, Thursday, May 24, 6 to 9PM Live Music Café

Thurs, February 9, 6:30 to 8:30PM Tricks of the Trade, Free Lecture

Tuesday, June 5, 6 to 8pm Film Seminar – Distribution and Digital Media

Thursday, February 23, 6 to 9PM Live Music Café Thurs, March 8, 6:30 to 8:30PM Tricks of the Trade, Free Lecture Thursday, March 22, 6 to 9PM Live Music Café Sat, March 31, 6PM Dinner, 9PM Dance The Buckaroo Bollywood Ball! At Interlaken on Route 183

Thurs, July 12 Opening of IS183's Second Annual Juried Summer Art Show at Stonover Barn Gallery Sat, July 14 IS183's Second Annual Summer Friends Barbecue & Barn Dance Party at Stonover Farm

Winter/Spring 2012 Faculty Karen Arp-Sandel Yura Adams Michael Vincent Bushy Nancy Castaldo Linda Clayton Heather Coon

Janet Cooper Huckleberry Delsignore Ben Evans June Ferrin Jim Frangione Michelle Gillett

SUMMER TEACHING ASSISTANT INTERNSHIPS IS183 Art School is now accepting applications for intern positions for its Summer Young Artist Program, which will run from June 25 to August 17, on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Two to eight week internships are available for students ages 15 and above. There are three levels of intern: Junior Intern program An un-paid internship for students ages 15-17 who have attended camp and come with high recommendation from IS183 faculty. Teaching Assistant Intern program For students ages 17 and above who are considering an art education career, have previous work experience, and previous experience working with children. Teaching Intern program For college graduates who are interested in teaching art but have no prior experience or education degree but have worked has a teaching assistant at IS183 in the past. Preference is given to college students and those considering an art education career. Applicants should be pursuing art and/or education as a major or supplementary course of study and be able to demonstrate experience working with children. For further detail on being a Teaching Assistant and for application information please visit or email

bios at

Stephen Glantz Angel Heffernan Tim Heffernan Jason Houston Tony Israel Wendy Jensen

James Kennedy Pieter Lefferts Nancy Magnusson Melissa Mendes Taylor Mickle Dina Noto

Fay O'Meara Alison Palmer Arline Shalan Paula Shalan Cassandra Sohn Wednesday Sorokin

Mel Stabin Colin Toomey Nicholas Tuff Marianne Van Lent Maggie Vescio Arthur Yanoff

General Info Please register by:

Phone: Call (413) 298-5252, ext. 100, Monday through Friday E-mail: OR Mail: Please complete the registration form and mail to:

IS183, PO Box 1400, Stockbridge, MA 01262 IS183 accepts tuition payments by check, cash or credit card; $2.50 credit card processing fee. Class registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis. A reserved class space is guaranteed once we have received payment. Please register at least three weeks prior to the start date of the courses or workshops you wish to attend. Early registration allows us to plan appropriately and avoid last minute cancellations! A waiting list will be created for courses that have reached maximum enrollment.

Refund and Cancellation Policy If you cancel ten days or more before the beginning of a class, you will receive a refund minus a $10 cancellation fee. If you cancel seven to ten days before the beginning of the class, you will receive a 50% tuition credit. No refunds or credits are given for cancellations six or less days before the first day of class. This policy also applies to work-study and scholarship students. If it is necessary for IS183 to cancel a class for any reason, students will be notified and offered the option of another class or a full refund. No refunds or credits are given for missed classes.


Design: Studio Two,


In the event of serious weather, IS183 will cancel classes when the Berkshire Hills Regional School District is closed. If you’re not sure please check our website or our voicemail system at (413)298-5252. IS183 does not call students when classes are cancelled due to weather. Classes cancelled because of weather or instructor absence will be made up at the end of the semester, time permitting.


Many classes require students to bring materials even if there is a materials fee listed. Students should expect to receive a materials list in the mail once they have registered.

Work at IS183 Teachers with enthusiasm and experience in the visual arts who are interested in working with adults and children at IS183 please send a cover letter, course proposal and resume to Hope Sullivan, Executive Director via email: Volunteers are always welcomed to help with administrative, development, press and marketing support, as well as assistance monitoring studios, in the classroom and planning/executing events. Email your contact information, days and times you are available and the type of work you are interested in doing to with subject line “Volunteer at IS183.­”

Scholarships and Work Exchange!

Our Tuition Assistance and Work Exchange Programs allow children and adults to enroll in our classes regardless of financial means. Last year IS183 awarded over $10,000 of tuition assistance to students from across the region. Funds are limited so students are encouraged to apply early. Applications must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of class in order to be considered. For more information about this program please call the office: 413-298-5252 x100.

Program/Independent Study and IS183 Studio Space available

Work one-on-one with a faculty artist mentor to achieve your personal goals. A mentor instructs, guides, critiques and supports students who wish to work on a specific project or advance their skills. Faculty artists of all mediums are available to work individually with children and adults. Call the office for more information 413-298-5252 x100

Overnight Accommodations For lodging information please call or visit the Berkshire Visitors Bureau at (800)273-5754 or or the Stockbridge Chamber of Commerce lodging hotline at (866)626-5327 or

Directions IS183 is located at 13 Willard Hill Road in the Interlaken village of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

By air: Is183 is roughly an hour drive from the Albany Airport, Albany, NY and an hour plus from Bradley International, Windsor Locks, CT. By car: Is183 is roughly a two-hour drive from

Boston, MA and a three-hour drive from New York City. By bus/train: Bus service to Stockbridge from Boston and New York. Train service from New York City to Wassaic, NY on MetroNorth; to Hudson, NY on Amtrak (both roughly a onehour drive from Is183).

Local Driving Directions From Stockbridge and all points east, south and west: find the local Stockbridge

intersection of Routes 183 and 102; take Route 183 north one mile to Trask Lane; go right on Trask Lane and left at Hill Road. Is183 will appear on your left at the crest of the hill. From Lenox and all points north: head south on Route 183 from Lenox; notice the Tanglewood Main Gate on your left; continue 3 miles south to Trask Lane; turn left at Trask Lane and left at Hill Road. Is183 will appear on your left at the crest of the hill. For additional information, please call (413) 298-5252, ext. 100

Registration Form We recommend calling us to register if it is less than ten days before your class begins. If registering a child, please include his or her age and name of parent.

Course(s) 1

Tuition $

Name of parent


Tuition $

Current mailing address


Tuition $

City State Zip


Tuition $

Telephone (evening)


Tuition $

Total $


Child’s age

Telephone (day)


Payment by: ❑ Check or money order (enclosed, payable to IS183) ❑ Charge my credit card: (plus $2.50 Credit Card Processing Fee) ❑ MasterCard ❑ VISA ❑ AmEx ❑ Discover Card no. Security code

Materials fees $

$2.50 Credit Card Processing Fee $

Tax-deductible contribution to IS183 $ Expires

Your support really makes a difference. Thank you! (for details on support opportunities please visit


total enclosed $

Mail: IS183, PO Box 1400, Stockbridge, MA 01262 17

What’s Inside: Winter/Spring 2012 Classes and Workshops page 2 New Offerings: Playwriting page 7 Experimental Animation page 8

Teen Portfolio-Wednesdays at 6 page 11

Learning Through Arts Now in Ten Schools! page 15

Wanted: Summer Teaching Assistants page 16

st 1 3 h c r a M , y a Saturd

yeehaw! THE MOST NOTORIOUSLY FABULOUS PARTY OF THE YEAR! 6pm Dinner, 9pm Dance at Interlaken on Route 183 (formerly the DeSisto School)

Visit for more information!

IS183 Course Catalog Winter/Spring 2012  

This 20 page catalog uses 2 colors throughout. The cover was designed to highlight the upcoming Buckaroo Bollywood Ball gala.

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